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The 1993 International Buyers' Guide of the Nonwovens Industry.

Acme Pad Corporation 330 N. Warwick Ave. Baltimore, MD 21223 Telephone: 410-947-2700 Fax: 410-947-2947 General Manager: P. Gary Cohen Sales Manager: Gus Theobald Location Of Plant: Baltimore, MD Manufacturing Processes: Air Laid Random Web, Needled Felts and Highloft Fibers: Raw Cotton, Finished Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, Blends Thickness: up to 1.5 in. Weights: 1.5-30 opsy Widths: 40, 62, 124 Major Markets: Apparel Interlinings, Medical, Bedding & Home Furnishings, Industrial

Ahlstrom Filtration Industrial Products Group P.O. Box A Mount Holly Springs, PA 17065 Telephone: 717-486-3438 Fax: 717-486-4863 Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fibers: PET, PP, PA, Laminates Brand Names: Hollytex spunbond, Reemay spunbond for filtration, Typar spunbond for Filtration

Air Filter Service Co. P.O. Box 1813, 812 South Guignard Dr. Sumter, SC 29151 Telephone: 803-773-9321 Fax: 803-773-9277 Sales Manager: Tony Watcher Location Of Plants: Sumter, SC; Charlotte, NC Manufacturing Processes: Distributor for Spunbonded Nylon, Rayon Fibers: Nylon, Rayon, Polyester Weights: 0.3-2.0 ounces Widths: any Brand Names: Cerex, WebFlo, Stearns & Foster, Reemay, Irving Major Markets: Textile, Cooking Oil and Lint Filtration, Ink Mist Removal

Akzo Industrial Nonwovens Postbus 9300 Westervoortsedijk 73 6800 SB Arnhem, Holland Telephone: 085-662677 Fax: 085-665588 General Manager: P. Wack Production Manager: T.J.M. van Ganel Location Of Plants: Arnhem, Emmen, Holland Manufacturing Processes: Spunbond Fiber: Polyester Weight: 30-450 gpsm Width: Up to 5.3 m Brand Names: Colbond polyester staple fiber nonwoven, needled and adhesive bonded, Colback polyester (core) and polyamide (skin) bicomponent filament nonwoven (thermal bonded), Coltron polyester filament nonwoven, needled and adhesive bonded Major Markets: Roofing & Construction, Flooring, Car Carpets, Automotive, Filtration

Albany International Technical Fabrics Div. P.O. Box 1062 Buffalo, NY 14240 Telephone: 716-825-8091 Telex: 94-4442 Location Of Plants: Auburn and N. Monmouth, ME; Tempe, AR Manufacturing Process: Needled Fiber: Synthetics Thickness: .02-1 in. Weights: Up to 94 opsy

Aldine Technologies, Inc. 585 Industrial Road Carlstadt, NJ 07072 Telephone: 201-935-1110 Fax: 201-935-5695 Production Manager: Lou Lemba Sales Manager: Guy Wheeler Location Of Plant: Carlstadt, NJ Fibers: Natural (Woodpulps: hardwood, softwood; vegetable: abaca, cotton, flax, sisal), Synthetic (polyester, polypropylene) Thickness: .001-0.120 in. Weights: 10-400 gpsm Widths: Machine Trims vary from min. 82-186 inch width Brand Names: Aldex, Plexus, Screenwipe

All Felt Products 1921 Quaker Ridge Place Ontario, CA 91761 Telephone: 714-947-1774 Fax: 714-947-6296 Product Manager: John Armour Manufacturing Process: Needled Fiber: All synthetic Weights: 3-100 oz. Widths: 144 in. Brand Name: Unifab

American Engineering Fabrics 1 Coffin Avenue New Bedford, MA 02746 Telephone: 508-994-7156 Fax: 508-993-7388 Sales Manager: Reuben Weinstein Production Manager: Jesse Simmons Location Of Plant: New Bedford, MA Manufacturing Process: Needled, Calendered Fiber: PP, PET Weights: 4-20 opsy Widths: up to 15 ft. Brand Name: AEF Geotextiles, AEF Absorbents, AEF Landscape Fabrics

American Fabri-Tec Industries P.O. Box 477 Beaver Dam, KY 42320 Telephone: 502-274-7115 Fax: 502-274-3026 Sales Manager: Ken Knudsen Production Manager: Bill Jackson Manufacturing Process: Resin Bonded Fibers: PE, Rayon, Acrylic and Laminates Thickness: 3 mil to 30 mil Weights: 10-60 gram Widths: Up to 76"

American Felt & Filter 34 Canal Street Westerly, RI 02891 Telephone: 401-596-4921 Fax: 401-596-3520 Business Manager: Keith Jolly Location Of Plants: New Windsor, NY; Newburgh, NY; Westerly, RI Manufacturing Processes: Fibrous Micro-Structures, Felted & Nonwoven Fibers: PTFE, P-84, Ryton, PET, PP, Viscose, Nycon Thickness: .03-1.0" Weights: 3-150 opsy Brand Names: Fiberstruct, Flo-Clean, So-Clean

American Nonwovens, Inc. P.O. Box 989 Vernon, AL 35592 Telephone: 205-695-6067 Fax: 205-695-6271 Sales Manager: Ken Knudsen Location Of Plant: Vernon, AL Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded Fibers: Polypropylene Thickness: 4-14 mils Weights: .4-3.0 opsy Widths: up to 120"

Amoco Fabrics Niederlassung der Amoco Deutschland Duppelstrasse 16, D-4432 Gronau Germany Telephone: 2562-77-506 Fax: 2562-77-595 Sales Representative: B. Hollekamp Production Manager: G. Sikorski Development Manager: G. Baldauf Location Of Plant: Gronau Manufacturing Process: Carded Thermally Bonded/Spunbonded/Needled Fibers: PP Weight: 15-150 g/sqm Widths: up to 3.20 m

Amoco Fabrics and Fibers 900 Circle 75 Parkway Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30339 Telephone: 404-984-4432 Telex: 54-2963 Sales Manager: Gary Willibey Location Of Plant: Hazlehurst, GA Manufacturing Process: Needled Fiber: PP Weights: 2-16 oz. Widths: Up to 180 in. Brand Names: AmoPave, Amolene

Aristex S.A. 8th KM N. Road Edessa-Thessaloniki 582 OO Edessa, Greece Telephone: 381-23272 Fax: 381-26855 C.E.O.: A. Archontis Location Of Plant: Edessa Pellis, Greece Manufacturing Process: Carded Wadding and Quilted Fabrics Fibers: PES, PP, VISC, Wool, Cotton Thickness: 4-100 mm Weights: 35-1500 gpsm Widths: Max 3.30 m

Asahi Chemical Industry 1-2-6 Dojimahama, Kita-Ku Osaka, 530, Japan Telephone: 6-347-3388 Fax: 6-347-3387 Sales Manager: M. Sato Location Of Plants: Moriyama City, Shiga Pref.; Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Pref. Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded, Flash Spun, Spunlaced Fibers: Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Cuproammonium Rayon Thickness: 0.1 - 0.7 mm Weights: 10-130 g/m Widths: 150-300 cm Brand Names: Asahikasei Spunbond, Bemliese, Luxer, Coldon Assort Scandinavia AB P.O. Box 500 Morarp S-260 34 Sweden Telephone: 46-42-712-65 Fax: 46-42-714-57 Production Manager: Hussein Tezel Brand Name: Dambi

Astir S.A. Textiles & Plastics Pindou 61 N. Philadelphia 143-42 Greece Telephone: 1-8133787 Fax: 1-8134123 Sales Manager: George Vacalopoulos Managing Directress: Yota Vacalopoulos Location Of Plants: N. Philadelphia; Athens-Lamia Manufacturing Process: Needled, Waddings Fibers: PP, PE, Acrylic Weights: 50-1000 gpsm Widths: Up to 240 m Major Markets: Garments, Quilted Products

Astro-Form 36 Beatrice Ave. Danielson, CT 06239 Telephone: 203-774-7651 Fax: 203-774-7680 Sales Manager: D. Harmyk Production Manager: W.T. Phillips Location Of Plant: Danielson, CT Manufacturing Processes: Air Laid, Needlepunched Fibers: Aramid, Glass, Polyester, Mod-Acrylic Thickness: .05-.5 in. Weights: 3-30 opsy Widths: 1.5-48 in. Major Markets: Medical, High Temperature Insulation

Atlas Corp. A Division of Petropar S.A. 10 Panasonic Way, P.O. Box 750 Mooresville, NC 28115 Telephone: 704-664-3733 Fax: 704-664-3755 President: John Sumner, Jr. Major Markets: Apparel, Hygiene, Furniture

Australian Padding Company 90-92 O'Riordan Street P.O. Box 203 Alexandria, NSW 2015 Australia Telephone: 61-2-667-2505 Fax: 61-2-3173536 Sales Manager: David Austin Production Manager: Wim Jongeneelen Location Of Plant: Alexandria-Minto Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunch Jute Felt Underlay, Needlepunch Cotton Wadding, Highloft Polyester Wadding and Polyester Filter Media Fibers: Polyester, Jute, Animal Hair Thickness: 5-50 mm Weights: 100-2000 gpsm Widths: 0-4 m Brand Names: Smoothread Underfelt and Vilair Filters

Avgol Ltd. 6 Hanapach Street P.O. Box 175 Holon, 58101 Israel Telephone: 972-3-803257 Fax: 972-3-5562866 Sales Manager: Abraham Goldwasser Production Manager: Moshe Goldwasser Location of Plant: Israel Manufacturing Process: Spunbonding Weights: 14-200 gpsm (.4-6.0 opsy) Brand Names: Avgol, Fibregol Major Markets: Diapers, Hygiene, Apparel, Furniture, Mattresses, Filters, Agriculture

Avion Engineering Co. Ltd. 3/F., Fu Chau Building 485-491 Un Chau Street Kowloon Telephone: 7442111 Fax: 852-7854012 General Manager: Jeffrey Lau Location Of Plant: China Manufacturing Processes: Hot Melt Fibers: Polyester, Nylon, PP Weights: 16-300 gpms Widths: 200-300 mm Brand Names: Avion Major Markets: Polyester Wadding, Interlinings

Bacon Felt 395 West Water St. Taunton, MA 02767 Telephone: 508-823-0791 Fax: 508-823-2855 President: Robert O'Brien Location Of Plant: Taunton, MA Manufacturing Process: Needled Nonwoven Polyester and Pressed Wool Felts Fibers: Wool, PET Weights: 5 opsy-32 lbs Widths: Max 60 in. Brand Names: Paramount Wool Felt Wheels Major Markets: Felts

Baird Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 1112 111 Presidential Blvd. Suite 237 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 Telephone: 215-668-4900 Fax: 215-668-4988 Sales Manager: Donald Baird Fibers: All types of fibers Thickness: all Weights: all Widths: all Brand Names: all

Barnhardt Manufacturing 1100 Hawthorne Lane Charlotte, NC 28234 Telephone: 704-334-7321 Fax: 704-342-1892 Sales Manager: George Hargrove, Jr. Location Of Plant: Charlotte, NC Manufacturing Process: Dry Fibers: Natural & Synthetic Weights: 1-12 opsy Widths: Up to 40 in. Brand Name: Rapid Pack Major Markets: Liquid Filtration

BASF Fibers Division P.O. Drawer D Williamsburg, VA 23187 Telephone: 800-492-2233 Fax: 804-887-6886 Marketing Manager: Don Brown Location of Plant: Enka, NC Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fiber: Polyester core/Nylon skin Weight: 50-250 gpsm Width: up to 5 m Brand Names: Colback Spunbonded Bicomponent Fabrics Major Markets: Automotive Carpeting, Broadloom Specialty Carpeting, Carpet Tiles, Industrial Roofing Enforcements Bauer Industries 187 King Street S. P.O. Box 430 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2J 4A9 Telephone: 519-578-5550 Fax: 519-578-1390 VP Cust. Serv., Sales & Mktg: E.J. Bauer Location Of Plant: Waterloo, Canada Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled, Resin Bonded Padding and Air Laid, Needled & Garnetted Synthetic Fiber Fibers: Waste, Synthetic Thickness: 1/4-1 in. Weight: 10-62 opsy (30-200 gpsf) Width: 144 in. Brand Names: Bauerite, Bauertex, Fibertred Major Markets: Automotive, Carpet Cushion Underlay, Bedding, Furniture

Bay Mills Limited Bayex Division P.O. Box 728 St. Catherines, Ontario Canada L2R 6Y3 Telephone: 416-688-3160 Fax: 416-688-3745 General Sales Manager: Dave Walters Location Of Plants: Albion, NY; St. Catharines, Ont., Canada Manufacturing Processes: Laid Scrims and Composites Fibers: Fiberglass, Polyester Width: 0-125 in. Brand Names: Bayex, Baymat, Bamilex, Bayknit Major Markets: Scrims

Bidim Geosynthetics-S.A. Groupe OMV9, rue Marcel Paul-B.P. 80 F-95873 Bezons, Cedex, France Sales Manager: M. Bardet Production Manager: JP. Cayrel Location Of Plant: Bezons Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunched continuous filaments Fibers: PET, PP Thickness: 1-3 mm Weights: 100-1200 g Widths: 1-6 m Brand Names: Bidim, Polyfelt Major Markets: Geotextiles

J.C. Binzer Papierfabrik Berleburger Str. 71 W-35115 Hatzfeld/Eder 1 Germany Telephone: 06467/801-110 or 801-125 Fax: 06467-801-202 Sales Manager: Juergen Binger Production Manager: Dr. Stuermer Location Of Plant: Hatzfeld Manufacturing Process: Wet Fibers: Cellulose, Synthetic, Micro Glass, Ceramic Fibers, Cotton Linter, Polyester and Charcoal Thickness: 0.2-2 mm Weights: 30-300 gpsm Widths: 250 cm Brand Names: Ederol, Vaporol, Edotex, Microtex Major Markets: Filtration (Air, Liquid, Etc.)

Bio Med Sciences, Inc. 115 Research Drive Bethlehem, PA 18015 Telephone: 215-861-6939 Fax: 215-861-8247 Sales Manager: Mark Dillon Production Manager: Karl Alden Location Of Plant: Bethlehem, PA Manufacturing Process: Custom Membrane Manufacture Thickness: .5-10 mil Widths: 12[feet] wide max. Brand Names: Silon Semipermeable Membranes Major Markets: Woundcare and Other Medical

Bonar Fabrics 304 Arcadia Drive Greenville, SC 29609-3858 Telephone: 803-233-1335 Fax: 803-242-2030 VP-Marketing: Dave Burge VP-Sales: Wesley Singleton Location Of Plants: Greenville, SC Manufacturing Process: Powder Bonded and Composites Fibers: Polyester, Rayon Thickness: .004-.350 in. Weights: 14-100 gsy Widths: Up to 90 in. Brand Names: Bonar, Bonelle, Carelle, Bonabond Major Markets: Diskette Liner, Apparel, Wipes, Industrial Laminations

Bonded Fibre Fabric Ltd. Bath Road, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4NZ, England Telephone: 0278-428500 Fax: 0278-429499 Managing Director: M.W. Morris Location Of Plant: Bridgwater Manufacturing Processes: Card & Bind, Thermal Bonding, Spunlaced Weight: 14-130 gm Width: 1-3 m Brand Names: Freshtex, Seronova Major Markets: Supermarket Retail, Clothing, Filtration, Industrial, Baby Wipes, Impregnated Products

Bondex Telas Sin Tejer C.A. Apartado 755 Caracas, Venezuela Telephone: 582-431-6330 Fax: 582-431-1244 Sales Manager: Miguel Plitman Production Manager: Freddy Plitman Location Of Plants: Caracas and Guatire, Venezuela Manufacturing Processes: Thermal Bonding, Needlepunching, Stitch Bonding, Chemical Bonding Fibers: Polypropylene, Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Polyethylene Weights: from 16-550 gpsm Brand Names: Siempreseco, Absortex, Geobond, Softex, Medilen, Blantex, Velon, Micor, Mitex, Primor, Cleantex Major Markets: Bedding Industry, Shoe Liners, Geotextiles, Filters, Wipes, Upholstery, Draperies, Disposable Fabrics

Bonlam S.A. De C.V. EJE 128 S/N, Zona Industrial Del Potosi San Luis Potosi, S.L.P. Mexico Telephone: 91-48-24-01-33/34/35 Fax: 91-48-24-02-12 Sales Manager: Rolando Dominguez Production Manager: Jorge Islas Location Of Plant: San Luis Potosi, S.L.P., Mexico Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fibers: None Thickness: 0.2-1.0 mm Weights: 15-150 gpms or 0.45-4.40 opsy Widths: up to 4.20 m or 165 in. Brand Names: Bonsec, Agribon, Bonclin, Refortel Major Markets: Agriculture, Apparel, Home Furnishings, Hygiene, Medical

Boyd Converting Co. Pleasant Street, P.O. Box 287 South Lee, MA 01260 Telephone: 413-243-2200 Fax: 413-243-4460 CEO: Bronly Boyd VP Sales: James Forster Location of Plant: South Lee, MA Manufacturing Processes: Wet Laid Nonwovens, Composite Webs Fibers: Natural (Woodpulps, Abaca, Sisal, Esparto), Polypropylene, Rayon, Polyester, Glass Thickness: .0005-.040 in. Weights: 10-125 gpsm Widths: 0.25-72 in. Major Markets: Medical/Surgical, Optical Supplies, Art Supplies

Bradford Industries 75 Rogers St. Lowell, MA 01852 Telephone: 508-459-4100 Fax: 508-459-1301 VP Sales: Joel Sugarman VP Research & Development: Manuel Veiga Manufacturing Processes: Cast Coating, Direct Coating, Impregnation Fibers: Nylon, Polyester, Cotton Thickness: 8-80 mils Weights: 1.0-37 opsy Widths: 54-60 in. Brand Names: Bradflex, Bradsport

Buckley & Mann Inc. 17 Lawrence St. Norfolk, MA 02056 Telephone: 508-528-0645 Fax: 508-628-1361 Sales Manager: Robert Salzberg Production Manager: S.L. Mann Manufacturing Processes: Stitchbonding Fibers: Poly, Acrylic, Modacrylic, Aramid Weights: 3-18 opsy Widths: up to 85 in.

Buffalo Batt and Felt 3307 Walden Avenue Depew, NY 14043 Telephone: 716-683-4100 Fax: 716 683-8928 Sales Manager: Karl Jansen Location Of Plant: Depew, NY Manufacturing Process: Dry Fibers: Polyester, Cotton, Wool Thickness: 1/2-4 in. Weights: .375-2.5 opsf Widths: Up to 100 in. Brand Names: Therma Puff, Super Fluff, Buffalo Snow, Soft Heart Pillows, DuPont Dacron, Mirafill, Trevira Major Markets: Furniture, Bedding, Comforters & Quilts, Home Sewing-Crafts, Insulated Apparel

Burmatex PLC Victoria Mills Ossett, W. Yorkshire WF5 OAN, England Telephone: 0924-276333 Fax: 0942-280033 Location Of Plant: W. Yorkshire, U.K. Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: PP, Nylon Thickness: 5-8 mm Weight: 600-1200 gpsm Width: 2.2 meters Brand Name: Burmatex

Wm. T. Burnet P.O. Box 5758 Statesville, NC 28677 Telephone: 704-872-2477 Fax: 704-871-3360 President, Fiber Div.: David Townsend VP & General Manager: Troy Brooks Location Of Plants: Baltimore, MD; Statesville, NC Manufacturing Process: Cards, Garnetts Fiber: Polyester Weights: 2-27 opsy Widths: 128 in. Brand Names: FFP-Fused Fiber Puff, Bountifil, Comfort Fil 7, Dacron, Kodel, Trevira, Celair Major Markets: Quilting, Furniture, Automotive, Filtration, Bedding

BWF America, Inc. 7453 Empire Drive: 340-355 Florence, KY 41042 Telephone: 800-733-2043 Fax: 606-282-4555 Sales Manager: Clinton Scoble, Jr. Production Manager: John Kintsch Manufacturing Process: Needled Felt Fibers: PVC, PP, PE, Dralon T, Nomex, Ryton, P-84, Teflon Thickness: up to 1 in. Weights: 8-30 Widths: up to 85 in. Brand Names: Needlona Major Markets: Felts

BWF Textil GmbH & Co. KG Bahnhofstrasse 20, Postfach 1120 W-8875 Offingen Germany Telephone: 08224/71-0 Fax: 08224/2091 Location Of Plants: Offingen, Hof, Nordirland; Cincinnati, OH Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunching, Felting Fibers: All synthetic fibers, inorganic fibers, wool Thickness: up to 20 mm Widths: up to 3.5 m Brand Names: Needlona, Pyrotex, Offitex

Camtex Fabrics Blackwood Road Workington, Cumbria, CA14 4JJ England Telephone: 0900-602646 Fax: 0900-66827 Sales Manager: Graham Boardman Production Manager: A. Bailey Location Of Plant: Workington, U.K. Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Point Bonded Fibers: Polyamide, Polyester Weight: 85-350 gpsm Width: Up to 1.82 m Brand Names: Cambrelle Major Markets: Footwear Linings, Battery Components

Cardel Fabrics 1302 Richard Street Salisbury, NC 28144 Telephone: 704-637-1244 Fax: 704-637-3960 Sales Manager: Ed Goodnight Production Manager: Clark Hoyle Location Of Plant: Salisbury, NC Manufacturing Process: Saturate Bonded Fibers: Rayon, Polyester Thickness: .020 in. Weights: 1.75-19 opsy Widths: 54-59 in. Brand Names: Multifelt, Furnitex, Sofdye, Cardiar Major Markets: Furniture, Apparel, Filtration, Industrial

Carlee Corporation 28 Piermont Road Rockleigh, NJ 07647 Telephone: 800-822-7533 Fax: 201-768-7614 Sales Manager: John Nunziata Production Manager: Randy Deitrick Location Of Plants: Rockleigh, NJ; Paterson, NJ Manufacturing Process: Garnetted and Bonded Poly Fiberfill Fibers: Hoechst Celanese, DuPont, East-man, Wellman Thickness: up to 2.75 in. Weights: 2-25 opsy Widths: up to 100 in. Major Markets: Apparel, Home Furnishing, Juvenile, Filtration, Bedding, Shoulder Pads, Quilts, Caskets

Catensa (U.K.) Ltd. Harby Road Langar Industrial Estate Langar, Nottinghamshire NG13 9HY, United Kingdom Telephone: 0949-61020 Fax: 0949-61067 Sales Manager: D. Reek Location Of Plants: Langar, U.K.; Spain; France Manufacturing Process: Felt Production Fibers: all types Thickness: 2-40 mm Weights: 300-2000 gpsm Widths: up to 2 m Brand Names: Flex-xel, Porofib, Poroil Major Markets: Felts Catensa France, S.A. Zone Industrielle La Moliere 81200 Mazamet, France Telephone: 63982109 Fax: 63982110 Sales Manager: J. Navarro Manufacturing Process: Resin Bonded Fibers: Cotton and Synthetic Thickness: 1-50 mm Weights: 250-2000 gpsm Widths: max. 2050 mm Brand Names: Flex-xel, Porofib, Marix-4, Poroil, Poroflex

Catalana de Enfeltrados S.A. Catensa C/Ausias March 16-18 08010-Barcelona Spain Telephone: 302-7595 Fax: 302-2329 Managing Director: Ramon Palou Godall Sales Manager: Enrique Villagrasa Pie Location Of Plant: Barcelona Manufacturing Process: Dry, Needled Fibers: Natural & Synthetic Thickness: 6-30 mm Weight: 400-4000 gpsm Width: To 2200 mm Brand Names: Pororfib, Poroil, Marix-4, Flex-xel

Ce-tex, Inc. 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1616 New York, NY 10036 Telephone: 212-869-7242 Fax: 212-302-9463 Location Of Plants: SC; TN; OH Fibers: Rayon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Poly/Cotton Blends Weights: 0.5-6.0 opsy Widths: 12-96 in. Brand Names: ABG Major Markets: Filtration Media, Industrial

Chamlian Textiles 2360 S. Orange Ave. Fresno, CA 93725 Telephone: 209-233-1765 Fax: 209-233-6041 VP Marketing & Sales: Dennis Schubert Manufacturing Process: Needlepunch Fibers: Poly-Acrylic, Nylon Thickness: Custom Weights: Custom Widths: Custom Brand Names: Dura Pad Major Markets: Mattresses, Carpets

Changzhou Plastics Group 129 Boai Road Changzhou, Jiangsu China Telephone: 23177 Fax: 519-601754 Sales Manager: Zhou Dagang Production Manager: Zhang Youfeng Location Of Plant: Jiangsu, China Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunched, Spunbonded Fibers: PP, PET Thickness: 0.1-5 mm Weights: 10-1000 gpsm Widths: 3.2 m Brand Name: Bai Hua Major Markets: Agriculture, Apparel, Medical, Filtration, Battery Separators, Home Furnishings, Hygiene

Charminar Nonwovens Limited 10-1-1200, Uni Building A.C. Guards, Masab Tank Road Hyderabad-500 004 India Telephone: 228-085 / 224-102 Fax: 91-842-228-085 Sales Manager: C.K. Chaudhuri Production Manager: Umesh Manufacturing Processes: Thermal Bonding, Needlepunching Fibers: Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylic Thickness: 0.01-0.1 mm and 0.8-8 mm Weights: 15-40 gpsm and 100-800 gpsm Widths: Disposables-1.8 m, Carpets-3 m, Filter Fabrics-1.65 m, Geotextiles-4.5 m Brand Names: Charm Major Markets: Disposables, Carpet, Filtration, Geotextiles

Cheil Synthetics Textile Div. Samsung Life Building #150 2-KA Taepyung-Ro Chung-ku, Seoul, Korea Telephone: 02-772-6414, 6415 New York Office: 201-224-6271 Sales Manager: J.K. Kang Production Manager: W.C. Hwang Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fibers: Polypropylene Weight: 15-150 gpsm Width: 12-320 cm Brand Name: Jesbon Major Markets: Horticulture, Diaper Coverstock, Quilting, Packaging

Chicopee Europe Kunstlaan 46 1040 Brussels, Belgium Telephone: 32-2-513-76-90 Telex: 46-26446 Location Of Plant: Cuijk, Netherlands Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Spunlaced, Thermal Bonded Fibers: Rayon, Polypropylene, Polyester Thickness: 0.1-2.0 mm Weight: 15-100 gpsm Width: 140-180 cm Brand Names: Keybak, Bonlinn, Duralace, Masslinn, Chux

Chris-Craft Industrial Products, Inc. P.O. Box 70 Waterford, NY 12188 Telephone: 518-237-5850 Fax: 518-237-6629 Sales Manager: John Uchmanowicz Location Of Plant: Waterford, NY Manufacturing Process: Needlepunching Fibers: Jute, Polyester, Shoddy Thickness: 1/16-1 in. Weights: 2-60 oz. Widths: 15-144 in. Brand Names: Summit, Excel, Ultra, Star

Code Felt Limited Box 130 Perth, Ontario, Canada K7H 3E3 Telephone: 613-267-2464 Fax: 613-264-0261 Sales Manager: R. Peskett Production Manager: A. Patel Manufacturing Process: Various Nonwovens and Pressed Wool Felts Fibers: Rayon, Wool, Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene Thickness: 1/32 in., 1/16-1 in. Weights: 4 opsy to 6 pounds/linear yard Widths: 36-72 in. Major Markets: Felts

Corovin Woltorfer Str. 124 Peine D-31201 Germany Telephone: 51 71 408-0 Fax: 05171 408 999 Managing Director: Peter Kociemba Marketing Director: Andreas Kirsch Sales Director: Rudolf Leberle Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded, Melt Blown, Multidenier, Composites Fiber: PP Weight: 10-150 gpsm Width: Up to 450 cm Brand Names: Corovin, Covertan, Coroquilt, Corosoft, Corogard, Corolind, Coroval Major Markets: Hygiene, Medical, Building, Protective Clothing, Agriculture, Home Furnishing, Automotive, Filtration Crane 30 South Street Dalton, MA 01226 Telephone: 413-684-2600 Fax: 413-499-3713 Business Unit Manager: Dennis Lockyer Location Of Plant: Dalton, MA Manufacturing Process: Wet Fibers: Glass, Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic and Blends Thickness: .005-120 in. Weights: .75-20 opsy Brand Names: Craneglas, Craneweb, Cranemat

Crown Textile Company Three Valley Square 512 Township Line Road Blue Bell, PA 19422 Telephone: 215-641-9900; 212-391-5880 Fax: 215-641-9941 Director-Industrial Sales: John Carpitella Marketing Director: Dan Kamat Location Of Plant: Talladega, AL Manufacturing Processes: Dry Laid, Needled, Composite Fibers: Polyester, Rayon, Modacrylic, Nylon Thickness: 3-90 mil Weights: .6-4.0 opsy Widths: Saturate to 103 in., Needled to 112 in. Brand Names: Crown Flexxx Major Markets: Automotive, Home Furnishings, Coating & Laminating, Wipes, Filtration, Medical, Building & Construction, Apparel Interlinings

Cumulus Fibres 1101 Tar Heel Rd. Charlotte, NC 28208 Telephone: 704-393-5292 Fax: 704-394-2650 VP-Marketing: William Furr Location Of Plants: Salisbury, NC; Verona, MS; Miami, FL; Charlotte, NC; Pontotoc, MS; Kings Mountain, NC. Manufacturing Processes: Resin, Thermo, Saturate Bonded, Rando and Crosslap Garnett Fiber: Polyester, Rayon Thickness: .02-6 in. Weights: 2-90 opsy Widths: 1.5-120 in. Brand Names: Cumutuff, Cardair, Paint Guard, CumuFlex, Furnitex, Sofdye, Cumusoft, Multiflex, Cumuguard, Cumuloft, Cumulus Major Markets: Filtration, Furniture, Industrial

Currie Medical Spec Inc. 730 E. Los Angeles St. Monrovia, CA 91016 Telephone: 818-303-3521, 800-231-0353 Fax: 818-303-3957 Sales Manager: David Currie Production Manager: Wayne Perez Manufacturing Process: Orthopedic soft goods Fibers: many Brand Names: many

Custom Papers Group Inc. 110 Tredegar St. Richmond, VA 23219 Telephone: 804-649-4216 Fax: 804-649-4402 Sales Manager: Bob Wardwell Production Manager: Bob Yousey Location Of Plants: Richmond, VA; Rochester, MI; Fitchburg, MA; warren Glen, NJ; Hughesville, NJ Manufacturing Process: Wet Laid Fibers: Cellulose, Polyester, Glass Thickness: 6-150 mils Weights: 30-400 in. per 3000 sq. ft. Widths: 58-95 in. Brand Names: Ropace, Custom Fyl, Veri-good, Reliance

Decorative Specialties International P.O. Box 6001 West Springfield, MA 01090-6001 Telephone: 413-736-4554 or 800-628-9587 Fax: 413-736-6630 Sales Manager: Rick Plaut Location Of Plants: Brownville, NY; West Springfield, MA Manufacturing Process: Wet Laid Fibers: Cellulose, Nylon Thickness: .004-.050 in. Weights: 50-400 per 3000 sq. ft.; 2.8 opsy min. Widths: 60 in. max. Brand Names: Premalon Garment Care Label Major Markets: Book Cover, Care & Jean Labels, Automotive, Masking

Delaware Valley 500 Broadway Lawrence, MA 01841 Telephone: 508-688-6995 Fax: 508-688-5825 Sales Manager: Paul DiMaggio Production Manager: Tim Curtis Location Of Plants: Lawrence, Tewksbury, MA Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled, Saturated, Coated Fibers: All Types Thickness: .045-2.5 in. Weights: 2-60 opsy Widths: 24-196 in. Brand Names: Modabond

Dexel Bonded Fiber 2136 Brevard Road High Point, NC 27261 Telephone: 919-889-2079 Fax: 919-889-8613 Sales Manager: Kirk Kirkman Production Manager: Jim Millar Manufacturing Processes: Garnetted Polyester, Resinated/Needled, Thermal Bonded (Low-Melt) Fibers: Polyester Thickness: 5-16 denier Weights: .75-6.0 opsy Widths: 3-90 in.

Dexter Nonwovens Two Elm Street Windsor Locks, CT 06096 Telephone: 203-623-9801 Fax: 203-623-5339 Gen. Mngr., Sales & Marketing: R.R. Davis Location Of Plants: Windsor Locks, CT; Chirnside, Scotland; Stalldalen, Sweden Manufacturing Processes: Wet Laid, Hydroentanglement Fibers: Rayon, Vinyon, Wood, Sisal, Hemp, PET and other natural and synthetic fibers Thickness: .003-.008 in. Weights: 10-125 gpsm Width: 180 in. Brand Names: Dextex, Assure, Hydraspun, Stasis European Division: Dexter International Corp. Avenue H. Debroux 15A B-1160 Brussels, Belgium Telephone: 011-32-2675-0510 Fax: 011-32-2675-0363 Director Sales & Mktg-Europe: P. de Wingaerden Major Markets: Food Packaging, Medical, Industrial

Dixie Manufacturing Company 110 Colley Avenue Norfolk, VA 23510 Telephone: 804-625-8251 Fax: 804-627-4589 Sales Manager: J. Mitchell Production Manager: T. LeNeave Manufacturing Process: Garnetting, Needlepunch Fibers: Jute Thickness: Various Weights: 22-60 oz. Widths: 12'

Don and Low Nonwovens Glamis Road Forfar, Angus DD8 1EY Scotland Telephone: 0307-466011 Fax: 0307-466901 Sales Manager: Anne Netwon Production Manager: Andrew Haggart Manufacturing Processes: Spunbond Fiber: PP and PE Weight: 15-150 g Widths: Up to 3.2 m Brand Names: Daltex, Frameshield, Groshield, Daltex Barrier Major Markets: Healthcare, Agriculture, Construction, Household, Workwear, Specialty Applications

Doubletex 352 Adelaide W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1R8 Telephone: 416-593-0320 Fax: 416-593-7351 Sales Manager: R. Zuckerman Production Manager: S. Zuckerman Location Of Plants: Toronto; Montreal; Winnipeg Manufacturing Processes: Spray Bonded, Thermal Bonding, Needlepunched Fibers: all types Thickness: 1/16-3 in. Weights: 1/4-12 opsy Widths: 36-200 in.

Dry Bond International 1445 Armour Blvd. Mundelein, IL 60060 Telephone: 708-680-3389 Fax: 708-367-0620 Sales Manager: Michael Green Production Manager: Thomas Shaw Location Of Plant: Mundelein, IL Manufacturing Processes: Needled, Dry Powder Bonded Fibers: Polyester, Rayon Thickness: Varies Weight: 1.0-12 oz. sq. yd. Width: To 90 in. Brand Names: Dry Bond Classic

Ets Duflot & Fils 14 Rue de L'Industrie 59157 Beauvois en Cambresis France Telephone: 27-76-09-09 Fax: 27-85-07-88 Sales Manager: J. Fourmeux Production Manager: Jean Kapuscik Location Of Plant: Beauvois-En-Cambresis, France Manufacturing Process: Needled Waddings Fibers: Synthetic Thickness: 1-50 mm Weights: 50-2500 g Widths: 100, 150, 200, 250 cm Brand Names: Dufelt, Feltine, Polynapp, Hiberna, Loftine, Confornapp Major Markets: Furniture, Bedding, Transport, Safety

DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza Laurel Run Bldg. Wilmington, DE 19898 Telephone: 302-999-5824 Fax: 302-999-3959 Managers: Michael Donnelly, Thomas West Location of Plants: Richmond, VA, Luxembourg, Nashville, TN Manufacturing Processes: Flashspun, Spunlaced, Spunbonded Fibers: Polyethylene ("Tyvek"), Polypropylene ("Typar"), Polyester and variey of others ("Sontara") Thickness: vary by product Weights: vary by product Widths: vary by product Brand Names: Tyvek, Sontara, Typar Major Markets: Construction, Medical, Limited-Use Apparel, Clean Room, Absorbents, Packaging, Graphics

Du Pont International SA 2 Chemin Du Pavillon CH-1218 Geneva, Switzerland Telephone: 022-717-5111 Fax: 021-717-5109 Location Of Plants: U.S. and Europe (Luxembourg) Manufacturing Processes: Spunlaced, Spunbonded Fibers: Dacron Polyester, Kevlar Para-Aramid, Nomex Meta-Aramid, Polypropelene, Olefines Brand Names: Sontara spunlaced fabric, Typar supnbonded polyethylene, Tyvek spunbonded polypropylene

Early's of Witney Witney Mill, Witney Oxon OX8 5EB U.K. Telephone: 0993-703131 Fax: 0993-771513 Manufacturing Process: Needled

Elk Corp. Engineered Materials Group 202 Cedar Road Ennis, TX 75119 Telephone: 1-800-234-3210, 214-875-9611 Fax: 214-875-1046 Mktg. & Sales Manager: Bob Tobin New Product & Market Development Manager: Charles Salerno Location Of Plant: Ennis, TX Manufacturing Process: Wet Form Fibers: PET, PP, Rayon, Fiberglass, Other Specialty Fibers Thickness: 009-.070 inches (.22-1.78mm) Weights: 25-800 gpsm Widths: Up to 2.9 meters Brand Names: ELK-EFM, ELK-EFS, Ultra-Mat Major Markets: Roofing, Filtration, Composites, Building Materials, Carpet and FRP

Engineered Fabric Group Inc. 7 Palisade Plaza Edgewater, NJ 07020 Telephone: 201-224-0607 Fax: 201-592-7720 Sales Manager: Emmett Greenwald Location Of Plants: Elizabeth, NJ Manufacturing Processes: Wet Laid and Spunbonded Nonwovens, Barrier Fabrics Fibers: Polyester, Polypropylene and Cellulose Thickness: 5-25 mils Weights: 0.5-2.2 opsy Widths: 10-128 in. Major Markets: Home Furnishings, Bedding, Medical Products, Apparel Fabrics

Ergon Nonwovens P.O. Drawer 1639 Jackson, MS 39215-1639 Telephone: 601-948-3472 Fax: 601-353-2977 VP-Marketing: Leslie Lampton III Sales Manager: Jay Coleman Location Of Plant: Jackson, MS Manufacturing Process: Melt Blown Fibers: PP, PE, Nylon, PET Thickness: .007-200 mils Weights: .05-15 opsy Widths: Up to 60 in. finished Major Markets: Oil Absorbent, Air and Liquid Filtration, Industrial and Medical Fabrics and Wipes

Erikson Nonwoven Textiles 1312 Barberry Dr. Janesville, WI 53545 Telephone: 608-754-6956 Fax: 608-754-6406 Sales Manager: Gary Dunk Production Manager: Dan Terry Manufacturing Process: Dry Laid Unidirectional and Random Fiber: Rayon Thickness: .07-.35 Weights: 15-120 g Widths: 30-60 in. Brand Names: Econ-O-Wipe, Golden Dusters Major Markets: End Use Manufacturers or Converters

Exten SA Via Laveggio Ch-6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland Telephone: 41-91-468661 Fax: 41-91-46463031 Sales Manager: Rolf Schmassmann Production Manager: Mr. Zenone Manufacturing Process: Cast Coextrusion of Films, Extrusion Lamination Films to Nonwovens Polymers: Polyolefins Thickness: 12-100 my Weights: 10-95 gpsm Widths: up to 2500 mm Brand Names: Exten Major Markets: Disposable Personal Care and Hospital Products

Exxon Chemical Geopolymers Pontypool, Gwent, NP4 OYD England Telephone: 44-495-75-7722 Fax: 44-495-762-383 Location Of Plant: Pontypool Manufacturing Process: Spun Fibers: PE, PP Thickness: 0.015-0.25 Weight: 2-10 opsy Width: Up to 17 ft Brand Names: Terram, Melfab, Roofstat, Filtram Major Markets: Construction Industry

Fabric House Enterprise 10F, 388, Jen-Ai Road Taipei, Taiwan ROC Telephone: 886-2-7358095 Fax: 886-2-7555607 President: Clinton Chen Location Of Plants: Taipei, Taiwan; China Manufacturing Process: Thermal Bond Fibers: PET, PP, PA Brand Names: Protex, Fulltex, Wintex Products: Window Covering Materials and Linings

Fademac S.A. Avenida Indianopolis667 Sao Paulo-SP-Brazil CEP: 04063 Telephone: 549-9122 Fax: 570-3984 Sales Manager: Joao Batista G.S.G. Filho Production Manager: Leao Akerman Location Of Plant: Jacarei, Brasil Manufacturing Process: Needlepunching Fibers: Polypropylene Thickness: 3-6 mm Weights: 380-1200 gpsm Widths: 2 m Brand Names: Veludo, Monofort, Flortex Super, Boucle and Di Loop

Faserproduckte Bruckenstrasse 36, D-5420 Lahnstein, Germany Telephone: 02621-177-0 Telex: 869818 fapr d Sales Manager: Manfred Noack Production Manager: Eberhard Hahnlein Location Of Plant: Lahnstein Manufacturing Process: Wet Weight: 35-290 gpsm Width: Up to max. 240 Brand Names: Cuturon, Propatiente

Felters 22 West Street Millbury, MA 01527 Telephone: 803-576-7900 Fax: 803-574-1366 VP, Sales & Marketing; Carl Carlson Location Of Plants: Millbury, MA; Roebuck, SC; Bufalo, SC Manufacturing Processes: Needled Felts and Felted Wool Fibers: Wool, Polyester, Acrylic, Polypropylene, Nomex, Blends of Fiber Brand Names: Fiberloc, Craft 100 Major Markets: Filtration, Fluid Transfer, Air Sealing, Metal Wiping/Polishing, Friction, Surface & Composites

FiberBond 110 Menke Road Michigan City, IN 46360 Telephone: 219-879-4541 Fax: 219-874-7502 Marketing Manager: Ben Adamowski Operations Manager: Ed Mawhorr Location Of Plant: Michigan City, IN Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Air Laid, Needled, Spray Bonded Fibers: PET, Nylon, Rayon, Polypropylene Thickness: .18-3.5 in. Weights: 1.8-60 opsy Widths: up to 92 in. Brand Names: Fiberbond, Ulok, Dustlok Major Markets: Air Filtration, Automotive Padding, Industrial Materials

Fiberduk Exercisgatan, 271 00 Ystad Sweden Telephone: 0411-13850 Fax: 0411-17815 Marketing Director: Bo Alvesson Manufacturing Processes: Dry and Spunlace Fibers: Viscose, PET Weights: 15-150 gpsm Widths: 150-320 cm Major Markets: Automotive, Medical, Interlining, Wipes, Technical, Building

Fiber Dynamics P.O. Box 1910 200 South West Point Ave. High Point, NC 27260 Telephone: 919-886-7111 Fax: 919-886-7509 Sales Manager: Les Solomon Production Manager: John Terry Location Of Plants: High Point, NC; Stroudsburg, PA Manufacturing Processes: Wet, Dry, Thermal Bond, Fusible, Coated Fibers: Rayon, PET, Nylon

FiberTech Group, Inc. P.O. Box 360 Landisville, NJ 08326 Telephone: 609-697-1600 Fax: 609-697-2515 VP Sales /Marketing/Technology: John Cleaver Location Of Plants: Rogers, AR; Landisville, NJ; Neunkirchen, Germany; Holon, Israel Manufacturing Processes: Carded, Spunlaced, Melt Blown, Spunbonded Fibers: Rayon, PET, PP, Cotton Thickness: 5-100 mils Weights: .4-3.0 opsy Widths: Up to 130 in. Brand Names: Dura-Tex, Soft-Touch, Softlin, Isolite, Ultra DryLoft, FiberGol Major Markets: Hygiene Absorbent Products, Medical, Industrial, Home Furnishings, Filtration, Wipes

Fibertex 16, Svendborgvej, DK-9220 Aalborg, Denmark Telephone: 45-98-158600 Fax: 98-158555 Location Of Plant: Aalborg, Denmark Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled Fibers: PP, PE, HDPE, PA, PAC Thickness: 0.4-8.5 mm Weight: 50-1200 gpsm Width: Up to 550 cm Brand Names: Fibertex, Elephant, Alupor, Matchback, Comfortback, Superflor Major Markets: Carpet Backings, Geotextiles, Furniture, Mattresses

Fiberweb Neuberger Fiberweb Group Via Bologna 7 I-20060 Trezzano Rosa (MI) Italy Telephone: 2-90967297 Fax: 2-90967313 Managing Director: Aldo Ghira Sales Manager: E. Fassi Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fiber: PP Weight: 10-160 gpsm Widths: Up to 480 cm Brand Name: BASE 1, BASE UV, BASE N, BASE N/200, BASE 2, BASE HV

Fiberweb NA 840 S.E. Main St. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Telephone: 803-967-5600, 800-322-7424 Fax: 803-967-5674 Contact: Steve Fischer Location Of Plants: Cantonment, FL; Simpsonville, SC; Washougal, WA Manufacturing Processes: Spunbond, Melt Blown, Carded, Composites, Hydroentangled Fibers: Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Polyethylene, Bicomponents Weights: From less then 0.3 opsy to greater than 10 opsy Widths: From less than 10" to greater than 125" depending on process Brand Names: Polyweb, Cerex, Celestra, PBN-II, Securon, Spectralon, Fibretex Major Markets: Filtration, Automotive, Home Furnishings, Medical, Dental, Hygiene (such as baby diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene)

Fiberweb Sodoca Zone Industrielle Est F-68600 Biesheim France Telephone: 89-72-47-00 Fax: 89-72-89-82 Sales Managers: T. Daras, M. Ohl, R. Weyer Production Manager: P. Kling Location Of Plant: Biesheim, France Manufacturing Process: Spun, Dry, Melt Blown, S-Tex Fibers: PP, Viscose Bicomponents Weight: 10-100 grm Width: 5-360 cm Brand Names: Sodoca nonwovens for hygiene; Agryl nonwovens for agriculture; Dipryl nonwovens for technical applications; S-Tex

Fiberweb Sweden AB Box 913 601 19 Norrkoping Sweden Telephone: 46-11-24-44-00 Fax: 46-11-640-75 Marketing Mngr., Hygiene: Urban Lindberg Marketing Mngr., Building: Knut Jonsson Manufacturing Process: Spun Fibers: PP, PET Weights: 15-150 gpsm-PP; 80-400 gpsm-PET Brand Names: Duraweb Major Markets: Hygiene, Building

Filter Materials 1401 Ware St., P.O. Box 329 Waupaca, WI 54981 Telephone: 715-258-5525 Fax: 715-258-8488 Sales Manager: Tom DeLain Manufacturing Process: Wet Laid Absorbent Specialties Fibers: Natural & Synthetic Thickness: .080-.400 in. Widths: Up to 54 in. Major Markets: Filtration, Absorbent Carriers (such as Air Fresheners), Spill Clean Up

Filzfabrik Fulda GmbH & Co. Frankfurter Str. 62 D-6400 Fulda, Germany Telephone: 0661-101-1 Fax: 0661-101-249 Sales Manager: Friedel Schirmer Production Manager: Emil Balzer Location Of Plant: Fulda Manufacturing Processes: Chemical Bonding, Thermal Bonding, Needlepunched Fibers: Polyester, Polyamid, polypropylene, viscose Thickness: various Weight: various Width: various Brand Names: Fifulon, Tamifelt

Fitesa Nao-Tecidos S.A. Rua Siqueira Campos, 1163 - 50 Andar 90010 - Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil Telephone: 55-51-225-9233 Fax: 55-51-225-6204 Director: Geraldo E. Enck Location Of Plants: Gravatai, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fibers: Polypropylene Weights: 15-150 gpsm, 0.44-4.4 opsy Widths: up to 4.2 m Brand Names: Novotex, Novotex Soft

Fort Howard P.O. Box 19130 Green Bay, WI 54307 Telephone: 414-435-8821 Fax: 414-435-3703 Technical Sales Representatives: Tom Marth, Keith Lauritsen, John Michaud Location Of Plant: Green Bay, WI Manufacturing Processes: Dry Formed, Carded Rayon, Scrim Reinforced Major Markets: Industrial Wipes, Tabletop, Personal Hygiene, Medical, Filtration

Foss Manufacturing Company Inc. 380 Lafayette Rd., PO Box 5000 Hampton, NH 03842 Telephone: 603-929-2111 Fax: 603-929-0061 Sales Managers: Gordon Goodwin, Robert Murphy, Susan Kayata, Peter Williams President: Stephen Foss Location Of Plants: Haverhill, MA; Hampton, NH Manufacturing Process: Needled & Post Treatments, Fiber Manufacturer Fibers: Synthetics Thickness: .040 in. and up Weights: 2.5 opsy and up Widths: 220 in. max. Brand Names: Geomat, Fossfibre, Fossfelt, Stratos, Stytherm, Whispertex, Floss-Flex, Rainbow Felt, Fossform Major Markets: Automotive, Crafts, Footwear, Wallcoverings, Marine

Fothergill Engineered Fabrics P.O. Box 1, Littleborough Lancs., OL15 9QP United Kingdom Telephone: 0706-72414 Fax: 0706-70555 Business Manager: Paul Longden Production Manager: Malcolm Davies Location Of Plant: Littleborough Manufacturing Process: Nonwoven Scrims (Dry), Nonwoven Scrim-Tissue Laminates, Chemically Bound Fibers: Glass, PET, Kevlar, Viscose Weight: 5-250 gpsm Width: 700-2540 mm

Freeland Felt Works 4105 Freeland Avenue P.O. Box 26097 Philadelphia, PA 19128 Telephone: 215-483-0580; 800-733-5832 Fax: 215-483-0581 Sales Manager: Robert Wagner Production Manager: Clarence Innes Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: Natural & Synthetic Coarse Denier Thickness: 1/8-3/4 in. Weight: 10-75 opsy Width: 1 in.-9 ft. Brand Name: Humidimat

Carl Freudenberg Nonwovens Division P.O. Box 1369, D-6940 Weinheim Germany Telephone: 06201 801 Fax: 06201-67000 Mng. Dir., Commercial: Willi Hasselbrink Mng. Dir., Technical: Peter Schlenzig Location Of Plants: Weinheim, Germany; Chelmsford, MA, USA; W-Yorkshire, United Kingdom; Barcelona, Spain; Cape Town, South Africa; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Wet, Chemical, Mechanical, Thermal Bonding Fibers: All Types Thickness: 1-20 mm Weight: 10-2000 gpsm Width: max. 260 cm Brand Names: Vilene, Vlieseline, Fliselina, Pellon, Bondina, Viledon, Fibral, Nontex, Vildona, Cursel, Vilmed Major Markets: Interlinings, Filtration, Industrial, Personal and Health Care

Carl Freudenberg Spunbonded Nonwovens Div. Liebigstrasse 2-8 P.O. Box 12 20 6750 Kaiserslautern, Germany Telephone: 0631-53-41-0 Fax: 0631-512-59 Managing Dir.-Technical: Bernhard Klein Managing Dir.-Commercial: Karl Wuttke Manufacturing Process: Spunbond

Freudenberg Far Eastern Spunweb 38, Lun Din Road, 5 Lin Shi Hai Village, Tayuan, Taoyuan Taiwan, R.O.C. Telephone: 886-3-386-7003, 886-3-386-6521 Fax: 886-3-386-7127 President: Rolf H. Koehler Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Major Markets: Automotive Carpet, Agriculture, Commercial Carpet, Geotextiles, Roofing Membranes

Freudenberg Haushalsprodukte AG Household Products Division Postfach 81 02 46 D-6800 Mannheim 81, Germany Telephone: 0621-8773-0 Fax: 0621-8773-18 Managing Director: Hans-Georg Franke Brand Names: Lutravil, Lutradur, Lutrabond, Lutrasil Major Markets: Household and Institutional Cleaning

Freudenberg Nao-Tecidos Rua Pequetita 145, 2nd floor 04552-060 Sao Paulo, SP-Brazil Telephone: 820-8399 Fax: 820-0168 Marekting & Sales: M.S. Ribeiro Production Manager: E. Huss Location Of Plant: Jacarei, Brazil Manufacturing Process: Dry, Needled, Thermal bonded Fibers: Viscose, PET, PA, CV, PP and others Weights: 17-800 gpsm Widths: Maximum 2 m Brand Names: Cursel, Fliselina, Vildona, Viledon, Vilmed Major Markets: Apparel, Medical, Home Furnishings, Disk Liners, Carpet Backing

Freudenberg Nonwovens 20 Industrial Avenue Chelmsford, MA 01824 Telephone: 508-454-0461 Fax: 508-256-6214 Sr. VP Manufacturing: Cos Camelio Sr. VP Interlinings: Morton Zisk VP Air Filtration: Stephanie Moore VP Technical Products: Bill Casey Location Of Plants: Chelmsford, Lowell, MA; Hopkinsville, KY; Durham, NC Manufacturing Process: Wet, Dry Brand Names: Pellon, Vilene, Viledon, MicronAir Major Markets: Apparel, Air Filtration, Respiratory Protection, Cabin Air Filters, Floppy Disk Liners, Battery Separators, Liquid Filtration, Automotive, Construction, Wipes

Freudenberg Nonwovens Ltd. Ellistones Lane, Greetland, Halifax West Yorkshire HX4 8NJ England Telephone: 422-313-000 Fax: 422-313-288 Sales Managers: D. Palin, A. Henderson, B. Goulden, A Battye, J. Stevens Brand Names: Bondina, Fibral, Viledon, Vilene, Vilmed

Freudenberg Nonwovens (Pty.) Ltd. 48 Industrial Ring Rd. 7500 Cape Town, South Africa Telephone: 027-21-931-2119/4291 Fax: 027-21-931-8442 Sales Director: Roger Stovold Manufacturing Process: Dry Laid Brand Names: Vildona, Viledon, Vilene, Vilmed

Freudenberg SA Telas Sin Tejer Calle 94, No. 193 Villa Zagala-San Martin Prov. Buenos Aires Argentina Telephone: 541-753-2568 Fax: 541-754-2635 Brand Names: Fliselina, Vildona, Viledon, Vilene, Vilmed, Vlieseline, Pellon, Cursel, Viltec Major Markets: Interlinings, Shoe, Hygienic, Filtration, Technical Products

Freudenberg Spunweb Industrial Drive, PO Box 15910 Durham, NC 27704 Telephone: 919-471-2582 Fax: 919-477-1165 Mktg. & Sales Director: Ludger Patt Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded Fibers: PE, PP, Polyamide Weights: 20-350 g Widths: Up to 5 m Brand Names: Lutrabond, Lutradur, Lutrasil Major Markets: Carpet Backing, Roofing Substrates, Reinforcements for Textile and Technical Applications

Gates Formed-Fibre Products Inc. P.O. Box 1300 Washington St. Auburn, ME 04211-1300 Telephone: 207-784-1118 Fax: 207-784-1123 Sales Manager: G.J. Smith Production Manager: John Merriman Manufacturing Processes: Carding, Needling, Thermal Forming Fibers: PP, PET Thickness: up to 1 in. Weights: 4-60 opsy Widths: 130 in. Brand Names: Con-Form, Mat-Form, Line-Lite, Tara-Lock Major Markets: Automotive, Marine, Commercial Wall Covering

General Felt Industries Park 80 Plaza W-1 Saddle Brook, NJ 07662 Telephone: 201-843-0900 VP-Sales & Marketing Manager: T. Kall VP-Manufacturing: Jack Byrne Mgr Needlepunch Products: Paul Dextraze Location Of Plants: Dalton, GA; Philadelphia, PA Manufacturing Process: Needlepunch Fiber: PP, PE Weights: 6-36 opsy Width: 12 in. Brand Names: Phillips Marvess Olefin

Globe International 1400 Clinton St. Buffalo, NY 14206 Telephone: 716-824-8484 Fax: 716-827-0375 Marketing Services Manager: John O'Brien Location Of Plant: Buffalo, NY Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: PET Thickness: .065-.375 in. Weights: .033-.103 lbs. piw Widths: 160 in. Brand Names: Polymate, Ultimate Major Markets: Specialty Conveyor Belting used in Materials Conveying, Distribution Centers, Airport Baggage Systems

W.L. Gore & Associates 297 Blue Ball Rd. P.O. Box 1130 Elkton, MD 21922 Telephone: 410-996-2696 Fax: 410-392-4452 Contact Associate: Bill Reed Location Of Plants: Elkton, MD

Graboplast Rt Textile And Artificial Leather Mfg. Co. H-9002 Gyor, P.O. Box 17 Hungary Telephone: 36-96-14-155 Fax: 36-96-18-306 Sales Manager: J. Makkos Production Manager: G. Szomolanyi Manufacturing Process: Needlepunched Fibers: PES, PP, Rayon Thickness: 0.5-4.0 mm Weights: 150-1000 gpsm Widths: 1.5-2.0 m Brand Names: Zala, Velence, Lajta, Duna, Koros, Darling, Cuha

Harodite Finishing Company, Inc. 225 West 39th Street New York, NY 10018 Telephone: 212-354-5234 Fax: 212-302-2432 Industrial Marketing Manager: Al Castka Location Of Plant: North Dighton, MA; Taylors, SC Manufacturing Process: Dry Laid Fibers: Polyester, Rayon Weights: 0.75-2.0 opsy Widths: up to 100 in. Major Markets: Medical, Automotive, Furniture, Filtration Haskell Specialty Products 404 West Avenue Stamford, CT 06902 Telephone: 203-359-2600 Fax: 203-359-1605 Major Markets: Interlinings, Embroidery Backing

HDK Industries 100 Industrial Park Drive Rogersville, TN 37857 Telephone: 615-272-7119 Fax: 615-272-4532 Sales Manager: David Lunceford Customer Service: Shirley Waller Location Of Plant: Rogersville, TN Manufacturing Process: Dry Fiber: Polyester Thickness: 3-75 mils Weight: .5-2.0 opsy Width: Up to 120 in. Lamination Capability Major Markets: Home Furnishings, Geotextiles, Filtration, Medical, Automotive, Footwear and Disposables

Heckmonwike F.B. P.O. Box 7 Wellington Mills Liversedge West Yorks., WF15 7XA England Telephone: 0924-410544 Fax: 0924-409972 Sales Director: D.J. MacKenzie Production Director: A. Stephenson Location Of Plant: Liversedge, West. Yorks. Manufacturing Process: Needled (Fiber Bonded) Fibers: PP, PA, Viscose Brand Names: Iron Duke, Supacord, Broadrib, Hobnail, Wellington, Battleship, Hippo, Microtec, Stadia, Stylus, Wallcord, Supacord Tile, Wellington Tile, Dreadnought, Iron Duke 2000, Dragon, MicroPlus, Cirrus, Pied Piper

Hendrix Batting Co. P.O. Box 7408 High Point, NC 27264 Telephone: 919-431-1181 Fax: 919-431-571 Location Of Plants: High Point, NC Manufacturing Process: Garnetting, Thermal Bonding, Needlepunch Fibers: Polyester, Mixed Synthetics Thickness: 1/8-5 in. Weights: 0.4-5 opsf Widths: 3-100 in. Brand Names: Hendrel, Safeblend, Loftec

Highams Ltd. Grape Mill, Royton, Oldham OL2 5JB, United Kingdom Telephone: 061-633-2241 Fax: 061-627-3275 Sales Manager: Neville Gaskell Production Manager: Terry Bromley Location of Plant: Royton, U.K. Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunch, Hot Calender Fibers: Polyester, Viscose, Polypropylene Weights: 120-600 grams Widths: 3 m Major Markets: Agriculture, Filtration, Home Furnishings, Geotextiles

Hobbs Bonded Fibers 3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1207 Dallas, TX 75234 Telephone: 214-888-6007 Fax: 214-914-6107 Manufacturing Processes: Wet, Dry, Needled Fiber: Polyester Brand Names: Thermolite, Hollofil, Microloft, Thermoloft, Thermore, Kevlar, Nomex, Duratherm Major Markets: Outerwear, Footwear, Sleeping Bags, Furniture, Pillows, Bedding

Hoechst AG BU Spunbond -Marketing P.O. Box 80 03 20 W-6230 Frankfurt am Main 80 Germany Telephone: 049-69-305-5067 Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Brand Names: Trevira Spunbond

Hoechst Celanese I-85 at Road 57, P.O. Box 5887 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 800-845-7597 Sales Manager: Dennis Wedding Location Of Plant: Spartanburg, SC Manufacturing Processes: Spun, Dry Laid Fibers: PET, Polyester Weights: 3.5-48 oz Widths: Up to 16 ft Brand Names: Trevira

Hof Textil and Design Postfach 1529, Fabrikzeile 21 W-8570 Hof/Saale 11 Germany Telephone: 09281-490 Fax: 09281-49160 Manufacturing Processes: Dry Laid Staple Fiber Nonwovens

Hollingsworth and Vose 112 Washington Street East Walpole, MA 02032 Telephone: 508-668-0295 Fax: 508-660-2168 Sales & Mktg. Diector: Geoffrey Taylor Location Of Plants: East Walpole, Fall River, West Groton, MA; Greenwich, Easton, NY; Floyd, VA; Hawkinsville, GA; Apizaco, Mexico; Winchcombe, England; Bagnasco, Italy Manufacturing Processes: Wet, Dry, Melt Blown Fibers: All Thickness: .005-.060 Weights: .5 opsy and up Widths: 36-115 in. Brand Names: Hovolon, Hovofuse, Hovolin, Hovotex, Hovosorb, Hovoglas Major Markets: Apparel Interlinings, Electronic Applications, Industrial Specialties, Filtration

Honshu Paper Co., Ltd. 12-8, Ginza 5-Chome, chuo-ku Tokyo 104 Japan Telephone: 03-3543-1932 Fax: 03-3545-0856 Sales Manager: T. Inukai Production Manager: M. Miyano Location Of Plants: Fuji Manufacturing Process: Air Laid Pulp Nonwoven, Diaper Fibers: Cellulose Fiber, Rayon Thickness: 0.5-50 mm Weights: 40-1200 gpsm Widths: 2000 mm, 1300 mm (TDS) Brand Names: Kino-cloth, Pal-cloth, TDS Major Markets: Kitchen Towels, Premoistened Hand Towels, Absorbent Cores for Sanitary Napkins

HRS Textiles 120 & SC 340, Rt. 4, Box 126A Darlington, SC 29532 Telephone: 803-393-0882 Fax: 803-393-9000 Sales Manager: Harley LeMaster Production Manager: Roger McQueen Location Of Plant: Darlington, SC Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled, Laminations, Heat Sealable Coatings Fibers: Acrylic, Rayon, PET, Cotton Thickness: .005-.250 in. Weights: .75-12 opsy Widths: 60 in. max. Brand Names: AbsorbAll Major Markets: Apparel Interlinings, Filtration, Substrates

Integra Mills Division All Felt Products 3456 Ridge Ave. Arlington Hts., IL 60004 Telephone: 708-392-9001 Fax: 708-392-9422 Sales Manager: Richard Papadakis Production Manager: Michael Hochlowski Location Of Plants: Arlington Hts., IL; Ontario, CA Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunched, Pressed Wool Felts & Synthetic Felts Fibers: Wool, Rayon, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Polypropylene Thickness: 0.030-1 in. Weights: 3-144 oz. Widths: 120 ft. Brand Names: Sunburst

International Products Co. 73 Snook Street Scranton, PA 18505 Telephone: 717-342-4350 Fax: 717-343-3413 Sales Manager: John Bjacek Location Of Plant: Brazil Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded; Reicofil Fibers: Polypropylene Thickness: 0.5-4 opsy Widths: up to 165 in. Brand Names: Kami Major Markets: Medical, Diapers, Furniture, Agriculture, Geoengineering

Intessile Srl. Via Terracini snc Loc. Spedalino Asnelli 51031 Agliana (PT), Italy Telephone: 0574-673-075 Fax: 0574-673-079 Sales Manager: A. Del Pistoia Location of Plant: Agliana, Italy Manufacturing Process: Air Through Bonding, Foam Bonding Fibers: Polypropylene, Bicomponent Fibers, Viscose Fibers Thickness: depends on weight Weights: 20-100 gpsm Widths: up to 2.4 m Brand Names: Air Through Bonded Nonwoven, Foam Bonded Nonwoven Major Markets: Wipes

Intissel S.A. Zi La Martinoire B.P. 107, 59393 Wattrelos France Telephone: 20-24-96-98 Fax: 20-36-58-10 Location Of Plant: Wattrelos Manufacturing Process: Dry Laid Fibers: Viscose, PA, PET, PP Thickness: 0.05-3 mm Weight: 17-200 gpsm Width: 40-180 cm Brand Names: Tripline, Intissline, Thermotine, Elephantine, Intisfilt, Intissel, Intisknit

Irving Textile Products, Inc. Valley Avenue P.O. Box 270 Atglen, PA 19310 Telephone: 215-593-5145 Fax: 215-593-7000 Sales Manager: Steve Irving Production Manager: Jerry Brown Location Of Plant: Atglen, PA Manufacturing Process: Dry Laid Fibers: Rayon, PET, Acrylic, PP Thickness: 5-30 mils Weights: .5-3.0 opsy Widths: Up to 72 in. Brand Name: Context Major Markets: Wipes, Health Care Disposables, Interlinings, Transportation, Filtration

Japan Lutravil Co., Ltd. 16-2, Sotokanda 2-chome Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 101 Telephone: 03-3255-7391 Fax: 03-3255-7395 Sales Manager: N. Nakamura Location of Plant: Taiwan, R.O.C. Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded Fibers: Polyester (Polypropylene and polyamide available from another affiliate located in Germany) Weights: 17-280 gpsm Widths: 5.3 m maximum

Japan Vilene Vilene Building 14-5, Soto-kanda 2-chome Tokyo 101, Japan Telephone: 03-3258-3333 Fax: 03-3251-2061 Manufacturing Process: Chemical Bonded, Needlepunched, Thermalbonded, Hydroentangled, Melt Spun, Wet Laid Fibers: PET, PA, PP, PES, Rayon Thickness: 0.038-50 mm Weights: 13-1000 gpsm Widths: Up to 2000 mm Brand Names: Vilene, Vi-Warm, Viledon, Vilotherm, Cumulass Major Markets: Garments, Automotive, Electronic, Medical & Hospital, Air Filtration, Agriculture, Civil Engineering

Jen-Cel-Lite 954 E. Union Street Seattle, WA 98122 Telephone: 206-322-3030 Fax: 206-328-9038 Location Of Plant: Seattle, WA Manufacturing Processes: Dry Highloft, Needlepunch Fibers: Manmade, Natural Thickness: 1/16-5 in. Weights: 2-18 opsy Widths: 160 in. Brand Names: Jen-Cel-Lite, Sno-Lite, Poly-lite, Stuf-n-Stuf Major Markets: Filtration, Furniture

Johnson & Johnson Advanced Materials Co. 317 George Street New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Telephone: 908-524-1288 Fax: 908-524-6279 VP-Marketing: John Bohan Exec VP: Robert Munoz Location Of Plants: Benson, NC; North Little Rock, AR; Gainsville, GA Manufacturing Processes: Wet, Dry, Spunlaced, Film, Composites Fibers: Rayon, PE, PP, Cotton, Conjugates Thickness: 4-24 mils Widths: 36-144 in. Brand Names: Chix, Fresh Guy, Masslinn, Stretch 'n Dust, Kiara, Duralace, Quix, Miratec, Worxwell

Johnson & Johnson Inc. 2155 Pie IX Blvd. Montreal, Quebec, Canad H1V 2E4 Telephone: 514-251-5483 Fax: 514-251-5138 Contact: Andre Prud'Homme Location Of Plant: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Franz Kalff Postfach 4105 D-5350 Euskirchen Germany Telephone: 02251-62682 Fax: 02251-626-88 Sales Manager: Michael Felten Production Manager: Helmut Hartisch Location Of Plant: Euskirchen Manufacturing Process: Dry Fibers: Rayon, PET Thickness: .1-4 mm Weight: 40-500 gpsm Width: 1500 mm Brand Names: Kalff-Stoffe

Kanai Juyo Kigyo Co., Ltd. 2-9 Dojima 1-chome kita-ku Osaka, Japan Telephone: 06-346-1471 Fax: 06-346-0621 Sales Manager: T. Abo Production Manager: T. Tanaka Location Of Plant: Hyogo, Japan Manufacturing Process: Carded Nonwovens Fibers: Synthetic (nylon, polyester, acrylic) and natural (cotton) Thickness: 0.1-50 mm Weights: 15-1500 gpsm Widths: 5-200 cm Brand Names: Nowven, Travelon, Orinon, Nowven-ace, Nowven-cosmo

Kasbar National Industries, Inc. 370 Reed Road Suite 200 Broomall, PA 19008 Telephone: 215-544-7117 Fax: 215-544-9799 Sales Manager: Jeffrey Shapiro Production Manager: Larry Wright Location Of Plants: Columbia, TN Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunching, Spray Bonded Batting, Thermal Bonded Batting Fibers: Polyester, Rayon, Acrylic, Wool Thickness: 1/16-4 in. Weights: 1.5-22.5 opsy Widths: up to 144 in. Major Markets: Batting, Felts

Kayserberg SA B.P. 17-Kunheim F-68320 Muntzenheim France Telephone: 89-72-25-00 Fax: 89-72-78-36 Location Of Plants: Gien, Hondouville, France; Eeklo, Belgium Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Composites, Airlaid Fibers: PP, Cellulose Weights: 8-20 gpsm Widths: 2.6 m Brand Names: Cotolin, Holnest, Homecel, Lotus, O'Kay, Vania, Polive, Juvenia, Polivia, Lotus Collectivites Major Markets: Wipes, Tabletop, Feminine Care, Medical

C.M. Kelly Ltd. Cullingworth, Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 5AB England Telephone: 0535-272207 Fax: 0535-272235 Sales Director: T. Peter Kelly Location Of Plant: Bradford, England Manufacturing Process: Dry, Needled, Latex Felt Carpet Underlays Fibers: Mixed Thickness: 5-20 mm Weights: 400-1800 gpsm

Kem-Wove P.O. Box 7144 Charlotte, NC 28241-7144 Telephone: 704-588-0080 Fax: 704-588-9239 Sales Manager: J.F. Baigas Plant Manager: J.F. Culpepper Location Of Plant: Charlotte, NC Manufacturing Process: Dry, Bonded, Highloft, Air Laid Fibers: All Thickness: 1/8-3 in. Weight: 1.0-50 opsy Widths: 110 in.; 68 in. Major Markets: Highloft

Kimberly-Clark 1400 Holcomb Bridge Road Roswell, GA 30076-9701 Telephone: 404-587-8086 Fax: 404-587-7241 Location Of Plants: Balfour, NC; Neenah, WI; Memphis, TN; Conway, AR; Corinth, MS; La Grange, GA; Lexington, NC Manufacturing Processes: Spunbonded, SRM, Coform, Composites, Melt Blown Fiber: PP, Pulp Brand Names: Accord, Evolution 3, Kaycel, Cyclean Major Markets: Coverstock, Filtration, Furniture, Bedding, Apparel, Car Covers

Kimberly-Clark Elastic Nonwovens 1400 Holcomb Bridge Road Roswell, GA 30076 Telephone: 404-587-8182 Fax: 404-587-7228 Sales Manager: R. Daniel Harris Production Manager: William Conn Manufacturing Process: Meltblown Fibers: Elastic Weights: 0.5-9.0 opsy Widths: 45, 47/48, 54, 96 Brand Names: Demique Major Markets: Home Furnishing, Medical, Apparel, Protective Apparel, Gloves, Shoes, Industrial/Utility, Automotive

Kimberly-Clark Specialty Products 520 West Summit Hill Drive Knoxville, TN 37902 Telephone: 615-541-7439 Telex: 154145KC KCR Sales Manager: Barbara Mundt Location Of Plants: Lee, MA Manufacturing Process: Wet Fibers: Natural and Manmade Thickness: 1.5-80 mils Weights: 8.5-80 gpsm Brand Names: Taconic Non-Heatseal, Berkshire Heatseal

Kimberly-Clark Australia 52 Alfred Street Milsons Point, NSW 2061 Australia Telephone: 2-963-8033 Fax: 2-959-4512 Sales Manager: Cameron Ainslie Location Of Plants: Australia Manufacturing Processes: Spunbond, Meltblown, SMS Fibers: Polypropylene Weights: 16-80 gpsm; 0.5-2.4 opsy Widths: Up to 2286 mm (90 inches) Brand Names: Evolution Fabric Major Markets: Coverstock, Bedding Manufacture

Knight Corporation Box 332 Ardmore, PA 19003 Telephone: 215-853-2161 Fax: 215-853-1080 Sales Manager: P.G. Knight Production Manager: A.W. Grohndahl Location Of Plants: Havertown, PA Fibers: Polyester, Polypropylene, Nomex, Nylon Thickness: Varying Weights: Varying Major Markets: Filtration

Kokko Paper Mfg. 834 Kawanoe-cho Kawanoeshi Ehime Pref 799-01 Japan Telephone: 0896-58-3111 Telex: 0896-58-7917 Sales Manager: T. Akiyama Production Manager: N. Opkada Location Of Plant: Kawanoeshi Manufacturing Process: Wet Laid, Dry Fibers: Rayon, PET, PP Thickness: 0.06-0.12 mm wet; 0.20-0.60 mm dry Weights: 14-40 g/m wet; 20-60 g/m dry Widths: 1300 milswet; 2700 milsdry Brand Names: Soflon-E (Dry), (K) New Soflon (Wet)

Kolmi-Set Oy PO Box 11 SF-01641 Vantaa Finland Telephone: 358-0-852-011, 852-01400 Fax: 358-0-8520-1420 Managing Director: Jorma Turunen Marketing Director: Keijo Vakiparta Mktg. Mgr. (roll goods): Jouni Mannikko Location Of Plants: Hyvinkaa, Ilomantsi Manufacturing Processes: Dry Fibers: VI, PP Widths: 10-150 cm Weights: 16-40 gpsm Brand Names: Finnwebb

Kolon Industries, Inc. 3 Sperry Road Fairfield, NJ 07004 Telephone: 201-575-2550 Fax: 201-575-1332 Sales Manager: Dan Kim Location Of Plant: Kumi, Korea Fibers: Polyester, Polypropylene Thickness: 0.10-1.8 mm Weights: 15-170 gpsm Brand Names: Finon, Merabon Major Markets: Industrial, Filtration, Agriculture, Home Furnishings

Konus Titov trg 17 Slovenske Konjice Yugoslavia Telephone: 063-75-12-12 Fax: 751-331 Location Of Plant: Slov. Konjice Manufacturing Process: Dry, Needled Fibers: PET, PP, Viscose Thickness: 1-30 mm Weights: 70-2200 gpsm Widths: Up to 200 cm Brand Names: Silon, Kofil, Konflin, Tipi Top

Korea Moolsan Co., Ltd. Hankook Building, 154 Naesu-Dong, Chongro-Ku Seoul, Korea Telephone: 02-721-0261/5 Fax: 02-739-7431 Sales Manager: K.N. Lee Production Manager: J.K. Kim Location Of Plants: Seoul, Korea Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunching, Thermal Bonding Fibers: Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, Acrylic, Polyamide, Polypropylene, Rayon/Wool Blended Thickness: 0.3-12 mm Weights: 30-1500 gpsm Widths: 2.0-3.0 m Brand Names: Viva Tex Major Markets: Medical, Home Furnishings, Geotextiles, Disk Liners

Korea Vilene 14th Fl. Kolon Building 45 Mugyo-Dong, Jung-Gu Seoul, Korea Telephone: 02-778-1370 Fax: 02-756-1943

Kuraray Co. Kuraflex Division 1-12-39, Umeda, Kitaku Osaka 530, Japan Telephone: 06-348-2730 Fax: 06-348-2239 Sales Manager: T. Takagi Production Manager: N. Ibata Location Of Plants: Okayama-shi; Kurashiki-shi Manufacturing Processes: Dry Laid (Chemical Bonding, Thermal Bonding, Spunlaced, Melt Blown) Fibers: Rayon, PES, PP, PE/PET, PBT, NY Widths: 2.5 m Thickness: 0.1-0.5 mm Weights: 15-100 gpsm Brand Names: Kuraflex, Microflex (MB)

Kurashiki Textile Manufacturing 9-25, Tsuragata 1-Chome Kurashiki 710 Japan Telephone: 0864-22-4311 Fax: 0864-21-9483 Sales Manager: Hitoshi Kobayashi Production Manager: Tatsu Shima Location Of Plants: Kurashiki, Shizuoka Manufacturing Processes: Dry Process (Resin Bond, Thermal Bond, Needlepunch) Fibers: Polyester, Polyamide, Rayon, Wool, Cotton, Polypropylene Thickness: 0.1-30.0 mm Weights: 17-600 gpsm Widths: 1000-2000 mm Brand Names: Kuranbon Major Markets: Fusible Interlinings, Fiberfill, Various Air Filters, Stretchable Nonwoven for Medical Uses

KWI International Inc. 1309 East 7th Street Austin, TX 78702 Telephone: 512-476-0304 Fax: 512-495-9848 Sales Manager: Simon Eichner Location Of Plants: Monterrey, Mexico; Acunta, Mexico Manufacturing Process: Roll Fibers: Polyester, Tyvek, Cotton, PE, PU, PVC Thickness: various Weights: various Widths: various Major Markets: Automotive, Furniture, Medical

Lantor Inc. P.O. Box 191 124 Depot Street Bellingham, MA 02019 Telephone: 508-966-1311 Fax: 508-966-1605 President: John Brooks Jr. Business Unit Manager: Steve Schnabel Location Of Plant: Bellingham, MA Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: PET, PO, Nomex, Kevlar, Nylon, P84, Ryton, Acrylic; Blends, Coatings & Treatments Thickness: .050-1.00 in. Weights: 3.5-100 oz. Width: Up to 200 in. Brand Names: Defender, Surfcoat, Coated Filtration, Asphalt Eater

Lantor BV P.O. Box 45, 3900 AA Veenendaal Verlaat 22, 3901 RG Veenendaal The Netherlands Telephone: 31-8385-37111 Fax: 31-8385-37299 Managing Director: George Bowen Director Interlinings: Leen Stolk Financial Director: Albert Feyts Operations Manager: Koos van Lelieveld Manager Special Applications: Bart Kroesbergen Location Of Plant: Veenendaal, Holland Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunched, Carded Crosslapped, Carded Parallel/Random, Saturation Bonded, Thermal Bonded, Laminated, Dotcoated, Scatter Coated, Impregnation Fibers: Natural, Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic Thickness: Less than 1 mm-more than 10 mm Weights: 15 - 500 grs. Brand Names: Firet, Firet Coremat, Coremat, Firet Isol, Firet Fixoret, Firet Elcotex Major Markets: Interlinings, Cable Wrapping, GRP, Automotive, Filtration, Medical

Lantor U.K. St. Helens Road Bolton, Lancashire BL3 3PR United Kingdom Telephone: 0204-61426 Fax: 0204-61722 Industrial Sales Mgr: Tony Abraham Production Director: Roger Tattersall Location Of Plant: Bolton Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled, Spunlaced, Laminating Thickness: 0.2-15.3 mm Weights: 21-930 gsm Widths: 1-2.3 m Brand Names: Lantor Cube, Lantorine

Leiterman Felt & Nonwoven Textile 5460 White Oak No. E341 Encino, CA 91316 Telephone: 818-981-7348 Fax: 818-784-0641 Sales Manager: Martin Leiterman Location Of Plants: Connecticut, New York, South Carolina Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunch, Wet Laid, Air Laid Fibers: Polyester, Polypropylene, Rayon Weights: All weights Widths: All widths

W.S. Libbey Company 401 Dearborn St. P.O. Box 148 Great Falls, SC 29055 Telephone: 803-482-6688 Fax: 803-482-6655 Sales Manager: Joyce Graham Production Manager: Mack Grider Location Of Plant: Great Falls, SC Manufacturing Process: Yarn Making, Stitchbonding, Dyeing & Finishing Fibers: Polyester, Acrylic, Nomex, Kevlar, Rayon, SEF Modacrylic, Dralon, Ryton, Homopolymer Thickness: 0.024-0.125 Weights: 1.5-10.5 opsy Widths: 1-100 in. Major Markets: Home Furnishings, Protective Apparel, Glove Manufacturing, Roofing, Industrial Insulation

N.V. Libeltex Marialoopsteenweg 51 B-8760 Meulebeke Belgium Telephone: 051-40-15-41 Fax: 051-40-15-45 Sales Manager: Hendrik Vercouter Production Manager: Luc Maes Managing Director: Filiep Libeert Location Of Plants: Meulebeke, Belgium; Warendorf, Germany; Lagan, Sweden; Wasquehal, France Manufacturing Processes: Dry Laid, Needlepunched, Thermal and Spraybonded Fibers: PET, Viscose, PP, Wool, Cotton Thickness: 0.50-120 mm Weight: 30 gpsm-4000 gpsm Width: Up to 3600 mm Brand Names: Polystar, Superpol, Libond, Skifill, Thermostar, Thermium, Isosoft, Flamestop, Bactefilt, Coatil

Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG Irlicher Str. 55 D-56567 Neuwied Germany Telephone: 49-2631-786-0 Fax: 49-2631-786-467 Sales Manager: C.F. Bertrams Production Manager: F. Bruns Location Of Plant: Dierdorf, Germany Manufacturing Processes: Needled, Drylaid, Chemical Bonded, Thermal Bonded Fibers: Viscose, Cotton, PP, PES Thickness: .05-8 mm Weight: 15-2.000 gpsm Width: 3.2 m Brand Names: Paratex, Paratherm, Paraskin, Paramoll, Paraprint, Paraweb, Parabond, Paradur, Parafil U.S. Office: Lohmann Technologies 1455 Jamike Drive Erlanger, KY 41018 Telephone: 606-283-5577 Fax: 606-283-5579 Sales Manager: Steven DeJong Major Markets: Filtration, Coating Substrates, Hygiene, Automotive, Conveyor Belts

Lorbrook 454 Warren Street Hudson, NY 12534 Telephone: 518-828-1592 Sales Manager: Orin Crider Production Manager: John Gallo Location Of Plants: Hudson Manufacturing Process: Needlepunched Fibers: All Synthetics Weights: 4-25 ozs Widths: 144

Loren Products 250 Canal Street Lawrence, MA 01840 Telephone: 508-685-0911 Fax: 508-685-6086 Sales Manager: Thomas Steimle Production Manager: David Blackington Location Of Plant: Lawrence, MA Manufacturing Process: Abrasive Nonwoven, Spraybonded Fiberfill Fibers: Nylon, Polyester Thickness: 0.25-2 in. Weights: 2-90 opsy Widths: 80-120 in. Brand Names: Brillo Major Markets: Industrial and Institutional, Food Service, Building Supply, Polyester Batting, Automotive, Hardware

Lydall, Inc. Manning Nonwovens Div. P.O. Box 328 Troy, NY 12181 Telephone: 518-273-6320 Fax: 518-273-6361 President: Alan Gnann VP-Sales/Marketing: David Sayers Manufacturing Director: D.E. Butler Location Of Plant: Green Island, NY Manufacturing Process: Wet Fibers: Synthetic, Inorganic, Cellulose Thickness: .001-.125 in. Widths: 86-102 in. Brand Names: Manniweb, Manniglas, Mannitemp, Cryotherm, Formoweb

Lydall Technical Papers Div. P.O. Box 1960 Rochester, NH 03867 Telephone: 603-332-4600 Telex: 950026 Division President: E.F. Whitely Manufacturing Process: Wet Laid Fibers: Glass, Synthetic, Cellulose, Ceramic, Carbon Brand Names: Lydair, Lytherm, Lypore, Actipure, Technimat

Lydall Westex Division Brooks Crossroads P.O. Box 109 Hamptonville, NC 27020 Telephone: 919-468-8522 Fax: 919-468-8555 President: Chris Skomorowski Location Of Plant: Hamptonville, NC Manufacturing Process: Needlepunched Brand Names: Lytherm, Lypore Major Markets: Medical, Automotive, Air Filtration

Lystil Oy Lapintie 1 SF-33100 PB 266, Finland Telephone: 358-31-2463111 Fax: 358-31-2463484 Marketing Director: Olle Bjork Production Manager: Juha Nevanpaa Manufacturing Process: Wet Fibers: Viscose, PET Thickness: .08-1.2 mm Weight: 17-160 gpsm Width: Up to 1500 mm Major Markets: Wiping, Medical, Filtration

Lystil SA B.P. 47 Brignoud 38190, France Telephone: 76-71-49-10 Fax: 76-71-27-20 Chairman: Patrick Jeambar Sales Manager: Jean-Marie Becker Location Of Plant: Brignoud, Isere, France Manufacturing Process: Wet Laid Fibers: PES, Pulp, Viscose Thickness: 75-850 microns Weight: 13-200 gpsm Width: 2.4 m Brand Names: Clennil, Lystil Major Markets: Wallcover, Roofing, Medical, PVC Substrate, Vacbag, Wipes

Malik Industries 507 School House Road Kenneth Square, PA 19348 President: Abdul Malik Telephone: 215-444-6393 Fax: 215-444-6397 Manufacturing Process: Needlepunched Major Markets: Industrial and Consumer Felts

Marling Industrial Felt Stanley Mill, Stonehouse Gloucestershire, GL10 3HQ England Telephone: 0453824444 Fax: 0453791167 Director General Manager: Brian Fuller Technical Manager: Collin Ward Production Manager: Rob Thompson Location Of Plant: England Manufacturing Process: Needlepunched Fibers: All Man Made Thickness: 0.5-20 mm Weights: 100-5500 gspm Widths: 2-4 meters Major Markets: Filtration

Matador Converters Co. Ltd. 270 Louvain O./W. Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2N 1B6 Telephone: 514-389-8221 Fax: 514-389-3010 Sales Manager: Stuart Zuckerman Production Mgr.: Claude de Bellefeuille Location Of Plants: Montreal, Quebec; Winnipeg, Manitoba Manufacturing Processes: Resin and Thermal Bonding, Carded, Air Laid, Needlepunched Fibers: PET, PP, Rayon, Acrylic Thickness: 2 mm+ (Highloft Fiberfill) Weights: 1.5-50 opsy Widths: up to 5.5 m Brand Names: Bondilene, Dacron, Trevira, Duraflex Major Markets: Apparel, Upholstered Furniture, Home Furnishings, Incontinence, Quailiting, Shoes/Boots, Filters, Geotextiles, Sports Equipment

Membranas Estructuradas FC Hidalgo 2115 Mexico, DF 07430, Mexico Telephone: 5-767-5731 Fax: 5-767-6090 Sales Manager: Luis Anaya Location Of Plants: Mexico City Manufacturing Process: Wet Fibers: Fiberglass, Cellulose, PET Thickness: 0.5-3.5 mm Weight: 30-500 gpsm Width: 1300 mm max.

Merfin Hygienic Products Ltd. 7979 Vantage Way Delta, British Columbia, Canada V4G 1A6 Telephone: 604-946-0677 Fax: 604-946-3516 Sales Manager: William Stevens Production Manager: Jim Parsons Location Of Plant: Delta, British Columbia Manufacturing Process: Air Laid Fibers: Wood Pulp Cellulose, Some Synthetic Blends Thickness: 0.3-4 mm Weights: 45-500 gpsm Widths: 2500-2700 mm Brand Names: Vicell Major Markets: Absorbent Care, Feminine Care, Adult Incontinence, Baby Diapers, Pre-moistened Wipes, Tabletop Products, Filtration, Industrial Wipes

Mid-America Fiber Company 4193 Beck Avenue St. Louis, MO 63116 Telephone: 314-772-2400 Fax: 314-772-9472 Sales/Production Manager: Charles Lang Location Of Plant: St. Louis, MO Manufacturing Process: Garnetting, Spunbonding, Thermal Bonding, Needlepunching Thickness: 1/8-6 in. Weights: 2-50 opsy Widths: 6-135 in. Major Markets: Battings for Furniture, Craft, Comforters, Quilts, Filtration

Midwest Filtration Company 9536 Glades Drive hamilton, OH 45011 Telephone: 513-874-6510 Fax: 513-874-7913 Sales Manager: Mick Suitor Production Manager: Dan Whitaker Location Of Plant: Hamilton, OH Manufacturing Processes: Slitting/Rewinding, Sheeting, Die Cutting, Filter Design and Manufacturing, Lab Services Fibers: Most Synthetics and some Naturalprimary nonwovens Thickness: various Weights: various Widths: various Brand Names: Reemay, Typar, Lutradur, Unispun, Unifil, Uniblend, Unipro, Uniclean, Unibond Major Markets: Filtration, Absorbents, Consumer

Milyon Canela 480, 08400 Mexico, DF, Mexico Telephone: 6-57-04-44 Fax: 650-5237 President: Mauricio Menache Asst. President: C.P. Salvador Rojas U. Director: Herman Menache Location Of Plant: Mexico City Manufacturing Process: Resin Bonded, Print Bonded, Thermal Bonded Fibers: Rayon, Nylon, PET, PP, Cotton, Acrylic. Thickness: .002-1 in. Weight: 18-350 gpsm Width: up to 175 cm Brand Names: Interlon, Curamex, Intersil, Milimex, Acridiel, Termoflex, Bralon Major Markets: Wiping, Filters, Automotive, Apparel, Personal Hygiene

Mississippi Fabritek, Inc. P.O. Box 2847 Columbus, MS 39704 Telephone: 601-327-0745 Fax: 601-327-0779 Sales Manager: Ken Knudsen Location Of Plants: Columbus, MS Manufacturing Process: Needlepunch Fibers: Polyester, Rayon, Acrylic, Nylon, Polypropylene, Blends & Laminates Thickness: 50-200 mils Weights: 3-25 oz. Widths: up to 200 in.

Molnlycke Absorbent Prod. Supply AB S-435 81 Molnlycke Sweden Telephone: 46-31-378300 Fax: 46-31-88-58-12 General Manager: Fred Graf Location Of Plants: Sweden, Holland Manufacturing Process: Dry Fibers: PP Brand Names: Drylene, Drysoft, Rombolene Cast Film Major Markets: Medical, Feminine Hygiene, Wipes

Molnlycke Clinical Products AB S-435 81 Molnlycke Sweden Telephone: 46-313-800 Factory Manager: Bertil Jarnros Manufacturing Process: Dry Laid, Printbonded Fibers: Viscose Brand Names: Rayalin

National Felt P.O. Box 150 Easthampton, MA 01027 Telephone: 413-527-3445 Fax: 413-527-0456 Sales Manager: Pat Sliva Location Of Plants: Easthampton and Northampton, MA Manufacturing Processes: Neeled and Chemically Bonded Nonwovens Fibers: All Thickness: .010-1 Weights: 1.5-140 opsy Widths: Up to 130 in.

Nayyer Industries (PVT) Ltd. 83-A Shadam II Lahore, Pakistan Telephone: 481130-416176-7571346 Fax: 92-42-416099 Sales Manager: M. Aslam Production Manager: M. Iftikhar Location Of Plants: Lahore, Pakistan; Gujrat, Pakistan, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Jabel Ali, Dubai Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunch Tufted, Nonwoven Spray Bonded Fibers: Polypropylene, Polyester Weights: 50-1000 gpsm Widths: up to 4 m Brand Names: Nayyer Major Markets: Carpets, Waddings

New York Felt Inc. dba Colorbelle 231 State Street Watertown, New York 13601 Telephone: 800-635-3267 Fax: 315-788-4807 Sales Manager: Anwer Omar Production Manager: Arvind Patel Location Of Plants: Watertown, NY Manufacturing Process: Various Nonwovens and Pressed Wool Felts Fibers: Rayon, Wool, Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene Thickness: 1/32, 1/16-1 in. Weights: 4 opsy to 6 pounds/linear yard Widths: 36-72 in.

Nippon Kodoshi Corporation 648 Hirookakami, Haruno-cho Agawa-gun, Kochi Prefecture 781-03 Japan Telephone: 81-888-94-2321 Fax: 81-888-94-5401 Sales Manager: Yukihiko Satomi Technical Manager: Katsutoshi Rokuta Location Of Plant: Kochi, Japan Manufacturing Processes: Melt Blown, Spunbonded Fibers: PP, PPS, PET, PE, PBT, TPX, N6, N66, N12 Thickness: 25-300 microns Weights: 3-200 gpsm Brand Names: NKK Melt Blown Nonwoven Major Markets: Battery Separators, Electrolytic Capacitor Separators

Nolar Industries Limited 54A Viceroy Road Concord, Ontario, Canada L4K 2L8 Telephone: 416-669-5513 Fax: 416-669-6587 Sales Manager: Anthony Raponi Production Manager: Edward Martin Location Of Plants: Taylor, MI; Concord, Ontario Manufacturing Processes: Spunbonded Fibers: Polypropylene Weights: 0.44-3.0 oz. Widths: 165 in.

Nolar U.S. Inc. 12669 Delta Drive Taylor, MI 48180 Telephone: 313-946-1242 Fax: 313-946-1390 General Manager: Ed Martin Location Of Plants: Detroit, MI; Toronto, Ontario Manufacturing Processes: Slitting, Die Cutting, Sheeting Fibers: Polypropylene, Polyester, Rayon, Cellulose Weights: 0.040-2.5 opsy Widths: up to 180 in.

Nonwovens Inc. P.O. Box 921, 100 Wotton St. North Chelmsford, MA 01863 Telephone: 508-251-8612 Location of Plant: North Chelmsford, MA Manufacturing Process: Needlepunched Fibers: All Thickness: 1/32-1/2 Weights: 1.5-32 opsy Widths: 12-144 Major Markets: Filtration, Interlinings

Nordlys Zone Industrielle de la Blanche Maison, BP 109, 59270 Bailleul, France Telephone: 28-49-29-29 Fax: 28-49-16-76 Manufacturing Processes: Dry Laid, Chemical Bonded, Thermal Bonded Fibers: Cotton, Rayon, PES, PA Thickness: 0.01-20.0 mm Weights: 10-800 g Widths: 320 cm Brand Names: Vignec, Nordlys, Thermospot, Thermoform Major Markets: Interlinings, Filtration, Coating and Flocking Base, Electrical Insulation, Medical, Hygiene, Cable Wrap

Nordlys (Far East) Sdn, Bhd. P.T. 101 886, IGB International Park Jalan Kuala Lumpur 30010 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan West Malaysia Telephone: 605-567-123 Fax: 605-575-185 Sales Manager: Vincent Lai Production Manager: Donald Belisle Location Of Plant: Darul Ridzuan, West Malaysia Manufacturing Processes: Thermal and Chemcial Bonded Nonwoven Fibers: Polyamide, Polyester, Viscose, Polypropylene Thickness: Varies Weights: Varies Widths: Varies Brand Names: Nordlys and DHJ Major Markets: Interlinings

Novoflor Raumtextil GmbH St. Peter-Strasse 25 A-4021 Linz, Austria Telephone: 0732/5982-0 Fax: 0732/5982-179 Sales Managers: Hansjorg Jilka, Josef Knoblechner Production Manager: Johann Horner Location Of Plant: Linz, Austria Manufacturing Process: Needlefelt Fibers: Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyamid, Polyacryl Thickness: 2-20 mm Weights: 100-2000 gpsm Widths: up to 2.5 m Brand Names: Novoflor Major Markets: Automotive, Geosynthetics, Geocomposites, Floorcoverings

Nu-Tex 130 S. Second St., P.O. Box 321 Dunellen, NJ 08812 Telephone: 201-968-5757 Fax: 201-968-8022 President: Aaron DiMiller General Manager: Frank Pratte Sales Manager: Howard Bromwich Location Of Plant: Dunellen, NJ Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Wet, Entangled Fibers: Rayon, Polyester Weights: 50-4 opsy Width: 4-148 in. Brand Names: Zorbit I, Zorbit II, Zorbit III

Odbek Industries Inc. 809 Hubbard Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104 Telephone/Fax: 612-487-6828 Sales Manager: Todd Rogers Location Of Plant: St. Paul, MN Manufacturing Process: Stitchbonding Fibers: Unlimited Range Thickness: open Weights: open Widths: 2.5 m max. Major Markets: Industrial Sorbents

Orlandi S.p.A. V.LE XXIV Maggio Gallarate 21013 Varese, Italy Telephone: 0331-792202 Fax: 0331-796897 Sales Manager: M. Saldarini Production Manager: E. Romito Location Of Plant: Gallarate, Bolgare, Cressa Manufacturing Process: Needled, Highloft, Spunlaced Fibers: PET, PP, Polyammid, Viscose Thickness: 0.5 mm-15 cm Weights: 20-1.500 gsm Widths: 300 cm. Brand Names: Talura, Robel, Tevar, Teporland, E3N, Clax, Akena, Telco Major Markets: Medical, Hygiene, Apparel, Home Furnishings, Interlinings, Industrial/Household Wipes, Synthetic Leather

Orsa SpA Via A. Colombo 60 Gorla Minora (Va), 21055 Italy Telephone: 331-609537 Fax: 331-604646 Sales Manager: Alfonso Jelo Production Manager: Roberto Ongaro Location Of Plant: Italy Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled, Spunlaced Thickness: .15-4 mm Weights: 25-2500 gpsm Widths: up to 4 m Brand Names: Orsof, Orlux, Orfelt, Bivel, Luxor, Orsol, Jettex, Clarina Major Markets: Automotive, Battery Separators, Hygiene, Home Furnishings, Medical, Wipes

Ozite 1755 Butterfield Road Libertyville, IL 60048 Telephone: 708-362-8210 Fax: 708-362-8260 Sales Manager: Roy Shields Location Of Plant: Libertyville, IL Manufacuting Processes: Dry, Needled Fibers: PE Weights: 12-48 oz Widths: 120 Brand Names: Ozite, Compozitex, Fabratex Major Markets: Automotive Aftermarket, Marine, Music, Car Wash, Wallcoverings, Carpet Pad

Paltex Inc. 6818 S. Avalon Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90003 Telephone: 213-759-4903 Fax: 213-759-0937 Sales Manager: Paul Turner Production Manager: Michael Turner Location Of Plants: Los Angeles, CA Manufacturing Processes: Highloft Thermal Bonded, Needlepunched Fibers: Polyester, Rayon, Wool Thickness: 1/16-3 in. Weights: 4-27 opsy Widths: 5-120 in. Brand Names: Sof-Seal, Duro-Seal Major Markets: Home Furnishings, Specialty Felts

Pantex Srl Via Calamandrei snc Loc. Spedalino Asnelli 51031 Agliana (PT), Italy Telephone: 574-751368-9 Fax: 574-712025 Sales Manager: A. Del Pistoia Production Manager: F. Bargiacchi, Eng. P. Angeli (Pantex Sud) Location Of Plant: Agliana (PT), Sulmona (AQ) Manufacturing Process: Thermal Bonded, Perforated Thermal Bonded Fibers: PP Thickness: 240-410 micron Weights: 18-38 gpsm Widths: up to 2.15 mts. Brand Names: Perforated Nonwoven Major Markets: Sanitary Napkins, Baby Diapers

Paper Mill Management Inc. Apt. 2G, 2 Peter Cooper Rd. New York, NY 10010 Telephone: 212-339-1729 Fax: 212-777-9377 President & Sales Manager: Martin Scher Manufacturing Process: Wet, Paper Fibers: Cellulose/Virgin and Recycled, White & Colors Major Markets: Various Disposable Products, Medical/Dental

Peltex S.A. Edf. Sassalca Of. 13, Esq. Calles 6 y 7 La Urbina, Caracas 1070-Venezuela Telephone: 5899-22-25-18 Fax: 582-241-8209 President: Boris Zighelboim Sales Manager: Mary D'Oliveira Location Of Plant: San Francisco de Yare, Estado Miranda Manufacturing Process: Needlepunch, Highloft, Spunlaced, Thermal Bonded, Resinated, Saturation Bonding Fibers: Polyester Weights: 0.5-5 opsy Width: 58/60 in. Major Markets: Diapers, Sanitary Napkins, Synthetic Leather Backing, Quilting, Hospital Clothing, Interlinings

Phillips Fibers P.O. Box 66 Greenville, SC 29602 Telephone: 803-242-6600 Fax: 803-234-6666 Sales Mgrs: W.C. Dawson (Textile Nonwovens), J.L. Miner (Engineered Prod.) Production Manager: G. Strobeck Location Of Plant: Seneca, SC Manufacturing Processes: Needled Fibers: PP, PET Weights: 2-30 opsy Widths: Up to 186 in. Brand Names: Duon, Rufon, Petromat, Petromat MB, Supac, Petrotac, Supergro, Fabrisoil, Pro Guard Major Markets: Geotextiles

Phoenix Fabrikations AG Heeswijksestraat 21 5431 SB Cuijk, Holland Telephone: 031-8850-13222 Fax: 031-8850-21948 General Manager: Ed. F de Koning Location Of Plant: Cuijk, Holland Manufacturing Process: Dry Laid, Wet Laid, Spun and Thermal Bonded, Spunlaced Fibers: Rayon, Polypropylene, Polyester Weights: 0.5-5 opsy Widths: 4-100 in. Brand Names: Zorbex Major Markets: Industrial Wiping, Medical Disposables

Polimeros Y Derivados, SA de CV Palo Cuarto 213, Col. Michocacan Leon, GTO. Mexico C.P. 37240 Telephone: 47-16-4700 Fax: 47-16-7538 International Sales Manager: Alejandro Rodriguez Lopez Sales Director: Mario Orozco Arena Location Of Plant: Leon, Mexico Manufacturing Processes: Carded, Air Laid, Wet Laid, Thermal Bonded, Resin Bonded, Hydroentanglement, Needlepunched, Stitchbonded Fibers: Polyester, Cellulose, Polypropylene, Rayon Thickness: 0.02-1.0 cm Weights: 20-1000 gpsm Widths: 1.5-4 m Brand Names: Oropal, Termocel, Celfil, Oroz, Endurlite, Orotermo, Celtec, Celpac, Endurflex, Coverall Major Makets: Shoes, Confection, Construction, Filtration

Politex SpA Via Vecchia Canturina 11-22060 Novedrate (CO), Italy Telephone: 39-31-792100 Fax: 39-31-792220 Sales Manager: A. Romantini, S. Radice Location Of Plants: Novedrate (CO) Manufacturing Process: Carded, Needled, Spray Bonded, Thermal Bonded, Resin Bonded Fibers: PET, PP Staple Fibers

Politex U.S. Inc. 660 Allied Ind. Blvd. Macon, GA 31206-2071 Telephone: 912-7818088 Fax: 912-7818092 General Manager: R. Shaw Location Of Plant: Macon, GA Manufacturing Processes: Carded, Needled, Thermal Bonded, Resin Bonded Fibers: PET Staple Fiber Major Markets: Roofing, Geotextiles

Poly-Bond 250 West Main Street, Suite 230 Charlottesville, VA 22902 Telephone: 804-295-6300 Fax: 804-295-1744 Sales Manager: Dong Nichols Production Manager: Charles Bradley Location Of Plant: Waynesboro, VA Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fibers: PP Weights: .50-4.0 opsy Widths: 96-165 in. Brand Names: Poly-Bond Major Markets: Hygiene, Advanced Composites

Polyfelt St. Peterstr. 25 4021 Linz, Austria Telephone: 0732-5983-0 Fax: 0732-5983-175 VP-Marketing/Sales: Mr. Goehring Location Of Plant: Austria Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded, Needlepunched Fibers: PP Thickness: 1-10 mm Weight: 90-1000 gsm Width: 1-8 m Brand Names: Polyfelt Major Markets: Geotextiles

Polyfelt Americas 1000 Abernathy Road Atlanta, GA 30328 Telephone: 404-668-2119, 800-225-4547 Fax: 404-668-2116 VP-Sales & Marketing: Rick Orr Location Of Plant: Evergreen, AL Manufacturing Processes: Spunbonded, Continuous Filament, Needlepunched Fibers: PP Weights: 2.7-30 opsy (90-1000 gpsm) Widths: up to 18 ft. (5.5m) Brand Names: Polyfelt, EarthFelt, Absorbofelt Major Markets: Geotextiles, Filters, Oil Sorbents, Roofing

Polylok 3006 Anaconda Rd. Tarboro, NC 27886-1825 Telephone: 919-823-6126 Fax: 919-823-2164 VP-Marketing & Sales: Denny Dostal Location Of Plant: Tarboro, NC Manufacturing processes: Needlepunched, Stitched, Dyed, Resinated Fibers: Polyester and Blends Weight: Up to 20 opsy (560 gpsy). Width: needlepunched Products: up to 150"; Dyed and Resinated: up to 90"; Stitched and Finished: up to 90" Brand Name: Macra-Lok Major Markets: Home Furnishings, Industrial

Polytex de Maracay CA Canonigos A San Ramon Edif. GTM Caracas, Venezuela Telephone: 58-2-563-9675 Fax: 58-2-563-1174 Location Of Plants: Venezuela Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded Fibers: Polypropylene Weights: 0.5-4.5 opsy Widths: up to 94 in. Major Markets: Medical, Protective Garments, Bedding, Furniture, Coverstock

Powell 55 Ward Hill Ave. Haverhill, MA 01835 Telephone: 508-373-9111 Sales Manager: James Kelly Production Manager: Tom Cargill Location Of Plants: Haverhill, MA Manufacturing Processes: Dry Fibers: PET Brand Names: Dacmat, Calglas Major Markets: Electrical Insulation

Precision Fabrics Group 301 N. Elm St., Suite 600 Greensboro, NC 27401 Telephone: 800-284-8071 Fax: 919-279-8002 Business Director: Walt Jones Location Of Plant: Greensboro, NC Manufacturing Processes: Finishing/Coating/Slitting of Nonwovens of all types Weights: .5-6 opsy Widths: 2-200 in. Brand Names: Nexus, Softspun, Enhance Major Markets: Medical, Home Furnishings, Coating, Wipes, Protective Apparel, Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Productos Sancela de Colombia SA Autoprstn sur Carrera 50 No. 8 sur 117 (Medellin) P.O. Box 3460 Medellin, Colombia Telephone: 2-558-800 Fax: 57-4-255-1127 Sales Manager: Carlos Upegui Production Manager: Gustavo Guzman Location Of Plants: Rionegro, Colombia Manufacturing Process: thermal Bonded Fibers: Polypropylene staple Weights: 15-45 gpsm Widths: 82.5 in. Brand Names: Sanitex, Nosotras

Reemay P.O. Box 511 Old Hickory, TN 37138 Telephone: 615-847-7061 VP-General Manager: Migo Nalbantyan Production Manager: Gil Rains Location Of Plant: Old Hickory, TN Manufacturing Processes: Spunbond, Needlepunch Fibers: PET, PP, Composites Thickness: various Weights: 0.4-12.0 opsy Widths: various Brand Names: Reemay, Typar, Typelle, Tekton, Biobarrier, Synergex, Durapelle Major Markets: Agriculture, Filtration, Apparel Interlinings, Automotive, Can Separator Sheets, Composites, Construction Fabrics, Fabric Softener Substrate, Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Furniture & Bedding, Geotextiles, Industrial Packaging, Primary Carpet Backing, Sign and Banner Stock

Rhodia S/A - Atividade Bidim Av. Maria Coelho de Aguiar 215- Bloco B-40 Andar 05804 Sao Paulo-SP-Brazil Telephone: (55-11) 545.8760 Fax: (55-11) 545.2990 Export Manager: Flavio Montez Location Of Plant: Sao Paulo, Brazil Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded Polymer: Polyester Weights: 75-600 gpsm Widths: max. 4.4 m Brand Names: Bidim Major Markets: Geotextiles, Filtration, Shoes, Roofing

Robinson Health Care 24, Sutherland Rd. Walthamston, London E17 6BG England Telephone: 081-527-7722 Fax: 081-527-8924 Sales Director: Brian Searle Location Of Plant: London, England Manufacturing Process: Dry, Thermal Bonding Fibers: Rayon, PE, PET Thickness: .15-0.5 mm Weights: 17-90 gspm Widths: 3.2 m

Rontex America 1 Caldwell Dr. Amherst, NH 03031 Telephone: 603-883-5076 Fax: 603-880-6033 Sales Manager: C. Haley Location Of Plant: Amherst, NH Manufacturing Proceses: Needled, Flat, Seamless, Endless Tubularand Structured Fibers: All Synthetic Thickness: .125-1.00" (3-25 mm) Weight: 2-300 opsy (70-10,000 gpsm) Width: 12-150" (300-3800 mm) Major Markets: O.E.M., Automotive and Automotive Aftermarket, Filtration, Industrial Roll Covering

Royalin GmbH Waldshuter Str. 12 D-7887, Germany Telephone: 07763-7091 Fax: 07763/5660 General Manager: Werner Hirner Location Of Plant: Laufenburg Manufacturing Process: Wet Fibers: PET, Polyamid, Polyacryl, Rayon, Glass Thickness: 0.15-1.5 mm Weight: 20-300 gpsm Widths: 165-175 cm Brand Names: Rowela Major Markets: Battery Separators, Coating, Filtration

Sackner Products 2700 Patterson Ave. Grand Rapids, MI 49546-6399 Telephone: 616-957-9300 Fax: 616-957-9382 Sales manager: Roger Bauer Plant Manager: Robert Sandberg Location Of Plants: Grand Rapids, MI Manufacturing Processes: Highloft, Needled, Spray, Foam Fiber: Polyester, Viscose Weights: 4-20 opsy Major Markets: Automotive, Furniture, Filtration

Sagrin S.A. Corumbe 4392 Montevideo, Uruguay Telephone: 5982-25626 Fax: 5982-250492 President: Daniel Rainusso Sales Manager: I.A. Rafael Rainusso Production Manager: Charles Gruss Manufacturing Processes: Air Laid, Spray Fibers: Rayon, Polyester Major Markets: Medical, Filtration, Disposables, Clothing/Quilts, Furniture

Christian Heinrich Sandler P.O. Box 1144 D-95120 Schwarzenbach/Saale Germany Telephone: 9284-60-0 Fax: 9284-60-205 Managing Directors: Dipl. Kfm Christian Heinrich Sandler, Dr. C.H. Sandler Manufacturing Processes: Waddings and Dry Laid Nonwovens Fibers: PET, PE, CV, PA Thickness: 0.2-200 mm Weight: 4-2000 gspm Widths: Up to 3.60 m Brand Names: Sawafill, Sawabond, Sawaflor, Sawalux, Sawaloft, Sawavlies, Sawatex, Sandler-unico, Sandler-fiberskin Major Markets: Hygiene, Furniture, Fashion, Engineering

Sauler Camarones 1649 Buenos Aires 1416, Argentina Telephone: 00541-582-4903, 581-3696 Fax: 00541-582-8233 Sales Manager: Atilio Bazano Production Manager: Kopeloff Julio Location Of Plant: Provincia, Buenos Aires, Argentina Manufacturing Processes: Wet, Dry, Needled, Thermobonded Fibers: Rayon, PP, PET, Acrylic, Cotton Weight: 15-500 gpsm Width: .15-2.10 m Brand Names: Inteler, Fusiler, Now

Daniel Schapiro & Company Box 124 Birchrunville, PA 19421 Telephone: 215-827-7997 Fax: 215-827-7997 Sales Manager; Saul Schapiro Fibers: Rayon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Cellulose Weights: 0.5-4 opsy Widths: Selvage Trim to 110 in. Major Markets: Industrial, Medical, Filtration, Reject & Obsolete Inventory

Scotia Company 535 Canal St. Lewiston, ME 04240 Telephone: 207-782-3824 Sales Manager: Peter Libbey Location Of Plant: Lewiston, ME Manufacturing Processes: Stitchbonding, Needlefelt Fibers: Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Modacrylic, Polyolefin Thickness: 0.025-.25 in. Weights: 1-24 opsy Widths: up to 98 in.

Shalag Shamir Nonwoven Fabric Industry Kibbutz Shamir Upper Galilee Israel 12135 Telephone: 972-694-7856 Fax: 972-694-7864 Sales Manager: Micha Strauss Location Of Plant: Kibbutz Shamir, Israel Manufacturing Processes: Thermal Bonded, Calendered Fibers: PP, PET Weights: 17-45 gpsm (thermal bond) Widths: up to 3 m (thermal bond) Brand Names: Shalag

Shinwa 248 Mendoricho-cho Kawanoe City, Ehime Japan 799-01 Telephone: 0896-58-1100 Fax: 0896-58-1106 Manufacturing Processes: Spunlace, Resin Bond, Thermal Bond Fibers: Rayon, Polyester, Nylon, PP Thickness: 0.1-1.5 mm Weight: 10-150 g Widths: 1000-2500 mm Brand Name: Haibon, Superlace

Smith & Nephew Plastics Gilberdyke North Humberside Huis 2TD U.K. Telephone: 0430-440757 Fax: 0430-440211 Sales Manager: M. Coggin General Manager: P. Winterbottom Location Of Plants: Gilberdyke Manufacturing Process: Extruded Open Structured Webs Weights: From 4.5 gpsm Widths: Up to 2 m Brand Names: Net 909, Net 2000

SOFACO Untere Zaeune 3 8001 Zurich, Switzerland Telephone: 01-251-40-90 Fax: 01-261-26-30 Location Of Plants: Sodoca S.a.r.l., Biesheim, France and others Manufacturing Processes: Spun, Dry, Melt Blown Fibers: PP, Viscose Thickness: all Weights: 14-30 g Widths: all Major Markets: Absorbent Products

Soft S.p.a. Via Piave, 5 13060 Cerreto Castello (Vercelli) Italy Telephone: 015-882220 Fax: 015- 882135 General Manager: Claudio Ceria Manufacturing Process: Thermal Bonded Fibers: PP Weight: 16-40 gpsm Width: 3500 mm

Sorbent Products Co., Inc. 645 Howard Avenue Somerset, NJ 08873 Telephone: 908-302-0080; 800-333-7672 Fax: 908-302-0969 Nat'l Sales & Mktg Mgr: Mark Johnson Production Manager: David Colasanti Location Of Plant: Somerset, NJ Manufacturing Process: Melt Blown Fibers: PP Weights: 50-1000 gpsm Thickness: 10-1000 mil Major Markets: Sorbents & Wipes

Southern Felt Co., Inc. 1695 Edgefield Road North Augusta, SC 29841 Telephone: 803-663-6693; 800-633-7443 Fax: 803-663-9677 President: Danny Grover Location Of Plant: North Augusta, SC Manufacturing Process: Needlepunch Fibers: Dralon T, Acrylic, Nylon, PP, Nomex, Ryton, Polyester, P-84, Teflon Thickness: 0.025-1.00 + Weights: 4.0-100 opsy + Widths: up to 150 in. Major Markets: Filtration

Spartan Mills, Spartan Technologies Div. P.O. Box 1658 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-576-2353 Fax: 803-574-2246 General Manager: James Hicks Plant Manager: Michael Pate Geotextile Sales Manager: Chris Lawrence Industrial Sales Manager: Charles Smith Furniture Sales Mngr.: Audrey Arrington Location Of Plant: Spartanburg, SC Manufacturing Processes: Needled, Carded, Crosslaid, Calendered Fibers: Rayon, PE, PP Thickness: 20-300 mm Weights: 2.0-32.0 oz. Widths: 150-204 Brand Name: Sparmont

Staflex Pty Ltd. 20 Malcolm Road Westmead, Durban, South Africa Telephone: 27-31-7004411 Fax: 27-31-7002680 Sales Manager: R. Hankinson Location Of Plants: Durban Manufacturing Processes: Dry Laid, Chemical Bonded, Thermal Bonded, Needled Brand Names: Staflex Major Markets: Interlinings, Shoulder Pads, Industrial, Medical

Stearns Canada 1020-2 Robert Speck Parkway Mississauga, Ont., Canada L4Z1H8 Telephone: 416-270-4360 Fax: 416-270-5270 Executive VP: R. Michael Lutes Location Of Plants: Trenton, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec: Brampton, Ontario Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled, Thermal Bonded, Chemical Bonded Fibers: Rayon, PET, PP, Cotton Weight: .50-20 opsy Widths: Up to 115 in. Brand Names: Mountain Mist, Fabray

Stearns Technical Textiles 100 Williams St. Cincinnati, OH 45215 Telephone: 513-948-5273 Fax: 513-948-5281 VP Operations: Morley Thompson, Jr. Location of Plants: Cincinnati, Camden, OH; London, KY; Brampton & Trenton, Ontario, Canada; Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled, Spray Bonded, Glazed, Air Laid, Carded, Composites, Laminated, Thermal Bonded Fibers: Rayon, PET, Cotton, Orlon Thickness: 2 1/2 mils-1000 mils Weights: 12 gpsy-10 opsy Widths: Up to 96 in. Brand Names: Fabray, Markrite, Mountain Mist, Fiberloft Major Markets: Diapers, Sanitary, Wipes, Fabric Softener Substrates, Filtration, Scrubber Pads

Sultex Srl Via Terracini snc Loc. Spedalino Asnelli 51031 Agliana (PT), Italy Telephone: 574-673075 Fax: 574-673079 Sales Manager: A. Del Pistoia Production Manager: Eng. R. Massai Location of Plants: Sulmona (AQ) Manufacturing Processes: Perforating, Thermal Bonding Fibers: Polypropylene, Polyethylene Film Thickness: 240-400 micron Weights: 18028 gpsm Widths: up to 2.80 mts Brand Names: PE Perforated Film, Thermobonded Nonwoven Major Markets: Baby and Adult Diapers, Feminie Hygiene, Hospital Underpads, Industrial Wipes, Filters

J.W. Suominen Oy P.O. Box 25 29250 Nakkila, Finland Telephone: 358-39-375400 Fax: 358-39-72510, 358-39-72419 Location Of Plant: Nakkila, Finland Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Spunlaced Fibers: Vi, PP, PES Weight: 13-80 gpsm Width: 100-3200 mm Brand Names: Novelin, Fibrella

Supreme Nonwovens Private Ltd. 104, Runwal Chambers, 1st Rd. Chembur, Bombay - 400 071, India Telephone: 55-61992, 55-62487, 55-54184 Sales Manager: Deepak Saluja Production Manager: C.K. Jain Location Of Plant: Gujarat, India Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunched, Chemical Bonding, Thermal Bonding Fibers: Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Polypropylene Weights: 100-1000 gpsm Widths: up to 2 m Brand Names: Dharitex

Taih Yung Enterprise 5th Fl. No. 72 Cheng Kung Road, Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Telephone: 02-788-4756 Fax: 02-788-4236 Location Of Plants: Taipei, Taiwan Manufacturing Processes: Resin Bond, Needlepunch, Thermal Bond Fibers: Polyester, Polypropylene, Rayon Weights: 15-250 gpsm Widths: max 300 cm

Taiwan Vilene Nonwoven Co., Ltd. No. 40, Min-Fu Rd., Section 2 Yang-Mei, Tao-Yuan Taiwan, R.O.C. Telephone: 03-478-1261 Fax: 03-478-1260 Major Markets: Interlinings

Temaforg Co. Rakoczi u. 63, Kunszentmiklos Hungary-6090 Telephone: 36-76-51022 Fax: 36-76-51938 Sales Manager: Zoltan Mozes Production Manager: Tibor Laszlo Location of Plant: Kunszentmiklos, Hungary Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunched, Stitchbonded, Sprayed Fibers: Polyester, Polypropylene, Viscose, Textile Wastes Thickness: 2-20 mm Weights: 70-1000 gpsm Widths: up to 2.4 m Brand Names: Texfilt, Terfil, Piltex, Futex, Geotex

Tenotex S.p.A. Via P. Albisseti, 10 24030 Terno D'Isola (BG), Italy Telephone: 35-904344 Fax: 35-904617 Sales Manager: A. Galmarini Production Manager: M. Moscheni Location of Plants: Sopra, Italy Manufacturing Processes: Dry Laid Thermally and Chemically Bonded Fibers: PP, Viscose, Cotton, Bicomponent Weights: 16-70 gpsm Widths: up to 3 m Brand Names: Terpo 100% PP Thermal Bonded, Printex 100% Viscose Print Bonded, Foamtex 100% Viscose Foam Bonded

Terbond SpA Via Pola, 14 20124 Milan, Italy Telephone: 2-69777815 Fax: 2-69777709 Manufacturing Processes: Needled, Chemically Bonded Major Markets: Felts and Geotextiles

Texbond Spa Via Fornaci 15/17 38068 Rovereto (TN), Italy Telephone: 0464-435117 Fax: 0464-433366 Sales Manager: A. Mottes Production Manager: P. Paganelli Location Of Plant: Rovereto, Italy Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fibers: PP Weights: 15-200 gpsm Width: 320 cm Brand Name: Ultratex Major Markets: Furniture, Protective Clothing, Shoes

Texel 485 Des Erables St. Elzear, Beauce, Quebec, Canada GOS 2J0 Telephone: 418-387-5910 Fax: 418-387-4326 Sales Managers: Jacques Morin (geotextile), Jeannot Marcoux (felt), Gerard Scheubel (filtration), Serge Falardeau (agrotextile) Production Manager: Serge Roy Location Of Plant: Quebec, Canada Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: PET, PP, Nomex, Nylon, Viscose Thickness: 3-18 mm Weights: 90-2500 g Widths: 14-138 Brand Names: Texel Major Markets: Shoe, Filtration, Agrotextile, Geosynthetics, Interlinings, Durable Absorbents

Texnovo SA Bruc, 145, entlo. 2. 08037 Barcelona, Spain Telephone: 3-207-73-15 Fax: 3-207-70-59 Sales Manager: Jaime Carreras Production Manager: Angel Dominguez Location Of Plants: La Selva Del Camp, Tarragona Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded Fibers: Polypropylene Weights: 15-160 grams Widths: 0.02-3.2 m Brand Names: Texpun, Reicrop, Reibond Major Markets: Bedding, Upholstery, Bags & Luggage, Agriculture, Hospital, Industrial, Quilting

Tex-Tech Industries Main St., P.O. Box 8 N. Monmouth, ME 04265 Telephone: 207-933-4404 Fax: 207-933-9255 VP-Marketing: S.L. Rossi VP-Operations: S.J. Judge Location Of Plants: No. Monmoth, ME; Tempe, AZ; Slater, MO; Kilkenny, Ireland Manufacturing Process: Needlepunched Fibers: Nomex, Ryton, PET, Teflon, Polypropylene Weights: 4.0-95 opsy Width: 140 in. Brand Names: Thermo-Tex, Aerolite Plus

Thai Hygienic Products Co., Ltd. 10th A Floor, Q. House Convent Bldg. 38 Convent Road Bangkok 10500, Thailand Telephone: 662-2378966-9 Fax: 662-2378969 Vice President: Paisan Jeyasak Location Of Plant: Tambol, Bangmuang, Amphur Muang Samutprakarn Manufacturing Process: Drylaid Web, (Printbond, Thermal Bond) Fibers: Synthetic fibers Thickness: 0.05-0.50 mm Weight: 8-100 gpsm Width: 135 cm Major Markets: Sanitary Napkins

Thermolite SA BP 5-Zone Industrielle 68360 Soultz, France Telephone: 89-74-27-27 Fax: 89-74-13-20 Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: PET, Viscose, PP, PES Thickness: 0.5-10 mm Weights: 60-1500 gpsm Widths: Maximum 510 cm

Tietex P.O. Box 6218 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-574-0500 Fax: 803-574-9440 Sales Manager: Mike Hardegree Production Manager: Keith Campbell Location Of Plant: Spartanburg, SC Manufacturing Process: Stitchbond Fibers: PET Weight: 3-10 opsy Widths: 36-150 in. Brand Names: Tietex

Tinon 39 Rue du Dr. Touati, BP 11 Persan 95340, France Telephone: 1-30-34-68-60 Fax: 1-34-70-36-25 Sales Manager: K. Wollberg Production Manager: G. Mahieu Location Of Plants: Persan & Macon, France Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled (Waddings) Fibers: PES, PVC, Nomex Thickness: 5-150 mm Weight: 30-6000 gpsm Width: 3.40 m Brand Names: Springfill, Altinon, Tinon, Softinon, Meltex, Filtex, Sweetinon Major Markets: Upholstery, Filtration, Confection, Mattress

Toray Industries 3-3-3 Nakanoshima kita-ku Osaka 530 Japan Telephone: 06-445-3427 Fax: 06-445-3805 Location Of Plant: Shiga, Japan Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded Fibers: 100% Polyester Thickness: 0.10-4.00 mm Weight: 15-420 gpsm Width: max 440 cm Brand Name: Axtar Major Markets: Geotextiles, Filters, Carpet Backing, Cable Wrapping

Toyobo 2-8 Dojima Hama 2-Chome Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan Telephone: 06-348-3363 Fax:81-6-348-3400 Sales Manager: Yukio Kawasaki Production Managers: Toshiji Kubo; Hiroshige Imazu Location Of Plants: Osaka, Japan Manufacturing Process: Spunbond Fiber: PET Thickness: 0.2-4.0 mm Weight: 30-450 gpsm Width: 4200 mm (Max.) Brand Names: Volans, Toyobo Spunbond Major Markets: Roofing, Geotextiles, Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural

Trebor 2401 Morris Avenue P.O. Box 2153 Union, NJ 07083 Telephone: 201-687-8811 Fax: 201-687-5307 Services: Represents roll goods manufacturers

Troy Mills 18 Monadnock Street Troy, NH 03465 Telephone: 603-242-7711 Fax: 603-242-3026 Vice President-Mktg: Bernt Ruediger Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunched, Thermal Molded Location Of Plants: Troy, NH; Harrisville, WV Fibers: PET, PA, PP, Rayon, Wool, Acrylic Weights: 2.5-50 opsy Thickness: .030-.500 in. Width: Max 90 in. Brand Names: Tricia, Troy Felt, Troy Tuf, New Expressions Major Markets: Automotive Interior Fabrics, Commercial Wallcoverings, Apparel Shell & Lining Fabrics, Industrial Filtration Felts & Substrates

Uco Technical Fabrics N.V. Weverslaan 15 9160 Lokeren, Belgium Telephone: 09-34098-11 Fax: 09-34882-02 Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: PET, PP, Polyamide, Polyacrylic Weights: 200-2000 gpsm Widths: Up to 500 cm Brand Names: NW, VNW, L.G., Terrasafe Major Markets: Agrotextiles, Building, Public Works, Carpet, Waste Disposal

Union Felt Products (Ontario) 150 Toro Road Downsview, Ont., Canada M3J 2A9 Telephone: 416-630-6633 Fax: 416-630-9921 Location Of Plant: Toronto Manufacturing Processes: Wet, Needled Fiber: Polyester Thickness: Highloft Fiberfill Weight: 2-18 opsy Major Markets: Furniture, Quilters

Union S.p.A. Nonwoven Fabrics Via 2 Guigno, 30 I-13063 Masserano, Italy Telephone: 015-980494 Fax: 015-927240 Manufacturing Processes: Thermal Bond, Dry Laid Major Markets: Hygiene, Coating

Union Wadding 125 Goff Avenue Pawtucket, RI 02862 Telephone: 401-725-3500 Fax: 401-723-8590 Sales Manager: W. Redfern VP Manufacturing: J.F. Freeman Location Of Plants: Pawtucket, RI; Chicago, IL Manufacturing Processes: Needled, Calendered, Spray Bonded Weights: 1-18 opsy Widths: 2-104 Brand Name: Unitex, CFM, Thrift-Pleat Major Markets: Filtration, Home Furnishings, Automotive, Packaging, Medical, Holiday Decorations

Unisel Co. Ltd. 1-6-7 Minami-Hommachi Chuuo-Ku Osaka, Japan Telephone: 06-268-2060 Fax: 06-268-2064 Sales Manager: H. Kaneko Production Manager: T. Sako Location Of Plant: Yamaguchi Japan Manufacturing Processes: Tow Spread/Burst Fiber/Stacking, Tow Spread/Stacking/Needlepunch Fibers: PET/PP/NY Thickness: 0.06-1.0 mm Weights: 10-250 gpsm Widths: 100-500 cm Brand Names: Unisel, Melfit, Eizac, Olsorb, Silviner, Lampass Major Markets: Automotive, Packaging, Oil Absorbents

United Paper Mills Walkisoft P.O. Box 81 SF-48101 Kotka, Finland Telephone: 358-52-15440 Fax: 358-52-184360 General Manager / VP: Jorma Leskinen Location Of Plant: Finland, Denmark, Germany, U.S. Manufacturing Process: Air Laid Fiber: Wood Pulp, Synthetic Fibers Thickness: 0.30-2.00 mm Weight: 45-500 gpsm Widths: 174-330 cm Brand Name: Walkisoft Major Markets: Wipes, Absorbent Products, Medical, Feminine Hygiene, Tabletop

United Textile Co., Ltd. 2225 Grant Ave. San Lorenzo, CA 94580 Telephone: 510-276-2288 Fax: 510-278-1981 Sales Manager: Louis Buty Manufacturing Process: Needlepunch Fibers: Recycled Textiles (used clothing and mill clippings) Thickness: various Weights: 5, 10, 18, 27 opsy Widths: 18, 36, 72 in. Brand Names: Envirotex Major Markets: Industrial Absorbents, Industrial Matting

Unitika 4-1-3, Kyutaro-Machi Chuo-ku, Osaka 541 Japan Telephone: 81-6-281-5369 Fax: 81-6-281-5750 Sales Manager: M. Tsugawa Production Manager: Y. Tsuchida Location Of Plant: Okazaki, Japan Manufacturing Process: Spunbonded Fibers: PET, Polyamide, PET/PE, PP Thickness: 0.07-10.00 mm Weights: 15-1000 gpsm Widths: Up to 4.700 mm Brand Names: Marix, Nyace, Eleves, Permie Major Markets: Carpet Backing, Geotextiles, Agriculture, Cable Wrapping

Veratec 100 Elm St. Walpole, MA 02081 Telephone: 508-660-3300 Fax: 508-668-4959 Location Of Plants: Athens, GA; Griswoldville, MA; Bethune, SC; Lewisburg, PA; Green Bay, WI; Japan; Liege, Beigium; Manufacturing Processes: Thermal Bond, Chemical Bond, Ultrasonic Bond Composites, Wet Laid, Spunbonded, Spunlaced, Caustic Entanglement Fibers: PET, PE, Cotton, Pulp, Acrylic, Polyamide, Metalized Carbon Thickness: .001-.050 in. Weights: .3-4.0 opsy Width: up to 130 in. Brand Names: Dryfil, Confil, Convene, Webril, Novonette, Webril, Easystreet, Miss Webril

Vernon-Carus Strentex Div. Penwortham Mills, Factory Lane Preston Lancs, PR1 9SN, England Telephone: 0772-744493 Fax: 0772-748754 Sales Manager: I. Parker Production Manager: S. Clifford Location Of Plant: Penwortham, Preston Fibers: Viscose Weight: 18-50 gpsm Width: to 122 cm Brand Name: Strentex

Vintex 691 Gana Court Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5S 1P2 Telephone: 416-670-0505 Fax: 416-670-4981 Sales Manager: Sam Ryan Production Manager: Sean O'Cain Location Of Plant: Mississauga, Canada Manufacturing Process: Extrusion Coater Fibers: Polyester, 50/50 Poly/Cotton, Fiberglass, Cotton Weights: 8-40 opsy Widths: 36-80 in. Brand Names: V-Care, Vina Gard, Vina Chrome, Vina Sign, Vina Top In the U.S.: Vinamart USA Telephone: 800-359-9431 Fax: 704-245-2690 Sales Manager: Jim Griffin

Vitafoam Crompton St. Ashton-u-Lyne Gtr Manchester OL6 9SB, England Telephone: 061-339-3711 Fax: 061-343-1721 Business Manager: Peter Sturgess Location Of Plant: Ashton-U-Lyne Manufacturing Processes: Spunbond, Needled Fibers: Polypropylene, Polyester Weights: 10-100 g Width: Up to 3.2 m Brand Names: Typar, Dipryl, Superfelt, BASE, Duon Major Markets: Furniture & Bedding, Filtration, Automotive, Protective Clothing, Floorcovering

Walkisoft U.S.A. Inc. 100 UPM Drive Mt. Holly, NC 28120 Telephone: 704-822-6400 Fax: 704-822-0101 Sales Manager: Michael Shaltry Production Manager: Paul Kasmer Location Of Plants: Steinfurt, Germany; Kotka, Finland; Aarhus, Denmark Manufacturing Process: Air Laid Fibers: Fluff Pulp Weights: 45-140 gpsm Brand Names: Walkisoft Major Markets: Feminine Hygiene, Medical, Adult Incontinence, Moist Towelettes, Baby Wipes, Tabletop, Specialty

Web Dynamics Ironia Road Flanders, NJ 07836 Telephone: 201-584-1275 Fax: 201-584-3059 Location Of Plants: Flanders, NJ Manufacturing Process: Melt Blown Weight: .5 - 8.0 opsy Width: 60 Brand Names: Dynaweb

Wolf Corp. 3434 Adams Center Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46895 Telephone: 219-749-9393, 800-642-9653 Fax: 219-749-5829 Sales Manager: Anthony Wolf Production Manager: Stephen Wolf Location Of Plant: Fort Wayne, IN Manufacturing Process: Needled, Dry Fibers: PET, Cotton, Polypropylene Thickness: .05-.75 in. Weights: 3-25 opsy Widths: 7-130 in. Brand Name: Sof-Tex

Wollimex Stampfstr., CH-9475 Sevelen Switzerland Telephone: 085-5-55-15 Fax: 085-5-66-54 Location Of Plant: Sevelen Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: PA, PES, PP Thickness: 2-13 mm Weight: 300-1700 gpsm Width: 200 cm Brand Name: Sevonyl

Wycombe Marsh Paper Mills High Wycombe Buckinghamshire, HP11 1ES, U.K. Telephone: 0494-533400 Fax: 0494-537050 Sales Manager: Mike Yon Production: Frank Hylands Location Of Plant: High Wycombe, U.K. Manufacturing Process: Wet Laid Fibers: Cellulose, Polyester Thickness: 1.5-6 denier Width: 3-2.2 meters Weight: 40-100 gpsm Brand Name: Sterisheet CSR wrap materials U.S. Sales Warehousing Distributors: Bunzl Specialty Materials, Marietta, GA Telephone: 404-924-0460
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