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The 1993 International Buyers' Guide of the Nonwovens Industry.


3M Company Specialty Chemicals Division 3M Center 301-1E-03 St. Paul, MN 55144 Telephone: 612-736-4634 Fax: 612-736-1587 Marketing Mgr.: W. R. Schnier Plants: MN; AL; Antwerp, Belgium Product: Finishes and Additives that Supply Repellency Characteristics and Surface Modification to a Wide Variety of Substrates Brand Name: 3M Brand Protector

4P Folie Forchheim GmbH Aussere Nurnberger Strasse 1 Postfach 225 D-8550 Forchheim Germany Telephone: 09191-81-392 Fax: 09191-81212 Sales Manager: Kurt Springer Plants: Forchheim, Germany Products: Films, Embossed, Printed Brand Names: Plastin, Plastotrans, Forco OPP

Ace SA Vekaplast (Fed. Rep. Germany) 499 Rue Renory B-4900 Angleur Liege, Belgium Telephone: 32-411-418411 Fax: 32-41-414665 Laminated Prod. Mgr.: Jean Claessens Products: Cast-Embossed PE/PP Films and Extrusion Lamination, Coextruded Cast Embossed Specialty Film For Surgical, Health Care and Disposable Hygiene Products

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. 7201 Hamilton Boulevard Allentown, PA 18195 Telephone: 215-481-4911 Fax: 215-481-5900 Plants: South Brunswick, NJ; Elkton, MD; Calvert City, KY; City of Industry, CA; Cleveland, OH Products: Acrylic Resins, Adhesives, waterborne; Airflex and Vinac emulsions, Defoamers, Surfynol surfactants, Dabco catalysts

Akrosil 206 Garfield Avenue Menasha, WI 54952 Telephone: 414-722-6404 Fax: 414-722-3819 Plants: Menasha, WI; Lancaster, OH; Heerlen, Netherlands Market Manager: Ann Funk Products: Silicone Coated Release Paper and Film Brand Name: Silox

Akzo Fibers Velperweg 76 P.O. Box 9300 6800 SB Arnhem The Netherlands Telephone: 085-663301 Fax: 085-664970 Bus. Dev. and Sales Mgr.: Ton De Gouw Products: Cellulose-based Superabsorbents and Water-Soluble Adhesives, Nonwovens in Roll Good Form Plants: Arnhem, Netherlands Brand Names: Akucell SW, Akzo PAC

Amerplast Oy Converting Div. P.O. Box 32, SF-15551 Nastola, Finland Telephone: 358-18-623811 Fax: 358-18-623829 Mktg. Mgr. Converting: Raimo Vahtera Products: Manufacturers and Suppliers of Soft Embossed PE and PP Films for the Hygiene Market, Baby Diapers, Incontinence and Sanitary Products

Amoco Chemical Co. 200 E. Randolph Drive, MC 4203 Chicago, IL 60601-7125 Telephone: 800-621-4590 Fax: 312-856-6620 Products: Broad Range of Polypropylene Homopolymer and Copolymer Resins for Staple Fiber, Spunbond and Melt Blown Nonwoven Fiber Production

Amoco Fabrics and Fibers 900 Circle 75 Parkway Atlanta, GA 30339 Telephone: 404-956-9025 Products: PP Filament, Staple

Ampacet 660 White Plains Road Tarrytown, NY 10591 Telephone: 914-631-6600 Fax: 914-631-7278 Director, Marketing: Robert DeValeria Plants: Deridder, LA; Terre Haute, IN; Messancy, Belgium Products: Additive and Color Concentrates, Foaming and Antistatic Agents, Flame Retardants, Biodegradable Plastics

Amspec Chemical Foot of Water Street Gloucester City, NJ 08030 Telephone: 609-456-3930; 800-526-7732 Fax: 609-456-6704 Business Manager: Steve Horvat Products: Flame Retardants Brand Name: Amsperse

Anchor Continental 2000 S. Beltline Blvd. Columbia, SC 29205 Telephone: 800-845-2331 Fax: 803-254-3367 Sales Manager: Harriet Price Products: Diaper Tape Tabs Brands: Anchor

Antimicrobial Products Sales 3034 Trenwest Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Telephone: 919-760-0419 Fax: 919-760-9545 Plant: Huntersville, NC Products: Antimicrobial Resin Concentrates, Fibers, Films and Foams Brand Name: Microban, Medigard, Clinitex

Apex Chemical 200 S. First Street P.O. Box 254 Elizabethport, NJ 07206-0254 Telephone: 908-354-5420 Fax: 908-665-9794 Sales Manager: Bud Leopard Plant: Elizabethport, NJ Products: Specialty Chemicals Brand Names: Apex Flameproof, Apex Antistat, Apex BackoteFR, Apex Defoamer, Apexosist, Catapex, Lubrapex, Quinipol, Apexomine, Waterproofon, Myersynol, Uvalite

Applied Extrusion Technologies (AET) Inc. P.O. Box 582 Middletown, DE 19709 Telephone: 302-378-8888 Fax: 302-378- Sales Manager: John Buonocore, Jr. Products: Plastic Nonwovens, Films, Netting, Scrims Brand Names: Del Net, Strong Net

Aqualon 1313 North Market Street Wilmington, DE 19899-8740 Telephone: 302-594-6600 Fax: 302-594-6660 Contact: Bruce Banyai Plants: Hopewell, VA; Alizay, France Products: Cellulosic Derivatives Brand Name: Aquasorb CMC Absorbents

Aqualon France 44 Avenue de Chatou F92508 Rueil-Malmaison France Telephone: 1-47-51-29-19 Fax: 1-47-08-50-75 Products: Superabsorbent Polymers (Powder or Fiber)

Asota A-4021 Linz, Austria St. Peter, Str. 25 Telephone: 0732-5985-5521 Fax: 0732-5985-5500 Sales Manager: Helmut Rankl Products: Polypropylene Staple, 2.2-400 dtex Brand Names: Asota

Ausimont U.S.A. 44 Whippany Road Morristown, NJ 07962 Telephone: 201-455-2792 Fax: 201-455-2509 Sales Manager: J.P. Fagan Products: Fluoropolymer Fibers Brand Name: Halar MBF

Avebe America Princeton Corporate Center 4 Independence Way Princeton, NJ 08540 Telephone: 609-520-1400 Fax: 609-520-1473 Sales Manager: Russell Simpkins Plant: Foxhol, Holland Products: Adhesives waterborne, Sizing Agents, Superabsorbents, Thickeners Brand Names: Foxorb, Avedex

Avery Specialty Tape Div. 250 Chester Street Painesville, OH 44077 Telephone: 216-639-2600 Fax: 216-639-2707 Plant: Painesville, OH Contact: Dennis Anderson Products: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes for diaper closure systems and medical applications Brand Names: Retap, FasTape

Barnet Southern P.O. Box 131, 1300 Hayne Road Arcadia, SC 29320 Telephone: 803-576-7154 Fax: 803-574-7261 Sales Manager: Joe Eskridge Plants: Arcadia, SC; Tryon, NC; Kinston, NC; Cartersville, GA; Milledgeville, GA; Aachen, Germany; Raeren, Belgium Products: Synthetic Staple Fibers

Barnhardt Manufacturing 1100 Hawthorne Lane PO Box 34276 Charlotte, NC 28234 Telephone: 704-334-7321 Fax: 704-342-1892 VP Sales / Marketing: George Hargrove Products: Bleached Cotton Fibers and Urethane Foam Plant: Charlotte, NC

BASF Aktiengesellschaft ESA/CP-Bldg. E 100 D-6700 Ludwigshafen (Rhein) Germany Telephone: 0621-60 47 638 Fax: 0621-60 93 937 Sales Manager: Lars Hovde Plant: Ludwigshafen, Germany Products: Superabsorbents Brand Names: Luquasorb

BASF Corp. Fibers Div. P.O. Drawer D Williamsburg, VA 23187 Telephone: 804-887-6700 Fax: 804-887-6582 Product Manager: Jack Higdon Plant: Lowland, TN Products: Bicomponent Staple (polyethylene/polyester; polypropylene/polyester), Synthetic Fibers

BASF Corp., Dispersions 9401 ArrowPoint Blvd. Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28273 Telephone: 704-521-4506 Fax: 704-525-7064 Product Manager: Laurie Dennis Products: Acrylic and Styrene Butadiene Polymer Dispersions Brand Names: Acronal, Butofan, Butonal, Styrofan, Latekoll

Bidim Geosynthetics S.A. 9, rue Marcel Paul-B.P. 80 95873 Bezons Cedex, France Telephone: 1-34-23-5363 Fax: 1-34-23-5398 Products: Polyester Filament, Polypropylene Filament

Bio Med Sciences 115 Research Drive Bethlehem, PA 18049 Telephone: 215-861-6939 Fax: 215-861-8247 Sales Manager: Mark Dillon Products: Semipermeable Membranes Brand Name: Silon

BP Chemicals Plastec GmbH Rotbuchenstrasse 1 D-8000 Munchen 90 Germany Telephone: 089-69921-122 Fax: 089-69921-115 Sales Manager: Heinz Trockenbroch Plants: Wasserburg, Nordhorn, Germany Products: Polyethylene Hygienic Films, Polypropylene Films (Diaper Tapes), Embossed Films, Laminations of nonwoven/tissue layers

Buckeye Cellulose Corporation 1001 Tillman Memphis, TN 38108 Telephone: 901-320-8100 Fax: 901-320-8131 Sales Manager: Herman Van Eck Plants: Foley, FL; Memphis, TN Products: Cellulose Pulp Brand Names: Buckeye Wood Pulps, Buckeye Cotton Linter Pulps

Ceca S.A. 12 Place de l'Iris La Defense 2 - Cedex 54 92062 Paris, France Telephone: 47-96-91-10 Fax: 47-96-90-92 Market Manager: Gilles Biardeau Products: Hot Melt and Emulsion Adhesives for nonwovens, sanitary hygiene products Plants: Avelin near Lille, Tarbes, France; Offenbach/Frankfurt, Germany; Gent, Belgium; Waalwijk, Netherlands

Cellulose du Pin Tartas 92 Rue Edouard Vaillaut 92300 Levallois-Perret Telephone: 1-45-22-55-55 Fax: 1-42-94-1388 Products: Fluff Pulp

Century Adhesives 802 Harmon Avenue Columbus, OH 43223 Telephone: 614-461-8415 Fax: 614-221-0311 General Manager: James Fellows Cust. Service Mgr.: Debbie McPherson Plants: Columbus, OH Products: Hot Melt Adhesives, Water-based Adhesives, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives, Emulsion Resins, Synthetic Resins Brand Names: Centurbond, Purethane

Chemdal 1530 East Dundee Road Palatine, IL 60067 Telephone: 708-705-5600 Fax: 708-705-5643 Sales Manager: Greg Meyer Plants: Lovell, WY; Aberdeen, MS Products: Superabsorbent Polymers Brand Name: Aridall

Chemie Linz AG Street Peter Str. 25 A-4020 Linz, Austria Telephone: 0732-591-3616 Telex: 02-1324 Sales Manager: Dkfm. Helmut Rankl Products: Polypropylene Staple Fibers, Polypropylene Resins for Nonwovens Brand Names: Staple Fibers--ASOTA, Resins; Daplen, Nonwovens; Polyfelt

Chemolimpex H-1805 Budapest P.O. Box 121 Hungary Telephone: 36-1-640-240 Fax: 36-1-640-078 Products: Exporter for TVK Tisza Chemical Combinate, Leninvaros, Hungary, a manufacturer of polypropylene staple fibers Brand Names: Tippfil, Tipptex

Chori America 700 S. Flower St. Suite 1114 Los Angeles, CA 90017 Telephone: 213-629-5531 Fax: 213-629-4991 Sales Manager: Peter Masuda

Clopay Plastic Products Co. 312 Walnut St. Suite 1600 Cincinnati, OH 45202 Telephone: 513-381-4800 Fax: 513-762-3965 Plants: Freson, CA; Augusta, KY; Nashville, TN. Products: Cast Embossed Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Elastomerics and extrusion and adhesive laminations for the disposable hygienic and health care markets Brand Names: Microflex, Velva-flex, Satin-flex, Sof-flex, Taffa-flex

Clupak, Inc. 500 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10110 Telephone: 212-764-5290 Fax: 212-768-1129 President: Henry Hamrick European Representative: located in Zug, Switzerland Products: Licensing, Research and Technology in extensible paper and nonwovens industries

Coating Sciences, Inc. 48 East Newborn Rd. Bloomfield, CT 06002 Telephone: 203-242-4236 Sales Manager: Richard Malaspina Products: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Films and Tapes Brand Names: Unifilm, Duofoam, Dublfilm

Consolidated Thermoplastics (CT Film) 1515 Woodfield Road Suite 650 Schaumburg, IL 60173 Telephone: 708-240-9200 Fax: 708-240-2710 Director of Marketing: David Bartish Plants: Harrington, DE; Chippewa Falls, WI; Dalton, GA; Clearfield, UT Products: Cast embossed polyethylene and polypropylene roll stock, ionomer, elastomeric films, monolayer and coextruded Brand Names: Maxilene, Plylene

Conwed P.O. Box 357 Riverside, NJ 08075 Telephone: 609-461-3400 Fax: 609-461-5138 Sales Manager: Walter Butman, B. White Products: Industrial and Environmental Sorbent Products, Bonded Natural Cellulose Fibers Brand Names: Conwed Natural and Super Sopper Sorbents, Tufflex

Conwed Plastics 2810 Weeks Ave. S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55414 Telephone: 612-623-1700 Fax: 612-623-2500 Sales Manager: Pete Williams Products: Open mesh plastic netting and netting-fabric composites

Conwed Plastics NV Ambachtenlaan 17-1 B-3001 Heverlee Belgium Telphone: 32-16-400-381 Fax: 32-16-400-388 Products: Nettings

Cotton Inc. 3701 Neil Street Raleigh, NC 27612 Telephone: 919-782-6330 Fax: 919-832-8003 Dir.-Prod. & Proc. Research: Glenn Morton Products: Scoured and Bleached Cotton

Courtaulds Fibers P.O. Box 141 Axis, AL 36505 Telephone: 205-679-2452 Sales Manager: Warren Shiner Plants: Mobile, AL; Cornwall, Ontario, Canada Product: Rayon Fibers Brand Names: Courtaulds Rayon

Courtaulds Fibres, Viscose P.O. Box 72 Lockhurst Lane Coventry, West Midlands CV6 5RZ England Telephone: 0203-582765 Fax: 0203-638511 Sales Manager: Fred Towers Products: Cellulosic Staple Fiber & Continuous Tow Plants: Grimsby, UK; Mobile, AL Brand Names: Fibro, Sarille, Evlan, Viloft

Daiwabo 6-10, 4-Chome Minamikyutaro-machi Chuo-Ku Osaka, 541Japan Telephone: 06-281-2442 Telex: 522-5175 Plants: Masuda, Harima Products: Rayon & Synthetic Fiber (Poly-propylene and Thermal bonding Bicomponent Fiber) Brand Names: Coron Rayon Fiber, Daiwabo Polypro (Polypropylene Fiber), NBF (Thermal bonding Bicomponent Fiber)

Danaklon Engdraget 22, DK-6800 Varde Denmark Telephone: 75-22-2255 Fax: 75-22-5059 Regional Sales Managers: Bo Fischerman, Niels Christensen, Walter Hofmann, Eric Uggla Products: Staple Fibers of polypropylene and polyethylene, bicomponent fibers of polypropylene and polyethylene Brand Names: Danaklon HY-Speed, Danaklon HY-Strength, Danaklon HY-Medical, Danaklon ES-C/ES/EA and Danaklon AL-Thermal

Dow Chemical USA 2040 Building Midland, MI 48674 Telephone: 517-636-8301 Fax: 517-638-9427 Sales Manager: Kevin Ryan Plants: Freeport, TX; Plaquemine, LA Product: Polyethylene Resins, Superabsorbents Brand Name: Aspun, Dowlex, Attane, Drytech

Dow Corning Corp. 2200 Salzburg Road Midland, MI 48686-0994 Telephone: 517-496-4371 Fax: 517-496-4586 Product Mkt. Coordinator: Ron Fillmore Products: Silicone Fluids, Emulsions, Resins and Rubbers, Coatings, Softeners Plants: Carrollton, KY; Barry, Wales; Campinas, Brazil; San Martin, Mexico; Japan; Australia; Taiwan Brand Name: Sylgard, Silastic, Syl-Off

F. Drake (Fibres) Ltd. Victoria Mills, Golcar, Huddersfield West Yorkshire, U.K. HD7 4JH Telephone: 484-653-466 Fax: 484-658-788 Sales Manager: R.D. Pearson Products: Manufacturer of Polypropylene Fiber Brands: Gymlene, Astra, Astra Star

DuPont Fibers Chestnut Run Plaza Laurel Run Bldg. Wilmington, DE 19880-0705 Telephone: 302-999-2444 Fax: 302-999-5443 Bus. Segment Mgr.: Randolph McClain Products: Dacron Polyester for All Nonwovens Processes, Nylon, Kevlar, Nomex, Teflon Plants: Kinston, NC; Wilmington, NC; Cooper River, SC; Waynesboro, VA; Richmond, VA Brand Names: Dacron, Nomex, Kevlar, Teflon, DuPont Nylon

DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza Laurel Run, P.O. Box 80-705 Wilmington, DE 19880-0705 Telephone: 302-999-2346 Fax: 302-999-5443 Sales Manager: Ardie Emery, Robert Ward Products: Elastomeric Fibers Plants: Waynesboro, VA; Maitland, Ontario, Canada; maydown, Northern Ireland; Shiga, Japan Brands: Lycra XA, Opelon XA (Japan)

DuPont International 2, chemin du Pavillon, P.O. Box 50 CH-1218 Le Grand-Saconnex Geneva, Switzerland Telephone: 22-717-5111 Fax: 22-717-5109 Products: Polyester, Polyamide, Polyaramid and Fluorocarbon Fibers for wet and dry laid nonwovens; Chemical Additives as Softeners, Plasticizers, Solvents, Emulsifiers, Adhesives, Binders, Repellants Plants: Maydown, Ireland; Uentrop, Germany Brand Names: Dacron, Kevlar, Nomex, Teflon, Avitex, Avitone, Zonyl, Merpol, Quilon, Tyzor, Ludox, Elvanol, Neoprene, Hypalon

Ecomelt Adhesives 7615 Somerset Blvd. Paramount, CA 90723 Telephone: 310-529-2030; 800-935-3936 Fax: 310-529-2114 President: Werner Hoermann Sales Manager: Stephen Kolpa Products: Adhesives and Binders

Ebnother AG Eichenstrasse CH-6203 Sempach-Station Switzerland Telephone: 41-0-41-98-9111 Fax: 41-0-41-98-2246 Products: Hot Melt Adhesives for the hygienic, medical, tape and label industry Brand Names: Ecomelt, Ecocure

Edison Plastics 4301A New Brunswick Avenue P.O. Box 528 South Plainfield, NJ 07080 Telephone: 908-752-6660 Fax: 908-752-3756 President: R.L. Swenson Plants: S. Plainfield, NJ; Washington, GA; McAlester, OK; Newport News, VA Products: Polyethylene Films, Polypropylene Films and Converted, Coextruded, Laminated and Disposable Products

Elf Atochem Deutschland GmbH Siemensstr 21 P.O. Box 2140 Bonn, Niederlassung 5300 Germany Telephone: 0228-523-238 Fax: 0228-523-207 Products: Hot Melts Based on Copolyamide, Copolyester and E.V.A., Polyurethane and Polyamide Films, Copolyamide and Polyester Monofilaments Brand Names: Platilon U

Elf Atochem North America, Inc. Suite 606 Three Parkway Philadephia, PA 19102 Telephone: 215-587-7000 Fax: 215-587-7400 Plant: Birdsboro, PA; Bonn, Germany; Pierre Benite, France Products: Polyurethane Films, Plastic Resins, Adhesives Brand Names: Platilon, Rilsan, PEBAX, Foraflon, Platamid, Platherm

Ems-Chemie CH-7013 Domat/Ems Switzerland Telephone: 081-36-62-11 Fax: 081-36-74-02 Sales Manager: Andreas Lutscher Products: Adhesives for interlinings, car interiors and hot melt applications Brand Names: Griltex (CoPA, CoPES)

Emulsio OY Mankimiehentie 10 SF-02780, Espoo Finland Telephone: 358-0-810491 Fax: 358-0-810309 Managing Director: Marcus Hintze Technical Director: Bertel Waenerberg Products: Hot Melt Adhesives Brand Name: Emuterm Plants: Espoo, Finland

Enterprise Coatings 737 Webster St., P.O. Box 1072 Marshfield, MA 02050 Telephone: 617-837-6101 Fax: 617-837-5709 Sales Manager: Mark Shanley Plants: MA, CT Products: Specialty Coated and Laminated Materials

Evanite Fiber Corporation 1551 SE Crystal Lake Drive P.O. Box E Corvallis, OR 97339-0598 Telephone: 503-753-1211 Fax: 503-753-0343 Market Manager: Duane Krogh Plant: Corvallis, OR Products: Borosilicate Glass Micro-Fibers Brand Names: Evanite

Exten SA Extrusion Technique Via Laveggio 1 CH-6850 Mendrisio (TI Switzerland Telephone: 091-46-86-61/2/3 Fax: 091-46-30-31 Sales Manager: Rolf Schmassmann Plant: Via Laveggio, Switzerland Products: Coextruded Cast Films for disposable products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, underpads; Extrusion-Coating for hospital products Brand Name: Exten

Exxon Chemical 13501 Katy Freeway P.O. Box 3272 Houston, TX 77253-3272 Telephone: 800-231-6633 Fax: 713-870-6970 PP Marketing Manager: Mary Ahner Plants: Baytown, TX; Baton Rouge, LA; Lake Zurich, IL; Pottsville, IL Products: Polypropylene Resins, Polyethylene Resins, Tackifying Resins, Melt Blown Technology and Licenses Brand Names: Escorene, Escorez

Exxon Chemical International Mktg. Zweigniederlassung Koln Dompropst-Ketzer Str. 1-9 D-5000 Koln 1 Germany Telephone: 02221-1615-306 Fax: 0221-1615-423 Mkt. Dev. Manager: Peter Scheible

Faserwerk Bottrop P.O. Box 350 Braukstrasse 205 4250 Bottrop Germany Telephone: 02041-49-292-94 Fax: 02041-49-400 Managing Director: Paul Jansen Products: Polypropylene and Polyethylene Fibers for industrial and textile applications; specializes in fine deniers for the nonwovens industry Brand Name: Vegon

Fiber Extrusion Inc. Eastport, ME Telephone: 207-784-1185 Fax: 207-784-1184 Products: Polyester Staple, 3-25 denier, 1.5-6 inch, black, sdow, sd, bright

Fina Chemicals A Division of Petrofina S.A. Rue de L'Industrie, 52 Brussels 1040 Belgium Telephone: 32-2-288-91 Direct: 32-2-288-9094 Fax: 32-2-288-3370 Marketing Manager Polypropylene: Marc van der Elst Plant: Montefina, Feluy (Belgium) Products: Polymers, Polypropylene Brand Names: Finapro

Findley Adhesives 11320 Watertown Plank Road Wauwatosa, WI 53226 Telephone: 414-774-2250 Fax: 414-774-8075 Division Manager: Richard Rowe Marketing Director: Locke Scripps Plants: Milwaukee, WI; Scranton, PA; Louisville, KY; Sparks, NV; Oakland, CA; Greenville, SC; Roosendaal, The Netherlands; Colmar, France Products: Hot Melt/Liquid Adhesives

Fitesa Fibras E Filamentos S.A. Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 1208 11 Andar CEP: 04531-911 Sao Paulo-SP-Brazil Telephone: 55-11-85-11320 Fax: 55-11-64-4778 Sales Manager: L.E. Dable Products: Polypropylene Staple Fibers

Fulflex P.O. Box 4549 Middletown, RI 02840 Telephone: 401-849-0600 Fax: 401-846-7350 Sales Manager: Gary Sargent Plants: Scotland Neck, NC; Greenville, TN; Brattleboro, VT; Brockville, Ontario, Canada; Limerick, Ireland Products: Elastic Tapes, Threads and Sheeting

H.B. Fuller 3530 N. Lexington Avenue St. Paul, MN 55126 Telephone: 612-481-3300; 800-328-7307 Fax: 612-481-3309 Sales Mgrs.: Stew Anderson, Pat Kellogg Plants: Chicago, IL; covington, GA; Cincinnati, OH; Paducah, KY; Roseville, CA; Wilmington, MA Products: Latex Polymer Binders, Hot Melt Adhesives, Acrylic and Synthetic Resins, Waterborne Adhesives, Emulsion Binders, Coatings Brand Names: Fulatex

H.B. Fuller GmbH An der Roten Bleiche 2-3 P.O. Box 2050, D-2120 Luneburg Germany Telephone: 04131-705-0 Fax: 04131-705-164 European Industry Mgr: Harald Werenicz Plants: Luneburg, Germany; Nienburg, Germany; Wels, Austria; Le Trait, France; Leabrooks, U.K.; Borgolavezzaro, Italy Product: Adhesives Brand Names: Lunatack Hot Melt Adhesives, Lunabond Waterborne Adhesives, Ipacoll Waterborne Adhesives

Gelok International Pine Lake Industrial Park Dunbridge, OH 43414-0069 Telephone: 419-352-1482 Fax: 419-352-8340 Sales Manager: Richard La Voie Location of Plant: Dunbridge, OH Services: Manufacturer of Superabsorbent Laminates Brand Name: Gelok

Gencorp Polymer Products Latex Unit 165 S. Cleveland Ave. Mogadore, OH 44260 Telephone: 216-628-6547 Fax: 216-628-6559 General Sales Manager: J.A. Darcy Products: Chemical Binders Brand Names: Gen-Flo, Pyro-Gen, Gen-Tac

General Foam 100 W. Century Road Paramus, NJ 07652 Telephone: 201-262-7500 Fax: 201-262-3369 Sales Manager: Daniel Ackley Plants: Carlstadt, East Rutherford, NJ; Hazelton, PA; Chicago, IL Products: Polyurethane Foam, PVC Expanded Foam, Impregnated Polyurethane Foams

General Magnaplate 1331 Route 1 Linden, NJ 07036 Telephone: 908-862-6200 Fax: 908-862-6110 Sales Manager: Candida Aversenti Products: Synergistic Coatings for metal parts to add wear life, mold release, nonstick, resistance to corrosion and abrasion

Georgia-Pacific 133 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30303 Telephone: 404-220-6518 Fax: 404-230-5595 Sales Manager: Marsha Bowden Products: Fluff Pulp Brands: Golden Isles

Georgia Polytex 6305 East Alabama Road Woodstock, GA 30188 Telephone: 404-926-4947 Fax: 404-926-4895 Sales Manager: Mike Kim Products: Polyester Staple Fiber, Polypropylene Staple Fiber Brand Name: Celestar

Globe Manufacturing 456 Bedford Street Fall River, MA 02720 Telephone: 508-674-3585 ext. 235 Fax: 508-674-3580 Products: Spandex Fibers, Rubber Thread (Elastomeric Fibers) Brand Names: Globe Rubber, Glospan, Cleerspan Spandex

B.F. Goodrich Specialty Polymers

and Chemicals Div. 9911 Brecksville Rd. Brecksville, OH 44141-3274 Telephone: 800-331-1144; 216-447-5000 Fax: 216-447-5770 Plants: Akron and Avon Lake, OH; Pedricktown, NJ; Louisville, KY Products: Specialty Latex Emulsions; acrylic, nitrile, vinyl chloride, elastomeric, urethane, vinylidene, vinyl pyridine and copolymers of these Brand Names: Hycar, Geon, HyStretch, Good-rite

Edward Hall Botany Works, Whaley Bridge SK12 7DQ, England Telephone: 44 (0) 663-734555 Fax: 44 (0) 663-733003 Commercial Director: Tony Dix Product: Bleached Cotton Fiber Brand Name: Luxicot

Hampshire Chemical Corp. 55 Hayden Avenue Lexington, MA 02173 Telephone: 617-861-9700 Fax: 617-862-3869 Sales Manager: M.E. Mulready Plant: Owensboro, KY Products: Latexes, Dispersants, Hydrophilic Urethane Prepolymers Brand Names: Daratak, Darex, Daxad, Hypol

Henkel KGAA Henkelstrasse 67 P.O. Box 11004000 Dusseldorf Germany Telephone: 49-211-797-0 Fax: 49-211-798-8925 products: Adhesives and Binders, Hot Melts

Hercules 3169 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite 700 Norcross, GA 30071 Telephone: 404-447-9120 Fax: 404-449-1232 Sales Manager: Charles Robinson Plant: Covington, GA Product: Polyolefin Fiber Brand Name: Herculon

Himont USA 2801 Centerville Rd. P.O. Box 15439 Wilmington, DE 19850-5439 Telephone: 302-996-6000 Fax: 302-996-5587 Products: Wide Range of PP and Propylene-Based Homopolymer and Copolymer Materials for Nonwovens Fiber Production, Staple Fiber and Extrusion Coating Applications

Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft BU Trevira Spunbond D-65926 Frankfurt am Main Germany Telephone: 069-305-5067 Fax: 069-305-13809 Sales Manager: Reinhard Groger Product: Trevira Spunbond

Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft BU Dolan/Danufil Marketing Danufil D-65926 Frankfurt am Main Germany Telephone: 069-305-7230 Fax: 069-305-16396 Sales Manager: Manfred Schneider Product: Danufil

Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft BU Trevira Staplefibres D-65926 Frankfurt am Main Germany Telephone: 069-305-7884 Fax: 069-305-16397 Sales Manager: Heinz Clapham Product: Trevira

Hoechst Celanese Textile Fibers Group P.O. Box 32414 Charlotte, NC 28232 Telephone: 704-554-2870 Fax: 704-551-8509 Account Manager: A.R. van Landingham Plants: Rock Hill, SC; Narrous, VA; Salisbury, NC; Spartanburg, SC; Shelby, NC Products: Acetate, Polyester, Staple and Filament Brand Names: Trevira, Celbond, Celwet

Hoechst Celanese Corporation Superabsorbent Materials Performance Products Division 3340 West Norfolk Road Portsmouth, VA 23703 Telephone: 804-483-7530 Fax: 804-483-7520 Sales Manager: Mark Blackwell Plant: Portsmouth, VA Products: Superabsorbent Materials Brand Names: Sanwet Superabsorbent Polymers

Homemaker Industries 7555 Spartan Blvd. N. Charleston, SC 29420 Telephone: 803-767-0630 Products: Buyers of polypropylene and polyester nonwovens

ICI Fibres 910 North Elm Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Telephone: 919-379-0050 Fax: 919-378-0470 Sales & Marketing Mgr: Ridley Kinsey Plants: England, Germany Products: Bicomponent Fibers, Nylon 66 Filament and Staple

ITT Rayonier Inc. 1177 Summer Street Stamford, CT 06904 Telephone: 203-964-4370 or -4375 Fax: 203-964-4323 Plants: Jesup, GA; Port Angeles, WA; Fernandina Beach, FL Products: Dissolving Pulp; Fluff Pulp

JPS Elastomerics Rubber Products Group 2275 Vanstory Street Suite 102 Greensboro, NC 27403 Telephone: 919-294-4860 Fax: 919-294-9391 VP Sales Marketing: Goran Elovsson National Sales Manager: Glen Long Intl. Sales Manager: Dallas Lovett Plants: Stuart VA; Easthampton, MA Products: Legband elastics including multistrand and bonded Cut Rubber Tapes, Rubber Thread, Polyurethane Tapes for disposable diapers Brand Name: Softalastic

Kemira Oy Kemira Fibres P.O. Box 24 SF-37601 Valkekoski Finland Telephone: 358-37-7311 Fax: 358-37-731-412 VP Marketing: Eero Mannisto Products: Viscose Fibers, Sodium Sulphate, Sodium Hydrosulphide Solution Brand Names: Avihaf, Avilon, Sterilon, Sanilon, Visil, Fibrafinn and Short Cut Fibers

Kluber Lubrication North America, Inc. 54 Wentworth Ave Londonderry, NH 03053 Telephone: 603-434-7704 Fax: 603-434-8046 Sales Manager: James Selleck, Jr. Products: Full Line of Lubrication Products For All Nonwoven Processes and Machinery Brand Names: Syntheso, Barrierta, Staburags, Petamo

Koester International Tape Inc. 3478 Airpark Drive Hebron, KY 41048 Telephone: 606-283-5535 Products: Diaper Tapes

Kreo SpA (Subsidiary of Politex SpA - Italy) Strada Provinciale Novedratese 22060- Novedrate (Como) Italy Telephone: 39-31-791276 Fax: 39-31-790676 Sales Manager: M. Migliavacca Plants: Novedrate (Como) Products: PET Staple Fiber

Kuraray Kuraflex Div. Shin-Hankyo Bldg., 1-12-39 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530 Japan Telephone: 06-348-2730 Fax: 06-348-2239 General Manager: Masayoshi Ogawa Products: Bicomponent Fibers, Filament and Staple Polyester, Staple and Filament Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber, Filament Rayon (only textile fibers)

Leigh Fibers P.O. Box 1132 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-439-4111 Fax: 803-439-4116 Sales Manager: Paul Lehner Plants: Wellford, SC; Montreal, Canada Products: Textile fiber by products and Staple Fibers. Processed fibers and Blends of Polyester, Cotton, Rayon, Acrylic, Nylon, Polypropylene and Aramids

Lenzing AG A-4860 Lenzing Austria Telephone: 7672-701-2645 Fax: 7672-74817 Sales Manager: Edmund Gehmayr Products: Viscose Staple Fibers, Modal-Fibers, Flame Retardant Viscose Staple, Polyimid Fiber Brand Names: Lenzing Viscose, Lenzing Modal, Lenzing Viscose FR, P84

MB Products 120 Swannanoa River Road Asheville, NC 28805 Telephone: 704-253-8874 Fax: 704-254-4269 Sales Manager: John Bouda Products: Adult Incontinence Products Brand Names: Security, Easy-Brief, Fancy-Free, Security Plus, Security Boxer Shorts, Dispo-Briefs

Metsa-Serla Group Lielahti CTMP Mill P.O. Box 436, 33101 Tampere Finland Telephone: 358-31-472111 Fax: 358-31-463675 Products: Fluff pulp for hygienic and CTMP pulp for board and papers Brand Names: Sphinx Fluff, Sphinx Fluff D and Sphinx CTMP

Michelman, Inc. 9080 Shell Road Cincinnati, OH 45236 Telephone: 513-793-7766 Fax: 513-793-2504 Sales Manager: Marty Riehemann Marketing Manager: Larry Holt General Manager: Howard Brecher Products: Wax Emulsions and Specialty Performance Additives

Minifibers 2923 Boones Creek Road Johnson City, TN 37615 Telephone: 615-282-4242 Fax: 615-282-1450 Sales Manager: Ruth Lawson Plants: Gray, TN; Weber City, VA; Harriman, TN; Johnson City, TN Product: Synthetic Fibers Brand Names: Short Stuff, Mini FLUFF, Minifibers

Montefibre Via Pola 14 20124 Milano, Italy Telephone: 02-69777-260 Fax: 02-69777-603 Sales Manager: Giorgio Belletti Plants: Acerra, Napoli Products: Polyester Staple Fibers for nonwovens, wadding and fiberfill Brand Names: Terital

Moplefan S.p.A. Via Taramelli 26 Milan 20124 Italy Telephone: 02-6270-1 Fax: 02-6270-8068 Sales Manager: D. Droy Products: PP Fibers Brand Name: Meraklon

Muller Elastics P.O. Box 31 30 51665 Wiehl Germany Telephone: 02262-85-01 Fax: 02262-85-88 Sales Manager: Klaus Selzer Plants: Wiehl, Muller Elastics; Berlin, Muller Elastotex Products: Fixation Systems for Incontinence Products, Elastic Net Bandages, Hygiene Products

Nalco Chemical One Nalco Center Naperville, IL 60563-1198 Telephone: 708-305-1441 Fax: 708-305-2992 Product Specialist: William Andounian Plants: Chicago, IL; Garyville, LA; Freeport, TX; Sugarland, TX; Paulsboro, NJ; Vancouver, WA; Carson, CA; Jonesboro, GA Products: Speciality Chemicals, Viscosity Modifiers, Polymers, Dispersants, Biocides, Defoamers, Softeners, Surfactants, Fiber Dispersants for glass, polyester, polyolefin

National Starch and Chemical Company 10 Finderne Avenue Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Telephone: 908-685-5429 Binders, 908-685-7414 Adhesives Fax: 908-685-5005 Marketing Managers: David Nass (Binders), Thomas Draskovics (Adhesives) Plants: Woodruff, SC; Plainfield, NJ; Meredosia, IL; Canada; Mexico; U.K.; Holland; Japan; Australia; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; Sweden; Venezuela; Korea Products: Nonwoven Binders and Converting Adhesives Brand Names: Nacrylic, Dur-O-Set, Resyn, Dispomelt

Natural Fibers P.O. Box 830, Searle Field Ogallala, NE 69153 Telephone: 308-284-8403 Fax: 308-284-8405 Sales Manager: Herbert Knudsen Plant: Ogallala, NE Products: Milkweed Floss Fiber; Milkweed Floss Enhanced Down

Neste Polypropylene NV Industriewieg P.O. Box 13 B-3940 Beringen, Belgium Telephone: 011-43-90-11 Fax: 011-42-98-84 Products: Polypropylene Resins for technical and nonwovens applications

Novalis Fibres 129 Rue Servient - BP 3052 69398 Lyon Cedex 03 France Telephone: 33-78-63-7884 Fax: 33-78-95-1211 Sales Manager: Markus Schwyn Products: Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6.6 Staple Fibers (Nylon Staple) Brand Names: Noval

Novamelt Trading AG Alpenstrasse 2 CH-6300 Zug Switzerland Telephone: 41-42-223478 Fax: 41-42-223094 General Manager: Harold Braun Products: Hot Melt Application Equipment

Obenski & Co. 2041 Whitehorse Road Berwyn, PA 19312 Telephone: 215-644-4387 Fax: 215-644-5353 President: Bernard Obenski Products: Needlepunched Superabsorbent Polymer Structures for food packaging, meat trays, cable wrap, battery, postal packages for handling blood urine and other medical test materials and agricultural uses Brand Names: Obenski, Super-absorbent

Owens Corning Fiberglas Corp. Fiberglas Tower Toledo, OH 43659 Telephone: 419-248-6060 Fax: 419-248-7674 Business Manager: Ted Humphrey Plants: Aiken, SC; Anderson, SC; Amarillo, TX Products: Wet Chopped Glass Fiber Strands Brand Names: Fiberglas-Wet Chopped Strands

Para-Chem Southern Inc. P.O. Box 127, Hwy. 14 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Telephone: 1-800-763-7272 Fax: 803-963-1241 V-P Sales & Marketing: Doug Ward Plants: Philadelphia, PA; Simpsonville, SC; Dalton, GA Products: Acrylics, Vinyl Acrylics, Polymers used for binders in nonwovens, Styrene Acrylics, Thickeners, Fire Retardants and Custom formulated Latex Coatings Brand Names: Paranol, Paragum

Phillips Fibers P.O. Box 66 Greenville, SC 29615 Telephone: 803-242-6600 Fax: 803-234-6666 Plant: Spartanburg, SC Products: Fibers for Nonwovens Brand Names: Marvess, Alpha, Ryton

Grupo Plasticos Guarenas Zona Industrial del Este, Calle A Edf. Plasticos Guarenas, Apartado 055 Guarenas 1220, Edo. Miranda Venezuela Telephone: 78 (036) 2261.15 Fax: 78 (036) 2229.64 Contact: Vladimiro Ciofuli Products: Perforated Polyethylene, Diaper Films Brand Name: Drysilk

Polystar Ind. Com. Prod. Sinteticos Ltda. Rua Capitaes Mores 175 Mooca - Sao Paulo - Brazil 03167-030 Telephone: 292-6062 or 948-5699 Fax: 264-3942 Sales Manager: Wagner Carvalho Products: Polypropylene; Staple (1, 5-15 denier) Thermobond polypropylene, nylon and polyester Brand Names: Thermobond (Bluebond), Fiber (Bluefiber)

Poly-Steen Winterthurer Strasse 702 CH-8247 Flurlingen Switzerland Telephone: 41-53-292927 Fax: 41-53-292443 Sales Manager: Robert Muller Plant: Flurlingen Products: Staple fibers Brand Names: Polysteen fibers

PPG Industries Inc. 3948 Porett Drive Gurnee, IL 60031 Market Manager: John Neibaur Telephone: 708-244-3410 Fax: 708-244-9633 Products: Antistats, Soil Release Agents, Softeners Brand Names: Larostat, Larosol, Alubrasil

RaumaCell United Paper Mills Ltd. P.O. Box 250 SF-26101 Rauma Finland Telephone: 358-38-3311 Fax: 358-38-333-404 Marketing Director: Tapio Niemi Plant: Rauma, Finland Products: Fluff Pulps; Chlorine-free and peroxide bleached Brand Names: Biokraft, Perokraft, Biobright

Rhone-Poulenc, Inc. 41 Pleasant Street Methuen, MA 01844 Telephone: 800-776-4155 Fax: 508-682-7165 Sales Manager: Rick Horrigan Products: Latex Binders, Dispersions, Flame Retardants and Auxiliaries Brand Names: Rhodopel, WRL

Rhovyl 55310 Tronville En Barrois France Telephone: 29-76-6100 Fax: 29-76-6101 Products: PVC Fibers

RMC-Belix Antilly 60620 Betz, France Telephone: 33-44-87-2227 Fax: 33-44-87-2611 Sales Manager: P. Charmillon Plant: Antilly Products: Adhesives, Hot Melt Adhesives Brand Names: Feruweld, Ferustick

Rohm and Haas Independence Mall West Philadelphia, PA 19105 Telephone: 215-592-2140 Fax: 215-592-6909 Market Manager: Richard Ruzzini Plants: Bristol, PA; Hayward, CA; Knoxville, TN; Louisville, KY; La Marada, CA; Charlotte, NC; other locations worldwide Products: Binders, Thickeners and Rheology Modifiers, Antimicrobials, Adsorbents Brand Names: Rhoplex, Acrysol, Kathon, Res, Ambersorb

Rohm Tech 83 Authority Drive Fitchburg, MA 01420 Telephone: 508-342-5831 Fax: 508-345-1971 Business Manager: John Kolackovsky Tech. Serv. Manager: Theodore Del Donno Plants: Fitchburg, MA; Malden, MA Products: Acrylic Emulsion Polymers, Thickeners Brand Names: Rohatol, Rohagit, Rohamere, MT

Rubberflex Sdn. Bhd. 21st Floor, UBN Tower Box #48 10 Jalan P. Ramlee 50250 Luala Lumpur Malaysia Telephone: 60-3-2320011 Fax: 60-3-2385103 Sales Manager: Excelso Ventura Products: Extruded Latex Thread

Sarnatech Xiro AG P.O. Box 73 CH 3185 Schmitten Switzerland Telephone: 37-36-0155 Fax: 37-36-1972 Sales Manager: Gerard Peltier Plant: Schmitten, Switzerland Products: Extruded Thermoplastic Adhesive Films, Nets, Webs Brand Names: Xiro, Xironet, Xaf, Xiroweb

Savare' I.C. Srl Via Polidoro Da Caravaggio 7 I-20156 Milano Italy Telephone: 39-2-38-00-6696 Fax: 39-2-308-6993 Products: Hot-Melt Adhesives, Water-Based Adhesives

Schill and Seilacher Schoenaicher Strasse 205 D-7030 Boelingen Germany Telephone: 07031-282-0 Fax: 07031-282-160 Managing Dir. Sales: Guenther Mutschler Products: Spin Finish Oils, Flame Retardants, Surfactants, Wetting Agents, Antibacterials, Dispersants, Fluorochemicals, Lubricants, Softeners, Thickeners, Water Repellents U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Inc., Richmond, VA Schuller Filtration P.O. Box 5108 Denver, CO 80217-5108 Telephone: 303-978-4900 Fax: 303-978-2318 Sales Manager: Roger Hattersley Plants: Waterville, OH; Etowa, TN Products: Bulk Microfiber, Continuous Filament Chopped Glass Fiber Brand Names: Tempstran, Code 90, 100, 104, 106, 108, 110, 112, 206, 210, 212, Chop-Pak, A-18, A-20, A-21, A-18BC, A-21BC

Karl H. Sengewald GmbH & Co.KG P.O. Box 1552 4802 Halle Westf 1 Germany Telephone: 49-5201-708313 Fax: 49-5201-708205 Sales Mgr. Hygiene: Robert Van Der Laan Plants: Halle/Westfalen, Germany; Marengo, IL Products: Barrier Films (cast/blownembossed/plain), packaging films and bags, for Baby, Adult Diapers and sanitary napkins

Sequa Chemicals One Sequa Drive Chester, SC 29706 Telephone: 803-385-5181 Fax: 803-377-3542 Industry Manager: J. Michael O'Bryan Plant: Chester, SC Products: Emulsion Polymers, Soil Release Finishes, Water and Oil Repellents, Crosslinkers Brand Names: Suncryl, Permaloft, Sequapel, Sunrez, Permafresh, Impregnole, Sequasoft, Sunsize, Norane, Mykon, Sequabond, Sunbond

Shell Chemical Elastomers Div. 4225 Naperville Rd. Suite 375 Lisle, IL 60532-3660 Telephone: 800-323-3405 Plant: Belpre, OH Products: Elastomeric Film Polymers for production of elastic films and heat shrinkable elastic films Brand Names: Kraton polymers

Shell Chemical 320 Interstate North Parkway Atlanta, GA 30339 Telephone: 404-955-4706 Fax: 404-955-4612 Sales Manager: M.L. Brosch Account Manager-Textiles: C.E. Garrison Plants: Norco, LA; Seadrift, TX Products: Polypropylene Resin Brand Name: Shell Polypropylene

Smith and Nephew Finetech Ltd. Gilberdyke, North Humberside U.K. HU15 2TD Telephone: 212-354-5234 (U.S.A.) Products: Film, Netting

Soft SpA Via Piave 5 13060 Cerreto Castello (Vercelli) Italy Telephone: (015) 882220 Fax: (015) 882135 General Manager: Claudio Ceria Products: Polypropylene Staple

Soluol Chemical Green Hill and Market Streets P.O. Box 112 West Warwick, RI 02893 Telephone: 401-821-8100 Fax: 401-823-6673 Sales Manager: George Nathanson Products: Processing Finishes, Laminating Adhesives, Polyurethane Coatings Brand Names: Solusoft, Solumine, Solubond, Solucote

Southeastern Fibers 452 Selby Avenue St. Paul, MN 55102 Telephone: 612-221-0525 Fax: 612-221-0547 Sales Manager: Paul Gleeson Plants: Tucker, GA; St. Paul, MN; Monroe, MI Products: Secondary material and scrap broker of nonwoven materials, fibers and cellulose materials, fluff pulp & dissolving pulp, superabsorbents

Spartan Flame Retardants, Inc. 345 E. Terra Cotta Avenue P.O. Box 395 Crystal Lake, IL 60014 Telephone: 815-459-8500 Fax: 815-459-8560 Sales Manager: John Kuetemeyer Product: Flame Retardant Chemicals Brand Names: CM, X-12, FF4-72, 5M

Steen & Co. GmbH Rontgenstrabe 1 Postfash 14 20 D-2053 Schwarzenbek Germany Telephone: 0-41-51-81021 Fax: 0-41-51-57-21 Plants: Schwarzenbek, Germany; Schaffhausen, Switzerland Products: Staple Fibers and Shortcut Fibers made of PP, PE and PES, Superabsorbent Fiber Flock Brand Names: Polysteen Fibers, SAFF

Stockhausen GmbH Div. GB 3.3, Absorbent Polymers Bakerpfad 25, P.O. Box 570 Krefeld, Germany Telephone: 02151-338880 Fax: 02151-338292 Sales Manager: Georg Werner Plants: Greensboro, NC; Krefeld, Germany Products: Superabsorbent Polymers for diapers, feminine hygiene, cable industry, agriculture and horticuluture, packaging and oil absorption Brand Name: Favor, Cabloc, Favor Pac, Stockosorb, Dynasorb, Favorol

Stockhausen 2408 Doyle Street Greensboro, NC 27406 Telephone: 919-333-3500 Fax: 919-333-3548 Sales Manager: Rick Scovic Plants: Greensboro, NC; Krefeld, Germany Products: Superabsorbent Brand Name: Favor, Favor C, Favor Pac, Stockosorb, Favorall

Stora Cell AB P.O. Box 897 S-801 31 Gavle, Sweden Telephone: 46-26-855-00 Fax: 46-26-855-20, 46-26-855-21 Sales Manager: Ove Forsberg Products: Bleached Softwood Kraft Fluff Pulp and Bleached CTMP Fluff Pulp Brand Names: Stora Fluff EC, Stora Fluff CTMP Svenska Rayon S-660 50 Valberg, Sweden Telephone: 46-54-14-1000 Fax: 46-54-14-1175 Sales Manager: Bo Holm Plant: Valberg, Sweden Products: Rayon Staple Fiber and Rayon Tow Brand Names: Swelan

Swanson Plastics 6/F 212, Chung Hsiao E. Rd. Sec. 4 Taipei, Taiwan Telephone: 02-741-3812 Fax: 02-741-1385 Products: Embossed Cast Films for baby diapers, gloves, napkins and hygienic products, Coextruded Films

SynFin Industries 1400 Welsh Road P.O. Box 1400 North Wales, PA 19454 Telephone: 215-628-2000 Sales Manager: Robert Beaty Products: Coatings, Finishes

Syntex Chemie GmbH Borsigallee 1 D-6000 Frankfurt/Main Germany Telephone: 069-419052 Fax: 069-413157 Products: Catalysts and Specialty Chemicals U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Inc., Richmond, VA

Synthetic Industries 309 Lafayette Road Chickamauga, GA 30707 Sales Manager: Gardner Wright

Tacolin Road One, Industrial Estate CW7 3RD, Winsford, Cheshire U.K. Telephone: 0606-593434 Fax: 0606-861426 Sales Manager: Roland Ghaye Plant: Cheshire, U.K. Products: Embossed PE Films for hygiene disposables Brand Names: Tacolin

Tiarco Chemical Division Textile Rubber & Chemical Company 1300 Tiarco Drive Dalton, GA 37020 Telephone: 706-277-1300 Fax: 706-277-9039 or 706-277-3738 Sales Manager: Julian Norwood Products: Antifoam Agents, Color Agents, Curing Agents, Defoamers, Dispersants, Flame Retardants, Plasticizers, Surfactants and Wetting Agents Brand Names: Octosperse, Octotint, Octocure, Octowet, Octoguard, Octomer, Octosol and Octolite

Tredegar Film Products 1100 Boulders Parkway Richmond, VA 23225 Telephone: 804-330-1222 Fax: 804-330-1201 Plants: NJ, PA, NC, GA, IN, IA, CA, WA, Netherlands Customer Services Mgr.: Tricia Smelter Product: PE Films for Disposable, Industrial and Agricultural Applications, Films Available Embossed, Smooth or Permeable Brand Names: VisQueen, VisPore

Union Camp, Chemical Products Div. 1600 Valley Road Wayne, NJ 07470 Telephone: 201-628-2375 Fax: 201-628-2840 Plants: Dover, OH; Savannah, GA; Valdosta, GA Products: Polyamide Adhesive Resins, Tackifiers, Curing Agents, Ink Resins, Polyamide Dispersions Brand Names: Uni-Rez, Uni-Tac, Micromid

Union Carbide Specialty Chemical Div. 39 Old Ridgebury Road Danbury, CT 06817 Telephone: 203-794-5300 Products: Silicones for textile wet processing and finishing Brand Names: Ucarsil EPS water soluble silicone hydrophilic finish, Ucarsil SFT Silicone Emulsion, MagnaSoft Textile Softeners, MagnaSoft TLC Hydrophilic Softener for synthetic nonwoven single or limited life products

United Resin Products 239 Route 22, Suite 201 Glen Brook, NJ 08812 Telephone: 908-424-1900 Fax: 908-424-1949 National Sales Manager: Edward Jensen Plants: Brooklyn, NY; Lewisville, TX; Lyon, Il; Vernon, CA; Atlanta, GA Products: Adhesives

UOP Molecular Sieves Div. 777 Saw Mill River Road Tarrytown, NY 10591 Telephone: 914-789-2246 Fax: 914-789-2279 Sales Manager: G. Corvini Products: Molecular Sieves for odor removal Brand Names: Abscents Deodorizing Powders (for personal care application), Smellrite Deodorizing Powders (for off the body application)

Vega SC Rue Cheval - Godet 6, B19 B-1400 Nivelles, Belgium Telephone: 32-67-840-604 Fax: 32-67-840-605 Sales Manager: Marc Flamme Products: European distributors of Century Adhesives hot melts; Agents for Fabriano-Soft nonwovens and Gelok International SAP laminates

Veratec Natural Fibers Group 100 Elm Street Walpole, MA 02081 Telephone: 800-338-7952 Fax: 508-660-2376 Product Manager: Anita Owens Plant: Griswoldville, MA Products: Bleached Cotton Fiber Brand Names: Easy Street Super-opened Cotton

Vinamul Mill Lane, Carshalton SM5 2JU Surrey, U.K. Telephone: 081-6694422 Fax: 081-6699510 Products: Polymer Dispersions, Binders

Visil Key Polymer Corporation Jacob's Way, Lawrence Industrial Park P.O. Box 1529 Lawrence, MA 01842-1529 Telephone: 508-683-9411 Fax: 508-686-7729 Sales Manager: Morris Breslouf Products: Adhesives/Coatings

Wacker Chemie GmbH Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4 D-8000 Munchen 83 Germany Telephone: 089-6279-1352 Fax: 089-6279-1772 Sales Manager: Roland Briese Plant: Burghausen, Germany Products: Binders, Emulsion Resins, Staple Vinyon Brand Names: Vinnapas and Vinnol dispersions

Jerome E. Waters-Marketing 11550 Goldcoast Road Cincinnati, OH 45249 Telephone: 800-422-3739 VP Sales: Ed Wood Products: Color Pigment Dispersions for Nonwoven Products Brand Name: Liquakote Dispersions

Wellman Inc. Hwy. 41/51N P.O. Box 188 Johnsonville, SC 29555 Telephone: 704-357-2000 Fax: 704-357-2270 Contact: Frank McGuire Plants: Johnsonville, SC Products: Nylon and Polyester Staple Fibers Brand Names: Wellstrand, Polystrand, Wellon, Wellene, Fillwell, Astro-Plus, Fillwell II, Fillwell III, Fortrel, Fortrel-Plus

Weyerhaeuser Tacoma, WA 98477 Telephone: 206-924-3698 Fax: 206-924-2550 General Sales Manager: Spencer Smith Plants: New Bern, NC; Plymouth, NC; Cosmopolis, WA; Columbus, MS Products: Fluff Pulp, Dissolving Pulp, Paper Grade Pulp, Specialty Pulp

Witco Argus Div. P.O. Box 42817 Houston, TX 77242 Telephone: 713-975-5800 Telex: 71166170 Plants: La Porte, TX; Brainards, NJ Product: Flame Retardant Catalysts Brand Name: Fyarestor

Witco Corp. Oleochemicals/Surfactants Group 520 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022 Telephone: 212-605-3941 Fax: 212-605-3660 Plants: Clearing, IL; Blue Island, IL; Houston, TX; Perth Amboy, NJ; Sante Fe, CA, Harahan, LA; Ft. Worth, TX Product: Surfactants, Stearates, Polyester & Polyether Resins Brand Names: Witco, Emcol, Fomrez, Rezol, Witconate, Witcamide, Witcolate


ACETATE Hoechst Celanese (NC) Key Polymer (MA) Leigh Fibers (SC) National Starch (NJ) Novalis Fibres (France)

ACRYLIC RESINS Air Products (PA) BASF Dispersions (NC) H.B. Fuller (MN) Key Polymer (MA) National Starch (NJ) Rohm & Haas (PA) Rohm Tech (MA) Sequa Chemicals (SC) United Resin (NJ) Vinamul (U.K.) Wellman (SC)

ADHESIVES, HOT MELT Ceca (France) Century Adhesives (OH) DuPont (Switzerland) Ebnother (Switzerland) Ecomelt Adhesives (CT) Elf Atochem (Germany) Elf Atochem NA (PA) Ems-Chemie (Switz.) Emulsio Oy (Finland) Enterprise (MA) Exxon (TX) Exxon (Germany) Findley (WI) H.B. Fuller (Ger.) H.B. Fuller (MN) Henkel (Germany) Key Polymer (MA) National Starch (NJ) Hesselman (Ger.) RMC-Belix (France) Sarnatech-Xiro (Switz.) Savare' (Italy) Shell Chemical (IL) SynFin (PA) United Resin (NJ) Vega (Belgium) Witco (NY)

ADHESIVES, WATERBORNE Air Products (PA) Akzo (Netherlands) Avebe America (NJ) Ceca (France) Century Adhesives (OH) DuPont (Switzerland) Ecomelt Adhesives (CT) Findley (WI) H.B. Fuller (Ger.) H.B. Fuller (MN) B.F. Goodrich (OH) Hamp. Chem. (MA) Key Polymer (MA) National Starch (NJ) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Rhovyl (France) Rohm & Haas (PA) Rohm Tech (MA) Savare' (Italy) Sequa Chemicals (SC) Soluol Chemical (RI) United Resin (NJ)

ANTIFOAM AGENTS Air Products (PA) Apex Chemical (NJ) Dow Corning (MI) Nalco Chemical (IL) PPG Industries (IL) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Soluol Chemical (RI) Tiarco Chemical (GA) Witco (NY)

ANTIMICROBIALS Rohm & Haas (PA) Rhovyl (France) Schill & Seilacher (Ger.) SynFin (PA)

ANTISTATIC AGENTS/FILMS Apex Chemical (NJ) Dow Chemical (MI) Dow Corning (MI) Edison Plastics (NJ) Elf Atochem (Germany) Gen. Magnaplate (NJ) PPG Industries (IL) SynFin (PA) Witco (TX)

BINDER FIBERS Apex Chemical (NJ) BASF Fibers (VA) Dow Chemical (MI) DuPont (Switzerland) Ems-Chemie (Switz.) Hercules Inc. (GA) Hoechst Celanese (NC) Kuraray (Japan) Leigh Fibers (SC) Wellman (SC)

BINDERS, EMULSION Air Products (PA) Apex Chemical (NJ) BASF Dispersions (NC) Ceca (France) H.B. Fuller (MN) Gencorp (OH) B.F. Goodrich (OH) Hamp. Chem. (MA) Key Polymer (MA) National Starch (NJ) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Rohm & Haas (PA) Rohm Tech (MA) Sequa Chemicals (SC) United Resin (NJ) Vinamul (U.K.) Wacker (Germany)

BINDERS, LATEX Air Products (PA) Amspec Chemical (NJ) Apex Chemical (NJ) BASF Dispersions (NC) H.B. Fuller (MN) Gencorp (OH) B.F. Goodrich (OH) Hamp. Chem. (MA) Key Polymer (MA) National Starch (NJ) Para-Chem (SC) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Rohm & Haas (PA) Rohm Tech (MA) Sequa Chemicals (SC) SynFin (PA) United Resin (NJ) Vinamul (U.K.)

CATALYSTS Air Products (PA) Amspec Chemical (NJ) Dow Corning (MI) Sequa Chemicals (SC) Witco (NY)

CELLULOSE FIBERS Barnhardt (NC) Buckeye Cellulose (TN) Conwed (NJ) Courtaulds Fibres (UK) Kemira Fibres (Fin.) Kuraray (Japan) Leigh Fibers (SC) Lenzing (Austria) S'eastern Fibers (MN) Svenska Rayon (Sweden)

COATINGS 4P Folie (Germany) Amspec Chemical (NJ) Apex Chemical (NJ) Dow Corning (MI) Ecomelt Adhesives (CT) Enterprise (MA) H.B. Fuller (MN) Gencorp (OH) Gen. Magnaplate (NJ) National Starch (NJ) Para-Chem (SC) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Sequa Chemicals (SC) Shell Chemical (IL) Soluol Chemical (RI) SynFin (PA) Witco (NY)

COLORING AGENTS SynFin (PA) Tiarco Chemical (GA) Jerome Waters (OH)

COTTON Barnhardt (NC) Cotton Inc. (NC) Edward Hall (U.K.) Leigh Fibers (SC) Veratec (MA)

CURING AGENTS Air Products (PA) Sequa Chemicals (SC) Tiarco Chemical (GA) Union Camp (NJ) Witco (NY)

DEFOAMERS Air Products (PA) Apex Chemical (NJ) Dow Corning (MI) Nalco Chemical (IL) PPG Industries (IL) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Soluol Chemical (RI) Tiarco Chemical (GA) Wacker (Germany) Witco (NY)

DIAPER TAPES 4P Folie (Germany) Anchor Continental (SC) Avery (OH) BP Chemicals (Germany) Elf Atochem (Germany) Globe (MA) Koester Intl. (KY) Rubberflex (Malaysia)

DISPERSANTS Air Products (PA) Apex Chemical (NJ) Hamp. Chem. (MA) Nalco Chemical (IL) PPG Industries (IL) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Rohm & Haas (PA) Tiarco Chemical (GA) Union Camp (NJ) Witco (NY)


ELASTICS DuPont (DE) Elf Atochem (Germany) Exxon (Germany) Fulflex (RI) Globe (MA) JPS Elastomerics (NC) Muller Elastics (Ger.) Rubberflex (Malaysia) Shell Chemical (IL)

EMULSION RESINS Air Products (PA) Century Adhesives (OH) DuPont (Switzerland) H.B. Fuller (MN) Gencorp (OH) B.F. Goodrich (OH) Hamp. Chem. (MA) Key Polymer (MA) National Starch (NJ) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Rohm & Haas (PA) Rohm Tech (MA) Sequa Chemicals (SC) Wacker (Germany)

FIBERS, BICOMPONENT BASF Fibers (VA) Danaklon (Denmark) Dow Chemical (MI) DuPont (DE) Hercules Inc. (GA) Hoechst Celanese (NC) ICI Fibres (NC) Kuraray (Japan) Leigh Fibers (SC) Montefibre (Italy) Wellman (SC)

FIBERS, SUPERABSORBENT Akzo (Netherlands) Conwed (NJ) Obenski (PA)

FIBERGLASS Evanite Fiber (OR) Owens Corning (OH) Schuller Filtration (CO)

FILMS, APERTURED AET (DE) BP Chemicals (Germany) Clopay (OH) Sengewald (Germany) Smith & Nephew (U.K.) Plasticos (Venezuela) Tredegar Film (VA)

FILMS, COEXTRUDED 4P Folie (Germany) Ace (Belgium) Amerplast Oy (Fin.) Clopay (OH) CT Film (IL) Edison Plastics (NJ) Elf Atochem (Germany) Elf Atochem NA (PA) Exten SA (Switzerland) Exxon (TX) Sengewald (Germany) Smith & Nephew (U.K.) Swanson (Taiwan) Tacolin (U.K.) Tredegar Film (VA)

FILMS, EMBOSSED 4P Folie (Germany) Ace (Belgium) AET (DE) Amerplast Oy (Finland) BP Chemicals (Germany) Clopay (OH) CT Film (IL) Edison Plastics (NJ) Exten SA (Switzerland) Exxon (TX) Sengewald (Germany) Smith & Nephew (U.K.) Swanson (Taiwan) Tacolin (U.K.) Tredgar Film (VA)

FLAME RETARDANTS Amspec Chemical (NJ) Apex Chemical (NJ) Kemira Fibres (Finland) Lenzing (Austria) Para-Chem (SC) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Rhovyl (France) Schill & Seilacher (Ger.) Spartan Flame (IL) SynFin (PA) Tiarco Chemical (GA) Witco (NY)

FLUORO-CHEMICALS 3M (MN) Ausimont (NJ) DuPont (DE) Elf Atochem NA (PA) Schill & Seilacher (Ger.) Sequa Chemicals (SC) SynFin (PA)


FOAM, URETHANE Barnhardt (NC) General Foam (NJ) Hamp. Chem. (MA)

LAMINATES 4P Folie (Germany) Ace (Belgium) AET (DE) BP Chemicals (Germany) Clopay (OH) Vega (Belgium)

LUBRICANTS Dow Corning (MI) Gen. Magnaplate (NJ) Kluber Lubrication (NH) Michelman (OH) Neste Chem. (Belgium) PPG Industries (IL) Sequa Chemicals (SC) Witco (TX)


NYLON, FILAMENT Barnet Southern (SC) BASF Fibers (VA) DuPont (DE) Elf Atochem (Germany) ICI Fibres (NC) Novalis Fibres (France)

NYLON, STAPLE Barnet Southern (SC) BASF Fibers (VA) DuPont (DE) Ems-Chemie (Switz.) ICI Fibres (NC) Leigh Fibers (SC) Minifibers (TN) Novalis Fibres (France)

ODOR CONTROL AGENTS Apex Chemical (NJ) Rohm & Haas (PA) UOP (NY)

OIL REPELLENTS Elf Atochem NA (PA) Sequa Chemicals (SC) SynFin (PA)

POLYESTER, FILAMENT Barnet Southern (SC) BASF Fibers (VA) Bidim (France) DuPont (DE) DuPont (Switzerland) Elf Atochem (Germany) Hoechst Celanese (NC) Kemira Fibres (Finland) Kuraray (Japan) Montefibre (Italy) Novalis Fibres (France)

POLYESTER, STAPLE Barnet Southern (SC) DuPont (DE) DuPont (Switzerland) Ems-Chemie (Switz.) Fiber Extrusion (ME) Georgia Polytex (GA) Hoechst Celanese (NC) Kuraray (Japan) Leigh Fibers (SC) Minifibers (TN) Montefibre (Italy) Moplefan (Italy) Poly-Steen (Germany) Wellman (SC)

POLYPROPYLENE, FILAMENT Amoco Fabrics (GA) Barnet Southern (SC) Bidim (France) Hercules Inc. (GA) Phillips Fibers (SC)

POLYPROPYLENE, STAPLE Amoco Fabrics (GA) Barnet Southern (SC) Danaklon (Denmark) F. Drake (U.K.) Faserwerk (Germany) Fitesa Fibras (Brazil) Georgia Polytex (GA) Hercules Inc. (GA) Leigh Fibers (SC) Minifibers (TN) Phillips Fibers (SC) Polystar (Brazil) Soft (Italy) Poly-Steen (Germany) Synthetic Indus. (GA)

PULP, DISSOLVING ITT Rayonier (CT) Buckeye Cellulose (TN) Rauma Cell (Finland) S'eastern Fibers (MN) Weyerhaeuser (WA)

PULP, FLUFF PULP Georgia-Pacific (GA) ITT Rayonier (CT) Metsa-Serla (Finland) Buckeye Cellulose (TN) S'eastern Fibers (MN) Stora Cell (Sweden) Tartas (France) Weyerhaeuser (WA)

RAYON Barnet Southern (SC) Courtaulds Fibres (UK) Kuraray (Japan) Leigh Fibers (SC) Lenzing (Austria) Minifibers (TN) Svenska Rayon (Sweden)


RESINS, POLYESTER Barnet Southern (SC) Kuraray (Japan) Witco (NY)

RESINS, POLYPROPYLENE Amoco Chemical (IL) Barnet Southern (SC) Exxon (TX) Exxon (Germany) Fina Chemicals (Belgium) Himont (DE) Neste Chem. (Belg.) Phillips Fibers (SC) Shell Chemical (IL) Shell Chemical (GA)

RESINS, SYNTHETIC Barnet Southern (SC) BASF Dispersions (NC) Dow Chemical (MI) H.B. Fuller (MN) Gencorp (OH) Kuraray (Japan) National Starch (NJ) Rohm & Haas (PA) Rohm Tech (MA) Shell Chemical (IL)

SCRIMS AET (DE) Conwed Plastics (MN) Smith & Nephew (U.K.) Synthetic Indus. (GA)

SOFTENERS Apex Chemical (NJ) Dow Corning (MI) DuPont (Switzerland) PPG Industries (IL) Schill & Seilacher (Ger.) Sequa Chemicals (SC) Soluol Chemical (RI) Witco (NY)

SUPERABSORBENTS Akzo (Netherlands) Aqualon (DE) Avebe America (NJ) Chemdal (IL) Conwed (NJ) Elf Atochem NA (PA) Gelok (OH) Hoechst Celanese (VA) Obenski (PA) S'eastern Fibers (MN) Stockhausen (Ger.) Stockhausen (NC)

SURFACTANTS Air Products (PA) Apex Chemical (NJ) Hoechst Celanese (VA) PPG Industries (IL) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Tiarco Chemical (GA) Witco (NY)

THICKENERS Aqualon (DE) Avebe America (NJ) BASF Dispersions (NC) B.F. Goodrich (OH) Hoechst Celanese (VA) Para-Chem (SC) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Rohm & Haas (PA) Rohm Tech (MA) Schill & Seilacher (Ger.)

VINYON, STAPLE Wacker (Germany)

WATER REPELLENTS Apex Chemical (NJ) Dow Corning (MI) DuPont (Switzerland) Elf Atochem NA (PA) Michelman (OH) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Schill & Seilacher (Ger.) Sequa Chemicals (SC) SynFin (PA)

WETNESS INDICATORS Findley (WI) H.B. Fuller (Germany)

WETTING AGENTS Air Products (PA) Apex Chemical (NJ) Dow Corning (MI) PPG Industries (IL) Rhone-Poulenc (MA) Schill & Seilacher (Ger.) Sequa Chemicals (SC) Soluol Chemical (RI) Tiarco Chemical (GA) Witco (NY)
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Title Annotation:Section II: Raw Material Suppliers; Raw Material Cross References
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Directory
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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