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The 1993 International Buyers' Guide of the Nonwovens Industry.

How To Use This International Buyers' Guide:

For the 24th year in a row, our annual Buyers' Guide lists just about every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the world. Our readers have access in one comprehensive issue to information on suppliers of machinery and equipment, raw materials and roll goods as well as commission converting services, consulting services and associations.

* Section I lists suppliers of Machinery and Equipment for the manufacture of nonwovens; the company listings are complemented by cross references that follow the listings and are organized according to products offered

* Section II lists the suppliers of Raw Materials. This section replaces our Fibers, Chemicals & Films section; we have changed the name to more accurately reflect the diversity of the companies included. Again, a cross reference according to the products offered follows the company listings.

* Section III lists the producers of nonwoven roll goods, along with details on processes used, fiber types, product size and trade names.

* Section IV contains a list of commission converters that deal specifically with the nonwovens industry. Each company's speciality and plant locations are provided.

* Section V is a listing of the key consultants to the nonwovens industry.

* Section VI lists worldwide trade associations involved with the nonwovens industry.

All companies are listed in alphabetical order in the section in which we determined they best fit. Some may appear in more than one section because of overlapping capabilities. Most appear only once. Information contained in each section varies according to the requirements of that segment of the industry.

The information in this International Buyers' Guide was supplied by each company in response to a questionnaire; the NONWOVENS INDUSTRY staff compiled the information in its final form. We have attempted to make this directory as complete as possible. We welcome any correction and additions, which will then appear in the 1994 Buyers' Guide. If there are any changes, please write to NONWOVENS INDUSTRY, Box 555, 17. S. Franklin Tpk., Ramsey, NJ 07446-0555 USA.


2N Srl Via Catana Z1 S. Agostino 51100 Pistoia Italy Telephone: 39-573-934485/6 Fax: 39-573-934487 Sales Manager: A. Nencini Products: Crosslappers, Needle Looms (Specialized Looms for Tubular Felts)

Abatec Via Marino Turchi 27 66013 Chieti Scalo Italy Telephone: 0871-560175 Fax: 0871-560174 Sales Manager: Mirko Sciascia Products: Converting Machinery for Adult Diapers, Hospital Underpads, Baby/Adult Bibs, Sanitary Napkins, Panty Shields, Perforated Poly Film

ABB Industrial Drying 1400 Centerpoint Blvd. Knoxville, TN 37932-1960 Telephone: 615-694-5222 Fax: 615-694-5899 Mktg. and Sales Manager: Craig Herrforth Products: Turnkey Systems, Air-Laid Nonwovens

Abington P.O. Box 127 North Abington, MA 02351 Telephone: 617-878-1730 Fax: 617-871-3860 Sales Director: John C. Coon III Products: Central Station Vacuum Collection Systems and Balers for lint, dust, waste fiber and trim

AccuWeb P.O. Box 7816 Madison, WI 53707 Telephone: 608-244-6627 Fax: 608-244-3964 Sales Manager: Brian Buisker Products: Electronic Web Guide Control Systems, Intermediate Web Guide Frames

Adaptive Technologies, Inc. Spectrum Center Suite D 5330 Spectrum Drive Frederick, MD 21701 Telephone: 301-607-0159 Fax: 301-607-0341 Sales Manager: Dave Hagan Products: Measuring Equipment--Beta gauge, Thickness measurement

Advanced Rotary Cutting Systems 1403 N. Main Street Suite 207 Wheaton, IL 60187 Telephone: 708-462-1787 Fax: 708-690-8432 Sales Manager: James Hamilton Products: Cutting Systems, Rotary Die Cutters

AECL Accelerators 436 B, Hazeldean Raod Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2L 1T9 Telephone: 613-831-2882 Fax: 613-831-0108 Products: Electron Processing Machines for Cellulose Treatment

Aigle Srl Via Donatello 8 Borgaro Torinese 10071 Italy Telephone: (11) 26-22-674/26-24-382 Telex: 224231 Products: Flocking and Coating Machines, Print Bonding Nonwovens Lines

Albany International Appleton Wire Div. 214 Kirby Road Portland, TN 37148 Telephone: 615-325-6767 Fax: 615-325-1082 Sales Manager: Andy Dolan Products: Woven Mesh Conveyors For Forming, Saturating, or Drying Nonwoven Webs

Aldine Technologies Inc. 585 Industrial Rd. Carlstadt, NJ 07072-1611 Telephone: 201-935-1110 Fax: 201-935-5695 Sales Manager: G.B. Wheeler Products: Bonding, Laminating and Fusing Equipment

American Dornier Machinery P.O. Box 668865 4101 Performance Road Charlotte, NC 28266 Telephone: 704-394-6192 Fax: 704-399-2018 Sales Manager: Richard Batson Products: Convection and Suction Dryers

American Roller Company 2223 Lakeside Drive Bannockburn, IL 60015 Sales Manager: Dick Wilson Telephone: 708-295-6750 Fax: 708-295-2796 Products: Full Line of Synthetic Rubber, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Nylon, Foam, Composite and Ceramic Coverings for Applications in the printing, converting and metal industries as well as other high technology roller applications

Amotek A.M. Oltremare Via Peimonte NR. 5 40069 Zola Predosa Bologna, Italy Telephone: 51-758775 Fax: 51-751144 Sales Manager: G.A. Minelli Products: Automatic Bagging Machinery

John Andrews Machinery Carriers Oast, Northiam Sussex TN31 6NH England Telephone: 44-797-252778 Fax: 44-797-252846 Products: Machinery for diapers, napkins, wipes, masks, caps, laminates. Sales Agent for Oy Catilator Ltd., Finland

Angleitner Otto Dr. Spezialmaschinen Daffingerstr. 10 A-4600 Wels Austria Telephone: 07242-44540 Fax: 07242-64451 Sales Manager: Josef Reiter Product: Complete Nonwoven Lines

Applied Roller Technology 8800 Statesville Road P.O. Box 26825 Charlotte, NC 28213 Telephone: 704-598-9500; 800-258-9901 Fax: 704-597-5656 Sales Manager: Jerry Owens Products: Bowed Spreader Rollers and Spreadmaster Spreading Device for the textile, paper, film, foil, converting and carpet industries

Arc Machine 7 Paterson St. Paterson, NJ 07501 Telephone: 201-278-3112 Fax: 201-278-4942 Sales Manager: Joseph Sciola Products: Equipment for the Web Converting Industry

Ason 200 E. Las Olas Suite 1270 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Telephone: 305-524-0601 Fax: 305-524-3839 President: Anders Moller Products: Thermal Bonders and Other Nonwovens Equipment; F.O.R. Cards, Crosslappers, Drafters, Winders, Slitters

Asselin 41, rue Camille Randoing P.O. Box 421 76500 Elbeuf, France Telephone: 35-78-90-90 Fax: 35-78-40-31 Products: Web Forming Machinery Crosslappers, Needle Looms

Asten Forming Fabrics 6480 W. College Appleton, WI 54913 Telphone: 414-734-2607 Fax: 414-734-4229 Sales Manager: Charlie Abraham Products: Supplier of Forming, Conveying, Patterning and Drying Fabrics

Autefa Maschinenfabrik Rontgenstrasse 1-5, Friedberg 8904 Germany Telephone: 821-2608-0 Fax: 821-2608-299 Sales Manager: Wolfgang Tichy Products: Crosslappers, Web Cutting Machines, Up-and Unrolling Systems, Bale Presses, Longitudinal and Cross Cutters, Recycling System U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Richmond, VA

Automated Textile Systems 4211 Pleasant Road Fort Mill, SC 29715 Telephone: 803-548-3653 Fax: 803-548-3843 Sales Manager: Steve Carrigan Products: Machinery to cut, sew, fold and package textile, apparel and nonwovens

Automatex S.R.L. Via U. Saba 51100 Pistoia, Italy Telephone: 573-93-44-16 Fax: 573-93-44-15 Sales Director: Fabio Pratesi Products: Crosslappers, Needle Looms

Automatic Handling 360 Lavoy Road Erie, MI 48133 Telephone: 313-847-0633 Fax: 313-847-1872 Sales Manager: Dick Macaro Products: Roll Handling Equipment, Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems

Automation Products 3030 Max Roy Street Houston, TX 77008 Telephone: 713-869-0361 Fax: 713-869-7332 Sales Manager: D. Henningsen Products: Dynatrol Measurement and Control Equipment

Azco Corp. 385 Falmouth Ave. Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 Telephone: 201-791-1428 Fax: 201-791-8420 Sales Manager: Andrew Zucaro Products: Pneumatic Knife Assemblies, Cut-to-length Machines, Custom Machines

Bach Knives P.O. Box 7000, 50 Seaview Blvd. Port Washington, NY 11050 Telephone: 516-621-3100; 800-726-2224 Fax: 516-621-7217 Technical Sales: Pete Novellano Products: Circular Knives, Cutting Assemblies, Straight and Perforating Knives, Slicers, Score and Shear Cutters for Nonwovens, Doctor Blades, Automatic Grinding Machines for straight and circular knives, Regrinding Service, Consultation of Machine Slitting Problems, Razor Blades, Knives for diapers, incontinence products and geotextiles, Carbide Knives, Ceramic Knives

Mark Ballantine 47 Renwick Street Glen Iris 3146 Melbourne, Australia Telephone: 61-3-809-1414 Fax: 61-3-809-2365 Products: Carmody Surgical Face Mask Machine, Carmody Disposable Cap Machine

Batson Yarn and Fabrics Machinery P.O. Box 3978, 1 Club Road Greenville, SC 29608 Telephone: 803-242-5262 Fax: 803-271-4535 Vice President: Philip Riddle Products: Capital Machinery and Accessories for fiber producing and opening through fabric forming, including material handling, fiber reclamation and computer integrated manufacturing systems

Befama Powstancow SL. 6 43-300 Bielsko-Biala Poland Telephone: 214-84, 230-61 Fax: 30-21293 Products: Rotary Cutting Machines, Rag Tearers, Card Sets for nonwoven lines, Card Sets-woolen and worsted, Ring Spinning Frames for woolen yarn, Import of Complementary Equipment and Accessories

Beloit Manhattan Div., Wheeler Plant 1910 Lane Blvd. kalamazoo, MI 49001 Telephone: 616-343-5555 Fax: 616-343-0659 Product Manager: Tim Rourke Products: Production and Laboratory Calendering Equipment 12-280 inch operating widths, Oil Heated Rolls, Cotton Filled Rolls, Plastic Covered Rolls

Bematic Bettarini & Serafini Srl Via Del Molinuzzo 63/2 Loc. San Giusto 50047 Prato, Italy Telephone: 39-574-620971 Fax: 39-574-623-048 Sales Manager: Paolo Bettarini Products: Carding Machines

Best Cutting Die 8080 McCormick Blvd. Skokie, IL 60076 Telephone: 708-675-5522 Fax: 708-675-5617 Sales Manager: Edward Porento Products: Solid and Segmented Rotary Dies, Flexible Dies and Accessories

Bielomatik Leuze GmbH Daimlerstrasse 6-10, Postfach 49 D-72 637 Neuffen Germany Fax: 49-7025-12200 Advertising Manager: Mr. Michel Products: Production Lines for Flexo-Printing, Embossing, Cutting and Folding of Serviettes and Napkins for Medical and Household Use

Bikoma GmbH Spezialmaschinenfabrik Polcher Str. 138-140 D-56727 Mayen P.O. Box 1262 D-56702 Mayen Germany Telephone: 49-(0)2651-80010 Fax: 49-(0)2651-800140 Products: Machines for the Production of Disposable Hygienic Articles such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, incontinence articles and coffee filter bags

Birch Brothers Southern, Inc. P.O. Box 70, 9510 Newtown Rd. Waxhaw, NC 28173 Telephone: 704-843-2111 Fax: 704-843-3936 Sales Manager: Jim Groome Products: Web Handling Equipment, OEM Finishing Machinery, Mill Sewing Machines

Black Clawson 46 North First Street Fulton, NY 13069 Telephone: 315-598-7121 Fax: 315-593-0396 Products: Plastic Extrusion, Coextrusion Equipment For Coaters, Films and Laminators, Solution Coaters and Dryers for Web Substrates, Unwind, Rewinder, Continuous On-Line Slitter Winders--either Surface and Center/Surface Winding

Blickle Fabrikations-GmbH Postfach 5 7458 Neufra/Hohenzollern Germany Telephone: 7574-404-0 Fax: 7574-404-80 Sales Manager: F. Lude, R. Leins Products: Rotary Die Cutters, Knives, Shafts and Embossing/Treating Rolls

Bonino Carding Machines Via Gramsci 3 I-13060, Sandigliano (VC), Italy Telephone: 39-15-249-3383 Fax: 39-15-254-3526 Sales Manager: G. Bonino Products: Cards, Garnetts, Feeders, Turnkey Systems, Web Forming Equipment and Mixing & Blending Systems

Boschert, Inc. P.O. Box 9668 Mobile, AL 36691 Telephone: 205-343-3030 Fax: 205-343-3744 Sales Manager: Bob Banks Products: Safety Chucks, Brakes, Clutches, Tension Controls

Bowman-Dunn 2925 Old Steele Road Charlotte, NC 28208 Telephone: 704-374-1500 Fax: 704-333-5520 Sales Manager: Robert Lewis Products: Aprons, Belts, Beaters

Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 41 Eagle Road Danbury, CT 06813-1961 Telephone: 203-796-0400 Fax: 203-796-9813 Products: Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

Carl G. Brimmekamp & Co., Inc. 537 Steamboat Road Greenwich, CT 06830 Telephone: 203-622-6300 Fax: 203-622-6333 Products: High-efficiency Folding Machines for medical nonwoven compresses, nonwoven bed sheets, tablecloths, High Speed Napkin Folding Machines, Sheeters for various laminated and unlaminated foils, films, nonwovens and paper, Wet Laid Nonwovens Machines and Rolls

Bruckner Trockentechnik GmbH Benzstrasse 8-10 D-7250 Leonberg, Germany Telephone: 07152-12-0 Fax: 07152-12-254 Products: Bonding, Coating, Dyeing and Fusing Equipment, Turnkey Systems, Winders, Rewinders, Spray Systems, Dryers, Ovens, Cutters

Caldiroli SNC Dei Fratelli Caldiroli Via Giolitti 19 - 21053 Castellanza Va Italy Telephone: 0331-500590 Fax: 0331-604146 Sales Manager: Aldino Caldiroli Products: Sanitary Napkin, Baby Diaper Machinery

Cameron Machine Somerset Technologies P.O. Box 791 New Brunswick, NJ 08903 Telephone: 908-356-6000 Fax: 908-356-0643 Vice President: Frank Pozar Products: Slitting and Rewinding Machinery

Caratsch AG Fischbacherstrasse 7 CH-5620 Bremgarten, Switzerland Telephone: 57-31-1100 Fax: 57-33-7144 Sales Manager: G. Juchli Products: Coating Equipment, Dryers, Ovens and Hot Melt Laminating Equipment

CarolMac Corp. P.O. Box 26623 Greenville, SC 29616 Telephone: 800-772-5355 Fax: 803-297-5357 Sales Manager: Joe Glenn, Sr. Products: S.T.P. Impianti Plants for Spunbonded Nonwoven Fabrics

Robert Casaretto P.O. Box 1180 D-7889 Grenzach-Wyhlen 2 Germany Telephone: 7624-302-0 Fax: 7624-30265 Sales Manager: Jurgen Teupel Products: Embossing Equipment, Engravings for thermal bonding

F. lli Ceccato S.p.A. Via Trentacoste 14 20134 Milan Italy Telephone: 2142632 Fax: 2155158 Sales Manager: Dr. Alberto Ceccato Products: Spinnerets, Melt Blowing Dies, Spunlace Nozzles U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Richmond, VA

A. Celli SpA. Via Romana Ovest 212 55016 Porcari (Lucca) Italy Telephone: 583-297-171 Fax: 583-29340 Sales Manager: Mario Rivis Products: Machinery for Winding, Rewinding, Slitting of Nonwovens U.S. Office: A. Celli International Inc. 200 E. Las Olas Suite 1270 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Telephone: 305-524-0024 Fax: 305-524-0709 Sales Manager: Anders Moller

Cellulose Converting Equipments Svincolo Autostrada Sambuceto/Chieti 66020 Italy Telephone: 39-85-4460222 Fax: 39-85-4460956 Sales Manager: Walter Cestaro Products: Machinery for baby and adult diapers, feminine napkins, baby bib with front pocket machines

Charvo Maschinenbau GmbH Felbergstrasse 6 6203 Hochheim am Main Germany Telephone: 06146-200-14 Fax: 06146-2015 Products: Spray Bonding, Thermal Bonding, Drying Machinery

Chase Machine 1372 Main Street West Warwick, RI 02893 Telephone: 401-821-8879 Fax: 401-823-5543 Sales Manager: George Gil Products: Ultrasonic Bonding, Web Handling Equipment, Winders, Rewinders

John Chatillon & Sons Inc. (formerly Lloyd Instruments) 7609 Business Park Drive Greensboro, NC 27409 Telephone: 800-241-5867 Fax: 919-665-9163 Sales Manager: Wayne Hayward Products: Universal Testing Machines

Chicago Cutting Die 2333 W. Nelson St. Chicago, IL 60618 Telephone: 312-477-4600 Fax: 312-477-3222 Sales: Ed White Products: Precision Solid and/or Segmented Cutting Dies, Rotary Dies and Accessories for the nonwovens converting industry, Evaluation, Reconditioning, Resharpening Of Dies

Chima 126 North 2nd Street Reading, PA 19601 Telephone: 215-372-6508 Fax: 215-372-7164 Sales Manager: Rick Heydt Service: Distributor of Textima Terry Knitting and Stitchbonding Machinery, Manufacturer of Knitting Elements, Casting and Recasting

Cleveland Machine Controls 7550 Hub Parkway Cleveland, OH 44125 Telephone: 216-524-8800 Fax: 216-642-2100 Mgr, Mktg. Comm: D.R. Tomko Products: Cleveland-Kidder Web Tension Control Equipment, Pacemaster and Digimaster Adjustable Speed DC Drives, Servomate Servo Drive Systems

Cofpa B.P. 1058 16002 Angouleme Cedex France Telephone: 33-45-68-90-55 Fax: 33-45-69-00-14 Sales Manager: Hansjor Paetow Products: Forming Fabrics, Dryer Fabrics, Conveyor Belts U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Richmond, VA

Comerio Ercole Via S. Pellico, 3 21052 Busto Arsizio, Italy Telephone: 0331-635473,4,5,6 Fax: 0331-635346 Products: Calenders, Stenters, Mercerizing Machines, Mangles, Bowls

Compensating Tension Controls 11 York Avenue West Caldwell, NJ 07007 Telephone: 201-228-2300 Fax: 201-228-7076 Sales Manager: E.L. Herbert Products: Automatic Web Splicers, Automatic Winding Machines, Tension Controls, Pneumatic Core Chucks and Shafts

Comptrol 9505 Midwest Avenue Cleveland, OH 44125 Telephone: 216-587-5200 Fax: 216-587-5210 Sales Manager: Steven Skowronski Products: Precision Linear Replacement Transducers especially designed for the measurement and control of web tension on continuous strip processing lines

Construction Technology Division 1062 Lancaster Avenue Rosemont, PA 19010 Telephone: 215-527-2010 Fax: 215-527-6046 Executive VP: Marvin Schneider Products: Product and Process Engineering for the Polymeric Industry; Systems Utilizing Microwave and RF Energy with Susceptor Additives; Proportional Metering, Mixing, Dispensing and Foaming Equipment

Consultex Corp. 2398 Cannons Campground Road P.O. Box 5751 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-579-2900 Fax: 802-579-2942 President: Frederic Niemann Products: Laminating Equipment, Thermal Bonding Equipment, Spray and Surface Finishing Systems and Dryers

Contech 1756 S. 151st St. West Goddard, KS 67052 Telephone: 316-722-6907 Fax: 316-722-2976 Sales Manager: Chuck Cooley Products: Equipment for die cutting, laminating, rewinding, unwinding, slitting, stacking, sheeting

Convair Systems 249 Orchard Street Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 Telephone: 201-797-4909 Fax: 201-797-4922 Sales Manager: Andre Petric Products: Trim Removal Systems and Equipment, Central Systems, Stand Alone Systems

Converter Accessory Corp. 303 Route 94 Columbia, NJ 07832 Telephone: 800-433-2413; 201-495-4555 Fax: 201-496-4583 Sales Manager: Jeff Damour Products: Web Handling Equipment and Accessories

Convertex Maschinen GmbH P.O. Box 200-232 D-4000 Duesseldorf 1 Germany Telephone: 0211-37-13-13 Fax: 49-0211-37-1888 Sales Manager: Gisela Ruch Products: New and Used Low-Priced Machinery for the disposable soft goods industry

Converting Concepts Corporation 120 Burnt Meadow Road Ringwood, NJ 07456 Telephone: 201-839-2580 Fax: 201-839-2690 Sales Manager: Rich Marotta Products: Converting Machinery, Hot Melt Coating/Laminating

CoreTech 416 Canal Street P.O. Box 551 Easton, PA 18044 Telephone: 215-252-9000 Fax: 215-252-9898 Sales Manager: Joe Pacilio Products: Core Cutting Equipment, Feeders, Printing Systems

Corfine 6150 Kilgore Ave. P.O. Box 2525 Muncie, IN 47307 Telephone: 317-288-2828; 800-428-8595 Fax: 317-288-9552 President: Robert B. Vigder Products: Soft Anvil Rotary Diecutters, Web-fed and Sheet-fed; Rotary Cutting and Creasing Attachments

Crafts Precision Industries 9440 Ainslie Street Schiller Park, IL 60176 Telephone: 708-678-0650 Fax: 708-678-0142 Sales Manager: David LeMaistre Products: Tungsten Carbide Knives, Anvils, Slitters and Wear Parts

Custom Scientific Instruments 13 Wing Drive Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 Telephone: 201-538-8500 Fax: 201-984-6793 Sales Manager: Henry Piekarski Products: Testing Instruments, Physical Property Measurement

Dambi Produktion AB P.O. Box 500 S-260 34 Morarp, Sweden Telephone: 46-42-75000 Fax: 46-42-71457 Products: Manufacturing process for soft disposable goods

Dan-Webforming Bryggervej 21 DK-8240 Risskov, Denmark Telephone: 45-86-21-31-88 Fax: 45-86-21-30-46 Managing Director: John Mosgaard Technical Director: Hermann Wolff Products: Development Work with Dry Forming and Delivery of complete turnkey dry forming lines, Adhesive Bonding, Thermal Bonding

Data Measurement 15884 Gaither Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Telephone: 301-948-2450 Fax: 301-670-0506 Sales Manager: Stephen Outhwaite Products: Measurement and Control Systems for Nonwovens, Featuring Basis Weight and Caliper Measurement Using Nuclear and Infra-Red Sources

Davis & Deleo Co., Inc. 5916 Old Mount Holly Rd. Charlotte, NC 28208 Telephone: 704-393-8005 Fax: 704-391-0235 Sales Manager: Louie Mullikin Products: Balers, Compactors, Filtration Systems, Shredders, Trim Removal, Turnkey Systems

Davis-Standard 1 Extrusion Drive Pawcatuck, CT 06379 Telephone: 203-599-1010 Fax: 203-599-6258 Sales Manager: Jim Storey Products: Plastic and Elastomer Extrusion Systems

Design Technology 5 Suburban Pk. Dr. Billerica, MA 01821 Telephone: 508-663-7000 Fax: 508-663-6841 President: Marvin Menzin Products: Custom Automation Systems and Special Machinery

Dilo P.O. Box 669085 Charlotte, NC 28266 Telephone: 704-392-0357 Fax: 704-393-0775 VP: Klaus Maitre Products: Nonwoven Needle Felting Equipment

Oskar Dilo Maschinenfabrik KG P.O. Box 1551 D-69405 Eberbach Germany Telephone: 06271-2006 Fax: 06271-71142 President: J.P. Dilo Products: Complete Needle Felting Plants, Needle Looms for paper machine felts, shoulder pads and tubular felts

Doerries GmbH Veldener Str. 52 D-52349, Duren, Germany Telephone: 02421-499-263 Fax: 02421-42553 Head of Nonwovens: Bernd Stolz Sales Manager: Berthold Scholz Products: Web Forming Equipment, Wet Laid Nonwoven Machinery

Double E Company, Inc. 385 West Street, P.O. Box 574 W. Bridgewater, MA 02379 Telephone: 508-588-8099 Fax: 508-580-2915 Sales Manager: Jay Milender Products: Air and Mechanically Activated Shafts, Carbon Fiber Shafts, Torque and Air Operated Core Chucks, Core Restorers for unwinding and rewinding

Dover Flexo Electronics 93 Pickering Road Rochester, NH 03867 Telephone: 603-332-6150 Fax: 603-332-3758 Sales Manager: Kenneth Ekola Products: Tension Controls, Indicators, Transducers and Pneumatic Brakes

DSM Machinery 1521 E. Walnut Ave. P.O. Box 3817 Dalton, GA 30719-0817 Telephone: 706-278-1656 Fax: 706-226-3008 Sales Manager: A.C. Rogers Products: Custom Design of textile equipment

Duotex S.r.l Galleria, Buenos Aires 16 20124 Milan, Italy Telephone: 02/29401672; 02/29404581 Fax: 02/29405143 Sales Manager: Henri Matalon Products: Machines and Complete Lines for the Production of Nonwovens

Edelmann Maschinen GmbH Daimlerring 11, D-63839 Postfach 120, D-63836 Kleinwallstadt, Germany Telephone: 06022-66-22-0 Fax: 06022-66-22-44 Products: Winding and Cutting Machines for nonwovens, textiles, paper and foil U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Richmond, VA

Egan Machinery Div./John Brown 229 Van Buren St. Oconto Falls, WI 54154-0976 Telephone: 414-846-2892 Fax: 414-846-3976 Sales Manager: David Deming Products: Custom Converting Machinery

Elsner Engineering Works 475 Fame Avenue P.O. Box 66 Hanover, PA 17331 Telephone: 717-637-5991 Fax: 717-633-7100 Sales Manager: Donald Rush Products: Automatic Rewinding and Shrink Film Overwrapping of Consumer Sized Roll Products, Folding Machines For Wet Wipes, Industrial Wipes, Napkins and Surgical Drapes and Swabs

Emberte Corporation P.O. Box 3192 Wayne, NJ 07474-3192 Telephone: 201-942-7466 Fax: 201-942-3405 Sales Manager: Bernard Green Products: Web and Roll Converting and Slitting Machinery

Emtek 95 Stickles Pond Road Newton, N.J. 07860 Telephone: 201-579-6622 Fax: 201-579-6062 Products: Air Shafts and Chucks

Enka Tecnica D-53523 Heinsberg, Germany Telephone: 2452-152577 Fax: 2452-66 385 Sales Manager: Thomas Ostermann Products: Extrusion Die Tips for Melt Blown Process, Spinneretts for Spunbond Fabrics and Inspection Systems for Spinnerets U.S. Agent: Hurley and Harrison, Inc.

Epoch Industries P.O. Box 472633 Garland, TX 75047 Sales Manager: Eric Westerheim Telephone: 214-271-4295 Fax: 214-278-6631 Products: Composite and Metal Rollers and Shafts

Erhardt and Leimer P.O. Box 1352 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-574-0820 Fax: 803-874-7774 VP & GM: David Merritt Products: Web Handling & Guiding Systems

ETF Machinefabriek BV Randweg Zuid 11, 6031 SX Nederweert P.O. Box 2703-6030 AA Nederweert The Netherlands Telephone: 31-4951-32323 Fax: 31-4951-31027 Sales Director: Rudolf Koppens Products: Cutting, Inspection, Measuring, Rolling, Packing and Handling Machinery for the Nonwoven, Carpet, Textile and Cushion Vinyl Industry

Eurotherm Gauging Systems 46 Manning Road Billerica, MA 01860 Telephone: 508-663-2300 or 800-225-0080 Fax: 508-663-0089 Sales Manager: Hector Marchand Products: Web Measurement and Control Systems

Exclusivas Te-Pa, S.A. Secretario Coloma-57 Barcelona, Spain 08024 Telephone: 34-3-219-48-04 Fax: 34-3-210-60-53 Sales Manager: J.M. Salas Products: Suppliers of Machinery and Equipment for Nonwovens

Fabric Finishing Systems Inc. 1525 Old Louis Quisset Pike Lincoln, RI 02865 Telephone: 401-727-4480 Fax: 401-727-4483 Sales Manager: Walter Hoover Products: Marketing Web Handling and Finishing Equipment

Fabritech Machine Corp. 362 Harrison St. Passaic, NJ 07055 Telephone: 201-473-3118 Fax: 201-473-3112 President: Paul Rose Products: Web Handling Machinery Standard and Custom Designs Built for 24" to 200" Wide Webs

Fameccanica.Data S.p.A. Via Aterno Sambuceto (Chieti), 66020 Italy Telephone: 085-45531 Fax: 085-4460998 Sales & Marketing Mgr: Donato Carriero Products: Automatic Production Lines for soft disposable products (baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult incontinence pads and bed underpads) and Plant Automation Systems

Fare S.p.A. Via Pastrengo 31 21054 Fagnano Olona Italy Telephone: 0331-617 155 Fax: 0331-617 546 Products: Machinery for Extrusion of Staple Fibers

Faustel P.O. Box 1000 Germantown, WI 53022 Telephone: 414-253-3333 Fax: 414-253-3334 Manager of Marketing: Peter Fahrendorf Products: Web Coating and Laminating Machinery

Dr. Ernst Fehrer AG Wegscheider Str. 15 Linz, Austria 4021 Telephone: (0732)80641-205 Fax: 0732-81674 Sales Manager: Peter Schoffer Products: Nonwoven and Needlepunching Equipment

Fibre Converting Machinery AB Ostra Bangatan 22 195 60 Marsta Stockholm, Sweden Telephone: 46-8591-23175 Fax: 46-8591-19770 Sales Manager: P.O. Wiberg Products: Converting Machines for Diapers, Incontinence and Sanpro Products. Fluff Defibrating and Waste Recycling Equipment

Fi-Tech, Inc. 501 Research Road Richmond, VA 23236 Telephone: 804-794-9615 Fax: 804-794-9514 President: C.L. Bassett Products: Autefa Baling Presses; Edelmann Winders and Slitters; Cofpa Forming Belts; Ceccato Spinnerets, Melt Blowing Die Tips and Hydroentaglement Jet Strips; Mechadyne Stretch-Film Roll Wrapping Equipment; Noworoll Nonwoven Lines, Continuous Quilting Lines and Pillow Filling Lines; Reifenhauser Turnkey Plants for Spunbond and Melt Blown Fabrics; Schill and Seilacher Spin Finish Oils, Surfactants, Flame Retardants, Wetting Agents and Finishing Chemicals; Zentes Unitex Spinneret Inspection Equipment; Syntex Chemie Specialty Chemicals

Fleissner GmbH & Co. Wolfsgartenstr. 6 63329 Egelsbach, Germany Telephone: 06103-4010 Fax: 06103-401440 Sales Manager: Alfred Watzl Products: Continuous Production Lines for nonwovens (dry laid, wet laid and spunbondeds) for impregnation, foam impregnation, drying, curing, washing, dyeing, shrinking, heatsetting and thermal bonding

Fleissner 12301 Moores-Chapel Rd Charlotte, NC 28214 Telephone: 704-394-3376 Fax: 704-393-2637 Vice President: Don Gillespie Products: Continuous Finishing Lines for the production of chemical, thermal or mechanical bonded web structures from wet laid, dry laid or spunbonded web forming lines

Flow International Corp. 23500 64th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032 P.O. Box 97040 Kent, WA 98064-9740 Telephone: 206-850-3500 Fax: 206-813-3285 Director Sales/Marketing: Tom Stefanik Products: High Pressure Waterjet and Abrasivejet Cutting Equipment

F.O.R. Fonderie Officine Riunite Via Nazionale 3 Biella, Italy 13051 Telephone: 015-406027-406089 Fax: 015-406109 Products: Cards, Complete Lines-Dry Laid, Crosslappers, Openers, Lap Drafters

Foster Needle P.O. Box 1027 Manitowoc, WI 54221 Telephone: 414-682-6314 Fax: 414-682-5331 VP Sales: John Foster Products: Felting Needles, crown Needles, Fork Needles for the needlepunching industry, Tufting Needles, Machine that Removes and Replaces Needles from Needle Boards; full internal lab facilities available

Frankl + Thomas, Inc. P.O. Box 26329 Greenville, SC 29616 Telephone: 803-288-5050 Fax: 803-234-7544 Contact: Diane Dillard Products: Serve Synthetic Fiber Industry

French Apron 1619 N. Madison St. Gastonia, NC 28053 Telephone: 704-865-7666 Fax: 704-867-4724 Products: Textile Aprons, Lags, Slats, Pins and Picker Teeth and Pulleys, Belting, Comb Boards

Gaston County Dye Machine P.O. Box 308 Stanley, NC 28164 Telephone: 704-827-6751 Fax: 704-827-0476 Products: Chemical Foam Systems for Precise Coating of Nonwoven, Textile and Paper Products

Georgia Textile Machinery 1475 Hwy. 76 Suite 1 Chatsworth, GA 30705 Telephone: 706-695-9791 Fax: 706-517-1571 Contact: Terry Saunders Products: Representatives for Fiber Flow Techniques--Fiber Opening and Blending; Ta You Machinery--Carding and Crosslapping; Shoou Shyng Machinery--Needlelooms; Able Industries--Through Air Thermal Bonding

Gertex Nonwovens, Inc. 9600 A Southern Pine Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28217 Telephone: 704-523-1963 Fax: 704-527-3210 President: Klaus Staats Sales: Bruce Morris, Susan Visbeck Products: Nonwoven and Textile Machinery, Marketing and Consulting Service

GFM North America, Inc. 404 N. Oak Park Ave. Oak Park, IL 60302-2123 Telephone: 708-848-6270 Fax: 708-848-6279 Sales Manager: Andrew Nocker Products: Automation, Perforating, Hot Melt and Laminating Equipment, Cutting and Roll Handling Systems, Tension Controls, Tape Applicators

Gibbs Machinery P.O. Box 1727 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-439-8753 Fax: 803-439-7544 Sales Manager: Al Clark Products: Used Machinery, Appraisals and Liquidations

Robert Giebeler Rheindorfer Str. 70 Langenfeld Germany 4018 Telephone: 02173-16710 Telex: 8-515759 Managing Director: Joachim Wesemann Diplomatic Salesman: Rainer Ruckelshausen Products: Folding Machines, Packaging Systems, Printing Systems

Glenro 39 McBride Avenue Paterson, NJ 07501 Telephone: 201-279-5900; 800-922-0106 Fax: 201-279-9103 Sales Manager: Sterling Pitt Products: Web Drying and Heating Ovens, Conveyorized Ovens

goldenrod Corporation P.O. Box 6918 Warwick, RI 02887 Telephone: 401-739-7818 Fax: 401-738-2879 Sales Manager: J.F. Curran Products: Roll Handling Tools

Grecon Electronics 7747 SW Cirrus Drive Beaverton, OR 97005 Telephone: 503-641-7731 Fax: 503-641-7508 Nat'l Sales Manager: Bot Barnum Products: Spark Detection/Extinguishment Systems, Measuring Systems

Groz-Beckert P.O. Box 249 D-7470 Albstadt (Ebingen) Germany Telephone: 011-49-3431-101 Fax: 011-49-7431-102777 Products: Felting Needles

Groz-Beckert USA P.O. Box 7131 Charlotte, NC 28241 Telephone: 704-392-3282 Fax: 803-548-3544 Sales Managers: Dan Ferland, Southern Region; Bob Yeske, Northern Region Products: Sales, Technical Service and Distribution of Felting and Fork Needles

Hassia U.S.A. Inc. One Harvard Way #4 Somerville, NJ 08876 Telephone: 908-722-8008 Fax: 908-722-6889 Sales Manager: Charles Ravalli Products: Towelette and Swab Packaging in Foil Pouches

Hastem Oettinger Str. 9 D-8860 Nordlingen Germany Telephone: 09081-88038 Fax: 09081-88817 Sales Manager: Klaus Wildforster Products: Slat and Needle-slat Transport Aprons for Nonwovens

Hauser Automation 2311 Highway 292 P.O. Box 36 Inman, SC 29349 Telephone: 803-472-4800 Fax: 803-472-4098 Sales Manager: David Strickland Products: Automated Cutting/Stacking Machines, Computerized Quilting Machines

Hergeth Hollingsworth D-4408 Dulmen Germany Telephone: 02594/784-0 Telex: 89815 Products: Nonwoven Turnkey Plants

Hills, Inc. 7785 Ellis Rd. West Melbourne, FL 32904 Telephone: 407-724-2370 Fax: 407-676-7635 Sales Manager: Steven Fredricks Products: Design, Manufacture Melt Extrusion Equipment for the Formation of Synthetic Fiber at Various Production Levels

Hobema Maschinenfabrik Robert Bosch Strabe 24 4047 Dormagen 5 Germany Telephone: 21-33-7961 Fax: 21-33-733 51 Products: Folding Equipment for Nonwovens, Rotary Cross Cutters

John D. Hollingsworth On Wheels P.O. Box 516 Greenville, SC 29602 Telephone: 803-297-1000 Fax: 803-297-2637 Products: Manufacturer of Equipment for Complete Nonwoven Line

Holyoke Machine 522 Main Street P.O. Box 988 Holyoke, MA 01041-0988 Telephone: 413-534-5612 Fax: 413-532-9244 Vice President: James Sagalyn Products: Calendering Equipment, Embossing Equipment, Filtration Systems, Embossing Rolls

Honeycomb Systems, Inc. A Valmet Paper Machinery Co. P.O. Box 502 Biddeford, ME 04005 Telephone: 207-282-1521 Fax: 207-283-0926 Sales/Mktg Coordinator: Denise LeBlond Products: Through Air Systems for Drying, Curing and Bonding for many Nonwovens and Tissue/Towel Applications. Hydroentaglement Systems for the Nonwovens Industry. Vacuum Rolls for the web processing industry

Honeycomb Systems 49, rue de la Sinne 68100 Mulhouse, France Telephone: 89-46-2212 Fax: 80-46-0031 Managing Director: Joseph Rueher Products: Drying, Curing and Thermal Bonding Systems, Thru-Dryers for Wet-Dry Laid Nonwovens, Rotary Fiberglass Drying and Curing, High Vacuum Thru-Dryers, Hydraulic Entanglement Systems, Computer Process Control Systems

Horton Manufacturing 1170 15th Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414 Telephone: 612-331-5931 Fax: 612-378-6496 Products: Brakes, Clutches, Air Control Devices, Tension Controls, Web Handling Equipment, Web Guiding Equipment. Manufacturing of Clutches and Brakes (pneumatic) for Industrial Applications, Tension Control and Edge Guiding Equipment for Web Process

Houget Duesberg Bosson 37 rue du Tissage Ensival, Verviers 4800 Belgium Telephone: 087-39-3211 Fax: 087-31-6629 Sales Manager: A. Theys

HSJ Group 1254 Old Alpharetta Road Alpharetta, GA 30201 Telephone: 404-343-8505 Fax: 404-343-9638 Sales Mgrs: Jerry Harmon, Larry Jones Products: Application Systems, Complete Melt Blown Lines, Turnkey Systems

Hurletron 1938 East Fairchild Street P.O. Box 4004 Danville, IL 61834 Telephone: 217-446-6500 Fax: 217-446-3286 Sales Manager: Jean Andre Products: Controls for registration control

Hydralign, Inc. P.O. Box 47, 761 Main St. Walpole, MA 02081 Telephone: 508-668-1775 Fax: 508-660-1993 Sales Manager: Lawrence Sundberg Products: Web Guiding Systems, Cor-Safe Safety Chucks, Cor-Trol Core Chucks and Web Processing Equipment for Winding and Unwinding

Ibis International P.O. Box 870209 Stone Mountain, GA 30087 Telephone: 404-413-7611 Fax: 404-413-7614 Sales Manager: John Cork Products: Filtration, Drying and Process Systems for nonwovens, paper and disposables, Recycle/Reclaim Equipment

Inarc Converting P.O. Box 394 Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 Telephone: 201-941-5511 Fax: 201-943-5498 Sales Manager: Vinny De Pasquale Products: New and Used Single Knife Slitters, Rewinding Machines and Bias Binding Machinery

Independent Machine 2 Stewart Place Fairfield, NJ 07004 Telephone: 201-882-0060 Fax: 201-808-9505 Sales Manager: Bruce Butler Products: Web Processing Machinery

Inoue Kinzoku Kogyo Nishihihonmachi All Nippon Air Ways Bldg. Nishi Honmachi, Nishi-Ku Osaka, Japan Telephone: 06-534-0231 Fax: 06-534-0250 Products: Coaters, Diaper Making Equipment, Dryers, Heat Recovery Systems, Hot Melt Equipment, Sanitary Napkin Equipment, Saturators, Suction Boxes, Winders and Rewinders

International Knife and Saw P.O. Box 752006 Cincinnati, OH 45275 Telephone: 606-371-0333 TWX: 810-542-8536 Products: Precision Knives for disposable diapers and other nonwoven products

Investkonsult M-G International Trading AB P.O. Box 18 S-60102 Norrkoping, Sweden Telephone: 46 111 060 75 Fax: 46 111 240 26 Sales Manager: Lars Berlin Products: Wadding Compactor, Used equipment

IR Engraving, Inc. P.O. Box 38130 Richmond, VA 23231 Telephone: 804-222-2821 Fax: 804-226-3462 Technical Sales: Ted Zaremba Products: Embossing, Thermal Bonding, Ultrasonic Bonding, Applicator, Gravure Printing, Chromeplated, Mirror Finish, Super Precision and Flame Spray Rolls

ITW Dynatec 31 Volunteer Drive Hendersonville, TN 37075 Telephone: 615-824-3634 Fax: 615-264-5248 VP Sales: Scott Mercer Products: Complete Range of Hot Melt Coaters and Application Equipment, Melt Rates to 2500 lbs/hr. Line, Application Devices for Bead Extrusion, Spiral Spray, Barrier Coatings, Rotogravure Wheels, Screen Printer Patterns and Film Laminations. Complete Applications Lab Available for Testing up to 36" wide

J and M Laboratories, Inc. 12 J and M Drive Dawsonville, GA 30534-5124 Telephone: 706-216-1520 Fax: 706-216-1517 Sales Manager: Martin Allen Products: Hot Melt Equipment, Melt Blown, Spunbond, Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

Jenkins Metal 936 N. Marietta St. P.O. Box 2089 Gastonia, NC 28054 Telephone: 704-867-6394 Fax: 704-867-0491 Sales Manager: Dave Moss Products: Dust and Waste Extraction/Filtration Systems, Replacement Parts, Carding

Jet Edge, Inc. 825 Rhode Island Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55426 Telephone: 612-545-1477 Fax: 612-545-5670 Sales Manager: Tom Luckemeyer Products: Ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting systems

Curt G. Joa P.O. Box 903 Crocker Avenue Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085-0903 Telephone: 414-467-6136 Fax: 414-467-2924 Sales Manager: Gene Kiela, Jr. Products: Machines for producing and stacking disposable infant and adult diapers, feminine sanitary napkins, hospital underpads, incontinence devices, Related Specialty Products and Machines for TriFolding and Individually Wrapping feminine sanitary napkins

Curt G. Joa P.O. Box 1360 1500 N. High Ridge Road Boynton Beach, FL 33425-1360 Telephone: 407-732-7177 Fax: 407-736-3947 VP & GM: Timothy Kenney

JRC Web Accessories P.O. Box 1371, 11 York Avenue West Caldwell, NJ 07006 Telephone: 201-625-3888 Fax: 201-226-4249 Sales Manager: Ralph Ryan Products: Air Chucks and Shafts

Kampf Machinery 645 Massman Drive Nashville, TN 37210 Telephone: 615-885-1104 Fax: 615-885-5543 VP: Joseph LeMin Products: Winders, Slitters and Rewinders

Kinetik Enterprises P.O. Box 1366 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-583-1166 Fax: 803-583-8833 Sales Manager: Arne Niemann Products: Rotor Damping Systems, Roller Applicators, Air Humidification

Krantz-TKT Uersfeld 24 D-52072 Aachen, Germany Telephone: 0241-434340 Fax: 0241-434215 Sales Manager: Mr. Schmitz Products: Air Handling and Conditioning Plants and Accessories

Kronosept AB P.O. Box 223 S-241 23 Eslov Sweden Telephone: 46-413-17015 Fax: 46-413-60975 Sales Manager: Henry Emond Products: Machines for Production of Traditional Sanitary Napkins, Maternity Pads and Ultra Thin "Winged" Napkins; Hammer Mills and Drum-Forming Systems

Eduard Kusters Gladbacher Str. 457 Krefeld 47805 Germany Telephone: 02151-34-0 Fax: 02151-34-1206 Division Manager: Siegfried Prompler Products: Calenders, Rolls and Engravings for Nonwoven

Lanly 26201 Tungsten Road Cleveland, OH 44132 Telephone: 216-731-1115 Fax: 216-731-7900 Sales Manager: A.J. Smetana Products: Heat Process Equipment

Laroche S.A. Rue de Thizy B.P. 21 Cours La Ville 69470, France Telephone: 74-89-84-85 Fax: 74-89-86-56 Sales Manager: Robert Laroche Products: Machine Manufacturer for Fiber Opening and Blending Lines, Fluff Reclaiming Systems, Textile Waste Recycling Lines

Latanick Equipment Inc. 720 River Road Huron, OH 44839 Telephone: 419-433-2200 Fax: 419-433-6261 Sales Manager: Ken Watt Products: Fluid Spray Applicator

Lepovsky Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 1030 Atkinson, NH 03811 Telephone: 603-362-9990 Fax: 603-362-4191 Sales Manager: Peter Lepovsky Products: Sales, Service and Distribution for E. Dittberner Adhesive Application Equipment; Sales for Absorbent Web Engineering SAP Applicators, Target-Sorb surface Treatment; Quick-Change Hot Melt Cleaner

Less Inc. Latex Equipment Sales and Service P.O. Box 1971 Dalton, GA 30722 Telephone: 706-278-0272 Fax: 706-275-6222 Sales Manager: W. Lamar Brown Products: Application Systems for fluorochemical treatment of nonwovens

LFE Industrial Systems Div. 55 Green Street Clinton, MA 01510 Telephone: 508-365-3453 Fax: 508-365-3455 Sales VP: Gordon Duncan Products: Systems to Measure and Control Weight, Thickness and Moisture of continuous nonwoven processes

Lightnin A Unit of General Signal P.O. Box 1370 Rochester, NY 14603 Telephone: 716-436-5550 Sales Manager: J. Schlachter Products: Fluid Mixing Equipment

Lindauer Dornier Rickenbacher Str. 119 D-8990 Lindau/Bodensee Germany Telephone: 08382-7030 Fax: 08382-703378 Products: Nonwoven Dryers

C.A. Litzler 4800 West 160th Street Cleveland, OH 44135 Telephone: 216-267-8020 Fax: 216-267-9856 Products: Laminating, Continuous Oven Systems, Coaters, Powder Adhesive Heated Conveyors, Letoffs, Windups, Process Machinery

LIXI 1438 Brook Dr. Downers Grove, IL 60515 Telephone: 708-620-4646 Fax: 708-620-7776 President: Joseph E. Pascente Sales Manager: Andy Xydakis Products: X-Ray Inspection System for Bonding, Density and Fiber Orientation

Maartens Kleinmetaal B.V. P.O. Box 4139 Haarlem 2003-EC, The Netherlands Telephone: 31-23-321759 Fax: 31-23-327607 Sales manager: A. M. Maartens Products: Full Hardened One-Piece Rotary Cutting/Embossing Dies, Also in Tungsten Carbide, Bearerless Rotary Dies

M&J Fibretech Vejlevej 3-5 Horsens, 8700 Denmark Telephone: 45-5-647700 Fax: 45-5-647820 Products: Dry Forming Lines and Turnkey Projects for Production of Pulp-Based Latex and Thermal Bonded Products, Thermal Bonding Ovens and De-Fibering Systems

Mabotex S.A. 3 Rue Emile Deschanel 42000 St. Etienne, France Telephone: 33-77-21-19-08 Fax: 33-77-33-95-82 Sales Manager: Xavier Nicolas Products: Designer and Builder of Sponge Folding and Packaging Machines

Machtex Holland Kapoeasweg 15 1043 Amsterdam, Holland Telephone: 31-20-112022 Fax: 31-20-132692 Sales Manager: C.M. Klatte Products: Spray Adhesive Laminating Machines, Specialized for Waddings, Spraying Equipment; Conveyor Belts with Guiding Equipment, Molding Equipment

Magnetic Power Systems Inc. 1626 Manufacturers Drive Fenton, MO 63026 Telephone: 314-343-5550 Fax: 314-326-0608 Marketing Manager: Jeff Hutchings Products: Web Tension Controls, Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes, Pneumatic Double Disc Brakes, Tension Sensors, Tension Read-outs, Ultrasonic Tension Controls

Martin Automatic 1661 Northrock Court Rockford, IL 61103 Telephone: 815-654-4800 Fax: 815-654-4810 Products: Splicers, Tension Control Systems

May Coating Technologies 2280 Terminal Road St. Paul, MN 55113 Telephone: 612-633-8758 Fax: 612-633-0624 Sales Manager: John Mckechnie Products: Designer and Manufacturer of web handling, coating, laminating and hot melt processing equipment. Offers custom built and standard lines of coater/laminators, die coating stations, melters, drum unloaders and lab coaters. Product opment facilities available for process and application testing

Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik, Karl Bruphlstr. 25, D-6053 Obertshausen, Germany Telephone: 6104-402-0 Fax: 6104-43574 Sales Director: H.M. Lehner Products: Raschel Machines with Web Feed, Automatic Cone Winders and Rewinders, Warping equipment

McBride Machine Corp. 101 Woodbine Lane Danville, PA 17821 Telephone: 717-271-3133 Fax: 717-271-3136 Products: Shafts, Chucks, Cores, Cutting and Coating Systems, Automatic Slitter/Rewinder Stands, Turret Unwind Stands, Flame Laminators, Accumulators and Tension Control Dancer Systems

Measurex One Results Way Cupertino, CA. 95014 Telephone: 408-255-1500 Fax: 408-366-5390 Products: Measurement and Control Systems

Meccaniche Moderne Corso Sempione 32 21052 Busto Arsizio, Italy Telephone: 0331-629145 Fax: 0331-626491 Sales Manager: Rodolfo Meriggi Products: Multi-Filament Lines, Strapping Lines, Mono-Filaments, PP Tape Lines, Staple Fiber Lines, Lines for Decorative Tapes, Spunbonded Lines

Mechadyne Machine 1000 Cobb Place Blve., Suite 390 Kennesaw, GA 30144 Telephone: 404-422-4359 President: David Borgel Products: Automated Packaging System for Roll Goods Worldwide Agent: Fi-Tech, Richmond, VA

Menzel P.O. Drawer 3308 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-576-5690 Fax: 803-574-4570 Sales Manager: Jack Wingo Products: Winders, Slitters, Expanders, Rollers, Coaters

Mercier Freres 32 Ave. Daniel Mercier, B.P. 128 F-07104 Annonay Cedex France Telephone: 33-47-22 Fax: 75-32-10-22 Products: Splitting Line for Nonwovens Materials

Meytec P.O. Box 206 Riverside, CT 06902 Telephone: 203-358-9637 Fax: 203-358-9250 Sales Manager: Roger Lepoutre Products: Importing of Dry Film/Powder Laminators and Heat Stamping Machines. Also Sell Films and Polypropylene

Micrex Corp. 17 Industrial Road Walpole, MA 02081 Telephone: 508-660-1900 Fax: 508-660-1818 Sales Manager: William Goodchild Products: Micrex/Microcreper Machinery for Mechanical Softening, Texturing, Bulking, Shrinkage Control and Imparting Stretch to Various Web Structures

Mid-South Textile Machinery, Inc. P.O. Box 1828 Athens, GA 30603 Telephone: 706-353-1133 Fax: 706-543-2564 Products: Used, Rebuilt and Custom Built Machinery

Mohr & Caidik Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. Robert-Bosch-Str 2 - 12 Ansbach D-8800, Germany Telephone: 0981-9506-0 Fax: 0981-9506-176 Sales Manager: Ingrid Heuser Products: Complete Nonwoven Bonding Lines, Coating and Laminating Lines, Dryers, Cutting, Slitting and Winding Machines, Polymerizing Tunnels

Moisture Systems 117 South Street Hopkinton, MA 01748 Telephone: 508-435-6881 Fax: 508-435-6677 Vice President: John Fordham Products: Quadra Beam 475, Micro Quad 8000 and Profile Video Display System. Near Infrared Sensors Featuring Digital Electronics, Single or Multi-wavelength Measurements, Analog Outputs and Computer Interfaces

Monroe Electronics 100 Housel Avenue Lyndonville, NY 14098 Telephone: 800-821-6001 Fax: 716-765-9330 Products: Static Control Equipment

Montalvo 200 Riverside Industrial Parkway Portland, ME 04103 Telephone: 207-797-8710 Products: Pneumatically Actuated Tension Brakes and Slip Clutches for Unwind and Rewind Tension Control Applications

Moody Machinery Sales 109 Hurricane Creek Rd., PO Box 428 Piedmont, SC 29673-0428 Telephone: 803-845-5078 Fax: 803-845-5250 Sales Manager: A.V. Moody, Jr. Services: Used Nonwovens Machinery, Sales, Appraisals, Liquidations

Mor Engineering 16 Francis Road Sahron, MA 02067 Telephone: 617-784-4315 President: Russell Cole Products: Automatic Needle Inserters/Removers

Morrison Berkshire Inc. 865 South Church St. North Adams, MA 01247 Telephone: 413-663-6501 Fax: 413-664-8738 Products: For the Papermaker Clothing Market; Machinery for Nonwovens

NAEF Press and Dies, Inc. Naef Park, P.O. Box 1249 Bolton Landing, NY 12814 Telephone: 518-644-2018 Fax: 518-644-2546 Sales Managers: Fritz Marki, Bernard Marki Products: Presses for Cutting Systems, Manual and Pneumatic Presses, Cutting Dies

The National Drying Machinery Co. 2190 Hornig Road Philadelphia, PA 19116 Telephone: 215-464-6070 Fax: 215-464-4096 Sales Manager: Paul Branson Products: Dryers, Ovens, Folding Machines, Heat Recovery Systems, Thermal Bonding Equipment

NDC Systems 730 East Cypress Avenue Monrovia, CA 91016 Telephone: 818-358-1871 Fax: 818-357-6440 Sales Manager: William Diltz Products: On-line Measurement of Weight/Unit/Area Gauging and Control Systems

Nemo Distributors, Inc. 696 Greenwood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30306 Telephone: 404-875-1094 Fax: 404-875-3218 Products: Nemo Refractometer

Neue Bruderhaus Maschinenfabrik Markwiesenstrasse 55 Postfach 2342-72713 Reutlingen Germany Telephone: 07121-501-0 Fax: 07121-501-268 Products: Wet Laid Nonwoven Equipment

Nim-Cor 575 Amherst St. Nashua, NH 03062 Telephone: 603-889-2153 Fax: 603-883-6980 Sales Manager: Tom Demgard Products: Manufacturers of Nim-Cor Air Shafts, Air Chucks, Bowed Rolls, Vertical Center Lifts and Roll Restorers

Nippon Nozzle 1-1 2-Chome, Murotani Nishiku Kobe 651-22 Japan Telephone: 078-991-6822 Fax: 078-991-6823 Sales Manager: Y. Kasahara Products: Spinnerettes, Dies for melt blown, spunbond and spunlace

Nordson 11475 Lakefield Drive Duluth, GA 30136 Telephone: 404-497-3400 Fax: 404-497-3677 Sales Manager: Kenneth Hodge Products: Hot Melt Adhesive Spray and Extrusion Equipment, Liquid Spray Equipment, Superabsorbent and other Powder Application Equipment

North American Manufacturing 4455 East 71st Street Cleveland, OH 44105 Telephone: 216-271-6000 Fax: 216-641-7852 Sales Manager: George Strongosky Products: Manufacturers of Automatic Web Guiding Systems

Sir James Farmer Norton Aldelphi Street Salford, Manchester M60 9HH, U.K. Telephone: 061-832-5511 Fax: 4461-832-5513 Sales Manager: Andrew H.P. Norton Products: Thermal Bonding, Calendering Equipment U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Inc.; Richmond, VA

Nuova Red Italiana V.LE Zanotti 54 Gropello Cairoli 27027, Italy Telephone: 382-815801 Fax: 382-815874 Sales Manager: Elio Trabattoni Products: Machinery for Production of Disposable Items such as Baby/Adult Diapers, Sanitary Napkins, Training Pants. Drum Forming Units, Elastic Waistband Applicators, Frontal Tape Applicators, Trifolding Units, Horizontal Stackers, Compact Packaging Unit, Rotary Dies, S.A.P. Applicators. Machines for Making Perforated Polyethylene. Turnkey Plants; Production and Converting Machines for Thermal Bonded Fluff

N.W.F. International P.O. Box 50024 Indianapolis, IN 46250 Telephone: 317-849-9606 Sales Manager: D.R. Parker Products: Plants for dry process manufacturing, print, saturation, spray, thermal bonding, needlepunch; New and used machines; Consulting; new plant start-up supervision and training

Octir 1108 N.O. Henry Blvd. Greensboro, NC 27405 Telephone: 919-273-3690 Fax: 919-274-2280 Sales Manager: C. Claude Dawson II Products: Cards for Synthetic, Carpet, Woolen, Nonwoven and Short Staple Synthetic

Octir Industriale Srl Via Campagne 16 I-13051 Biella, Italy Telephone: 39-15-401515 Fax: 39-15-8491880 Sales Manager: Eugenio Buratti Products: Cards for the Long and Short Staple Synthetic Markets, Worsted Wool Market, Woolen Market and Nonwovens Market

Ohmart 4241 Allendorf Drive Cincinnati, OH 45209 Telephone: 513-272-0131 Fax: 513-272-0133 Sales Manager: Dan Piroli Products: On-Line Weight Measurement and Control

OMMI 1108 N. O Henry Blvd. Greensboro, NC 27405 Telephone: 919-273-3690 Fax: 919-274-2280 Sales Manager: C. Claude Dawson II Products: Opening and Blending Equipment

Optima Corp. 1330 Contract Dr., PO Box 28 173 Green Bay, WI 54304-0173 Telephone: 414-339-2222 Fax: 414-339-2233 Sales Manager: Jerry Eber Products: High-Speed Polybagging Equipment for Soft Disposable Paper and Tissue Products, Bag Making Equipment, Polybagging Equipment for Multiple Formations and Product Orientations

Optima Maschinenfabrik Postfach 100520 D-74505 Schwaebisch Hall, Germany Telephone: 0791-506-0 Fax: 0791-51-835 Sales Director: Juergen P. Schaefer Products: Packing Machines for Soft Disposable Products. Bag Making Machines for Bottom Gussetted Bags, Captive Flap Bags, String-Tie Bags and Side Gussetted Bags

Osprey Corp. P.O. Box 49102 Atlanta, GA 30329 Telephone: 404-321-7776 Fax: 404-634-1401 Sales Manager: Jim Harpole Products: Engineered Air Systems: Fiber Reclaim Systems, Filtration Systems, SAP Dosing and SAP Extraction Systems, Waste Reduction Systems, Bale Opening Systems, Sound Enclosures

Overbeck & Co. D 47757 Krefeld P.O. Box 130555, Germany Telephone: 21-51-33097-98 Fax: 21-51-33096 Contact: Fred. Ehrenreich Reincke Products: Rollers and Engravings for Embossing and Thermal Bonding

Overfalz Maschinenbau GmbH Schlossstrasse 20, D-4100 Duisburg 18, Germany Telephone: 0203-491151 Fax: 0203-482463 Sales Manager: Klaus Overkamp Products: Folding Machines for Wipes and Napkins

Pallmann Pulverizers 820 Bloomfield Avenue Clifton, NJ 07012 Telephone: 201-471-1450 Fax: 201-471-7152 Sales Manager: Craig Pastore Products: Thermoplastic Recycling Systems, Size Reduction and Densification Equipment

Pamarco Embossing Roll Div. 230 East 11th Avenue Roselle, NJ 07203 Telephone: 800-634-DECO Products: Roll Manufacturer, Embossing Patterns, Precision Grinding Facilities, Electroplating Facilities

Paper Converting Machine P.O. Box 19005 Green Bay, WI 54307-9005 Telephone: 414-494-5601 Fax: 414-494-8865 Sales Manager: Rick Klaus Products: Manufacturers of Baby and Adult Diaper Machines; Absorbent Pad Machines and Folders; Surgical Towel Folders; Folders for barber and dental towels; Automatic Folders for pre-moistened wipers; Exam Sheets; Drape Sheets; Automatic Rewinders; Perforators; Slitters; Printers; Embossers

Parkinson Machine & Mfg. Corp. 15 Oak Street Esmond, RI 02917 Telephone: 401-231-7100 Fax: 401-231-7276 Sales Manager: Dave Rumson Products: Automatic Turret Winders, Surface Winders and Unwind Stands, Rewind Slitters

Parex-Mather Ltd. Avanti Works, Manchester Road Clifton, Swinton Manchester M27 2ND, U.K. Telephone: 061-794-5430 Technical Sales Engineer: B. Lea Products: Textile Finishing Machinery

Pascorp 24 N. Highcrest Drive PO Box 377 Hawthorne, NJ 07507-0377 Telephone: 201-304-0075 Fax: 201-304-0058 President: John A. Pasquale Products: Coating, Laminating, Embossing and Thermal Bonding Equipment, Winders, Rewinders and other Web Handling Machinery

Passaic Engraving 41 Brook Avenue Passaic, NJ 07055 Telephone: 201-777-0621 Fax: 210-777-7791 Sales Manager: Nick Sans Products: Embossing Rolls, Print Bond Rolls, Glue Applicator Rolls

Perfojet Z.A. Pre-Millet Montbonnot, 38330, France Telephone: 76-52-2311 Fax: 76-52-2173 Director: Andre Vuillaume Products: Jetlace Hydroentanglement Unit, Perfojet Hydraulic Perforation/Patterning Unit, Filtration Systems

Perini America, Inc. 3060 S. Ridge Road Green Bay, WI 54304 Telephone: 414-336-5000 Fax: 414-337-0363 Sales Manager: Michael Drage Products: Embossing Equipment, Printing Systems, Slitters, Tissue Rewinders

B.F. Perkins 939 Chicopee Street Chicopee, MA 01013 Telephone: 413-536-1311 Fax: 413-536-1367 Marketing Manager: Bruno Raynes Products: Thermal Bonding Calenders, Laminators and Embossers, Special Heating/Cooling Rolls with Capability for Complete Off-Line and In-Line Systems and Controls

G.M. Pfaff AG Konigstrasse 154, P.O. Box 3020 6750 Kaiserslautern, Germany Telephone: 0631-200-2330 Fax: 0631-200-3171 Sales Manager: Reinhard Emrich Products: Hot-Wedge, Hot-Air and Ultrasonic Heat Sealing Machinery

Plantex Machinery, Inc. 111 Monte Vista Drive Dalton, GA 30720 Telephone: 706-226-9400 Fax: 706-272-7044 Products: Extrusion Machinery; Turnkey Systems, Spare Parts

Precision Roll Grinders 6356 Chapmans Road Allentown, PA 18106 Telephone: 215-395-6966 Fax: 215-481-9130 Sales Manager: Terry Frick Products: Roll Grinding and Repair

Proctor and Schwartz 251 Gibraltar Road Horsham, PA 19044 Telephone: 215-443-5200 Fax: 215-443-5206 Product Manager: J.T. Yarnall Products: Thru-Air Dryers, Spray Bonding Equipment, Radio Frequency Drying Equipment, Thermal Bonding Equipment

Quickdraft--Div. of C.A. Litzler 1525 Perry Dr. S.W. Canton, OH 44708 Telephone: 216-477-4574 Fax: 216-477-3314 Products: Trim Removal, Mechanical Draft Inducers, Industrial Exhausters, Conveyors, Dust Collection, Balers, Complete Turnkey Pneumatic Material Handling Systems

Radiant Energy Systems 458 Hamburg Tpk Wayne, JN 07470 Telephone: 201-942-7767 Fax: 201-942-5581 Sales Manager: Bob Narang Products: Infrared Heating and Hot Air Drying Ovens for applications such as Coating, Laminating, Embossing, Bonding, Curing, Printing

Ramisch Kleinewefers Neuer Weg 24-40, 4150 Krefeld 1 Germany Telephone: 02151-893-0 Fax: 893275 Products: Nonwovens Plants; Thermal Bonding Calenders; High Efficiency Squeezers, Finishing and Dyeing Padders, Melt Roller Coating Machines; Calenders for the Textile Industry, Expanders and Rollers for Textile Finishing; Embossing, Coating and Laminating Machines; Printing Machines

Rando Machine The Commons Macedon, NY 14502 Telephone: 315-986-2761 Fax: 315-986-7943 Sales Manager: Tom Fratangelo Products: Air Laid Web Forming Lines, Fiber Opening/Blending and Preparation, Card Feeding Lines, Bale Openers

Raynworth Marketing Ltd. Sales Promotion Office: RML Services SA Via Mercoli 8a 6900 Lugano/Switzerland Telephone: 41-91-525-874/75 Fax: 41-91-525-856 Managing Director: G. Biancardi Products: Fluff Reclaimer and Dosing Systems, Retrofitting Services on Machinery for Feminine Napkins, Adult or Baby Diapers, Automatic Packaging Systems, Distributor of Tekma Hygiene Products Machines

Reifenhauser Spicher Str. D-5210 Troisdorf, Germany Telephone: 2241-481-0 Fax: 2241-408778 Sales Manager: Herman Balk Products: Turnkey Spunbond Plants, Melt Blowing Systems, Extrusion Equipment U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Inc.; Richmond, VA

Roehlen Engraving 701 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623-3287 Telephone: 716-475-1250 Fax: 716-475-1255 Sales Manager: T. Dickerson Products: Roll/Plate Engraving, Embossing Equipment

Rolando Macchine Tessili P.O. Box 392 13051 Biella, Italy Telephone: 015-355452 Fax: 015-33908 Products: Machinery for the Preparation of Fibers to Spinning and Nonwoven Manufacture, Blending Machinery, Textile Waste Reclaiming Machinery

Rosenthal Manufacturing Co. 5035 N. Kedzie Ave. Chicago, IL 60625 Telephone: 312-539-4646 Fax: 312-539-4114 Sales Manager: Chris McInerney Products: Sheeter, Sheeter-Slitter, Slitter Rewinder-Sheetmaster

C.G. Sargents & Sons/Aeroglide Corp. P.O. Box 29505 Raleigh, NC 27626-0505 Telephone: 919-851-2000 Fax: 919-851-6029 Sales Manager: Judy Kelly Products: Processed Dryers

Schilling AG 1 Fledstrasse 8703 Erlenbach Switzerland Telephone: 41-1-915-0140 Fax: 41-1-915-0065 Sales Manager: Emil Schilling Products: Powder Coating and Laminating Equipment, Paste Coating Equipment, Textile Consulting

H. Schirp Bissingstrasse 5 56-00 Wuppertal 11 Germany Telephone: 0202-78-07-11 Fax: 0202-789-069 President: Jan Timmermann von Hugo Products: Machinery for the Recycling of Textile Waste and the Production of Nonwovens, Filter Systems

N. Schlumberger (USA) 1299 Schlumberger Drive Fort Mill, SC 29715 Telephone: 803-548-7233 Fax: 803-548-7239 Sales Managers: J.N. Cozon, Dan Feroe, Neil Winslow Products: Cards, Input Leveling Systems, Web Randomizers, Fiber Opening, Blending and Card Feeding Systems, Waste Recovery Systems; Opening, Blending, Card Feeding, Carding, Crosslapping, Preneedling and Needling Looms, Take-up and Complete Line Electronic Synchronization, Thermal Bonding Ovens, Spray Bond and Impregnation Lines

N. Schlumberger et Cie 41, rue Camille-Randoing B.P. 421 76504 Elbeuf Cedex, France Telephone: 35-78-90-90 Fax: 35-78-40-31 Commercial Director: Jean-Rene Wattel Products: Machinery for Nonwovens

Schober GmbH Industriestrasse 2 D-71735 Eberdingen Germany Telephone: 07042-7900 Fax: 07042-7007 Products: Cutting Systems, Diaper Making Equipment, Hot Melt Equipment, Slitters, Embossing Equipment

Schott & Meissner P.O. Box 1143 D-7186 Blaufelden Germany Telephone: 7953-885-0 Fax: 7953-885-10 Sales Manager: Harald Maier Products: Bonding Equipment, Dryers, Ovens, Hot Melt Equipment, Recycling and Spray Systems, Thermal Bonding and Foaming Equipment

Herman Schwabe, Inc. 147 Prince St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 Telephone: 718-237-1700 Fax: 718-797-1033 President: Jerrold Schwabe Products: Die Cutting Equipment and Accessories

Sherwood Instruments, Inc. 147 Locksley Road Lynnfield, MA 01940 Telephone: 617-334-9825 Fax: 617-334-9825 Sales Manager: Richard Pothier Products: Manufacturer of Absorbency Testing Instruments

Shoou Shyng Machinery 558-1, Chung Cheng Road Hsin-Chuang, Taipei Hsien Taiwan R.O.C. Telephone: 02-901-2245 Fax: 886-2-904-1366 Products: Needlepunching Machinery

Sigma P.O. Box 778 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Telephone: 803-967-2707 Sales Manager: Thomas Perry Products: Equipment and Control Systems for Dry Laid Nonwoven Lines

The SIMCO Company, Inc. 2257 North Penn Road Hatfield, PA 19440 Telephone: 215-822-2171 Fax: 215-822-3795 Sales Manager: Brian Scully Products: Neutro-Vac Static Web Cleaning Equipment and Conveyostat Static Neutralizing Equipment

Simmons Machinery Company, Inc. P.O. Box 202, 790 Washington Ave. Greenville, SC 29611 Telephone: 803-269-8730 Fax: 803-295-0911 Contact: Oscar Funderburk Products: Custom Design Fiber Opening and Handling Systems, Rebuilt Cards and Card Chute Feeds

Singer Spezialnadelfabrik Bahnhofstr. 41-79 D-5102 Wurselen/Aachen Germany Telephone: 02405-6090 Fax: 02405-609201 Sales Manager: M. Houben, R. Jecker Products: Manufacturer and distributor of original Singer/SNF sewing machine needles, felting needles, tufting needles, shoe machine needles, machine for loading and deloading felting needles from needle boards

Smart Machine Technologies, Inc. 220 S. Industrial Park P.O. Box 4828 Martinsville, VA 24115 Telephone: 703-632-9853 Fax: 703-632-2647 President: Irma Smart

Smith Textile Apron P.O. Box 1237 Gastonia, NC 28053 Telephone: 704-864-8705 Fax: 704-867-8213 Sales Manager: David Lawson Products: Spiked and Plain Slated Aprons, Conveyor Belting, All Types of Beater Lags for Trutzschler, Hergeth and Saco-Lowell, Picker Teeth, Pulleys, Sprockets, Stainless Steel and Malleable Textile Chains.

Sonobond Ultrasonics 887 S. Matlack Street West Chester, PA 19382 Telephone: 215-696-4710 Fax: 215-692-0674 President: Janet Devine Products: Ultrasonic Slitting, Laminating and Bonding Equipment

Spinnbau GmbH Postfach 71 03 60 D-28763 Bremen, Germany Telephone: 0421-68890 Fax: 688930 Products: Cards, Complete Dry Laid Lines

Spinnerettes, Inc. P.O. Box 26329 Greenville, SC 29616-1329 Telephone: 800-832-7746 Fax: 803-234-7544 Products: Spinnerettes, Dies for Melt Blowns, Spunlaces and Spunbonds

Spraymation, Inc. 5320 N.W. 35th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Telephone: 305-487-9700 or 800-327-4985 Fax: 305-484-9778 Sales Manager: Anthony J. Diaz Products: Hot Melt and Cold Adhesive Dispensing Equipment. Timing and Controls for Adhesive Placement

Spuhl Anderson Machine 1610 Parallel St. Chaska, MN 55318 Telephone: 612-448-2676 Fax: 612-448-6437 Sales Manager: Peter Poulsen Products: Cutting System for Length and Cross Cutting and Stacking. Automated Sewing Systems for Filter Bags, Envelopes

Stahlkontor 645 Massman Drive Nashville, TN 37210 Telephone: 615-885-1104 Fax: 615-885-5543 Vice President: Joseph LeMin Products: Winders, Slitters and Rewinders for Nonwovens

Stocko Fasteners 495 Industrial Road Carlstadt, NJ 07072 Telephone: 201-933-0135 Fax: 201-933-4522 National Sales Manager: John Kiely Products: Plastic Snap Fasteners, Attaching Machines

Stork X-Cel P.O. Box 217125, 3201 N. I-85 Charlotte, NC 28213 Telephone: 704-598-6393 Fax: 704-598-6693 Sales Manager: Jim Cuff Products: Coating, Printing, Finishing and Laminating Systems Parent Company: Stork X-Cel B.V., Box-meer, Holland

STP Impianti Spa Via Resegone 16-18 20027 Rescaldina, Italy Telephone: 331-464 954 Fax: 331-464 039 Sales Manager: Luigi Crivellaro Products: Equipment for Extrusion of Spunbond Fabrics, Turnkey Plants

Super Chuck 14 Fulton St. Paterson, NJ 07501 Telephone: 201-345-1200 Fax: 201-278-4942 Sales Manager: Joseph Sciola Products: Web Winding and Unwinding Safety Chucks

Systronics, Inc. 6400 Atlantic Blvd. Suite 100 Norcross, GA 30071 Telephone: 404-449-7776 Fax: 404-449-0399 Products: Web Inspection, Formation Analysis and Diaper Inspection Systems for continuous monitoring and detection of defects to improve process and product quality

William Tatham Ltd. Belfield Works Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 5AU England Telephone: 0706-345888 Fax: 0706-354732 Sales Director: David Porritt Products: Cards, Hopper Feeders with Chute or Weigh Delivery and Control Systems, Crosslappers, Straight Lay Folders, Ancillary Equipment

Tekma srl Via Delle Arti, 3 26010 Fiesco (CR), Italy Telephone: 0374-370657/370649 Fax: 0374-370668 President: Pierangelo Mandotti Products: Converting Machines for baby and adult diapers, incontinent pads, sanitary napkins and panty shields

Temafa Textilmaschinenfabrik An der Zinkhutte 8 D-5060 Bergisch Gladbach 2, Germany Telephone: 02202-1001-0 Fax: 02202-1001-80 Sales Manager: J. Herzhoff Products: Fiber Opening and Blending Plants for spinning and nonwovens production; Regenerating Plants for fiber waste

Texmac 3001 Stafford Dr. P.O. Box 668128 Charlotte, NC 28266-8128 Telephone: 704-394-0314 Fax: 704-392-1621 Sales Manager: Linwood Harris Products: Spunbond, Thermal Bonding, Coagulated Line, Blending/Mixing Winders, Dryers, Saturators, Impregnators, Air Permeability and Lab Equipment

Tex-Mach, Inc. P.O. Box 159 Mayo, SC 29368 Telephone: 803-461-2251 Fax: 803-461-2250 Products: Used Machinery, Appraisals and Liquidations

A. Thibeau et Cie 191 Rue des Cinq Voies F-59200 Tourcoing, France Telephone: 33-2026-8106 Fax: 33-2024-1933 Products: Cards (2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m) working widths for needlepunching and nonwoven lines for disposables, interlinings, waddings, needlepunch and thermal bonding

Thomas and Associates 5094 Singleton Rd. Norcross, GA 30093 Telephone: 404-925-1322 Fax: 404-279-2144 Sales Manager: Joe Thomas Products: Web Processing Equipment including Brakes, Chucks and Tension Control Pneumatic Core Chucks and Air Shafts, Core Preparation and Cutting Machinery

Thwing-Albert Instrument 10960 Dutton Road Philadelphia, PA 19154 Telephone: 215-637-0100 Fax: 215-632-8370 Sales Manager: Robert Solomon Products: Testing instrumentation for testing the physical properties of nonwovens and other sheet materials

Tidland P.O. Box 1008 Camas, WA 98607 Telephone: 206-834-2345 Fax: 206-834-5865 N. American Sales Manager: Bill Leistritz Products: Slitting and Winding Accessories, Air Shafts, Chucks, Air Brakes and Tension Controls, Slitting Knife Holders for Shear and Score Models, Roll Savers for Crushed Cores.

Todd-Long Picker Apron 618 E. Second Avenue Gastonia, NC 28054 Telephone: 704-865-4021 Fax: 704-865-0944 Sales Manager: William Banks Products: Manufacturers of Textile Aprons and Related Parts

Tokuden 40 Rikyucho, Nishino Yamashina-Ku Kyoto, Japan Telephone: 075-581-2111 Fax: 011-81-75-581-1596 Sales Manager: M. Ogura Products: High Technology Induction Heated/Heat Pipe Rolls that Guarantee Uniform Temperature up to 750[degrees]F; can be used for Calendering, Embossing, Laminating, Coating, Heat Stretching

Tokuden, Inc. 2909 Langford Road, Bldg. A, #100 Norcross, GA 30071 Telephone: 404-449-3625 Fax: 404-449-3742 Regional Manager: J.F. Carroll III Products: Environmentally Clean Induction Heated/Heat-Pipe Rolls for thermal bonding, embossing, calendering, coating/laminating of all materials: Fiber stretching film pre-heating, annealing and orienting. Maximum Temperature 420[degrees]C (780[degrees]F)

Truetzschler GmbH & Co. KG Duvenstrasse 82-92 Moenchengladbach D-41199, Germany Telephone: 0-2166-6070 Fax: 0-2166-607405 Products: Bale Openers, Tuft Blending Installations, Openers, Tuft Feeders for Cards and Roller Cards, Web Profile Control VPR, High-Production Cards

United Paper Mills Walkisoft Engineering P.O. Box 40 SF-37601 Valkeakoski, Finland Telephone: 358-37-57111 Fax: 358-37-43814 Manager: Pentti Pirinen Products: Complete Lines, Air Laid

Unitex, Inc. P.O. Box 4300 Fall River, MA 02723 Telephone: 508-676-8250 Fax: 508-677-4717 Technical Sales Engineer: Donald Wylie Products: Web Handling Equipment, Chucks, Cores, Finishing Equipment

Valmet-Sandy Hill, Inc. 27 Allen Street Hudson Falls, NY 12839-0803 Telephone: 518-747-3381 Fax: 518-747-1531 Sales Manager: Mike Dunn Products: Wet Laid Nonwoven Forming Equipment and Complete Lines for Wet Laid and Dry Laid Nonwovens

Verduin Machinery 351 Tenth Avenue Paterson, NJ 07514 Telephone: 201-742-9789 Fax: 201-742-4215 Sales Manager: Nick Verduin Products: Textile/Converting Machinery

Viola Giorgio and C. Via 1 Maggio, 17/19 27010 Valle Salimbene (Pavia), Italy Telephone: 0382-485076 Fax: 0382-485177 Sales Manager: Giorgio Viola Products: Baby Diaper Machines, Adult Pad Machines, Sanitary Towel Machines

Voeltech, Inc. 4455 Morris Park Dr. Charlotte, NC 28227 Telephone: 704-545-8722 Fax: 704-545-8949 Sales Manager: Paul Voelkers Products: Distributor of Singer Felting Fork Needles. Also represent Goldschmidt Chemical--products include Lubricants for Needlepunching Industry

Voith 2620 E. Glendale Ave. Appleton, WI 54915 Telephone: 414-731-7724 Fax: 414-731-0240 Sales Manager: Charles Blomberg Products: US Representative for Voith/Dorries; Equipment for Nonwoven Production, including Hydroformer Wet Laid Process

W+D Machinery 9101 Quivira Road Overland Park, KS 66215 Telephone: 913-492-9880 Fax: 913-492-0691 President: Robert Collins Products: U.S. Distributor for Winkler & Dunnebier, Germany

Web Converting Equipment 59 Boulevard Glens Falls, NY 12804 Telephone: 518-793-1026 Fax: 518-793-6806 Sales Manager: Wayne Ellett Products: Slitter Rewinders, Unwinds, Rewinds

Webex P.O. Box 1026 Neenah, WI 54956 Telephone: 414-729-6666 Fax: 414-725-9992 Sales Manager: Frank Wiesner Products: Precision Rolls, Custom Standard Idlers, Heat Transfer Rolls, Custom Web Handling Equipment

WEKO Biel AG Johann-Renferstrasse 58 CH-2504 Biel-Bienne, Switzerland Telephone: 41-32-42-57-42 Fax: 41-32-41-16-13 Asst. General Manager: Maurizio Rasori Products: Rotor Damping System, Roller-Applicators, Air Humidification

Werner Mathis U.S.A. P.O. Box 1626, 2260 Hwy 49 NE Concord, NC 28026-1626 Telephone: 704-786-6157 Fax: 704-786-6159 General Manager: Marcel Renn Products: Laboratory Equipment Sales and Service Company

Western Printing Machinery (WPM) 9229 Ivanhoe Street Schiller Park, IL 60176 Telephone: 708-678-1740 Fax: 708-678-6176 Sales Manager: Brad Brown Products: Custom Web Rotary Cutting, Perforating, Sealing and Cutoff Equipment in Fixed or Variable Size

Frank W. Wheeler Machinery 2950 E. Tioga Street Philadelphia, PA 19134 Telephone: 215-423-5100 Fax: 215-423-4202 Sales Manager: W. Frank Skilton Products: Used Textile Machinery Specializing in Nonwoven Equipment

Whiteley Industries 939 C East Street Tewksbury, MA 01876 Telephone: 508-640-1177 Fax: 508-640-1015 Marketing Manager: Fred Coyle Products: Producer of Tensitrol, Web Drive Systems for Winding and Braking; Range of Digital Tension Controls

Carl G. Wiklander 365 Criss Circle Elk Grove, IL 60007 Telephone: 708-593-6800 Products: Roller Manufacturer

Winchester Roll Products Hildreth Street Winchester, NH 03470 Telephone: 603-239-6326 Fax: 603-239-8123 Customer Service: Jason Perron Products: Cylinders, Dryers, Pressure Vessels

Winkler and Dunnebier Postfach 23 40 D-5450 Neuwied 1, Germany Telephone: 02631-840 Fax: 02631-84-680 General Manager: Gustav Schneider Products: Diaper Making Equipment, Folding Machines, Pulp Fluffing Machinery, Sanitary Towel and Panty Shield Making Equipment U.S. Distributor: W+D Machinery (see listing)

Winsor & Jerrauld Div. New Direction Ind. Inc. 1525 Old Louis Quisset Pike Lincoln, RI 02865 Telephone: 401-727-4480 Fax: 401-727-4483 Sales Manager: Walter Hoover Products: New, Rebuilt, retrofit Tenter Frame Systems

Wire Craft P.O. Box 1674 Gastonia, NC 28053 Telephone: 704-629-3927 Fax: 704-629-6261 Sales Manager: John Starnes Products: Manufacture New Equipment, Sell Used Equipment, Design New Equipment, Dry Laid Lines, Spray Bond Lines and Thermal Bond Lines

J. Wirths Scan Products Robert-Bosch-Strasse Postfach 2062 D-5440 Mayen, Germany Telephone: 02651-4001-0 Fax: 02651-4001-49 Products: Machines for the Production of Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers, Sanitary Napkins, Panty Shields, Hospital Underpads, Surgical Dressing

Wise Industries P.O. Box 1159 Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Telephone: 704-739-4531 Fax: 704-739-4533 President: Max Clark, Jr. Sales Manager: Robert Fields Products: Nonwoven Highloft Machinery

Xxicon 307 Waterford Circle Lumberton, NC 28358 Telephone: 919-739-9021 Fax: 919-618-0064 Vice President: Greg Ward Products: Sanitary Napkin Equipment, Continuous Cotton Bleaching Equipment, Turnkey Systems

Zenith Pumps Div. Parker Hannifin Corp. 5910 Elwin Buchanan Drive Sanford, NC 27330 Telephone: 919-774-7667 Fax: 919-774-5952 Technical Sales Mgr.: Thomas Donovan Products: Manufacturer of Precision Tool Steel Metering Pumps Used for Hot Melt Plastic Extrusion and Additives

Zentes Unitex GmbH P.O. Box 801324 12, Schulstrasse 6450 Hanau 8, Germany Telephone: 6181-661500 Fax: 6181-661502 President: Bernd Zentes Products: Spinneret Inspection Equipment, Testing Equipment U.S. Agent: Fi-Tech, Richmond, VA

Zerand Bernal Group 2960 Technology Drive Rochester Mills, MI 48309 Telephone: 313-299-4730 Fax: 313-299-4731 Sales Manager: Marc Voorhees Products: Precision Rotary Dies, Die Cutting Modules, machinery for cutting nonwovens and web oriented materials

Zima P.O. Box 6010 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-576-5810 Fax: 803-591-1985 Products: Nonwoven Calenders and Finishing Machinery

Zimmer Machinery Corp. P.O. Box 5561 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Telephone: 803-463-4352 or 800-458-3194 Fax: 803-463-4670 Exec. VP: Rudi Doujak Products: Coating Equipment, Printing Equipment, Squeegee Systems, Foam Application and Inspection Equipment

Zuiko 15-21, Minamibefu Settsu Osaka 566, Japan Telephone: 06-340-2215 Fax: 06-340-4182 Products: Diaper (baby and adult) Manufacturing Machines, Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Machine and Packaging Machines


ADHESIVE BONDING EQUIPMENT Arc Machine (NJ) Bruckner (Germany) Chima (PA) Construction Tech. (PA) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Dan-Webforming (Den.) Faustel (WI) Fleissner (NC) HSJ Group (GA) ITW Dynatec (TN) J&M Laboratories (GA) Lepovsky Assoc. (NH) May Coating (MN) McBride Machine (PA) Meytec (CT) Nordson (GA) Schilling (Switzerland) Schott & Meiss. (Germany) Spraymation (FL) Stork X-Cel (NC) Tokuden (Japan) W+D (Germany) Zenith Pumps (NC)

AIR CONTROL DEVICES Arc Machine (NJ) Horton (MN) Jenkins Metal (NC) Krantz (Germany) Montalvo (ME) Osprey (GA) W+D (Germany)

AIR SHAFTS Arc Machine (NJ) Brimmekamp (CT) Converter Access. (NJ) CTC (NJ) Double E (MA) Emberte (NJ) Emtek (NJ) Epoch (TX) Goldenrod (RI) JRC Web Access. (NJ) Krantz (Germany) McBride Machine (PA) Nim-Cor (NH) Thomas & Assoc. (GA) W+D (Germany)

APRONS Aeroglide (NC) Bowmann-Dunn (NC) French Apron (NC) Hastem (Germany) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Proctor & Schwartz (PA) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) Todd-Long (NC) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT Arc Machine (NJ) Automated Textile (SC) Automatic Handling (MI) Automation Prod. (TX) Azco (NJ) Contech (KS) Coretech (PA) Design Technology (MA) Eurotherm (MA) Fameccanica (Italy) GFM (IL) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) HSJ Group (GA) Hauser (SC) LFE (MA) Mechadyne (GA) NDC Systems (CA) Ohmart (OH) Simmons (SC) Systronics (GA) Tekma (Italy) Whiteley (MA) W+D (Germany) Zenith Pumps (NC)

BALE PRESSES Abington (MA) Autefa (Germany) Batson Yarn (SC) Davis & Deleo (NC) Dawson (NC) Fi-Tech (VA) Fleissner (Germany) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Laroche (France) Moody Machinery (SC) Osprey (GA) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

BALERS, SHREDDERS Autefa (Germany) Bach Knives (NY) Brimmekamp (CT) Davis & Deleo (NC) Dawson (NC) Fameccanica (Italy) Gertex (NC) Ibis Intl. (GA) Laroche (France) Moody Machinery (SC) Osprey (GA) Quickdraft (OH) Sigma (SC) Smith Textile (NC) W+D (Germany) Wise Industries (NC)

BLENDING, MIXING SYSTEMS Automation Prod. (TX) Bonino (Italy) Construction Tech. (PA) Dawson (NC) DOA (Germany) Georgia Textile (GA) Gertex (NC) Gibbs Machinery (SC) HDB (Belgium) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Ibis Int'l (GA) Laroche (France) Lightnin (NY) Mid-South Textile (GA) Moody Machinery (SC) OMMI (NC) Osprey (GA) Rando Machine (NY) Rolando (Italy) N. Schlumberger (SC) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) William Tatham (U.K.) Temafa (Germany) Texmac (NC) Thibeau (France) Truetzschler (Germany) W+D (Germany) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

BONDING EQUIPMENT Albany Intl. (TN) Aldine Tech. (NJ) Arc Machine (NJ) Batson Yarn (SC) Beloit (MI) Branson (CT) Bruckner (Germany) Charvo (Germany) Chima (PA) Construction Tech. (PA) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Dan-Webforming (Den.) Design Technology (MA) Emberte (NJ) Fi-Tech (VA) Fleissner (Germany) Fleissner (NC) HSJ Group (GA) Kusters (Germany) McBride Machine (PA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Moody Machinery (SC) Farmer Norton (U.K) B.F. Perkins (MA) Pfaff (Germany) Schilling (Switzerland) N. Schlumberger (SC) Schott & Meiss. (Germany) Smart Machine (VA) Texmac (NC) Tokuden (GA, Japan) W+D (Germany) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC) Zima (SC)

BRAKES, CLUTCHES Arc Machine (NJ) Boschert (AL) Converter Access. (NJ) Double E (MA) Dover Flexo (NH) Fabritech (NJ) Horton (MN) Magnetic Power (MO) Montalvo (ME) Super Chuck (NJ) Tidland (WA) Thomas & Assoc. (GA) Whiteley (MA) W+D (Germany) Wise Industries (NC)

CALENDERING EQUIPMENT Arc Machine (NJ) Ason (FL) Batson Yarn (SC) Beloit (MI) Bikoma (Germany) Birch Bros. (NC) Brimmekamp (CT) Bruderhaus (Germany) Comerio Ercole (Italy) Emberte (NJ) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fi-Tech (VA) Gertex (NC) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Holyoke Machine (MA) HSJ Group (GA) Independent Mach. (NJ) Curt Joa (FL) Kleinewefers (Germany) Kusters (Germany) Menzel (SC) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Moody Machinery (SC) Farmer Norton (U.K) B.F. Perkins (MA) Stork X-Cel (NC) Valmet Sandy Hill (NY) Tokuden (GA, Japan) Verduin Machinery (NJ) W+D (Germany) Zenith Pumps (NC) Zima (SC)

CARDS Ason (FL) Bematic (Italy) Bonino (Italy) Dawson (NC) Fehrer (Austria) Fi-Tech (VA) F.O.R. (Italy) Gertex (NC) Georgia Textile (GA) Gibbs Machinery (SC) HDB (Belgium) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Octir (NC) Octir (Italy) N. Schlumberger (SC) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Spinnbau (Germany) William Tatham (U.K.) Thibeau (France) Truetzschler (Germany)

CHUCKS, CORES Arc Machine (SC) Boschert (AL) Converter Access. (NJ) CTC (NJ) Double E (MA) Emberte (NJ) Emtek (NJ) Fabritech (NJ) Goldenrod (RI) Hydralign (MA) JRC Web Access. (NJ) McBride Machine (PA) Motalvo (ME) Nim-Cor (NH) Super Chuck (NJ) Thomas & Assoc. (GA) Tidland (WA) Unitex (MA)

COATING EQUIPMENT Aigle (Italy) Arc Machine (NJ) Black Clawson (NY) Brimmekamp (CT) Bruckner (Germany) Caratsch (Switzerland) Construction Tech. (PA) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Egan Machinery (WI) Emberte (NJ) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabric Finishing (RI) Fleissner (Germany) Gaston County (NC) Independent Mach. (NJ) J&M Laboratories (GA) Kleinewefers (Germany) Less Inc. (GA) May Coating (MN) McBride Machine (PA) Menzel (SC) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Paper Converting (WI) Pascorp (NJ) Schilling (Switzerland) N. Schlumberger (SC) Stork X-Cel (NC) Tokuden (GA, Japan) Webex (WI) Winchester Roll (NH) Zenith Pumps (NC) Zimmer Mach. (SC)

COMPACTORS Construction Tech. (PA) Davis & Deleo (NC) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Micrex (MA) Nuova Red (Italy) Osprey (GA) Raynworth (Switzerland) Tekma (Italy)

COMPLETE LINES, DRY LAID Albany Intl. (TN) Ason (FL) Batson Yarn (SC) Bruckner (Germany) Celli (Italy) Dan-Webforming (Den.) Dilo (Germany) DOA (Germany) Fehrer (Austria) Fi-Tech (VA) Fleissner (Germany) Gertex (NC) Gibbs Machinery (SC) HSJ Group (GA) Mid-South Textile (GA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Moody Machinery (SC) Octir (Italy) N. Schlumberger (SC) Spinnbau (Germany) William Tatham (U.K.) Walkisoft (Finland) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

COMPLETE LINES, MELT BLOWN Albany Intl. (TN) Fi-Tech (VA) Gibbs Machinery (SC) HSJ Group (GA) J&M Laboratories (GA) Mecc. Moderne (Italy) Reifenhauser (Germany) Zenith Pumps (NC)

COMPLETE LINES, SPUNBOND Albany Intl. (TN) Ason (FL) Brimmekamp (CT) CarolMac (SC) Celli (Italy) Fi-Tech (VA) Frankl & Thomas (SC) Hills (FL) HSJ Group (GA) Reifenhauser (Germany) S.T.P. Impianti (Italy) Zenith Pumps (NC)

COMPLETE LINES, WET LAID Albany Intl. (TN) Ason (FL) Bruderhaus (Germany) Dorries (Germany) HSJ Group (GA) Mid-South Textile (GA) Valmet Sandy Hill (NY) Voith (WI) Wire Craft (NC)

COMPUTER CONTROL SYSTEMS Arc Machine (NJ) Batson Yarn (SC) Bematic (Italy) Black Clawson (NY) Bruckner (Germany) Data Measurement (MD) Davis-Standard (CT) DOA (Germany) Gertex (NC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Honeycomb (France) HSJ Group (GA) J&M Laboratories (GA) Less Inc. (GA) LFE (MA) Measurex (CA) Montalvo (ME) NDC Systems (CA) Ohmart (OH) Plantex (GA) Truetzschler (Germany) William Tatham (U.K.) W+D (Germany) Wise Industries (NC)

CREPERS Are Machine (NJ) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Micrex (MA)

CROSSLAPPERS 2N (Italy) Ason (FL) Asselin (France) Autefa (Germany) Automatex (Italy) Dawson (NC) Fi-Tech (VA) F.O.R. (Italy) Georgia Textile (GA) Gertex (NC) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Mid-South Textile (GA) Moody Machinery (SC) Morrison Berk. (MA) Octir (Italy) N. Schlumberger (SC) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) William Tatham (U.K.) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

CUTTING SYSTEMS 2N (Italy) Advanced Rotary (IL) Autefa (Germany) Automated Textile (SC) Automatex (Italy) Azco (NJ) Bach Knives (NY) Best Cutting Die (IL) Bielomatik (Germany) Bikoma (Germany) Bonino (Italy) Chicago Cutting (IL) Contech (KS) Corfine (IN) Design Technology (MA) DOA (Germany) Edelmann (Germany) Emberte (NJ) ETF (Netherlands) Fehrer (Austria) Flow Intl. (WA) GFM (IL) HSJ Group (GA) Hauser (SC) Inarc (NJ) Curt Joa (FL) Machtex (Holland) McBride Machine (PA) Mecc. Moderne (Italy) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Montalvo (ME) NAEF (NY) Raynworth (Switzerland) Rosenthal Mfg. (IL) Schober (Germany) Simmons (SC) Spuhl Anderson (MN) Thomas & Assoc. (GA) Verduin Machinery (NJ) Viola Giorgio (Italy) W+D (Germany) Western Printing (IL) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC) Zerand (MI)

CUTTERS, KNIVES Arc Machine (NJ) Azco (NJ) Bach Knives (NY) Best Cutting Die (IL) Bikoma (Germany) Blickle (Germany) Bruckner (Germany) Cameron (NJ) Chicago Cutting (IL) Crafts Precision (IL) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Inarc (NJ) International Knife (SC) Curt Joa (FL) Laroche (France) Maartens (Neth.) Mecc. Moderne (Italy) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Osprey (GA) Raynworth (Switzerland) Schilling (Switzerland) Tekma (Italy) Tidland (WA) Viola Giorgio (Italy) W+D (Germany) Wire Craft (NC)

CUTTERS, WATER JET Flow Intl. (WA) Jet Edge (MN) Raynworth (Switzerland)

DATA MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS Eurotherm (MA) Fehrer (Austria) HSJ Group (GA) Jenkins Metal (NC) Measurex (CA) NDC Systems (CA) Ohmart (OH)

DIAPER MAKING EQUIPMENT Abatec (Italy) John Andrews (U.K.) Best Cutting Die (IL) Bikoma (Germany) Brimmekamp (CT) Cell. Conv. Equip. (Italy) Caldiroli (Italy) Chicago Cutting (IL) Covertex (Germany) Dambi (Sweden) Design Technology (MA) Duotex (Italy) Fameccanica (Italy) Fibre Converting (Sweden) HSJ Group (GA) Independent Mach. (NJ) Inoue Kinzoku (Japan) J&M Laboratories (GA) Curt Joa (FL, WI) Nordson (GA) Nuova Red (Italy) Paper Converting (WI) Raynworth (Switzerland) Schober (Germany) Spuhl Anderson (MN) Tekma (Italy) Viola Giorgio (Italy) W+D Machinery (KS) W+D (Germany) J. Wirths (Germany) Zuiko (Japan)

DIE CUTTERS, ROTARY Arc Machine (NJ) Adv. Rotary Cutting (IL) Aldine Tech. (NJ) Best Cutting Die (IL) Bikoma (germany) Blickle (Germany) Chicago Cutting (IL) Contech (KS) Corfine (IN) Crafts Precision (IL) Egan Machinery (WI) Fameccanica (Italy) Frankl & Thomas (SC) GFM (IL) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Curt Joa (FL) Laroche (France) Maartens (Neth.) Nuova Red (Italy) Paper Converting (WI) Raynworth (Switzerland) Tekma (Italy) W+D (Germany) Western Printing (IL) Zerand (MI)

DOFFERS Arc Machine (NJ) Birch Bros. (NC) Celli (Italy) Dawson (NC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Ibis Intl. (GA) Parkinson (RI) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) William Tatham (U.K.) Wire Craft (NC)

DRIVE SYSTEMS Arc Machine (NJ) Cleveland Mach. (OH) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Eurotherm (MA) HSJ Group (GA) Hauser (SC) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Plantex (GA) Raynworth (Switzerland) Sigma (SC) Smith Textile (NC) William Tatham (U.K.) Whiteley (MA) W+D (Germany) Wise Industries (NC) Zenith Pumps (NC)

DRYERS, CYLINDERS ABB Ind. Drying (TN) Aeroglide (NC) Arc Machine (NJ) Bruckner (Germany) Charvo (Germany) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Duotex (Italy) Emberte (NJ) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabritech (NJ) Fleissner (Germany) Fleissner (NC) Honeycomb (France) Honeycomb (ME) Inoue Kinzoku (Japan) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Farmer Norton (U.K) Proctor & Schwartz (PA) Radiant Energy (NJ) Simmons (SC) Texamc (NC) Tokuden (GA, Japan) Valmet Sandy Hill (NY) Voith (WI) Winchester Roll (NH) Wire Craft (NC)

DRYERS, OVENS Aeroglide (NC) Arc Machine (NJ) Batson Yarn (SC) Black Clawson (NY) Brimmekamp (CT) Bruckner (Germany) Caratsch (Switzerland) Charvo (Germany) Construction Tech. (PA) Consultex (SC) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Emberte (NJ) Fabric Finishing (RI) Fleissner (Germany) Fleissner (NC) Glenro (NJ) Honeycomb (France) Honeycomb (ME) Inoue Kinzoku (Japan) The Lanly Co. (OH) Less Inc. (GA) C. A. Litzler (OH) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Morrison Berk. (MA) National Drying (PA) Proctor & Schwartz (PA) Radiant Energy (NJ) Schilling (Switzerland) N. Schlumberger (SC) Schott & Meiss. (Germany) Smart Machine (VA) Stork X-Cel (NC) Werner Mathis (NC) Winsor&Jerrauld (RI) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC) Zima (SC) Zimmer Mach. (SC)

DUST, POLLUTION EQUIPMENT Batson Yarn (SC) Bikoma (Germany) Ibis Intl. (GS) Jenkins Metal (NC) Less Inc. (GA) McBride Machine (PA) Osprey (GA) Winsor&Jerrauld (RI)

DYEING EQUIPMENT Arc Machine (NJ) Batson Yarn (SC) Bruckner (Germany) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabritech (NJ) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Kleinewefers (Germany) Farmer Norton (U.K) Werner Mathis (NC) Zima (SC)

EMBOSSING EQUIPMENT Arc Machine (NJ) Beloit (MI) Bielomatik (Germany) Bikoma (Germany) Black Clawson (NY) Branson (CT) Brimmekamp (CT) Contech (KS) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) GFM (IL) Holyoke Machine (MA) Curt Joa (FL) Kleinewefers (Germany) Kusters (Germany) Maartens (Neth.) Mecc. Moderne (Italy) Mechadyne (GA) Meytec (CT) Pamarco (NJ) Paper Converting (WI) Pascorp (NJ) Passaic Engraving (NJ) B.F. Perkins (MA) Precision Roll (PA) Roehlen Engraving (NY) Schober (Germany) Tekma (Italy) Tokuden (GA, Japan) Verduin Machinery (NJ) W+D (Germany) Webex (WI) Zerand (MI) Zima (SC)

EXPANDERS Applied Roller (NC) Arc Machine (NJ) Construction Tech. (PA) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabritech (NJ) Menzel (SC)

EXTRUSION EQUIPMENT Black Clawson (NY) Brimmekamp (CT) CarolMac (SC) Ceccato (Italy) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Davis-Standard (CT) Egan Machinery (WI) Fare (Italy) Fi-Tech (VA) Gibbs Machinery (SC) HSJ Group (GA) Hills (FL) J&M Laboratories (GA) Mecc. Moderne (Italy) Plantex (GA) Reifenhauser (Germany) Spraymation (FL) Zenith Pumps (NC)

FEEDERS Aeroglide (NC) Arc Machine (NJ) Azco (NJ) Bematic (Italy) Bonino (Italy) Coretech (PA) Dawson (NC) Design Technology (MA) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Ibis Intl. (GA) Mid-South Textile (GA) Moody Machinery (SC) Osprey (GA) Rando Machine (NY) N. Schlumberger (SC) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) William Tatham (U.K.) Thibeau (France) Truetzschler (Germany) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

FIBER HANDLING EQUIPMENT Albany Intl. (TN) Ason (FL) Automatic Handling (MI) Construction Tech. (PA) Gibbs Machinery (SC) HSJ Group (GA) Hauser (SC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Horton (MN) Ibis Intl. (GA) Curt Joa (FL) Laroche (France) Osprey (GA) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Voith (WI) W+D (Germany) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

FILTERS Aldine Tech. (NJ) Bikoma (Germany) Davis & Deleo (NC) Fi-Tech (VA) Frankl & Thomas (SC) Hills (FL) Ibis Intl. (GA) Jenkins Metal (NC) Krantz (Germany) Osprey (GA) Sigma (SC) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

FILTRATION SYSTEMS Abington (MA) Batson Yarn (SC) Construction Tech. (PA) Davis & Deleo (NC) Frankl & Thomas (SC) Hills (FL) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Ibis Intl. (GA) J&M Laboratories (GA) Jenkins Metal (NC) Laroche (France) Osprey (GA) Perfojet (France) Raynworth (Switzerland) Sigma (SC) Tekma (Italy) Wise Industries (NC)

FLOCKING EQUIPMENT Aigle (Italy) Arc Machine (NJ) Bikoma (Germany) Fabric Finishing (RI) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Schilling (Switzerland) Smith Textile (NC)

FOAMING EQUIPMENT Construction Tech. (PA) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fleissner (Germany) Fleissner (NC) Gaston County (NC) HSJ Group (GA) Less Inc. (GA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Schott & Meiss. (Germany) Stork X-Cel (NC) Zimmer Mach. (SC)

FOLDING MACHINES Arc Machine (NJ) Automated Textile (SC) Bielomatik (Germany) Bikoma (Germany) Brimmekamp (CT) Elsner (PA) ETF (Netherlands) Fabric Finishing (RI) GFM (IL) Giebeler (Germany) HSJ Group (GA) Menzel (SC) Hobema (Germany) National Drying (PA) Overfalz (Germany) Paper Converting (WI) Simmons (SC) Smart Machine (VA) William Tatham (U.K.) W+D Machinery (KS) W+D (Germany) Wire Craft (NC) Zerand (MI)

FUSING EQUIPMENT Arc Machine (NJ) Construction Tech. (PA) Mechadyne (GA) Meytec (CT) Verduin Machinery (NJ)

GARNETTS Bonino (Italy) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Mid-South Textile (GA) Moody Machinery (SC) Octir (Italy) N. Schlumberger (SC) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) William Tatham (U.K.) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMS Aeroglide (NC) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Fabric Finishing (RI) Inoue Kinzoku (Japan) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) National Drying (PA) Winsor&Jerrauld (RI)

HOT MELT EQUIPMENT Arc Machine (NJ) Black Clawson (NY) Caratsch (Switzerland) Construction Tech. (PA) Convert. Concepts (NJ) GFM (IL) Gibbs Machinery (SC) HSJ Group (GA) Independent Mach. (NJ) Inoue Kinzoku (Japan) ITW Dynatec (TN) J&M Laboratories (GA) Lepovsky Assoc. (NH) May Coating (MN) Mechadyne (GA) Meytec (CT) Nordson (GA) Schilling (Switzerland) Schober (Germany) Schott & Meiss. (Germany) Spraymation (FL) Stork X-Cel (NC) Tokuden (GA, Japan) Zenith Pumps (NC)

HYDROENTANGLING SYSTEMS Albany Intl. (TN) Ceccato (Italy) Fi-Tech (VA) Honeycomb (France) Honeycomb (ME) Nippon Nozzle (Japan) Perfojet (France)

INFRARED DRYERS, OVENS Albany Intl. (TN) Black Clawson (NY) Bruckner (Germany) Construction Tech. (PA) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Fabric Finishing (RI) Fleissner (Germany) Glenro (NJ) The Lanly Co. (OH) Less Inc. (GA) Menzel (SC) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Moody Machinery (SC) Radiant Energy (NJ) Schilling (Switzerland) Schott&Meiss. (Germany) Stork X-Cel (NC) Werner Mathis (NC) Wire Craft (NC) Zimmer Mach. (SC)

INSPECTION SYSTEMS Arc Machine (NJ) Batson Yarn (SC) Birch Bros. (NC) Bruckner (Germany) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Data Measurement (MD) Edelmann (Germany) Emberte (NJ) Erhardt+Leimer (SC) ETF (Netherlands) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabric Finishing (RI) Fabritech (NJ) HSJ Group (GA) Independent Mach. (NJ) LFE (MA) Lixi (IL) McBride Machine (PA) Menzel (SC) NDC Systems (CA) B.F. Perkins (MA) Systronics (GA) Zima (SC) Zimmer Mach. (SC)

LAMINATING EQUIPMENT Aigle (Italy) Aldine Tech. (NJ) Arc Machine (NJ) Batson Yarn (SC) Black Clawson (NY) Branson (CT) Brimmekamp (CT) Bruckner (Germany) Cameron (NJ) Caratsch (Switzerland) Chima (PA) Construction Tech. (PA) Consultex (SC) Contech (KS) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Corfine (IN) Design Technology (MA) Egan Machinery (WI) Emberte (NJ) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabritech (NJ) Faustel (WI) GFM (IL) HSJ Group (GA) Independent Mach. (NJ) ITW Dynatec (TN) J&M Laboratories (GA) Kampf Machinery (TN) Kleinewefers (Germany) Kusters (Germany) Less Inc. (GA) Machtex (Holland) May Coating (MN) McBride Machine (PA) Mechadyne (GA) Menzel (SC) Meytec (CT) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Paper Converting (WI) Pascorp (NJ) B.F. Perkins (MA) Schilling (Switzerland) N. Schlumberger (SC) Sonobond (PA) Tokuden (GA, Japan) Verduin Machinery (NJ) Web Converting (NY) Webex (WI) Werner Mathis (NC) Winchester Roll (NH) Zima (SC)

MEASURING EQUIPMENT Adaptive Tech. (MD) Arc Machine (NJ) Automation Prod. (TX) Birch Bros. (NC) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Data Measurement (MD) Emberte (NJ) ETF (Netherlands) Eurotherm (MA) Grecon (OR) Hydralign (MA) LFE (MA) Machtex (Holland) Magnetic Power (MO) Measurex (CA) Menzel (SC) Moisture Systems (MA) NDC Systems (CA) Ohmart (OH) Sherwood Instr. (MA) Spuhl Anderson (MN) Thwing-Albert (PA) Werner Mathis (NC)

MIXERS, FOAM Construction Tech. (PA) Fleissner (Germany) Less Inc. (GA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Smith Textile (NC) Stork X-Cel (NC) Truetzschler (Germany) Zimmer Mach. (SC)

NEEDLE INSERTERS/REMOVERS Dilo (Germany) Groz Beckert (NC) Mor Engineering (MA) Singer (Germany) Voeltech (NC)

NEEDLE LOOMS 2N (Italy) Asselin (France) Automatex (Italy) Batson Yarn (SC) Dawson (NC) Dilo (Germany) DOA (Germany) Fehrer (Austria) Georgia Textile (GA) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Mid-South Textile (GA) Moody Machinery (SC) Morrison Berk. (MA) N. Schlumberger (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

NEEDLES, FELTING Dawson (NC) Foster (WI) Groz Beckert (NC) Singer (Germany) Voeltech (NC)

OPENERS Bonino (Italy) Dawson (NC) DOA (Germany) Fleissner (NC) Georgia Textile (GA) Gertex (NC) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Ibis Intl. (GA) Laroche (France) Moody Machinery (SC) Octir (Italy) OMMI (NC) Osprey (GA) Rando Machine (NY) N. Schlumberger (SC) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) William Tatham (U.K.) Truetzschler (Germany) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

PACKAGING SYSTEMS Aldine Tech. (NJ) Amotek (Italy) Automated Textile (SC) Automatic Handling (MI) Cell. Conv. Equip. (Italy) Consultex (SC) Design Technology (MA) ETF (Netherlands) Fameccanica (Italy) Fibre Converting (Sweden) Fi-Tech (VA) GFM (IL) Giebeler (Germany) Hassia (NJ) ITW Dynatec (TN) Curt Joa (FL) Mechadyne (GA) Optima (WI) Optima (Germany) Paper Converting (WI) Raynworth (Switzerland) Zerand (MI) Zuiko (Japan)

PERFORATING EQUIPMENT Abatec (Italy) Bach Knives (NY) Bikoma (Germany) Convertex (Germany) Corfine (IN) Fameccanica (Italy) GFM (IL) Perfojet (France) Western Printing (IL)

PRINTING SYSTEMS Albany Intl. (TN) Aldine Tech. (NJ) Brimmekamp (CT) Coretech (PA) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Kleinewefers (Germany) Latanick Equip. (OH) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Paper Converting (WI) Stork X-Cel (NC) W+D (Germany) Zima (SC) Zimmer Mach. (SC)

PICKERS Aeroglide (NC) Autefa (Germany) Bonino (Italy) Dawson (NC) DOA (Germany) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Laroche (France) Mid-South Textile (GA) N. Schlumberger (SC) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) William Tatham (U.K.) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

PULP FLUFFING MACHINERY Bikoma (Germany) Cell. Conv. Equip. (Italy) Convertex (Germany) Fameccanica (Italy) Fibre Converting (Sweden) Ibis Intl. (GA) Curt Joa (FL) Curt Joa (WI) Nuova Red (Italy) W+D Machinery (KS) W+D (Germany) Zuiko (Japan)

PULP PREPARATION AECL Accelerators (Can.) Ason (FL) Bruderhaus (Germany) Fibre Converting (Sweden) HSJ Group (GA) Kronosept (Sweden) Raynworth (Switzerland) Voith (WI) W+D (Germany)

PUMPS Construction Tech. (PA) Davis & Deleo (NC) Erhardt+Leimer (SC) Less Inc. (GA) Spraymation (FL) Wire Craft (NC) Zenith Pumps (NC)

RECYCLING SYSTEMS Abington (MA) Autefa (Germany) Bikoma (Germany) Davis-Standard (CT) Fameccanica (Italy) Fibre Converting (Sweden) Fi-Tech (VA) Frankl & Thomas (SC) Ibis Intl. (GA) Laroche (France) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Osprey (GA) Raynworth (Switzerland) Pallman (NJ) Tekma (Italy) Temafa (Germany) Truetzschler (Germany) Voith (WI)

ROLLS, EMBOSSING/TREATING American Roller (IL) Beloit (MI) Blickle (Germany) Brimmekamp (CT) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Epoch (TX) Holyoke Machine (MA) IR Engraving (VA) Maartens (Neth.) Overbeck (Germany) Parex-Mather (UK) B.F. Perkins (MA) Raynworth (Switzerland) Roehlen Engraving (NY) Tokuden (GA, Japan) Verduin Machinery (NJ) Webex (WI) Winchester Roll (NH) Zima (SC)

ROLL HANDLING SYSTEMS Arc Machine (NJ) Automatic Handling (MI) Bruderhaus (Germany) Celli (Italy) Convert. Concepts (NJ) CTC (NJ) Edelmann (Germany) ETF (Netherlands) GFM (IL) Goldenrod (RI) HSJ Group (GA) Independent Mach. (NJ) Mechadyne (GA) Parkinson (RI) Webex (WI) Winchester Roll (NH)

SANITARY NAPKIN EQUIPMENT Abatec (Italy) Best Cutting Die (IL) Bikoma (Germany) Brimmekamp (CT) Caldiroli (Italy) Cell. Conv. Equip. (Italy) Chicago Cutting (IL) Convertex (Germany) Dambi (Sweden) Duotex (Italy) Fameccanica (Italy) Fibre Converting (Sweden) HSJ Group (GA) Inoue Kinzoku (Japan) J&M Laboratories (GA) Curt Joa (FL) Curt Joa (WI) Kronosept (Sweden) Nordson (GA) Nuova Red (Italy) Raynworth (Switzerland) Tekma (Italy) Viola Giorgio (Italy) W+D Machinery (KS) W+D (Germany) Xxico (NC) Zuiko (Japan)

SATURATORS, IMPREGNATORS Albany Intl. (TN) Arc Machine (NJ) Beloit (MI) Black Clawson (NY) Bruckner (Germany) Cameron (NJ) Construction Tech. (PA) Egan Machinery (WI) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabritech (NJ) Faustel (WI) Inoue Kinzoku (Japan) Latanick Equip. (OH) Menzel (SC) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Moody Machinery (SC) N. Schlumberger (SC) Smart Machine (VA) Valmet Sandy Hill (NY) Voith (WI) Wire Craft (NC) Zima (SC)

SEALERS Aldine Tech. (NJ) Arc Machine (NJ) Branson (CT) Caldiroli (Italy) Chicago Cutting (IL) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Curt Joa (FL) Nuova Red (Italy) Raynworth (Switzerland) Western Printing (IL)

SEWING, STITCHING Automated Textile (SC) Chima (PA) Design Technology (MA) Hauser (SC) Menzel (SC) Spuhl Anderson (MN)

SHAFTS Blickle (Germany) Cameron (NJ) Celli (Italy) Converter Access. (NJ) CTC (NJ) Double E (MA) Emberte (NJ) Emtek (NJ) Epoch (TX) Goldenrod (RI) Hydralign (MA) JRC Web Access. (NJ) Nim-Cor (NH) Smart Machine (VA) Smith Textile (NC) Tidland (WA) Winchester Roll (NH) Wire Craft (NC)

SHREDDERS Bach Knives (NY) Brimmekamp (CT) Davis & Deleo (NC) Dawson (NC) Fameccanica (Italy) Fibre Converting (Sweden) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Ibis Intl. (GA) Independent Mach. (NJ) Laroche (France) Moody Machinery (SC) Osprey (GA) Simmons (SC) Smith Textile (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

SLITTERS Arc Machine (NJ) Ason (FL) Autefa (Germany) Automated Textile (SC) Azco (NJ) Bach Knives (NY) Black Clawson (NY) Branson (CT) Brimmekamp (CT) Cameron (NJ) Celli (Italy) Chase Machine (RI) Contech (KS) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Corfine (IN) Crafts Precision (IL) Edelmann (Germany) Emberte (NJ) ETF (Netherlands) Fabritech (NJ) Fi-Tech (VA) Flow Intl. (WA) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hauser (SC) Inarc (NJ) Independent Mach. (NJ) International Knife (SC) Jet Edge (MN) Kampf Machinery (TN) McBride Machine (PA) Menzel (SC) Mid-South Textile (GA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Moody Machinery (SC) Parkinson (RI) B.F. Perkins (MA) Rosenthal Mfg. (IL) Schober (Germany) Simmons (SC) Sonobond (PA) Spuhl Anderson (MN) Stahlkontor (TN) Tidland (WA) Verduin Machinery (NJ) Web Converting (NY) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC) Zima (SC)

SPRAY SYSTEMS Automation Prod. (TX) Brimmekamp (CT) Bruckner (Germany) Charvo (Germany) Consultex (SC) Fabric Finishing (RI) HSJ Group (GA) ITW Dynatec (TN) J&M Laboratories (GA) Kinetik (SC) Latanick Equip. (OH) Lepovsky Assoc. (NH) Less Inc. (GA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Nordson (GA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Nordson (GA) N. Schlumberger (SC) Schott&Meiss. (Germany) Sigma (SC) Spraymation (FL) Stork X-Cel (NC) W+D (Germany) Weko Biel (Switz.) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

SPREADERS Applied Roller (NC) Brimmekamp (CT) Celli (Italy) Construction Tech. (PA) Contech (KS) Converter Access. (NJ) Hauser (SC) Menzel (SC) N. American Mfg. (OH) Nim-Cor (NH) William Tatham (U.K.) W+D (Germany)

STANDS Aldine Tech. (NJ) Arc Machine (NJ) Brimmekamp (CT) Cameron (NJ) Corfine (IN) Converter Access. (NJ) Convert. Concepts (NJ) CTC (NJ) Emberte (NJ) Fabritech (NJ) Kampf Machinery (TN) Stahlkontor (TN) Webex (WI)

SUPERABSORBENT APPLICATORS Bikoma (Germany) Cell. Conv.Equip. (Italy) Fameccanica (Italy) Fibre Converting (Sweden) HSJ Group (GA) Ibis Intl. (GA) Latanick Equip. (OH) Lepovsky Assoc. (NH) Nordson (GA) Nuova Red (Italy) Osprey (GA) Raynworth (Switzerland) Tekma (Italy) Viola Giorgio (Italy) W+D (Germany) Zuiko (Japan)

SURFACE FINISHING Beloit (MI) Consultex (SC) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabric Finishing (RI) Independent Mach. (NJ) Kinetik (SC) Less Inc. (GA) Menzel (SC) Micrex (MA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) B.F. Perkins (MA) Stork X-Cel (NC) Unitex (MA) Verduin Machinery (NJ) Weko Biel (Switz.) Winchester Roll (NH)

TAPE APPLICATORS Abatec (Italy) Bikoma (Germany) Cell. Conv. Equip. (Italy) Fibre Converting (Sweden) GFM (IL) Curt Joa (FL) Montalvo (ME) Nuova Red (Italy) Raynworth (Switzerland) Tekma (Italy) Viola Giorgio (Italy) W+D (Germany)

TENSION CONTROLS Abatec (Italy) Arc Machine (NJ) Automatex (Italy) Black Clawson (NY) Boschert (AL) Brimmekamp (CT) Cameron (NJ) Cleveland Machine (OH) Comptrol (OH) Converter Access. (NJ) Convert. Concepts (NJ) CTC (NJ) Dover Flexo (NH) Elsner (PA) Erhardt+Leimer (SC) Fabritech (NJ) Fameccanica (Italy) Horton (MN) GFM (IL) HSJ Group (GA) Magnetic Power (MO) Martin Automatic (IL) McBride Machine (PA) Menzel (SC) Montalvo (ME) Nuova Red (Italy) Tekma (Italy) Thomas & Assoc. (GA) Tidland (WA) Web Converting (NY) Webex (WI) Whiteley (MA) W+D (Germany) Wire Craft (NC)

TESTING SYSTEMS Aeroglide (NC) Automation Prod. (TX) Brimmekamp (CT) Chatillon (NC) Data Measurement (MD) Lixi (IL) NDC Systems (CA) Sherwood Instr. (MA) Thwing-Albert (PA) Whiteley (MA)

THERMAL BONDING EQUIPMENT Albany Intl. (TN) Aldine Tech. (NJ) Arc Machine (NJ) Ason (FL) Beloit (MI) Bruckner (Germany) Cell. Conv. Equip. (Italy) Charvo (Germany) Construction Tech. (PA) Consultex (SC) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Dan-Webforming (Den.) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Faustel (WI) Fi-Tech (VA) Fleissner (Germany) Fleissner (NC) Georgia Textile (GA) HSJ Group (GA) Holyoke Machine (MA) Honeycomb (France) Honeycomb (ME) Kusters (Germany) May Coating (MN) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Morrison Berk. (MA) National Drying (PA) Farmer Norton (U.K) Nuova Red (Italy) Pascorp (NJ) B.F. Perkins (MA) Proctor & Schwartz (PA) N. Schlumberger (SC) Schott&Meiss. (Germany) Stork X-Cel (NC) Texmac (NC) Tokuden (GA, Japan) Verduin Machinery (NJ) Winchester Roll (NH) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC) Zima (SC)

TRIM REMOVAL, COLLECTION Abington (MA) Black Clawson (NY) Celli (Italy) Convair (NJ) Converter Access. (NJ) Davis & Deleo (NC) ETF (Netherlands) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Hydralign (MA) Ibis Intl. (GA) Independent Mach. (NJ) McBride Machine (PA) Menzel (SC) N. American Mfg. (OH) Osprey (GA) Quickdraft (OH) Web Converting (NY) W+D (Germany) Wire Craft (NC)

TURNKEY SYSTEMS Aldine Tech. (NJ) Automatex (Italy) Batson Yarn (SC) Bonino (Italy) Bruckner (Germany) Construction Tech. (PA) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Corfine (IN) Davis & Deleo (NC) Design Technology (MA) Dilo (Germany) Fameccanica (Italy) Fi-Tech (VA) Flow Intl. (WA) Gertex (NC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) HSJ Group (GA) J&M Laboratories (GA) Jet Edge (MN) Micrex (MA) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Nuova Red (Italy) Pallman (NJ) Parkinson (RI) Plantex (GA) Quickdraft (OH) Reifenhauser (Germany) N. Schlumberger (SC) Stork X-Cel (NC) Systronics (GA) William Tatham (U.K.) Thibeau (France) Tidland (WA) Verduin Machinery (NJ) Viola Giorgio (Italy) Wire Craft (NC) Xxicon (NC)

ULTRASONIC BONDING Aldine Tech. (NJ) Arc Machine (NJ) Branson (CT) Celli (Italy) Fabric Finishing (RI) Sonobond (PA)

USED MACHINERY 2N (Italy) Aeroglide (NC) Automatex (Italy) Bematic (Italy) Bonino (Italy) Cell. Conv. Equip. (Italy) Convertex (Germany) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Dambi (Sweden) Davis-Standard (CT) Emberte (NJ) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Ibis Intl. (GA) Inarc (NJ) Investkonsult (Sweden) Mid-South Textile (GA) Moody Machinery (SC) Nuova Red (Italy) Raynworth (Switzerland) Schilling (Switzerland) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Stork X-Cel (NC) Tex-Mach (SC) Web Converting (NY) Frank Wheeler (PA) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC) Xxicon (NC)

VACUUM WASTE COLLECTION Abington (MA) Bikoma (Germany) Bonino (Italy) Davis & Deleo (NC) Ibis Intl. (GA) Jenkins Metal (NC) Menzel (SC) Osprey (GA) Quickdraft (OH) Rolando (Italy) Simmons (SC)

WEB ACCESSORIES Converter Access. (NJ) Convert. Concepts (NJ) CTC (NJ) Fabritech (NJ) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) HSJ Group (GA) Hydralign (MA) JRC Web Access. (NJ) Martin Automatic (IL) Montalvo (ME) Pascorp (NJ) Tidland (WA) Todd-Long (NC) Web Converting (NY) Wire Craft (NC)

WEB FORMING EQUIPMENT ABB Ind. Drying (TN) Albany Intl. (TN) Ason (FL) Batson Yarn (SC) Bonino (Italy) DOA (Germany) Dorries (Germany) Fehrer (Austria) Fi-Tech (VA) Gertex (NC) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) HSJ Group (GA) J&M Laboratories (GA) Curt Joa (WI) Krantz (Germany) Montalvo (ME) Rando Machine (NY) Reifenhauser (Germany) N. Schlumberger (SC) Sigma (SC) Valmet Sandy Hill (NY) Voith (WI) William Tatham (U.K.) Thibeau (France) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC)

WEB GUIDING EQUIPMENT Accuweb Inc. (WI) Automatex (Italy) Birch Bros. (NC) Black Clawson (NY) Brimmekamp (CT) Converter Access. (NJ) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Emberte (NJ) Erhardt+Leimer (SC) Fabric Finishing (RI) Fabritech (NJ) Hollingsworth (SC, Germ.) Horton (MN) HSJ Group (GA) Hurletron (IL) Hydralign (MA) Martin Automatic (IL) Menzel (SC) Montalvo (ME) N. American Mfg. (OH) Raynworth (Switzerland) Smart Machine (VA) Web Converting (NY) Webex (WI)

WEB HANDLING EQUIPMENT Birch Bros. (NC) Black Clawson (NY) Contech (KS) Converter Access. (NJ) Convert. Concepts (NJ) CTC (NJ) Double E (MA) Emberte (NJ) Epoch (TX) Erhardt+Leimer (SC) Fabric Finishing (RI) Fabritech (NJ) GFM (IL) HSJ Group (GA) Honeycomb (France) Horton (MN) Independent Mach. (NJ) Curt Joa (FL) Martin Automatic (IL) May Coating (MN) Menzel (SC) Nim-Cor (NH) Parkinson (RI) Pascorp (NJ) Sigma (SC) Unitex (MA) William Tatham (U.K.) Todd-Long (NC) Web Converting (NY) Webex (WI) Winsor&Jerrauld (RI) Wire Craft (NC) Zerand (MI)

WINDERS, REWINDERS 2N (Italy) Abatec (Italy) Arc Machine (NJ) Ason (FL) Automatex (Italy) Batson Yarn (SC) Birch Bros. (NC) Black Clawson (NY) Brimmekamp (CT) Bruckner (Germany) Bruderhaus (Germany) Cameron (NJ) Celli (Italy) Contech (KS) Converter Access. (NJ) Convertex (Germany) Convert. Concepts (NJ) Corfine (IN) CTC (NJ) Davis-Standard (CT) Edelmann (Germany) Egan Machinery (WI) Elsner (PA) Emberte (NJ) Emtek (NJ) ETF (Netherlands) Exclusivas Te-Pa (Spain) Fabric Finishing (RI) Fabritech (NJ) Faustel (WI) Fi-Tech (VA) Gibbs Machinery (SC) Hydralign (MA) Inarc (NJ) Independent Mach. (NJ) Inoue Kinzoku (Japan) Kampf Machinery (TN) Martin Automatic (IL) Mayer (Germany) McBride Machine (PA) Menzel (SC) Mohr+Caidik (Germany) Montalvo (ME) Moody Machinery (SC) Farmer Norton (U.K) Parkinson (RI) Pascorp (NJ) B.F. Perkins (MA) Raynworth (Switzerland) Rosenthal Mfg. (IL) Sigma (SC) Simmons (SC) Stahlkontor (TN) Tekma (Italy) Unitex (MA) Verduin Machinery (NJ) Web Converting (NY) Webex (WI) Winchester Roll (NH) Wire Craft (NC) Wise Industries (NC) Zima (SC)
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Title Annotation:Section I: Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers; Machinery & Equipment Cross References
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Directory
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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