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The 1992 Managed Care Yearbook.

The 1992 Managed Care Yearbook traces the development of managed health care over the past 2 years. The health care environment in the 1990s - rising costs for government, U.S. businesses, and individuals - has led many traditional health insurance companies and the employer-sponsored plans they insure to adopt managed health care policies.

The Yearbook, based on The Executive Report on Managed Care, a nationally circulated newsletter that covers the industry, tracks the significant growth of managed health care plans and the effectiveness of managed health care systems that have been holding the line on costs below double digits in years when national health spending has reached between 10 and 12 percent of the gross national product.

Major U.S. corporations with managed health care plans are profiled, including: Allied Signal, AT&T, General Motors, IBM, Nestle Enterprises, Pepsico, The Travelers' Corporation, Southwestern Bell, and United Technologies Corporation.

The book describes how companies that have successfully implemented managed health care systems have begun to apply the principles to control other areas of employers' health spending including substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, prescription drug costs, and dental plans.

The enrollment growth, premium charges, and market penetration of health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, and point of service plans is also monitored in the 1992 Managed Care Yearbook.

Although managed care has been successful at containing health care costs, it has sometimes been criticized for not providing quality care. The Yearbook examines why quality care is lacking in some managed health care systems and explores how accreditation programs, including the American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations, the American Association for the Continuity of Care, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance, are seeking to change this.

Legal issues and legislation that have affected managed care, changes in the managed care market, and trends in the managed health care field are also covered. A listing of resources and associations, and a glossary defining terms are also included.
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Publication:Health Care Financing Review
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Date:Dec 22, 1992
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