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The 18th International Packaging Exhibition (KOREA PACK 2013) is held from May 28th to 31st at KINTEX, Korea.

SEOUL, South Korea, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As 2,500 booths run by 800 companies from 25 countries will participate in the exhibition, 'KOREA PACK 2013' is a place shown all the new packaging technologies as it covers all the packing products, technologies and services such as packaging materials, packaging machines, machines for food, medicine and cosmetics, packing design, distribution device & system and subsidiary materials.

Here's another attraction of KOREA PACK 2013; exhibition of winners of '2013 KOREA STAR AWARDS' organized by KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology), 'Good Packaging Design Pavilion' conducted by KPDA (Korea Package Design Association) and Sustainable Bio Packaging Pavilion showing Korean packaging trend.

And MOTIE, a supporter of the exhibition, annually awards 'KOREA STAR AWARDS 2013' for people who contribute to the development of Korean packaging technology and industry. Especially, it is expected to be greater by more ambitious companies developing innovative and excellent packaging.

In addition, Kyungyon Exhibition arranged a lot of accompanied events for buyers in the most sought for markets like food, pharmacy, cosmetics and chemical so that exhibitors and buyers can have a chance to share industry information and promote their products.

One of them is a plan to invite foreign buying missions from eight countries to find a market for export for Korean packaging industry. For this time, foreign buying missions are invited with all-the-expenses encompassing airfare and accommodations supported through foreign network by the organizer. And the size of professional interpreters will be enlarged for more practical consultations between buyers and Korean packaging companies.

The executive office of KOREA PACK plans to help foreign export of Korean companies by supporting expenses for inviting foreign buyers. In KOREA PACK, foreign buyers from 200 companies from 20 countries in total visited the expo through support for pioneering foreign markets for Korean packaging companies and 'BUYER supporting program'.

With large-scale 'foreign buying missions' from 4 countries participating through foreign network of Kyungyon Exhibition, the organizer of the expo, KOREA PACK was a ground for exchanging information with exhibitors and having opportunities to further for wider business areas.

The organizer of 'KOREA PACK 2013' said, "We expect about 64 million dollars of export consultations during the expo by separately inviting about 100 'buying missions' from East Asian countries including Japan, China and India for exhibitors through 'BUYER supporting program'."

'KOREA PACK 2013' is open from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. in KINTEX #1, and it is supposed to be B2B exhibition.

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Comment:The 18th International Packaging Exhibition (KOREA PACK 2013) is held from May 28th to 31st at KINTEX, Korea.
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