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The 111th military intelligence brigade command philosophy.

On 31 July 2004, Colonel (COL) Thomas M. Kelley assumed command of the 111th Military Intelligence (MI) Brigade. His command philosophy is based on the following realities and challenges: the nation is at war and the Army is in a period of adaptation and transition. With these facts in mind, his primary focus is on the brigade mission to train technically and tactically competent, disciplined, and physically fit MI warriors instilled with the Army values and fully prepared to join the Army Joint team, and national agencies.

Soldiers and civilians assigned to the 111th MI Brigade are keenly aware that COL Kelley is a totally dedicated member of the Army team. His message is straightforward: he believes that the U.S. Army is the best institution in the nation and that it has the confidence and trust of the American people. He emphasizes the Army's "values based" orientation, and focuses on the "profession of arms." He is convinced that the Army's team-oriented approach to national defense makes it the best, most professional Army in the history of the world.


COL Kelley is uncompromising in his expectations. All members of the brigade must--

[] Conduct themselves responsibly.

[] Exhibit a strong sense of urgency as they accomplish their assignments.

[] Exemplify a life-long commitment to learning.

[] Maintain a willingness to sacrifice for the good of others.

Additionally, he expects a consistent commitment to living the Army values, doing what is right, showing respect for the law and Army regulations and policies, staying physically fit, and demonstrating a willingness to communicate openly. He also stresses the importance of safety in all actions and activities. Moreover, COL Kelley expects all soldiers to live the "warrior ethos" by placing mission first, never accepting defeat, and never giving up. He also expects all civilian employees to consistently perform as true professionals dedicated to excellence in the execution of their duties, committed to victory in the war against terrorism, and willing to sacrifice for the well-being of the soldiers and civilians they train.

Vision and Goals

COL Kelley's vision and goals for the brigade are to--

[] Remain the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command's center of excellence and be the academic showplace of the Army.

[] Continue to be a learning organization that embraces and welcomes change.

[] Be unmatched in the ability to foster innovation and to integrate new concepts and procedures.

[] Continue as the most relevant and relied upon pool of talent in the Army and Joint team.

[] Build and sustain a climate that makes the 111th MI Brigade the most desired unit of assignment in the MI Corps.


To achieve this vision and these goals, COL Kelley has directed each battalion to establish a process for analyzing every course with special attention to improving teaching effectiveness. He expects all instructors and subject matter experts to maintain a high level of currency in their disciplines through direct experience, refresher training, or both. He has also directed the training battalions to quickly integrate the valid "lessons learned" from operations in the field into their lesson plans and programs of instruction. Likewise, he stresses that all training must be seamlessly linked to the contemporary operating environment (COE). He will accept nothing less than relevance in training.

In keeping with his commitment to realistic experiential training that develops the "critical thinking and problem-solving skills" of students, COL Kelley emphasizes the use of practical field and situational training exercises. He is committed to the continued development of the brigade's Joint Intelligence Combat Training Center into a state-of-the-art facility that will significantly enhance the integration of lessons learned into training, and provide students with an opportunity for realistic, dynamic, and challenging "experiential learning."

Opportunities for Personal Growth

COL Kelley supports and encourages cooperative educational programs between the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca (USAIC&FH) Intelligence School and various institutions of higher learning. Currently, many students undergoing training at USAIC&FH can earn an Associate degree from Cochise College upon successful completion of their military occupational specialty training. The brigade staff is now working to make it possible for other students to also earn Associate degrees. Furthermore, COL Kelley has directed all supervisors to make certain that every soldier and civilian in the brigade creates and implements an approved, professional development plan.

The Bottom Line

Change and adaptation are constants for members of the 111th MI Brigade. All new commanders make modifications in the way their units do things, in priorities and, to some extent, in the culture of the brigade. COL Kelley is not an exception. Nevertheless, he has initiated changes only when they have been necessary to effectively address the rapidly evolving needs of the Army and to achieve his vision and goals for the brigade. He will spare no effort to provide MI students with the realistic training they require to defend the nation and win the war against global terrorism.

Readers may contact the 111th MI Brigade Dean, George A. VanOtten, Ph.D., via E-mail at The Associate Deans are Richard B. Loomis (, Francis W. Smith (, and Ken L. Welsh (
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