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The 051 lives on; One of Liverpool's most famous clubs is reborn for one night only. Emma Johnson repor ts.

Byline: Emma Johnson

AS CLUBS go The 051 was one of Liverpool's most famous, known for hands-in-the-air music, Scouse s house and crazy nights.

Then in 2005, after 13 years of big tunes and dancefloor mayhem, we had to say goodbye to the 051 as the Mount Pleasant venue closed its doors.

But this Sunday, befitting the current trend for music nostalgia, fans will have a chance to relive the glory days with the 051 reunion right above the old club at Silo.

Unsurprisingly Mr Lee Butler is behind the party.

At the helm of the club for many years, Lee says public support for a reunion made him get the guys back together: "We haven't done anything now for about 18 months. The last reunion was at Studio on Hardman Street and everyone has been on our case to do it again."

For Sunday's party Radio City DJ Lee will be joined by former 051 residents Lil John, Ste McGee and Marc Cain.

Partygoers will also be treated to performances from some of the biggest and best loved PAs of 051 days gone by.

"We put out a message on the 051's Facebook site and people came back with some big Liverpool tunes, so we have got Warrior, 2 Funky 2 doing Brothers and Sisters and Rezonance Q doing Someday plus Voodoo and Serrano doing Overload."

Lee adds: "It is going to be all about the big old tunes, going right back from when the club opened to when it closed, with all the old DJs playing.

"With the emphasis on the old," he laughs.

After cutting his teeth at The State, Lee himself was at the 051 from 1996 when he staged the legendary Battle of the Heavyweights party.

So what can we expect from Lee on Sunday? "We have all been going through the old vinyl digging out the big favourites.

"Expect to hear Spacebrothers -Unforgiven, Agnelli and Nelson - Everyday and lots more big classics.

"The reunion will bring back the days when people came out for the music and lived for the music," Lee continues.

"When you look back I think you miss those years.

People go out now and it is less about the music and more about looking good or copping off.

"We want to take people back and have them let loose and enjoy themselves like they did in the 90s.

"There will be lasers and smoke and entertainers, we want to recreate the atmosphere of when it was all about screams and whistles and dancing so hard you lose weight."

? The Official 051 Reunion takes place at Silo at Mount Pleasant on Bank Holiday Sunday. Doors open 11pm-6am. Tickets pounds 10 from 3 Beat or you can pay on the door.


ON THE BILL: Lil John is playing AT YOUR SERVICE: Lee Butler heads up the DJs at the 051 reunion
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 27, 2011
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