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The (Balanchine) debate rages on.

In response to your lively and laudably wide-ranging interchange on the influence of Balanchine today ("Are We Overdosing on Balanchine?" Jan.):

After our common pro forma genuflection before Balanchine (which being pro forma makes it no less sincere), it seems self-evident that a like-minded group of former dancers, administrators, foundation executives, and critics has stifled alternatives to Balanchine in the name of a sometimes pedantic, even hysterical fidelity to their own youthful memories. There's a lot of meretricious new choreography, but America has missed out on too much innovative ballet and modern dance. You don't have to be a latter-day Balanchine loyalist to be close-minded (see Peter Boal as a sterling counter-example). But it sometimes seems to help.

John Rockwell


I liked the Balanchine argument (which I found via Twitter). I feel like we are doing so many other things at Stuttgart that I miss doing a lot of Balanchine! I can understand how the U.S. may need to take a little break to explore some other exciting stuff, but here I would love to have at least one juicy Balanchine per season.

Evan McKie

Stuttgart Ballet


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Title Annotation:letters
Author:Rockwell, John; McKie, Evan
Publication:Dance Magazine
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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