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The 'Bar' for E-Solution Productivity Powerfully Raised: TogetherSoft Pre-releases Expanded Product Line.

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RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30, 2000

New Features for Teams and Individuals Developing E-Solutions

TogetherSoft Corporation announced the pre-release of its expanded product line for vastly increased productivity in developing e-solutions, featuring deeply integrated support for top-tier app-servers from BEA, IBM, and Sun.

It also features a new syntax-savvy editor with code completion - plus an animated, distributed, multi-threaded debugger - fully integrated for more effective e-solution development. The official release is set for June 5th, at the official opening of JavaOne. The expanded product line includes:

-- Together(R) Control Center(tm) 4.0 - the new flagship product in the TogetherSoft(tm) lineup, provides an environment for team development of applications with the specific target of developing and then deploying EJBs to the most popular application servers on the market today (BEA WebLogic Server, IBM WebSphere, Sun iPlanet, and many more).

-- Together Enterprise 4.0 - continues to be the enterprise solution for productively developing applications in a team environment.

-- Together Solo 4.0 - a new product targeted at individual developers who need the increased productivity provided by this unique end-to-end development environment. Together Solo includes all of the features previously found in TogetherJ (for Java(tm) development) and TogetherC++ as well as new features for these environments.

-- Together Whiteboard 4.0 - a free download version of Together Solo for your use in evaluating the capabilities and inherent productivity of the product.

The products are available today for download from .

"Together helps us focus on and model our business logic," says Curtis Chambers of The Home Depot. "The percentage of time saved by using Together, for example, with 5 developers doing full-time integration, given that level of effort, we're talking at least 3 months saved on a project. It will also save time in taking our products to the marketplace."

Each of these products delivers the ability for individual developers, or teams of developers, to take advantage of the improved productivity that results from the unique capabilities of this rich environment. Each of these products provide:

-- OneSource(tm) - Simultaneous Round-Trip Engineering between Java/C++ code and UML diagrams. You can start with object modeling, which automatically produces code that matches the model; or you can start with a existing source code and reverse engineer it into a variety of diagrams to aid in the understanding of the program. Any changes made to the diagram are immediately reflected in the code, and any changes in the code are immediately reflected in the diagrams.

-- X-ray(tm) - Customizable Metrics Checking and Likely-error Quality Assurance Audits provides an unbiased examination of software quality and complexity for your software (great for subcontracted software too). QA reports may be run at any time to show analysis of 60 Audits and 46 Metric. The audits can be used to enforce standards within the organization, and the metrics allow easy visibility of problems within the programs. With our API, you can extend audits or metrics with your own!

-- BigPlay(tm) -- Multi-user Team Support helps team members work together more effectively, protects your software assets, and keeps diagrams, code, and documentation always in-sync across your project and enterprise. Version Control integration makes it simple to work entirely within the Together environment.

-- RaftMaker(tm) - Automatically generates Java documentation directly from your model. This feature effortlessly produces documentation in HTML, RTF, PDF, or text formats, resulting in more productive team members, and better control of the project through improved communication among themselves and their management/clients.

-- Stamper(tm) - Pattern maker and modeling components, allows for the use of existing object model templates for faster and easier development of usable models. Using any of the 11 Gang of Four (GoF) patterns, or the 61 business components from Peter Coad's popular book, Java Modeling in Color with UML. you can speed the progress of your development project.

"Model, pattern, edit, compile, debug, version, doc, provision, assemble, deploy, and run! It's awesome!" said Peter Coad, Author of "Java Design" and CEO of TogetherSoft. "Business experts, modelers, and especially developers (even Emacs and vi users) love the control center for accelerating e-solutions. The gentle euphoria being in one deeply (deeply) integrated environment is addictive. And the productivity leaps our customers report are quite simply astounding."

The TogetherSoft products are built on an extensible platform and set of building blocks, which provide an end-to-end development environment, from model design to running applications. It is an ideal environment that enterprise application development shops need for the entire life cycle of their applications. Together products provide a highly productive environment and an excellent "one stop" communication mechanism for all of the individuals participating in the application development process, allowing:

-- Business analysts to model the business

-- Software architects and analysts to develop overall application model shape,

-- Software designers to work out the details for building applications

-- Software developers to program, compile, and debug applications

-- Q.A. teams to help build-in quality, using Together to enforce coding standards and by using well-tested code templates and patterns while simultaneously speeding model development

-- Q.A. to help ensure quality by using robust metrics & audits throughout the development process

-- Network engineers to monitor the state of their applications on application servers and control deployment of new applications

About TogetherSoft

TogetherSoft Corporation, founded in September 1999 by Java Design author and expert Peter Coad, and fueled by the innovations of his earlier companies, develops patent-pending e-solution infrastructure and uses it to develop industry specific product families 10-20 times faster than industry norms.

With the Together product line, TogetherSoft develops and markets product/service bundles that reduce software development risk by helping teams deliver frequent, tangible working results. The Together product line is the emerging leader and fastest growing control center for enterprise e-solutions, a comprehensive control center for everyone involved in software development, from manager to business person to designer to programmer to tester.

TogetherSoft Corporation ( ) is headquartered in Raleigh, NC. A comprehensive product-line feature matrix is available at .

Together is a registered trademark of TogetherSoft Corp. BigPlay, Pixie, RaftMaker, OneSource, Stamper, TogetherSoft, and X-ray are trademarks of TogetherSoft Corp. Java, EJB, and iPlanet are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the US and other countries. WebLogic is a registered trademark of BEA Systems, Inc. IBM is a registered trademark, and WebSphere is a trademark of IBM Corporation.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 30, 2000
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