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The "shadow" government does not appear.

There is still nothing concrete in terms of SDSM's announcements that it would form a shadow government that will represent a strong alternative to the current government. Meanwhile, the largest opposition party succeeded to attract well-known experts in its ranks which were said to become the ministers in "shadow". Those persons are Lidija Dimova, Margarita Caca Nikolovska, Robert Alagjozovski, Mila Carovska, Angel Milev, Dejan Pavleski, Stevo Pendarovski and Ilinka Mitreva. Experts say that the forming of a phantom cabinet is not a good idea because the "shadow" ministers have the intention to keep their positions if they seize power and this is one of the reasons why such governments have not been formed thus far. A source from SDSM says that it is very difficult to realize this idea because since 1991 until today, the governments in Macedonia are coalition governments but Professor Mersel Biljali said that the inclusion of Albanian parties should not cause problems.

"It is a rule for the Macedonian parties that win the election to undertake the most important ministries and it is a political market," Biljali said. To him, the organization of "shadow" cabinets is frequent practice in some countries and their goal is the political marketing. SDSM sources say that they are setting up councils which also include persons who are not part of the party because a "shadow" government is not a simple game.
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Title Annotation:Zurnal
Author:Fazliu, Agim
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Nov 5, 2013
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