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That hearing a slide projector.

you make a noise of pain, foetally positioned languishing in the

most comfortable chair in the room. You see you have allowed the subject to come in I intended a list (the author's psychic life or whatever --everyone rises in revolt--comprenez? if everyone rises, it is no revolt. "We live in a real world" we have had hepatitis, we stay in bed, maybe a weak smile as we

are brought cups of broth. Do not whine, dear as we are, listening; i.e., it does little

good to flog ourselves that being, awake at night that seeing every year the woman you think more and more should

be your mother that calling the answering machine to hear the message --what sort of conversation? YOU TELL ME this is not what you or I can take back, or will Audience, you have been up all night watching babies delivered,

and you had meant to stay in the corner but got involved:

crying Push, Push
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Author:Bowden, Janet
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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