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That Punk Jimmy Hoffa!

That Punk Jimmy Hoffa!

Marilyn June Coffey

Omega Cottonwood Press

9780998901817, $19.95, PB, 260pp,

Synopsis: In "That Punk Jimmy Hoffa! Coffey's Transfer at War with the Teamsters", Marilyn Coffey recounts her family's intricate dance with the Teamsters, beginning with her dad's tiny trucking company spawned on a front porch in 1929, in a David-and-Goliath encounter that spanned decades.

In 1956, Tom Coffey knuckled under Jimmy Hoffa's six-month-long Teamsters strike. He sold his twenty-seven-year-old truckline, Coffey's Transfer Company, rather than sign Hoffa's contract.

But the story didn't end there--and Jimmy Hoffa didn't win after all. In 1958, the Coffey family gathered in Washington, DC, to see Tom testify against Jimmy Hoffa before then-Senator John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, the Rackets Committee's counsel who had sworn to put Hoffa behind bars.

Critique: An impressively candid, informatively detailed, inherently fascinating insider account, "That Punk Jimmy Hoffa! Coffey's Transfer at War with the Teamsters" is a unique and extraordinary historical footnote to the history of the national teamster's union and the corruption that was to eventually take it down. While unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library collections, it should be noted for students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that "That Punk Jimmy Hoffa! Coffey's Transfer at War with the Teamsters" is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $5.49).

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Date:Sep 1, 2017
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