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It was the night Hollywood turned into Brollywood.

And some of the stars got a nasty surprise as they tried to put their best foot forward.

For the torrential rain as they arrived for Sunday's BAFTA ceremony in London had an amazing effect on the red carpet, turning it into a sea of foam as chemicals used to make it fireproof bubbled to the surface.

Most of the big name actresses took it all in their stride. But some, like Kate Winslet, made their displeasure known as the sticky mess clung to the hems of exclusive designer dresses and ruined shoes costing up to pounds 500 a pair.

At least one miffed starlet found herself with foam oozing between her toes.

Like the trouper she is, Dame Judi Dench, voted Best Actress for her role in Iris, managed to keep smiling - even though she admitted later that the suds had "destroyed" her footwear.

So just for fun, we've put together a "Who's Shoe" of showbiz.

Can you match the famous faces to the soggy tootsies? Check your answers at the er, foot, of the page.

AThis elfin beauty was aghast as she tiptoed through the foam in her strappy red Gina shoes.

BIn Oz, the worst thing she could step on is a snake. At the BAFTAs, it was the gungy carpet.

CMarried to one of Hollywood's most famous lotharios, she has

learned to tread carefully.

DThe Guccis don't have to put up with this kind of treatment back home in sunny Texas.

EYou might think she'd be used to water, but it's not very n-ice for her Jane Brown slip-ons.

FAs Queen Elizabeth, this veteran star may have had young men to throw down their capes.

GShe played a superhero with power over weather, but couldn't save her Valentino shoes.

HHer notorious Tory MP dad could give her some tips on not putting your foot in it.

IShe wasn't kidding anyone she was happy as she sloshed her way down the red carpet.

JIt was almost mission impossible to stay upright as the BAFTAs soggy pile takes its toll.

KShe wasn't prepared to make a monkey of herself and opted for a pair of sensible boots.

LThis West End stage star was glad she'd had some previous soap operas.

Annette Bening Helena Bonham Carter Halle Berry Anna Friel Alexandra Aitken Nicole Kidman Gemma Kidd Renee Zellweger Claire Sweeney Kate Winslet Dame Judi Dench Thandie Newton

ANSWERS: 1 - C, 2 - K, 3 - G, 4 - A, 5 - H, 6 - B, 7 - I, 8 - D, 9 - L, 10 - E, 11- F, 12 - J
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 26, 2002
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