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VIRGINIA It's not just microplastics that are a hazard to marine organisms. Last August, biologists from the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Centre were called about a young, disoriented female sei whale swimming up a busy industrial tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. After she died, it was discovered that the endangered species had swallowed a shard of a broken DVD case that had lacerated her stomach and prevented her from feeding. Sea turtles and birds are also frequent victims of lethal plastic ingestion. Laysan Albatrosses are reported to consume larger amounts of plastic, more frequently, than any other seabird. Chicks have been found with Styrofoam, beads, fishing line, buttons, disposable cigarette lighters, toys, golf tees, dish-washing gloves and magic markers inside them,

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Title Annotation:Research Digest: Focus on Ocean Plastic; death of a whale which swallowed a broken DVD case
Publication:Alternatives Journal
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Date:Mar 1, 2015
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