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That's Uncle Bob's ship.

I picked UP your August 2009 issue at the grocery store the other day. The first time I opened the magazine, it was to "Close Call for a Tin Can Sailor, Part I" [I Was There, by Bob Maher], I immediately noticed the picture of the USS Borie and was elated. You see, my great uncle on my mother's side of my family, Robert "Bob" Meyer, was a fireman 3rd class on the Borie.

From my grandmother, I had often heard about my Uncle Bob and the night his ship sank. But the story was always vague. The facts were that a submarine hit his destroyer in the Atlantic on Halloween night during a storm and they had to abandon ship later. The only other fact was that his best friend died while being rescued by another ship because he hit his head on the rescue ship's railing, was knocked off the raft into the water, and was not seen again.

I quickly read your article and learned a lot. I was most amazed when I read that the engine room flooded, because I knew Uncle Bob worked in that area of the ship. I now turn the computer over to my grandmother:

"I was also pleased to get more information about my brother and his shipmates. The author had a bird's-eye view and that makes the events more authentic. It has been years since this occurred but the memory is still with me and my sister and brothers. We will be waiting for Part II."

Noah Stegman Rechtin

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Title Annotation:V-MAIL
Author:Rechtin, Noah Stegman
Publication:America in WWII
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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