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That's Life: foundation video premiere: La Paloma Theater, San Diego, CA.

WHETHER YOU BLAME BOULALA, Green or a Flock of Seagulls. the modern rocker dandy look has caught on hard in substantial pockets of the skate community. And while dressing like a member of the traveling cast of "The Pirates of Penzance" will still guarantee an ass-beating in most of America, on the balmy shores of the beautiful beach towns of Southern California fanny lads can safely flitter and shut (the only possible adverse effect being a long look from some love-struck lass). And so they came--all of 'em--to the Foundation Skateboards premier of That's Life, the F-Troop's latest and greatest video offering.

Going on 15 years, the magic F has come a long way since Alan Midgette's norge, and, at present, hosts one of its strongest line-ups to date. Leo Romero and Matt Allen hold down the Top-10-style, rail and stair duties, while Mile-High small fry Angel Ramirez gets mystery man props. Rusczyk has those SLAP-happy weirdo lines the purists love and Gareth Stehr is finally revealed in all his Kiwi glory--power, flair and a style betrothed to no other. Shimizu unloads on backside Smiths and Ethan has his own self-edited cruisey, happy part with just enough muscle to make the kids stand up. And then there s Strubing. Holy shit! Wait'll you see it. Hard Corey wraps the whole thing up--backside lipping and kickflipping everything on the planet in some of the most provocative gear of the evening. Drunk on stoke. the crowd then spilled onto the 101, scarves and blazers flapping brazenly. Spiked belts clanked against precariously placed buttons and cig smoke floated as everyone chattered about their favorite parts and plans for the rest of the night.--MB
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Title Annotation:Trash
Date:Jun 1, 2004
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