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That's "Mr. Satan to you. (catholic tastes).

The Italian Bishops Conference last year dealt with all unusual dilemma while debating how to implement Vatican-approved changes to the official exorcism rite. The British newspaper The Independent (Sept. 17, 2000) reported, "For centuries Roman Catholic priests have used the classic Latin formula "Vade retro, Satana!" [Get thee behind, Satan!] to drive out the devil. Now, like the Latin Mass before it, the phrase is being pensioned off in favour of invocations in the local language."

In their translation task, the bishops had to decide which of the two common Italian forms of "you" to use. The formula's translation "Vai indietro, Satana!" would "give the demon his marching orders with the familiar tu ... but pedants might prefer the formal lei, more distant and used to address strangers or inferiors."

Father Corrado Balducci, an Italian exorcist, told the newspaper: "I have always used Latin, but I don't think the language change will make much difference." Neither the article nor, apparently, the Italian bishops had any suggestions on whether exorcists should say "please" and "thank you" when driving out the devil.
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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