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Thanks to our readers.

With 2002 coming to a close, the natural inclination is to take a quick look back on a difficult year for many and then turn our focus on realizing the promise era new year.

Much of my effort during 2002 has gone into launching, publishing, and promoting a new TAPPI JOURNAL. After TAPPI began publishing peer-reviewed papers electronically, many TAPPI Members felt there was still a need to also print peer-reviewed technical and research reports.

Given the overall economies of recent years, funding a specialized journal, while also publishing the new Solutions! magazine for TAPPI and PIMA members, was a challenge. To he able to defray costs, the new TAPPI JOURNAL needed to be a subscription-based publication.

A goal we have sought to maintain is to continue a tradition of quality in the material we publish. Each report should ultimately help us do a better job of making pulp and paper. We also try to emphasize the human aspects and "fun" side of research, technology, and the various pulp and paper processes.

As we've often said, we want your feedback on the new TAPPI JOURNAL and on Solutions!--to help us satisfy your information needs through both. Are there certain topics you are especially interested in reading about? Are there features of the new TAPPI JOURNAL or Solutions! that you especially like or would like to see added? What changes or improvements would you like to see in either publication? Is there an ideal length for peer-reviewed papers? Are there enhancements we should add to the TAPPI web site to compliment or expand on the material we print in TAPPI JOURNAL or in Solutions!?

For comments or suggestions regarding Solutions!, email Alan Rooks at For comments or suggestions regarding TAPPI JOURNAL (or to request an electronic PDF sample of the new journal), email Don Meadows at

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Title Annotation:Last Word
Author:Meadows, Donald G.
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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