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Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help I WOULD like to thank the person who phoned Merseyside Police up recently regarding three male prowlers/robbers who were eyeing up my boyfriend's personal belongings in my front garden. The incident happened in the early hours of the morning at my home. The person who contacted police wishes to remain anonymous but he or she noticed the robbers in dark clothing in my garden in Anfield.

I also saw these three robbers from my bedroom window, then shortly after the police arrived.

My boyfriend is quite poorly at the moment and is unable to go out to work, so I'd like to remind other people, too, of how very important it is to look out for one another and to help all we can.

I also would like to thank Merseyside Police for acting so quickly and for coming out to speak to us.

Well done!

Name & address supplied TT on the TV I RESPOND to your nostalgia picture of Terry-Thomas (ECHO, December 27).

The comedy actor starred in his own TV series screened in the 1950s/60s: Strictly TT.

This was possibly the first programme application - in title terms - of the word strictly.

Nothing to do with abstinence from alcohol, but a vehicle for the talented Terry-Thomas.

Derek Jeffery, Heswall Thanks for nothing WE'D like to say "thanks very much" to whoever found the hold-all our son left in a taxi he got into (from Kirkby Rail Station) just a short distance to a local address, the Tuesday before Christmas. It contained inexpensive presents for his granddaughter and other children - plus Christmas cards.

He had travelled especially to spend the holiday with family.

He contacted the taxi firm involved, but with no luck.

He was left with not even a toothbrush!

We all felt the sadness caused, especially knowing the majority of Liverpool people are honest!

We would, however, like to wish all those other people unlucky enough to have had such bad luck - a happier New Year.

Mrs J Jackson, Walton Good luck, Stevie GOOD luck to Steven Gerrard in his decision to leave his beloved Liverpool, where he will always be welcomed back in the future, possibly in a managerial position.

I admire his choice of wanting to play in the American League where he won't have to oppose his first love and the pace is a bit slower than the Premier.

Enjoy your semi-retirement, Stevie - you have been a great servant to your club and will always be able to hold your head high on Merseyside!

KO Jones, Rock Ferry Unhappy with story I AM writing in response to your frontpage coverage of the story, A Sister's Grief, of drug baron Wayne Basnett. Does this story really justify being the main headline when people in Glasgow had tragically lost their lives, a policeman in our own city had been killed and you choose to glorify a drug baron's murder? Yes, a mother has lost her son, yes, a sister lost her brother - but did you really have to give this gun culture lifestyle front page coverage? Name & address supplied Missed opportunity REGARDING the Metro Mayor, isn't it time the six councils realised they are here to do what's best for the whole region and not the opinions of a group interested in their own egos? This sort of stupidity has been done many times by the six counties. The classic being Liverpool Airport which they frittered away many years ago, which had a much better flight path than Manchester, together with natural resources than Manchester's, but here we are again watching Manchester agreeing to a Metro-type Mayor, even if they dislike the idea, but look at the millions they'll get from it. And, as usual, the whingeing poms of politics will give it away.

Can't you see, by splitting and diversifying, other cities will gain from our loss; and yours for the people of Merseyside are fed up of playing second fiddle to Manchester, who use their brains, not what they sit on to run their economy.

We have an opportunity here to coincide our economy with the largest cargo ships in the world, coming to our city, and if you can't see that, get out of our politics, for you're not fit for purpose!

Disgusted Labour Voter A moving verse WHAT a very moving poem by Doris Frostick (Liverpool ECHO, January 1). There has been little mention of the true meaning of Christmas these past weeks, so it's good that the Liverpool ECHO has published Doris's poem. May readers dwell on its true message.

EM Owens, L12 Can you help animals? IF THERE are any ECHO readers who are cat lovers and could spare some cat food, please contact Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, Sandy Lane, Holmeswood L40 1UE.

It would be a great help in feeding the homeless cats and kittens at the sanctuary.

You can call the staff on 01704 823 293.

In anticipation, thank you so much.

R Baines, Skelmersdale No honour for Doddy ANOTHER New Year's Honours List has been published with still nothing for the squire of Knotty Ash.

A man who has never forgotten his roots, who has supported many charities and was never drawn by the bright lights of London and has always lived in his beloved Liverpool.

Never mind, Ken, in the hearts and minds of the people who matter to you most, your fellow Scousers, you will always be Sir Ken to us.

KO Jones, Rock Ferry Upon my oath I FIND it totally bizarre that just before Christmas Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, should swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen when sworn in as a member of the Privy Council, when she has dedicated the rest of her life to the dismemberment of the United Kingdom.

Jonathan Morris, Hoylake KEEP FIGHTING, MY BABY BROTHER Your Poem MY BROTHER I'm sorry for all these tears I just want to escape from all these fears My only wish would be to make you better There should be no need to write this letter You will be better soon it will bewill be better soon it will be Y all over Our family deserve a four leaf clover You are missing lots but you'll Y get it back With mummy and daddy our life will never be as dull as black They are the best and strongest parents you will ever meet You challenged our family but Y you will be beat No-one or nothing can break my family bond Soon the doctors will respond It won't be good news it will be the best the day my family will feel so blessed And find his family who are all out there by Chloe Irvine, Kirkby


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Date:Jan 8, 2015
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