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Thanks for our Health Service; Letters.

IT is heartening to read letters from readers who've had treatment at Walsgrave Hospital and have nothing but praise for the National Health Service when they return home.

I would agree with them. I have had my share of good luck, also my daughter is a nurse.

Compare this with the situation in the United States where the President is fighting against the republican opposition to extend healthcare to 50 million Americans who do not have health insurance. This opposition call our system "socialist medicine". I would call it "civilised medicine". Our system was not handed to us on a plate, it was hard fought for.

I remember as a teenager going to hear Nye Bevan at the Coventry Hippodrome in 1946 or 1947 one Sunday morning. I sat in the Gods to a packed house and the man next to me said to me: "This man is dangerous." He said it with such venom. Some time later I went for my first dental check-up. The dentist was the man who sat next to me.

Nye Bevan was subjected to some vile criticism from a certain section of the press. America is a great country but I'm glad I'm British. I would not swap my passport for the right to own a handgun.

Fred Jennings, Hardy Road, Radford.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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