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Thanks for helping our veggie kids!

I wrote a while back regarding a nightmare of an art class that my 11-year-old son had to endure, where the assignment was to draw "meat." Well, the response from The VRG staff was beyond fabulous! You did the very best thing by sending my son a wonderful assortment of vegetarian items. He loves the care package that you sent to him.

We live in a rural farming community that is quickly becoming a McMansion outcropping. Attitudes regarding meat, animals, land use, organics, pesticides, and child rearing vary widely. It's a lot for an adult to navigate, and it's sometimes mega-tough on children, particularly anyone deemed to be 'different.' Luckily, our children have alert minds, kind hearts, and strong backbones, but you have truly helped in making our son and our 13-year-old daughter aware that 'different' is only relative and, more important, can be a very good thing!

D.R., via e-mail
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Publication:Vegetarian Journal
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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