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SCHOOL'S nearly out for summer - and thousands of youngsters are preparing to say goodbye for the final time. It is the start of the best and longest holiday of the year, but it's also a time of massive change for youngsters, whether they are moving from primary to secondary or going from secondary to college or from college to the big wide world.

We asked city youngsters to share their farewells and memories as they prepare to leave the class of 2003. Today we have messages from some of Year 6 at Allesley Primary School. Watch out for more in the Evening Telegraph over the coming days.

You can also log on to our website at to leave your own message on our special Class of 2003 Leavers' Board.

I'LL miss the nice intelligent teachers and all my friends in years three, four and five, and I will miss being in the rugby team and getting medals and in the cricket team. I will miss my friends in Year 6 who are going to different schools and I will really miss going to Plas Dol-y-Moch about hiking and abseiling and orienteering. On the last night we got woken up by Mr Clark playing his banjo. When I go to Coundon Court I will make new friends and I will not get a detention all my years.

Robert Christie, aged 11.

ON my first day I can remember when I walked into Miss Simms' class and I started to cry. I will miss my friends because I am going to a different school and my teachers because sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are a bit boring. I will miss it because when it's sunny and hot Mrs Dodd takes us outside to play games. I will miss my school friends and playground because we used to play babies when we were little. I will miss the school altogether and I hope it will carry on being a brilliant school.

Leah McDonnell, aged 11.

SECONDARY school will be a lot bigger and I am a bit worried about getting lost on the way to class but I am still looking forward to it. The good thing is that my younger brother will go to the same school as I will be leaving which is nice to know. It seems like only yesterday that I was starting school a tiny little girl in the infants' playground clinging on to my mum. It hardly seems that long since I broke my wrist in Year 3, and now suddenly I'm getting ready to leave. It's weird but I suppose we all have to move on sometime.

Misha Victoria Anker, aged 11.

ON my first day all the older children looked so tall and I thought I was so small. I also remember when I went into Year 2. I used to walk around with my mates thinking we were really big and old because we were the oldest in the infants. My biggest memory of my primary school was this year when we went on a trip for the week to Plas Dol-y-Moch in Wales. On our last day, my group went kayaking in a lake. The last thing we were told was don't lean to one side. As soon as you got in the boat I leant to the side and fell in.

Daniel Kenny, aged 11.

I WILL miss Allesley but I had seven very good years. I will miss some of the teachers and my friends too. I will remember some of my favourite subjects like science, art and IT. I'm a member of the football team. At Allesley we have been able to try different sports from dancing to rugby. I like being a member of the choir and playing my clarinet. This last year I was chosen to be a class rep, which was a big honour, and I have been to meetings. I remember when I was just starting school and I was in the Christmas nativity and I was Mary and I carried baby Jesus round by his leg.

Paige Glen, aged 11.

I WILL remember all of the teachers who were nice and not that strict. I will remember Mrs Rowe our headteacher who used to be my uncle's teacher when he was little. I will remember all of my friends who are separating from me. In Year 6 I will remember the time when we went to Plas Dol-y- Moch (the experience of a lifetime).

Jessica Foulds, aged 11.

WHEN I first went to school I remember always crying when my mum went. The thing I will remember most is when we went to Plas Dol-y-Moch. It was when we were doing orienteering that it happened. The group leader gave us all our equipment and set us off to find our way down the mountain. We reached our point and then had a disagreement on which way to go. Luckily John Dodd was following us and stopped us from going the wrong way.

Joe Luckett.

I HAVE learnt to work well with others. I have learnt to work hard. I have learnt to concentrate. I have learnt to respect others as individuals. I have learnt many subjects and enjoy most of them. I have learnt that PE is fun. I thank all the staff for their kindness.

Zac Carr.

"Oh, Mrs Casely, this girl keeps taking all my cubes and hiding them away."

"Oh, Mrs Casely, this boy has gone red in the face why ever can this be?"

"Oh, Mrs Casely, this girl keeps telling everybody she's got a better car than me."

16 pairs of gloves lie jumbled on the floor

16 sets of buttons need doing up once more

16 naughty pencils are missing from the tin

16 bits of rubbish need putting in the bin

16 lively children need taking to the hall

Oh, Mrs Casely you must do them all.

But far across the playground you can hear them shout

"Oh, Mrs Casely you wear me out!"

Alice Trew about her reception class.

WHEN I leave Allesley Primary I shall remember a few things about the school. Firstly I shall remember most of the teachers who have taught me over the past seven years. Also, I shall remember that our school has a lot of after-school activities such as football, rugby, cricket and netball. In winter and on rainy days we would be on the playground and in summer and sunny days we could go on the field. In the past seven years at Allesley Primary School I have had a lot of fun and I'll always remember the school.

William Wiltshire.

MY memory of this school will be the teachers and especially my teacher. I will miss friends that will not come to this school with me. I will definitely miss school choir and orchestra because I really enjoy it. I will remember this school forever. I will never forget it.

Sally Bill.

I REMEMBER cutting Laura's hair when I should have cut paper. By Year 3, I was in Mrs Bint's class for two years. I liked her a lot and was sad when she retired, but she still comes to teach us music and she runs the orchestra which I'm in. Years 5 and 6 have been spent in Mr Lapworth's class, I liked the trip to Plas Dol-y-Moch and I've enjoyed being part of the football, netball and cross-country teams. My main memories are of three teachers who have supported me, Mr Lapworth, Mrs Dodd and Mr Parkinson.

Kiri Furnival.

THE main thing that sticks in mind, during the stay in my school, is that when our class did a Christmas play, I got the chance to play the piano in front of all the parents and children. The one thing that I will remember in my present school is dressing up as a Dame in Jack and the Beanstalk and acting as Jack's mum.

Josh Sood.

WE celebrated the golden jubilee with style by planting trees, having a balloon competition, face painting, dressing in red, white and blue! I'm sure I will miss all the teachers because they have helped throughout my education. I will also miss the rugby team as we have had a really successful year! I will miss my friends who aren't going to Coundon Court. One of the worst things about leaving primary school is that the friends I have made from the other years will still be there.

Eleanor Hill, aged 11.

THE thing I will miss are all my friends that are going to different schools, the teachers, the equipment, the field, the fun fitness trail, and being the oldest in the school - because I will be the youngest there. I will also miss the fact I know my way around the school well. I will miss that the teachers are not very strict because I think they will be quite strict at Coundon Court. One of the new things I will miss is the cake sale. I will also miss all the sport. To sum it up I will miss the whole school.

Robert Knell.

I'LL miss my friends most because I'm moving down to Dorset so I can attend Poole Grammar School. Another thing I'll miss is the activities and opportunities that are available. Also I'll miss the ability to talk to your teacher about things that you don't understand. I will also miss IT because I like computers. Also I will miss participating in Christmas plays, not only that but I'll miss enjoying myself at the Christmas fete and the summer fete. Also I'll miss Mrs Dodd, my maths teacher, and Mr and Mrs Parkinson.

Ben Smith, aged 11.

I'M looking forward to going to my next school but I'll miss my friends that are in the year below me, and some of them might not go to the same secondary school as me. I will also miss our fun fitness trail that's beside the playground. One of the subjects that I'll miss is design technology because it's one of my favourite subjects. In art I've enjoyed doing any drawing but I've particularly enjoyed helping to draw the backgrounds for one of our plays. I also like joining some of our Christmas plays that are usually funny.

Joe Williams.

ALLESLEY Primary School has been a great, fantastic school and has many fun subjects and activities. It has two big playgrounds and very long fields as well. I will miss all the fun subjects. Especially art and design technology. I will miss all the very kind teachers. I will completely miss my Year 5 friends. My favourite, best memory of the school was jubilee day because we got to play on the bottom field and had an extremely long playtime. But most of all I will miss play time!

Christopher Dainty.

MY first day at school I was scared. I wondered if we're going to get told off. I thought it was a big school for a four year old but when I got older it wasn't big at all. My friends are Christopher Dainty and Joe Williams, they are both Year 6 and I met them on my first day. My favourite lessons are art, games, PE, IT, design and technology, science and French. Some of my memories from special events are my first Christmas concert. First carnivals and fete, toy day and my best Christmas concert. I will miss the teacher.

David Cox.

MY main memories are the first day when I cried and my mum had to drag me down the road because I didn't want to go to school. I will also remember in Mrs Glavaiche's class. Kiri Furnival cut Laura Foster's hair. and I remember that I always used to pick flowers for my teacher Miss Simms. I will also remember the golden jubilee day when every class planted trees and we all let off balloons with our name and school on and had a picnic.

Madeleine Towne, aged 10.

THE one thing that I would miss will be the comfort of the teachers and the school itself and being the oldest in the school. The lesson that I think I would miss the most would be games and gymnastics. The memories that I will keep will be when I first started school, for the first week I kept falling asleep in the reading corner and another memory would be when the police came to school and told us not to talk to strangers. We also had a video, I fell asleep in the middle of it. We did a play at Christmas called Jack and the Beanstalk.

Charlotte Louise Brown, aged 11.

MY school and my teachers are the best! I will never forget the great times I've had. Although I like all of the teachers Mr Owen is the only one that could really make me laugh. I am upset that I am going to leave and I will miss everyone that has helped me especially my friends. It's sad to think that I will never see some of my classmates ever again. My favourite lesson was maths. I remember when I first came to this school and how nervous I was but I will never forget how everyone made me feel welcome.

Sarah White, aged 11.

I STARTED Allesley School when I was five years old. I then moved to Cornwall and returned when I was 11. The school had changed but the children I started school with had not changed. I remember when my friend Charlotte fell asleep halfway through a safety film. My other friend James asleep halfway through and getting sent to Mrs Rowe my headteacher. The best memories will be my friends Daniel, Kenny, Daniel Wildig, Danie Simmons, James and Joe. I will miss all of my teachers and classroom assistants.

Stephen Whearley.


SO SAD TO GO: Allesley Primary School pupils (front, from left) Emma Bowen, Hannah Speirs, Sarah White and Georgina Evans; (second row) Alice Trew, Freyja Beaufoy-Jones, Laura Foster, Madeline Towne, Josh Sood and Christopher Dainty; (third row) Joe Williams, Stephen Whearley and Zac Carr; (back row) Lucy Ann Barker, Adam Eales, William Wiltshire, David Cox, Jessica Foulds, Coryn Naider, Shannon Dolan, Misha Anker (at back), Robert Knell, Paige Glen, Ben Smith, Kirstie McKie and Sally Bill
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