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Thank you.

An association such as MTNA cannot function without the constant support and work of many volunteers from the local to the state to the national levels. MTNA is OUR organization. It is each one of us, you and I. Our action or inaction determines the success, or lack thereof, of our association. The best way for an organization to grow is for each of us to work within our local and state associations, as well as on the national level--every contribution helps to ensure that music will remain an integral part of our society. To each of you who have contributed to the overall work of your association, I say "THANK YOU!" Your reward is the satisfaction of a job well done, satisfaction of a smile on each student's face as each one makes music and satisfaction of parents/friends' applause at the student's accomplishment. It is the promise of music becoming a part of the lives of every student we teach.

Within the national structure, there are a number of people who deserve our recognition and heartfelt thank you for their contributions to MTNA. It has been a distinct privilege to have the honor of working with them. First of all, THANK YOU to the directors on the Board of Directors who completed their two-year terms of office at the conclusion of the 2004 National Conference in Kansas City. They are:

Carleen Graft, NCTM, Eastern Division

Kathleen Murray, NCTM, East Central Division

Ann Fernandez, NCTM, Northwest Division

Peggy Lewis, NCTM, South Central Division

Sigrid Luther, NCTM, Southern Division

Scott Mcbride Smith, NCTM, Southwest Division

Sylvia Coats, NCTM, West Central Division

THANK YOU to the Division Presidents who also completed their two-year terms of office at the conclusion of the conference:

Debra Ronning, NCTM, Eastern Division

Eileen Keel, NCTM, East Central Division

Marilyn Brossard, NCTM, Northwest Division

Karen Harrington, NCTM, South Central Division

Roy Wylie, NCTM, Southern Division

Geri Cheney, NCTM, Southwest Division

Janice Wenger, NCTM, West Central Division

There were two major task forces at work over the past year that have completed their assigned charges. You will read about some of the accomplishments of these two committees elsewhere in this issue and in upcoming issues. THANK YOU to each member of these task forces for their ability to reach beyond the present, to provide tools for each teacher's development and ethical standards, and to give so generously of their time and talents to MTNA.

Code of Ethics Task Force: Sigrid Luther, NCTM, Chair; Chiu Tze Lin; Suzanne Guy, NCTM; Mary Ellen Moore, NCTM; Paul Stewart, NCTM; William Vessels; and Gary Ingle (ex officio).

Teacher Assessment Tools Task Force: Sylvia Coats, NCTM, Chair; Judy Baker, NCTM; Barbara Fast, NCTM; Sara McDaniel, NCTM; Scott Price; and Gary Ingle (ex officio).

The MTNA National Conference would not happen without the work of the talented members of the Conference Planning Committee, chaired by Ann Gipson, NCTM; the Pedagogy Saturday Committee, chaired by Rebecca Shockley, NCTM; the Professional Studio Saturday Committee, chaired by Rachel Kramer; and the Group Piano Sessions, chaired by Brenda Dillon from the National Piano Foundation and Joan Reist, NCTM. We are grateful to the International Association of Electronic Keyboard Manufacturers for their sponsorship of the technology sessions, and to the International Association of Jazz Education for the Gala entertainment and jazz sessions. The overall planning and coordination by Jennifer Martin, director of meetings and special projects, was exceptional.

The MTNA competitions would not exist without the dedication and efforts of the competition chairs and coordinators from state to national levels. THANK YOU to Linda Stump, NCTM, for her Herculean work as director of competitions. THANK YOU to all the national and division competition chairs/coordinators who have completed their service in their respective positions. You have helped so many students throughout the competition process. Your dedication to providing our young students opportunities to showcase their talents is unequaled.

There are various award/grant committees that screen all the applications for the different awards and grants MTNA gives each year. Each committee member is to be thanked for his or her service to our members.

Another THANK YOU goes to our dedicated and hard-working national staff under the direction of our Executive Director Gary Ingle and Assistant Executive Director Marge Bengel. We are very fortunate to have such committed individuals serving MTNA and its members.

If you know of members who have volunteered for a position within the local, state and national levels, say THANK YOU to them for all their hard work and dedication to the profession.

--Phyllis I. Pieffer

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Title Annotation:In Unison; Music Teachers National Association
Author:Pieffer, Phyllis I.
Publication:American Music Teacher
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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