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Thank you to our New Zealand donors.

On behalf of the Vaiola Hospital Laboratory, Nuku'alofa, Tonga, the PPTC would also like to sincerely thank Remeny Weber, (Anatomical Pathology Whangarei Hospital,) Robyn Rawstorn, (Histology laboratory Medlab South, Timaru Hospital) anc Steven McCullough, (New Zealand Veterinary Pathology, Hamilton) for the generous Conation of Histology equipment nc longer required by their own laboratories. The Vaiola Hospita Histology Laboratory suffered an immense loss through fire which destroyed not only the laboratory but also the essentia equipment within.

Remeny, Robyn and Steven together as a team were able to supply a tissue processor, a paraffin bath and a microtome which they no longer had use for, assisting Vaiola Hospital to re -establish its Histology Service. Thermofisher Scientific NZ also generously helped to complete equipment requirements by assisting the PPTC in providing a new tissue embedder heavily reduced in cost as its contribution towards such a worthy cause.

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Title Annotation:The Pacific Way
Publication:New Zealand Journal of Medical Laboratory Science
Date:Aug 1, 2017
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