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Thank you for mitochondria article.

[In response to "Mitochondria: Overlooking These Small Organelles Can Have Huge Clinical Consequences in Treating Virtually Every Disease" (June 2015)]

Our daughter after a lifetime of health issues was diagnosed with a mitochondrial depletion syndrome at age 16.

A few things over the years: sensitivity to medications (or severe reactions), bad reactions to vaccines, food allergies and food intolerances, sensitivities to environment.

When we were told that it was "impossible" that any type of environmental toxin affects her health, it brought me to a complete stop.

About 3 years ago we started weeding out corn, soy, gluten (finding that most foods that were the worst for her were also either CM or crops heavily treated with Roundup). No medications, no vitamins--she tolerates none; any cause severe proteinuria. (We have spent thousands, and used compound pharmacies all over the country.)

Through our food and environmental efforts, she is stable. The progression that we saw before the changes has slowed and often stopped and shown small improvements in various body systems. Her kidney labs unless she is in a reaction are great.

She is still sick, and while we hold hope that she will get stronger, we have learned she is damaged and it is "our" fault, as humans. We opt to take responsibility and try to help prevent this from happening to others.

Epigenetic damage. Generations of heavy toxic exposures and dwindling nutrition via medications, foods, environment.

Both of my daughters are exceptionally bright, but not as healthy as my husband and I. My husband and I aren't as healthy as our parents, and our parents aren't as healthy as their parents. Cue the beginning of the Wonder Bread generation.

Mainstream medicine spends outrageous amounts of time and money trying to find a "cure" when prevention for many is possible. Not only do they not make any efforts to teach prevention, they tell patients it is "impossible." They refuse to explain to patients that all those new genetic mutations don't just happen, that we make them. Incredibly frustrating.

Nearly every cancer center in our country now offers dietary advice for patients to avoid toxins (some better than others). The doctors who practice mito medicine also know that mitochondria play a critical role in cancer--yet what is common sense in cancer patients is ignored. Highly frustrating.

Every day on the mito support groups, I see patients on buckets of meds, on elemental formulas (corn sludge), and then more meds to treat that ... not using good-quality supplements ... eating junk foods, but they won't listen--because Doctor knows best.

Thank you so much for this--it really gives me hope every time I see an article that addresses prevention.

Kind regards, Diane Neuman

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Title Annotation:Letters to the Editor
Author:Neuman, Diane
Publication:Townsend Letter
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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