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Thank heavens for good wine.. WINE wih.


There's a Twitter account called Google Facts which regales us with such gems as the, well, fact, the number of H2O molecules in 10 drops of water is equal to the number of all the stars in the universe.

I'm not sure who's counting, but if Google said it, well there's not much arguing with the world wide web. Googling is even a verb now, given the fact (not a Google fact) that we don't have to retain knowledge anymore, just google it.

Pub quizzes now have smartphones piled up in the middle of barroom tables where the ashtrays used to sit as people use this thing called memory to win prizes.

What will quiz masters do though, in the probably not too distant future, when they have to ask people, 'Can contestants please ensure their neural interface is turned off '?

I happened across one of their facts the other day which was interesting.

I checked it was correct, of course, by, er, googling it.

Turns out there's more wine drunk per person in the Vatican City than in any other country in the world.

Having checked the source of said fact, the Wine Institute released stats that show residents there consume 74 litres on average - around 105 bottles in a year.

That's around double the amount drunk by the average person in France or Italy as a whole, and triple the quantity consumed in the UK.

When this figure first emerged last year, the National Catholic Reporter said Vatican residents are more likely to be old, male, highly educated and eat in larger groups - all factors that can contribute to greater wine consumption.

I'm not sure how much of this wine goes through transubstantiation (you might have to google that) before it's consumed, but it's a fair drop.

Anyway, I'd say they have the budget for Barolo and the likes to wash down the spag bol at Vatican City, but for the rest of us I sought a few bargains to help us remain suitably pious of a weekend.

A bargain I came across this week is made from Lambrusco, a grape often associated with cheap fizz, but also known for easy reds good for a school night dinner if you're trying to beat the cardinals at consumption game.

A nice white I found features Italy's vermentino grape, known for its lemony zing.

To misquote the Life Of Brian, blessed are the wine drinkers. Enjoy.

RED M&S's Reggiano Rosso was hiding on the bottom shelf of the Forestside branch, but it's not shy, it's chirpy, sweet fruit and an Inernational Wine Challenge recognised wine. Just PS6.

WHITE The same supermarket has the delightful Toscana Bianco, again hiding on the bottom shelf. A zesty blend of vermentino with the better known chardonnay and

Stats show they have 74 litres a year each

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 30, 2016
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