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Thailand : Executives of the Office of the Judiciary lead the youth "Thai Youth Heart Project 6" to visit Prime Minister Kagawa.

The government has emphasized the obedience to all the youths who are aware of learning so that they can improve their quality of life and family. This led to the development of national security. Wealthy and sustainable.

This opportunity is Mr. Sarawut Benjakul Secretary General of the Office of the Judiciary. Reported The Court of Justice recognizes the importance of youth. Especially young people in the southern border provinces. That may be affected by the unrest. It is necessary to raise awareness among young people about the moral and ethical issues and to promote the understanding of laws, rights and duties related to children and youth. Including judicial review process. To strengthen the knowledge. The correct understanding can live together in a peaceful society. Can bring the knowledge gained to expand the results of their own local network. Therefore, the Belia Thai Sejiwa Sehati (6th generation) project is being implemented for youth in the southern border provinces. They are between the ages of 15 and 18 who are currently studying at the high school level. Or equivalent in pondok or educational institution. Islamic Private School Or high school The province or province of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, and 4 districts of Songkhla, including the districts of Chana, Amphoe Thepharak, Nathawi and Sabahi. join the project

Then the Prime Minister said one of the testimonies. Government recognizes the importance of developing the southern border provinces. To have security The past has been the area to go to the office. And meet the brothers and sisters. Know the problems and needs of the people. It leads to the development of the southern border provinces through the prototype project "Triangle, stable and prosperous" for economic and social development in the southern border provinces. Encourage investment from the private sector to create jobs and generate income for local people. As well as the solution to problems in peace under the royal strategy of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Bromnabophob, King Rama IX "Understanding Access to Development"Promote the core knowledge of the principles. And the flow. His Majesty the public spirit or volunteerism to help society to practice seriously and widely in all sectors. Create a public participation process to show the sincerity of the government in the commitment to develop the southern border provinces to flourish. People have good quality of life.

The Prime Minister gave that further statement. Youth are the future of the nation, but the truth is that youth are not just and important in helping to solve problems of society. The initiative to help lead the development of the country. But the youth will grow up in quality. Academic knowledge alone is not enough to be cultivated in the moral, ethical and religious principles as the main lifestyle. It also has to be a good life experience. In order to have a broader perspective of life, knowledge and pace of change in the world. So the training of the Office of the Judiciary in this project. It will promote the knowledge of virtue and enhance the experience of good life. Young people have the opportunity to learn about the rule of law. This is an important element that the judiciary uses to determine the case. In order to be fair, all parties are together in peace.

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Sep 6, 2018
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