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Byline: W Scott, Edinburgh

THIS mindlessness and wanton destruction of property needs to be stopped immediately. There is a difference between peaceful protest and what has been witnessed by the British public over the last week or so.

The country cannot be held to ransom by certain individuals who hijack legitimate protests T. Ritchie, Prenton, Wirral IF we remove statues and replace street names in Glasgow, we erase history. People need educated, they need to remember, no matter how awful and disturbing.

LJ, Renfrewshire I READ an article years ago by a prominent trade union leader who said unless we have a strong manufacturing industry then we won't survive. Britain is now more of a leisure/service industry. We have sold our once proud manufacturing industries to foreign companies who will look after their own. It will take us years to recover from the effects of Covid-19 and only successive governments are to blame George Walkingshaw, Glenrothes, 8DA followed Fife NOW that we are removing all things with connections to slavery, what next, the removal of the pyramids? Anon I THINK a statue graveyard would be an excellent idea. You can't erase history - or at least you shouldn't try - but you can put things in their proper context. Such a graveyard would be a fascinating exhibit in its own right.

W Scott, Edinburgh

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Author:W Scott, Edinburgh
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 12, 2020
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