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WHY are the BBC and STV broadcasting referendum debates late at night rather than earlier in the evening? This is the most important decision Scotland will make.

J.C., Bearsden, Glasgow SCOTLAND has an ageing population and high public spending. Oil will run out and we don't have rights over the pound, passports or Europe. Let's vote No and all these troubles will be solved - and we will be subsidy junkies and beggars to Westminster. Or, vote Yes and find Scottish solutions to Scottish problems rather than let Tories impose them.

Raymond Anderson, Isle of Skye I'M fed up with the negativity. Vote Yes, it's time we were on our own.

J.L., Glasgow ARE Scots politicians shouting for a No vote afraid they will be out of a job in Government? R. Ingram, Dumfries 8DA TO reader Alan, if you think votegrabbing policies such as free bus travel and prescriptions or the council tax freeze have made us better off, take a look at the cuts these have led to.

G., Glasgow RECORD reader Hamish Leishman must be the world speed-reading champion. He managed to assimilate and condemn the entire 670-page White Paper in a few hours.

W.B., Stirlingshire THE Record's story about Michelle Mone hoping to inspire us into believing in ourselves by showing us around her millionpound home was hideous. Enjoy your fortune, Michelle, you work hard for it but no need to patronise. C.C.B., Law, Lanarkshire
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Nov 29, 2013
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