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Textilgruppe Hof.

29 Textilgruppe Hof

Postfach 1529, Fabrikzeile 21 D-8670 Hof/Salle 11 Germany 09281-490; Fax 09281-49216

Worldwide Nonwoven Sales: $53 million (85.8 million DM) Key Personnel: Ernst Haecker, Dr. Gerhard Hegels, Peter Mebus, members of the board; Manfred Knieling, sales manager-interlinings; Jurgen Frisch, sales manager-technical nonwovens; Dieter Gronwald, production manager; Franz Burschik, export sales manager-interlinings Plants: Hof, Germany; Charlotte, NC Processes: Dry Laid, Thermal Bonded, Needled, Saturate Bonded Trade Names: Eswegee, Variopoint, Unipoint, Unisoft, Zetafelt, Zetafil, Zetawatt, Florbond, Zetabond, Zetatherm Major Markets: Interlinings, Filtration, Coating Substrates, Automotive, Hygiene, Upholstery, Noise Reducing Barriers, Construction Fabrics Notes: Sales at Textilgruppe Hof were some 5% above last year's figure, with nonwovens making up about 10-12% of the corporate total. The largest markets for nonwovens at the company are interlinings and automotive applications, particularly in noise reduction assemblies. Apparel interlinings represent an increasing volume, while the percentage of automotive sales, including noise reduction, door panels and trunk compartments, is also greatly increasing. These products are mainly resin bonded and needlepunched, although there are also some thermal bonded products as well.

Big news at Textilgruppe Hof is the new production facility starting up in the U.S. in the second half of this year. The plant, in Charlotte, NC, will produce thermal bonded interlinings. Vice president-sales and marketing Peter Mebus told NONWOVENS INDUSTRY that the new facility will start with one line, though it currently has an option on a second line as well. The target of the new line will be mainly North American markets and possibly the Far East. Currently in interlinings, which makes up 15% of the total business, the company exports close to 50% of total production.

Textilgruppe Hof is also not ruling out production in East Germany, where Mr. Mebus said the company may build a nonwovens plant next year. "The old West German market is a European island of a good business situation. In the East there will be difficulties, but we are expecting strong growth from that market," he said. "Other major European markets, likewise, are not in a very good economic situation at the moment either."

A Host of New Products

Textilgruppe Hof has introduced several new versions of its coated nonwoven microfiber fabrics for interlinings. These new products feature lightweight grades not previously available. Applications for the "Variopoint," "Unisoft," "Unipoint" and "Zetafil" products include fusing of thin fabrics, outer fabrics such as lapels and facings, collars and shirt cuffs for men and women and fleecy woolen fabrics.

In the automotive area, the company has several acoustic reduction nonwovens that contain prescribed specifications in the industry for oil, diesel, water resistant and flame retardant coatings. The product range also includes needled fabrics for areas where high temperature resistance is required, such as in the motor and motor coverings.

Its Zetafelt needled nonwovens are also used in seat components as a protection against acoustic and foam abrasion. The nonwovens are light resistant and abrasion tested and have also proven themselves as sealing materials for backing walls and roof panels.

"In the future, we should develop more production lines like individual nonwovens lines," said Mr. Mebus. "Interlinings and specific applications in home textiles are the direction we will go in the future." He did say there is an overcapacity for interlinings, but there is also demand for the product. "The chances for soft, lightweight nonwoven interlinings together with types of blends like cotton and viscose, go well with our thermal interlinings for a strong product mix," said Mr. Mebus.
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