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Textile Art of Japan.

Textile Art of Japan. Sunny Yang and Rochelle M. Narasin. New York: Kodansha International/USA Ltd., 114 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011, 1989. Illustrated, 144 pp., hardbound, $24.95.

This richly illustrated volume, with over 250 color illustrations, is an excellent introduction to the subject of Japanese textiles. Starting with a brief but informative history of the kimono and the obi, the authors have compiled what is perhaps the most complete overview of the enormous range of Japanese textiles. From dyed and woven textiles to needlework, this book explores the background, motifs and creative techniques of handmade textiles, traditional and contemporary.

The professional pride and craft techniques of the Japanese have resulted in visual and tactile masterpieces, and Japanese textile craftsmen are ranked among the most skilled in the world. This richly illustrated volume also provides a door into the particular characteristics and aesthetics of a different culture, where color is regarded as something that is ever-changing. Any readers interested in textiles will find this to be a special addition to their library.
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Author:Baker, David
Publication:School Arts
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Date:Mar 1, 1990
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