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Textbooks published, reached respective schools.

PESHAWAR -- Reacting to the news reports about the non-availability of textbooks, President Textbook Board Printers Association (TBBPA) Iqtidar Ali Akhunzada has clarified all books printed by TBB registered printers have reached respective schools for free distribution among millions of students for the new academic year.

Akhunzada said the credit for this goes to the TBB chairman and his energetic team. However, it was the private publishers who are responsible for the non-availability of textbooks printed under the new policy, said Akhunzada while speaking at a meeting of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KPCCI) Standing Committee on Printing and Publishing presided over by its chairman Shehryar Lodhi at the chamber.

Haji Muhammad Akhtar, Haji Arshad Nadeem and Shakeel Qureshi attended the meeting besides others.

Akhunzada said not only registered printers of Textbook Board but a number of people had also expressed their reservations about the new publication policy. On the contrary, he added, some responsible government officials in league with some NGOs have been making efforts to get books published through private publishers, causing problems for parents of students, non-availability of books and high prices of textbooks.

The TBBPA president said KP was the only province in which the textbook board officials and printers made joint efforts to ensure timely publication and printing of textbooks which benefited students.

The meeting was told that under the new policy, favorite publication organizations were tasked to print and publish textbooks, a responsibility which was not respected and as a result, only a few textbooks could reach markets and even those books were full of mistakes and errors which the participants feared could ruin the future of students.

The meeting said these private publication organizations not only earned millions of rupees as royalty but also increased the prices of textbooks by 200 percent. The participants said the issues like favoritism, corruption, non-availability of books and huge increase in prices resulting from new policy were identified long ago and these issues have become a reality now.

The meeting demanded the new policy be abolished and old policy be restored to save the publication industry and thousands of people associated with this industry. The meeting vowed to raise voice against the said new policy at all forums.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 13, 2012
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