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Text fans say later to bye bye.


HELLO and goodbye will disappear from everyday speech by 2030, a survey revealed yesterday.

Internet service provider MSN claimed that the 43million text messages sent every day across Britain have created a new "globespeak language".

An MSN spokesman said words are disappearing faster than ever and globespeak is creating new slang just as quickly.

Hey is replacing hello, and later is used in place of goodbye in instant messages.

But there are regional variations, which see Wassup and Adios favourites in Scotland and Aye Up the preferred greeting in Yorkshire.

The survey also found international greetings including Howdy, G'day and Au revoir are also used.

TOP 10 greetings: 1. Hey 2. G'day 3. Hola 4. Howdy 5. Yo 6. Wassup 7. How goes it? 8. Easy tiger 9. Wotcha 10. Awright?

TOP 10 farewells: 1. Later 2. Ciao 3. Au revoir 4. Hasta la vista 5. In a while 6. Adios 7. Catch ya 8. Check ya 9. See ya 10. Auf wiedersehen


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 5, 2003
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