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Text Mining and its Applications to Intelligence, CRM and Knowledge Management. (CD-ROM included).


Text mining and its applications to intelligence, CRM and knowledge management. (CD-ROM included)

Ed. by A. Zanasi.

WIT Press


327 pages



Advances in management information series


Recently the greatest problem with research has not been the lack of information but its abundance. Given the number of ways data can be transmitted, it is also increasingly difficult to integrate all the articles on the net, memos from upstairs and emails from the hinterlands, not to mention the data constantly streaming in from any number of other resources such as customer surveys. This self-study guide works through theory, applications (concentrating on intelligence, CRM and knowledge management) and software to describe the process of defining, designing and developing systems that organize disparate data into manageable and logical elements, using that system to develop relevant communications, and assessing the results for further improvement. Contributors give real-life examples from academia, business and government users in the text and on the accompanying CD-ROM. The US office of WIT Press is Computational Mechanics.

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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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