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Texon Technologies to Present at Emerging Medical Technologies West Conference in San Francisco, May 9-10.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 4 /PRNewswire/ --

Texon Technologies Ltd. will demonstrate two patented medical devices at this conference. The first, the Tracheocardiogram ("TrCG"), measures movements of the heart during the cardiac cycle and relates them to cardiac status. The second, the Ultrasonic Bone Analyzer ("UBA"), identifies changes in both bone density and structure associated with osteoporosis.

The TrCG works by recording movements of the heart during the cardiac cycle through non-invasive sensors placed on the neck. The device converts this signal into an electrical output that is displayed on the TrCG screen. The sensor recordings have been shown during testing and preliminary clinical trials to correlate with the force of contraction of the heart during the isovolumic contraction phase of the cardiac cycle and to the resulting recoil motion of the heart as it ejects blood into the arterial system and that these measurements of heart dynamics relate directly and predictably to heart performance.

With an estimated five million people visiting an emergency room in the US every year with acute chest pain there is a critical need for a rapid, affordable and accurate screening and diagnostic methodology to determine cardiac status. The TrCG has this capability and will therefore be able to differentiate patients with chest pain resulting from cardiac dysfunction from patients presenting with chest pain from non-cardiac causes.

The UBA is a novel ultrasound-based diagnostic technology that independently measures both bone mineral density and bone structure. The UBA not only determines bone density with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy and repeatability but it also measures the bone's microstructure. The combination of the UBA's density and structure measurements yields a new index of bone health that Texon believes will be a more predictive measure of current and future fracture susceptibility resulting from osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a crippling but preventable disease characterized by increasingly fragile bones that are susceptible to fractures. It is estimated that 200 million people worldwide suffer from osteoporosis and it is predicted that this number will double by 2020 with postmenopausal women being the largest and highest risk group.

Texon Technologies Ltd. ("Texon") is a Vancouver-based medical device company focused on the development of novel advanced technologies and products for the non-invasive monitoring of human physiological systems and the early identification of diseases.

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Date:May 4, 2001
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