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Texel unveils double-speed CD-ROM drives.

Texel America, Inc. has unveiled their new double-speed CD-ROM drives. Designated the DM-3024 and DM-5024, the new internal and external half-height drives feature an average access time of 265 ms, a sustained data transfer rate of 300 kb/sec, and a 64k buffer.

The 265 ms average access time exceeds that of other CD-ROM drives announced or on the U.S. market, according to Robert Tatar, Texel's vice president of operations. He said the new drives are intended for multimedia and other demanding applications. "The newest multimedia software packages place severe demands on the CD-ROM drive," said Mr. Tatar. "This is especially true for programs which incorporate 3D modeling, animation, or full-motion video. By doubling the drive's throughput, we can provide our customers with a fast and smooth display of even complex multimedia images."

Texel achieved the high performance by spinning the CD-ROM disc twice as fast as in previous models. The increased speed was made possible by proprietary motor technology developed by Texel's parent company, Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. (SKC) of Japan. SKC has long been a supplier of precision, high-performance motors used in computer and commercial audio applications.

The drives are compliant with the SCSI-2 command set, and can be used with the SCSI host adapters of most leading manufacturers. The DM-3024 internal model has a 50-pin SCSI bus connector. DIP switches at the rear allow users to set SCSI ID and termination.

The DM-5024 external drive has a pair of shielded SCSI Centronics connectors which enable users to daisy chain up to seven devices to their SCSI adapter. External switches at the rear of the drive set SCSI ID and termination. The DM-5024 contains an auto-switching power supply.

The DM-3024 and DM-5024 drives are designed to resist environment contamination. Both have a dust-resistant door, plastic film enclosing the chassis, connectors extended outside the chassis to prevent dust from entering and a self-cleaning lens mechanism. A rugged manual mechanism provides a reliable way to eject a disc. An industry-standard disc caddy is included. Both models have a power-on/drive busy indicator.

The DM-3024 and DM-5024 drives exceed all Multimedia PC (MPC) specifications. The drives are also compatible with the CD-ROM XA standard, which allows interleaving of audio. Both may be used for CD audio playback, featuring a volume control and a stereo headphone mini-jack on their face plates. The DM-3024 has a three-pin (left-ground-right) audio output connector and the DM-5024 RCA-type stereo output jacks on the rear panel.

Suggested list prices for the DM-3024 internal model is $499 and $599 for the DM-5024 external version. Availability is immediate for evaluation samples. Quantity deliveries will begin in September.

For more information, contact Mr. Robert Tatar at 408/736-1374 or 800/886-3935, or Fax: 408/736-1378.

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Title Annotation:Texel America Inc.
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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