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Texas tries Iranian for shooting intruder.

The murder trial of an Iranian in Texas accused of killing a college student is set to begin. Attorneys have wrapped up their jury selection in the trial of Fred Yazdi.

Yazdi is charged with killing Texas State University student Enrique Recio in February of 2012. Investigators say Recio wrecked his car near Yazdi's San Antonio area home and went into the neighborhood looking for help. Police say that's when Yazdi shot Recio three times about 100 feet away from his home.

Defense attorney Bob Phillips says he questioned potential jurors over their positions on several issues. He asked jurors if they have a problem with the fact that Yazdi is a naturalized citizen from Iran who worked for the IRS.

Other questions pertained to the Castle Doctrine, intruders, and how a juror believes that type of situation should be handled. The Castle Doctrine is the term used when a person uses deadly force to protect his or her home. That's what Yazdi's attorneys say happened in this shooting.

Prosecutors say Yazdi has a history of making violent threats. They also say he tried to intimidate witnesses, for example, revving the engine of his car outside the homes of people scheduled to testify at his trial.

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Date:Oct 18, 2013
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