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Texas ports gain new support unit.

After serving two years at the Port of Corpus Christi and Port of Beaumont in Texas, the 1192nd Transportation Terminal Brigade, New Orleans, La., headed home and the 1395th Transportation Terminal Brigade, Fort Lawton, Wash. took over the duties as support unit for the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.

The 1395th's mission is to operate as the single port manager for all military cargo at the Port of Corpus Christi. In addition, a permanent party of approximately 20 Soldiers supports the 842nd Transportation Battalion, an active duty unit located at the Port of Beaumont.

"Our Soldiers bring their civilian skills to the brigade which are particularly helpful in our relations with the other agencies we work with on the port," said Col. Caryl Buford, commander of the 1395th. "We are absolutely committed to getting deployment cargo to the port of debarkation in good shape, ready to employ, correctly documented so it can be immediately married up with the owner."

In addition to providing support to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the unit will continue to support deployments and redeployments to exercises and Kosovo Force rotations.

"The 1395th team has impressed me at every turn," said Lt. Col. Brian R Sundin, commander of the 842nd. "The headquarters has already supported OIF deployment and redeployment and New Horizons missions--talk about jumping into the fire!"

As the single port manager, the 1395th is responsible for providing in-transit visibility of all military cargo entering or leaving the port and ensuring the cargo is properly handled to minimize damage.

When equipment arrives at the port, the 1395th inspects and scans it and downloads the data into the World Wide Port System, a UNIX based system that is used to track all military cargo throughout the globe. Once scanned, the cargo is staged at the port by the terminal section to facilitate the loading of a ship or the disposition of cargo to different installations.

As the equipment is loaded onto a vessel, rail car, or truck, it is inspected and scanned again. The WPS system generates reports and numbers that are used by SDDC to maintain intransit visibility and to track how the equipment was loaded so that the civilian contractors are correctly paid.

When planning and loading a vessel, the unit's Integrated Computerized Deployment System section is busy at work preparing the preliminary and final stow plans. The ICODES section loads the vessel while trying to minimize the effects the equipment will place on the ship.

"Most importantly, this particular group of individuals serves as the eyes and ears of the unit and ensures all military equipment is intact during the loading process," said Buford.

Sundin said Soldiers from the 1395th who have joined 'Team Beaumont' have been crucial to its operations.

"Our Soldiers have adopted Corpus Christi as their community," said Buford. "They are participating in community programs as individuals and as teams in charitable programs such as adopt-a-school, serving food to the needy, and assisting other charitable organizations."

LaWanda York, Public Affairs Specialist

SDDC Headquarters
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Author:York, LaWanda
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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