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Texas distributor expands warehouse.

Coors Brewing Co.'s newest product has sold "phenomenally well" in three test markets, and the company is preparing to decide on expansion plans for the beverage, a company spokesperson said.

The three test markets for Zima are Syracuse, NY, Sacramento, CA, and Nashville, TN, and they are "doing phenomenally well, but we are in the throes of determining expansion plans" for the product, said spokesperson Julie Demlow. "It looks like right after the first of the year, we will make an announcement about the product."

Zima is a lightly carbonated, clear malt beverage being marketed as a mainstream alternative to beer.

"An obvious need was out there for a mainstream alternative," Demlow said. "People are responding very well."

Retailers in the test markets agreed.

"This was the hottest thing I've seen in 16 years," said Steve Larson of Liquor Barn in Sacramento. "The initial wave was almost chaotic."

Larson said Zima quickly established a niche for itself in Sacramento.

"I think it's an item you pretty much have to carry," he said. "When something new comes out, you have to create a customer profile, to figure out who's buying it. But the first month, everyone was buying it. It crossed sex bounds, racial bounds, and economic bounds."
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Title Annotation:Ben E. Keith Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 4, 1993
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