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Texas Rangers Make Multi-Offers to Cliff Lee.

Byline: Maury Brown


Texas Rangers Managing Partner Chuck Greenberg called an 8pm CT conference call with print media only tonight to announce that the club has made an offer to Cliff Lee ( While Greenberg would not release details on the offer, the meeting took place in Arkansas that lasted approximately 90 minutes at the office of Lee's agent, Darek Braunecker. Greenberg, assistant GM Thad Levine and owner Ray Davis met with Cliff Lee ( and his wife, according to Anthony Andro (

Davis, a co-Chairman of the Board of the Texas Rangers along with Bob Simpson are both key investors in the Rangers that purchased the club at auction.

Greenberg said that the Red Sox signing of Carl Crawford ( to a 7-year, $142 million deal ( today was the catalyst for the trip (

Greenberg said he was optimistic about matters and made multiple offers to Lee. This after the Yankees reportedly upped the ante by adding an additional year on a 6-year, $142 million offer Thursday.

Logic dictates that if Greenberg were to go this far in calling a conference call to let the world know that the Rangers made offers, with a key club investor in tow, that they have, at the very least, matched the Yankees offer, although how they "matched" could be done in different ways.

If multiple offers have been made, it's possible that there could be more years, but less AAV, a matched offer, or possibly less money but more years. One might imagine option years in the mix of the Player variety, a possible signing bonus, and surely awards and/or innings pitched incentives that could lead to bonuses or possible salary escalators across the life of the contract.


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Author:Brown, Maury
Publication:The Biz of Baseball
Date:Dec 10, 2010
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