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Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses: expanded assistive services.

The Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN) has been providing assistance to nurses for substance use disorders (SUD) and certain psychiatric disorders since 1987. The ability for some nurses to participate in TPAPN with confidential Board orders began in September 2013. In general, TPAPN offers the nurse, employers of nurses, and the public a safety net that attempts to screen for risk and provide nurses an opportunity to demonstrate accountability for safe nursing practice and good recovery.

In collaboration with the Board of Nursing (BON), TPAPN over time has expanded its assistance services to more comprehensively address the possible signs of substance abuse through the Extended Evaluation Program (EEP). Also, the Mental Health Support Program (MHSP) was established for nurses identified as having certain psychiatric diagnoses.

EEP was first implemented in 2007 while MHSP just got underway in the latter part of 2014. MHSP provides nurses the means to obtain documented support that demonstrates a year of recovery when nurses affirm they have one of the psychiatric diagnoses included in the TPAPN program.

TPAPN's soon to be launched Interim Monitoring track allows nurses, who would otherwise have been dismissed from TPAPN, to have the means to continue supportive monitoring, including possible practice restrictions and random drug testing. Without this option, nurses would not have formal support or monitoring after dismissal from TPAPN while awaiting possible licensure action by the BON.

For more information about TPAPN, including when to make a referral or how to volunteer as an advocate, visit or call 1800-288-5528.

Michael Van Doren, MSN, RN, CARN, Program Director, Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses

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Date:Jan 1, 2015
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