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Texas Instruments Announces Extensa(TM) 660 Series Addition to the High- Powered, Mid-Range Extensa 600 Series

Bringing Expanded Capability, Flexibility and Pentium(R) Processing Power
 with MMX(TM) Technology to Value-Conscious Mobile Customers
 Extensa(TM) 660 Series Key Features

-- Optimum system performance utilizing 166MHz Pentium(R) processor with MMX technology, 16MB EDO RAM standard (expandable to 80MB), 256KB L2 Cache and a
 33MHz PCI bus.

-- Maximum expansion capability with TI's Advanced PCI Card slot for high-

speed networking connectivity and improved multimedia performance.

-- 1.35GB or 2.1GB high-capacity removable and upgradable hard disk drive,
 depending on model. -- 12.1-inch SVGA DSTN color display or 11.3-inch SVGA TFT color display with NeoMagic 128-bit graphics controller for faster refresh rate and reduced power

-- Multimedia capabilities include Zoomed Video for high-performance video data transfer rates and full-motion video, modular 10X CD-ROM and 16-bit sound
 with stereo speakers. -- Unlimited expandability with two stacked 16-bit PC Cards slots (accepts two

Type II or one Type III) and 32-bit CardBus support for remote video
 conferencing and other emerging technologies. -- Dual chemistry battery system which uses either a NiMH or Li-Ion battery
 for long life. -- Estimated street prices for the Extensa 660 Series are $3,299 (660CD) and
 $3,999 (660CDT).

DALLAS, Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on its highly successful line of high-powered, mid-range mobile computers, Texas Instruments today announced the new Extensa(TM) 660 Series. Designed to provide customers with a high quality, value-priced multimedia notebook computer, the 660 Series offers value-conscious customers the ultimate in high-performance processing with the new Intel(R) 166MHz Pentium(R) processor with MMX(TM) technology. The 660 Series also incorporates such leading-edge features as Advanced PCI Card expansion, two 32-bit CardBus ready PC Card Slots, a dual chemistry battery system, and the latest in CD-ROM and multimedia technologies.

"Texas Instruments became an industry leader by combining superior design and engineering with quality manufacturing. TI continues to meet the needs of our mobile customers requiring powerful Pentium processing, flexible multimedia capabilities and a high level of easily adaptable functionality," stated Steve Lair, vice president, worldwide marketing and sales for Texas Instruments' Personal Productivity Products. "We have designed the Extensa 660 Series with enhanced capability, flexibility and power -- all at an extraordinary value. The Series is ideal for mobile executives or sales, training and marketing professionals requiring advanced applications such as full-function multimedia presentations, communications, sales force automation and field training."

Designed for both SOHO and corporate professionals who have increased requirements for mobility, modularity and multimedia functionality, this fully featured system allows for applications such as home finance, spreadsheets, word processing, multimedia (with a modular 10X CD-ROM, Zoomed Video capabilities and an extraordinary stereo sound system), as well as modem access to the World Wide Web.

Advanced PCI Card Expansion

Using revolutionary technology, Texas Instruments has incorporated Advanced PCI Card expansion into the Extensa 660 Series. "This new technology offers direct access to the system's Advanced PCI Bus, allowing our customers to maximize networking capabilities," said Lair. "By incorporating TI's own ThunderLAN(TM) architecture, we have enabled our customers to take advantage of network-direct connections with speeds of 100BaseT and even higher as the technology matures. With the FireWire(TM) (IEEE 1394) technology, our customers can directly control and manage such multimedia products as digital cameras and VCRs. Additionally, mobile customers will immediately see the impact of full-motion video with up to 30-frames-per-second video by utilizing the MPEG2 PC card, which will insert directly into the system's PCI slot."

The Advanced PCI Card expansion slot connects directly to the system's PCI bus, freeing up both PC Card slots. Available within the next 60 days from TI's livegear accessory product line, three PCI expansion cards will be offered including a TI ThunderLAN-based fast Ethernet(R) 10/100BaseTX card; a FireWire (IEEE 1394) high-speed, data-transfer card; and an MPEG2 card to enhance full-motion video with up to 30-frames-per-second video response.

Dual-Chemistry Battery Design

TI designed the Extensa 660 Series with a dual chemistry battery system for the ultimate in flexibility. The Series includes a powerful NiMH battery, with an optional or secondary Li-Ion battery available through TI's livegear accessory product line.

High-Performance, Modular Package

The new Extensa 660 Series sports many advanced features such as a high- performance 166MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology, PCI bus architecture, 16MB of EDO RAM (expandable to 80MB), a removable 1.35GB HDD (660CD) or a removable 2.1GB HDD (660CDT), and a brilliant 12.1" SVGA DSTN color (660CD) or an 11.3" SVGA TFT color (660CDT) display, both with NeoMagic 128-bit graphics controller for faster refresh rate and reduced power consumption. The Extensa 660 Series is fully modular and, with one quick step, TI customers can switch between a high-capacity disk drive, floppy drive or a 10X CD-ROM.

Customers can easily upgrade components and keep their notebook highly competitive as technological advancements make new, more powerful components available. TI's port replicator also is available for those customers who have a "home base" office where they want to use their notebook as a replacement for their desktop computer. They can take advantage of the Extensa's mobility and still use their current monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Ease-of-Use Features

In addition to the high-performance power and unsurpassed features, the Extensa 660 Series is easy-to-use as well as comfortable. The full-sized recessed keyboard featuring a TouchPad located in the palmrest makes typing more comfortable and cuts down on keystroke mistakes. The sloped palmrest is ergonomically designed so that only minimal effort is required from the user.

The Extensa 660 Series includes on-line documentation and an interactive start-up program to make the initial out-of-box-experience friendlier and setup easier. Using exciting video and stereo sound, the set-up program walks customers through the basics of their new computer, and gives them useful

information such as which software is installed, where to buy accessories and
where to call for assistance. The on-line demonstration incorporates the latest in animation, graphics and multimedia techniques, and shows customers what can be created using their new notebook computer.

TI Quality, Reliability and Support

To provide the highest-quality, most responsive support, Texas Instruments maintains an exemplary worldwide warranty service. No registration is required to activate the warranty, which is honored in any country with a TI-authorized service operation. In addition, TI offers a 24-hour, 365-days- per-year, toll-free service and support line. The service line provides owners free technical support for any TI mobile computer under warranty. TI also offers a five-day "desk-to-desk" repair service so customers are never without their computer for long.

Pricing and Availability

Available in mid-February, the Extensa 660 Series will have an estimated street price of $3,299 for the 660CD model and $3,999 for the 660CDT model.

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 -0- 02/10/97

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