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Texas Evangelist Offers 5 Ways Every Christian Can Enjoy Better Sex.

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fifty Shades of Grey and other books, songs, movies, television shows and magazines can tempt Christians to assume unrealistic views of sexuality, making it more difficult for parents to raise children who will have healthy views of their future spouses and sex partners.

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In an age where stripper dolls are marketed as children's toys, Internet pornography is viewed mostly by boys under age 18 and married couples seek to imitate the rough sex of fictional character Christian Grey, people of faith need to create standards and set boundaries for themselves to ensure that they do not fall victim to things that sounds good but are ultimately harmful. So says Tiffany Domena, evangelist and author of nine books on Christian spiritual growth, including the just-released 12 Undeniable Laws For Sex.

Domena has come up with five rules Christians can apply to improving their sex lives. She can talk about:

* Why everything that feels good is not necessarily right and Christians need to be very careful whom they take advice from.

* Ways modesty can increase pleasurable sensations. Men and women can feel more sexy and confident by covering up more, only revealing their entire selves to their spouses.

* What married couples can do to keep their sex lives fun and maintain their mutual attraction. Taking care of yourself is sexy.

CREDENTIALS: Tiffany Domena is the founder and lead evangelist at The Bible Remedy, an evangelistic ministry that addresses modern-day issues, refutes the lies, and restores biblical truth. Domena has spent the last five years intensely studying Theology, Apologetics and the Bible as a seminary student at Liberty University. She is the author of 12 Undeniable Laws For Sex. Released this month, it is the fifth in her "12 Undeniable Laws" series. She is the parent of an eight-year-old son whom she homeschools.

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