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Tevdovski: tax policy to change gradually.

Our tax policy is going to change in stages in order to ensure fairness in the payment of taxes, said Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski. In parallel with the introduction of a progressive tax rate, we are also going to work to improve the quality of services that institutions offer.

Some experts earlier said that the profit tax would have to be raised for larger companies making big profits and that they shouldn't be paying as much as small firms or citizens do. Tevdovski also suggests that besides a black list of debtors, in the future there should also be a white list to commend all those settling their liabilities to the state on time. Tevdovski said that since the government change, VAT refunds of 2.5 billion denars have been paid. He also advises companies to launch new investments thus helping the state collect more revenues and helping the economy liven up.

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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Jul 3, 2017
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