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Tetra Pak CPS takes an educated approach.

Tetra Pak CPS is putting the finishing touches to a new multi-million pound state-of-the-art teaching dairy before its launch as a 'hands-on' training facility and resource for industry.

Custom built at Reaseheath College in Cheshire, the modern training unit is already playing a major role in the groundbreaking dairy education initiative, Project Eden, which has been set up to provide higher level qualifications for those in the dairy processing and manufacturing industry.

In order for the new training equipment to be used for commercial production, the Tetra Pak CPS team of specialist engineers is currently carrying out due diligence tests to ensure that all process parameters have been followed and that the machinery is safe to use for commercial production.

Once all checks and balances have been completed by the UK's leading provider of quality hygienic process equipment and turnkey systems, this unique education facility will benefit those wanting to expand out of 'home kitchen production' and for use in new product development trials.

Dairy businesses will now have the chance to grow without the initial financial burden of having to invest in new equipment, while processors will be provided with access to the latest trials technology and up to the minute production methods. This state-of-the-art facility will increase profitability of UK based industry, create an atmosphere of innovation and support learning and skills in the dairy industry.


This was a unique project for Tetra Pak CPS, who had to focus not only on design and layout of the teaching dairy, but had to identify the best learning solutions, rather than just working towards specific functional needs following detailed customer specifications.

A collaborative approach by Tetra Pak CPS, Reaseheath College, the Eden Committee and dairy industry experts has ensured that the overall scope of supply would be most suited to meeting training needs, demonstrating different processing methods and best practice solutions, whilst being safe for commercial production.

Tetra Pak CPS' knowledge and expertise has not only been the cornerstone of this necessary development, it has also provided Reaseheath College with educational tools for use in tutorials, maintenance and equipment training, so that students can tap into vast industry knowledge from leading dairy professionals.

The company's Sales Manager, Tony Casey commented: "This has been a fantastic project both in terms of being able to demonstrate to leading dairy manufacturers what Tetra Pak CPS is capable of achieving, but also in terms of being able to support such a valuable initiative in this most important manufacturing sector."
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Comment:Tetra Pak CPS takes an educated approach.(NEWS AND INSTALLATIONS)
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jun 1, 2010
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