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Tetra Pak/Alfa-Laval.

Tetra Pak/Alfa-Laval

The Tetra Pak bid for Alfa-Laval has been accepted by shareholders. The new group thus formed has been named Tetra Pak Alfa-Laval Group but the industrial activities are being operated by two separate units Tetra Pak Group and Alfa-Laval Group under the respective presidents who report to the new group Board chairman and chief executive officer.

Uno Kjellberg has been appointed president and chief executive officer of the Tetra Pak Group as from this September. Lars Hallden remains as president and chief executive officer of the Alfa-Laval Group.

The Tetra Pak Alfa-Laval Group Board now comprises Dr Hans Rausing as chairman and chief executive officer, Dr Gad Rausing as co-chairman and Bertil Hagman as working vice chairman; other Board members are: Uno Kjellberg, Lars Hallden, Sven Agrup, Goran Ekelund, Harry Faulkner, Mrs Lisbet Koerner, Dr Jacob Palstierna, Jorn Rausing, Karl-erik Sahlberg, Christer Hedelin, Lars Leander, Ragnar Mandersson and Lennart Ohlsson. Alternates are: Miss Kirsten Rausing and Miss Sigrid Rausing.
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Title Annotation:Tetra Pak's bid for Alfa-Laval results into a new company
Publication:Food Trade Review
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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