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Testosterone trials yield inconclusive results.

M2 EQUITYBITES-February 22, 2017-Testosterone trials yield inconclusive results


A large study aimed at examining whether testosterone could be given as a supplement to older men has concluded with mixed results, Pharma File reported on Wednesday. Notable benefits included an increase in bone density, reduced chance of anaemia and increased sexual libido. However, there remained no impact on memory or cognition, nor on the soft deposits in the heart's blood vessels.

The study included 788 men, all over the age of 65, who had been found to have low testosterone levels. The men were treated with either AndroGel -- a testosterone gel that contains 1.62% testosterone -- or a placebo gel. The trials lasted for a period of three, six or nine months or one year, as well as an additional year of follow-up.

The trials into whether testosterone could impact health have remained largely inconclusive in determining effectiveness, however it did debunk some myths from the US testosterone gel industry, which is worth some USD2.4bn. Some gel makers claim that testosterone improves cognition and memory, whereas in the study there was no difference in age-related decline in any of the 500 patients.

As part of the study, 200 of the men were given bone imaging tests before and at the end of treatment. Those that had been administered testosterone were deemed to have a stronger bones with higher density. Additionally, anaemia had been eliminated in 60% of the testosterone-taking patients.

However, the results could also be tied to dietary habits, leading to doubts around the popularity of the hormone as a treatment in the US.

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Publication:M2 EquityBites (EQB)
Date:Feb 22, 2017
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