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Testosterone therapy may help sexual function but not always vitality.


Testosterone replacement therapy may improve sexual function and mood but not necessarily energy levels, suggests research published Feb. 18 in the New England Journal of Medicine. Nearly 800 men, age 65 and older, who had testosterone levels below 275 ng/dL and symptoms suggestive of hypogonadism received either a testosterone gel or a placebo gel for one year. Those receiving testosterone reported an increase in sexual activity, libido and erectile function, slight improvements in walking distance and mood, and a lower severity of depressive symptoms. However, compared to placebo, the treatment did not improve the men's energy levels, the researchers noted. Importantly, the rates of adverse events were similar between the two study groups, although the number of participants was too few to draw firm conclusions, the study authors concluded. The take-home message: Testosterone replacement may produce improvements in sexual function, mood and, possibly, physical function, but not always overall vitality. Keep in mind that testosterone replacement should be considered only for men with low testosterone levels and related symptoms. Discuss the pros and cons of testosterone therapy with your physician.

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Publication:Men's Health Advisor
Date:May 1, 2016
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