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Testing with localized DM package.

"Localizing a package can increase response and profitability," Jeanine Cillo, international marketing director at Agora Publishing International, recently told Target Marketing magazine. Agora decided to test two new packages for Health Sciences Institute, a monthly consumer newsletter, in the Australian market. Cillo said Australia was an ideal market to test because it would be easy to modify the package for this English-language market and the country has numerous health lists with a substantial universe.

The control package was tested against two test packages.

* The control was priced in U.S. dollars and used a U.S. return address on both the outbound and reply envelope. It contained no country-specific copy.

* The first test package was tailored to the local market: copy was written exclusively for an Australian audience and the newsletter was priced in Australian dollars. Local phone and fax numbers were included for response and local BRE was enclosed. It was dropped into the local postal stream and so bore a local indicia.

* The second test package was semi-Australian. Copy was written for a local audience, and the newsletter was priced in Australian dollars. It used a local BRE and fax number, but the local phone number was removed and it mailed via USPS.

Each mailing was a #10 package with a return envelope, 8-page letter, brochure, and special alert letter.

Both tests beat the control, Clio told Target Marketing, "but the semi-Australian package outpulled the local Australian package. The semi-Australian package saw a 76% boost in response and gross sales were 71% higher than the control mailing." This test package has become the new control.

Cillo credits Agora's success in the Australian market to the country's well-developed list universe.
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Date:Nov 15, 1999
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