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Testing thin films and coatings.

The trend towards miniaturisation of components has created a need for determining the mechanical load capacity of thin films and coatings, including adhesive strength and wear. Zwick Roell's new nano-indenter is designed to characterise films just a few microns thick.

Until recently, investigation of the mechanical properties of thin films and coatings was time-consuming and cost-intensive. The ZHN nano-indenter is specifically tailored for testing the adhesive strength and wear of films and coatings. Tests involving forces up to 2N and indentation depths smaller than 0.2[micro]m are performed in accordance with ISO 14557-1.

An outstanding feature of the ZHN is that its two measuring-heads can be combined in any way. Using the normal measuring-head, the instrument functions as a depth-sensitive hardness tester in the micro range. The second, lateral, measuring-head also enables dynamic measurement in that direction.

This combination considerably increases the number of measurement procedures. The instrument can also be used as a micro scratch tester, micro wear tester, fatigue tester and high-resolution profilometer.

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Title Annotation:Overview
Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Feb 1, 2016
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